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Great Phone!


Jul 13, 2007 by JOVE

I'm coming from a long line of treos and palm pdas. I've had this phone for a week now and I'm blown away by the simplicity, ease of use, bug-free, and the sheer number of little touches that make the difference between treos and bbs a breath of fresh air.

Pros: Fast, great gps, bug-free, push email, track-ball, sexy look appeal, a lot subtle differences (i.e. changing your font for the whole phone, being able to track how long you are on a phone call, many appealling aspects to business people.), media player, fast dial-up networking (i've clocked it at about 2mbs. My office connection only gets .7mps).

Cons: No camera, no wi-fi, no IR port, but I can live without those things.

Overall a great phone, highly recommended!

Just Awesome!!!


May 31, 2007 by qureshiz

I just got the BB 8800 through T-Mobile a few days ago. It took me forever to get this due to a back order through T-Mobile customer service. Only 1 store in all of Chicago had this phone and it was right around the corner from where I work!!!

This phone is the best phone I have had in a while. I go through phones like most people go through underwear (you can name any phone out there and I have most likely had) and I was never satisfied until now. The only issue I have with the 8800 is that the keys on the QWERTY keyboard could have been spaced a little further apart (I'm accustomed to the 8700g layout). Other than that, there is nothing to complain about regarding the 8800. I am a power user and have a bunch of applications loaded on my BB. My home screen just has way too many icons :-)

The phone's reception is great and call quality here in Chicago on T-Mobile is superb. I work downtown and I get reception in the elevator on the 22nd floor. Other phones I have owned never even came close. Internet is great (hopefully TMO will be rolling our 3G soon), phone is easy to use, and best of all, it looks sexy.

Just found out that Cingular released the BB 8300 Curve today...Might have to find an unlocked version and fool around with it. I'm sure I will stick with the 8800 just because its solid and can do the things I need it to do. Don't really need a camera....

Overall, this is a great buy and I am sure anyone who buys it will be very satisfied....

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An Underrated Champ


May 18, 2007 by rakles

When I bought the BB 8800 about 6 weeks ago I had my doubts. Many reviews bemoaned the lack of 3G and wi-fi, while other complained about muffled calls.

I have found the device to be outstanding. Calls are clear, loud and not distorted. To me the audio is as good as my Krzr, which is pretty good in its own right. All of the phone functions work as well or most often better than my 8700.

The keyboard is excellent and the new key design is ingenious. It allows the keys to be packed together more closely but still makes the individual keys easy to select. I should mention here that I wear XXL gloves and even with my meathooks I can type without a problem on the 8800. The keys also have nice feedback as each key clicks to actuate.

I really like the trackball. Yes, for the first week I kept reaching for the scroll wheel but now it is second nature and when I use my wife’s 8700 I reach for the trackball. I have noticed that I don’t get BB thumb like I used to. My only concern is how the trackball is maintained. I have not seen anything in any resource that talks about how to take care of the trackball.

Browsing on the 8800 is a snap and I find the EDGE network plenty fast for the pages I visit. It occurs to me that the 3G issue is probably more significant for folks who download more than I do or go to rich media sites. Same goes for wi-fi.

On a recent trip to Europe, the 8800 worked very well. Email, phone and net worked without issue.

I would recommend the 8800 without reservation. I have owed examples of most of the generations of BB devices and I think this is the best.

Great Device!


May 10, 2007 by jonesbm


large screen with great lighting
loud speaker quality without distortion
great reception
good standard ringtone/notification choices
great battery life
easy to use for a BlackBerry
full QWERTY keyboard


no camera
full keyboard is a bit cramped and slippery

This is a great device, and it would've gotten a 5 if it had a megapixel camera (with flash) and if the keys were spaced out a bit more

I guess that'll come with the Curve huh...

Not sure what that was about!!!! Great Device!!!!


May 8, 2007 by jhenry444

Well to start, I have no clue who and what the person named anpa94564 is talking about. Obviously he isn't talking about the Blackberry 8800. I have had the privilege to own both the 8800 and the 8100. Both very similar in usability and functionality. Both very sexy handsets as they boast and scream for a founded power and email user. As to what pop-ups, and all of the mindless drivel talked about by anpa94564 is referring to I still have no clue.

Great form factor
Full Qwerty keyboard
Great GPS factor
Great reception
Loud speakerphone
Great trackball navigation
Great screen!!!!

Keys are a little slippery
No camera and video

All in all I think this is one of the top blackberries to date. I think that RIM is constantly listening to their clients and very much acting on what they think. Great job RIM!!!!!

Phenomenal Device


Feb 24, 2007 by cavman

Will be comparing 8800 vs 8700, Pearl and Blackjack. Have had all of these devices in the past 4 months in an effort to find the perfect all-in-one smartphone.

Rank in Order:

Form Factor: Pearl, 8800, Blackjack, 8700. Pearl was great size but lack of qwerty keyboard eventually killed it for me. 8800's keyboard is superior to Blackjack and device is much thinner than 8700. Blackjack had a good form factor but keys were hard to press. 8700 keyboard was good but device was too thick.

Phone Function: 8800, Blackjack, Pearl, 8700. 8800's phone is terrific. Great signal. Voice quality is amazing and the volume is excessively loud. I have my ringers on low and it sounds like High on every other phone I have owned. Blackjack was good phone and had very good RF. Pearl was ok phone with mediocre RF and 8700 just looks goofy being used as a phone despite it working fine.

Battery: 8800, 8700, Pearl, Blackjack. 8800 Battery is incredible. I haven't charged it in 6 days and have 50% battery left. 1400mah is like an extended battery inside a .55in case. awesome. 8700 battery was very good. Pearl was decent and Blackjack was ATTROCIOUS.

Screen: 8800,Blackjack,8700,Pearl. 8800 screen is sharp, wide and extremely bright. Blackjack screen is excellent, 8700 was very good and Pearl was decent.

Email: 8800,8700,pearl, blackjack. If email is your main criteria then blackberry is only way to go. 8800 is excellent as is 8700. Pearl gets dinged a little for suretype and blackjack's "pull" email was horrible.

Browsing: Blackjack, 8800, 8700, Pearl. Blackjack was good. Had 3G, and a real browser. 8800 browser is uptick over 8700 but edge speed knocks it down a notch. 8700 then pearl (pearl last only because of screen size).

Media: Blackjack, 8800, Pearl, 8700. Blackjack does a good job with media. it has a camera and memory expansion coupled with great screen. 8800 doesn't have a camera but music and memory expandibility plus tremendous screen tops the pearl. 8700 last.

8800 wins.

BB 8800 Does What BB Does Best..and More


Feb 23, 2007 by BBnoob

In the period of 5 weeks I've had the Cingular 8525 (a mobile beast), a Treo 750 (nice WinMob5 customizations), and now the Blackberry 8800.

At first the 8800 felt a little cheap compared to the 750 which had a nice rubberized casing and confident grip, but I quickly got used to the feel, and the QWERTY thumboard. The screen is beautiful with high resolution especially compared to WinMob5 on the 750 (ugh).

The Trackball took no time to learn, though it may of helped that I never really used a scroll wheel extensively besides my short time on the 8525.

The Media on the 8800 is suprisingly done well. The sound from the speakers has amazing clarity and videos are stunning on the high res screen

WOW Cingular actually gave us a case ITB. The case has a magnet that automatically changes the BB to Holster mode which by default is set to vibrate, but it can be customized.

It has a wide array of alerts, notifications, and standard and melodic ringtones

Battery life is very strong with the 1400mh battery

It looks STUNNING, it will attract looks....as well as fingerprints so have a small microfiber cloth available.

Tele-Nav works very well. I really appreciate an integrated GPS solution, sure beats carrying around another peripheral to enable GPS.

This is my first BB ever, and I've already become addicted to messaging. In some cases I prefer messaging to actual conversations. You can use Push mail in lieu of Text Messaging since it's so instant

Now I had Push E-mail on both my Windows devices, but for a personal user that relied on hosted exchange servers it was hot or miss depending on what provider you chose, and Direct Push would have random synching issues(maybe not for others but for me it did) . With the Blackberry 8800 I signed up for BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) and after a quick set up (5 minutes tops) I was receiving push mail instantaneously and very quickly I might add from my gmail addresses.

None really..no cam but this is a biz device.

Blackberry 8800 in Depth


Mar 6, 2007 by Djanifer9512

I have used every Cingular Blackberry beginning with the 7290 and this one continues the to "Raise the Bar" much like the Blackberry's that came before it.

*Form Factor - This Blackberry is thin. Right in line with the smart phone of today in that aspect
*Key Pad - The QWERTY key pad on this blackberry is phenomenal. They keys are close together but raised and angled so that mis-keying is rare and not a problem
*Track Ball - Allows 360 degree navigation of menu and sensitivity is adjustable.
*Signal - Exceptional. Period
*Screen - Superb
*Media Player - Easy to use. Great Sound Quality.
*PTT - Awesome. My fellow managers have either Pearls or 8800's.
*BB Messenger - Really cool. Faster than SMS
*Password Keeper - A must for anyone. Store your user names and passwords for all of your applications and accounts.
*GPS & Maps - Telenav works flawlessly with the maps application on the phone.
*No Camera - Listed as a Pro because the primary customer base for BBs cannot have a camera anyway.

-no 3G. No biggie I guess. Makes for good battery life.

I Finally Love Blackberry


Feb 22, 2007 by hucworld

I have used Blackberry's in the past and for the most part I didnt like them. I was on the fence about whether to get a Pearl or wait for this phone here. Well I waited and I am glad. I love this phone. Its slim and sleek. I love the fact that this Blackberry comes with a protective holster instead of the standard clip that other Blackberry's came with. I interface seemed a bit more easy to navigate than previous Blackberry's.



Feb 22, 2007 by justin10985

I give the BlackBerry 8800 all fives!! It is a great phone and is truly the best Blackberry on the market today. I exchanged out my Pearl for the 8800. It is truly a great phone and worthy of the name BlackBerry. I have not played with it long enough to find any cons, but it has a full HTML web browser and GPS with many many features. The 8800 feels a bit heavy but thats because it is metal on the inside so you know this phone was made to perfection it was not put together in a quick fashion. It was designed with careful thought and comes with a case and many other cool gadgets.

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