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Nov 13, 2006 by Razruzr

I can't remember the last time I was pleasantly surprised by a phone. For as long as I can remember it's been all about settling and figuring out what I am willing to live with in a (smart)phone. That has not been the case with the 8703e. What a great phone!!!! I used the Q for about four months and got used to an unstable piece of junk that always froze up, I was constantly having to remove and replace the battery, even had to do three hard resets and reload everything.

Oh, but this is a review about the 8703e, isn't it?

1) This is my first BB and out of the box it was stable, fast and intuitive to use. Through BlackBerry's website, setting up my email was a breeze.

2) The battery life is incredible compared to the the other "smartphones" I have been using.

3) Signal strength has been very good. I used to have to walk out of my office to get a signal with my razr and Q, now I don't have to.

4) The qwerty keyboard is among the best I have used, I actually don't misspell every 3rd word.

5) I am almost completely Windows free now. I work on a Mac and PocketMac works very well with the exception a of repeating tasks bug.

6) The only drawbacks I see is that it does not have predictive text, voice dial and the tasks list doesn't work the way I'd like it. Tasks doesn't really tell you when something is overdue or even the date that it's due, and if you assign it a due date, you have to assign it a time. I just want to schedule a task for a certain date and that's it.

With regard to predictive text though, Autotext is really nice. I set it up so that I can type things like the letters "omw" in a text msg and it changes to "On my way". The jury is still out as to which I like better since the predictive text on the Q wasn't real user friendly.

Everyone is used to compromising in a windows world, but this BB is just like my Mac, "IT JUST WORKS". What a great surprise.

Great Smart Phone


Nov 8, 2006 by andytran

I love the phone it also has great internet speed thanks to EVDO. The speaker phone works great. But there are two things I wish the RIM did is add to this phone a camera and expandable memory

Outstanding Phone!!!!


Oct 31, 2006 by DougATL

After a week of use I have not had a single problem. This phone is A+++. I went thru 3 Moto Q's and decided to go back to BlackBerry. I should have never left.

If you want a Verizon PDA? This is it!


Oct 28, 2006 by ejf2461

I am a Verizon Dealer in Indianapolis and have used every PDA they have ever made went back to the 7250 Blackberry because me TREO 700w kept screwing up. The only thing I wished the 7250 had was a speakerphone and a brighter screen like the treo. Well the Blackberry GOD's have answered I have had this phone for about two months now. I get my a little earlier since I am a dealer and like all Blackberry devices this one runs like a champ without any flaws whatsoever. If you are looking for a pda and dont want to screw with resets and battery removals on a daily basis get a blackberry, also when you purchase a unlimited blackberry data plan you dont get charged for text messages like you do with the unlimited pda (treo data) plan. A camera would be nice and maybe a memory slot, but the more frills you but on these things the more likely to screw up and I love the reliablity of these blackberry's



Oct 21, 2006 by maverick96

First let me state that I just picked this device up a few days ago and it is absolutely fantastic!! I'm in Chicago and the reception on this device is absolutely great!!! I started with a Motorola Q and ran back to the store with it after only a few days constant freezing up and the slowness of it drove me crazy.

(1) Stability of software ( hands down winner of windows mobile)
(2) Reception (as good as my old e815)
(3) E-mail push ( no one gets emails to you quicker than blackberry)
(4) Build Quality

(1) A camera might have been a nice addition for those who use it
(2) Removable memory card slot would be nice

My cons are not so much anything bad against the blackberry, they are more like possible suggestions for an upcoming model. With all this said this device is absolutely fantastic!!! It is well worth the money and to me is the hands down winner of all the PDA/Smart phones Verizon has to offer.

Yes - Blackberry all the way!!!


Mar 2, 2007 by superstardj

Blackberry all the way is all I can say!

Ok - I consider myself a master of computers and electronics and this phone is the bomb!!!

After owning The Motorola MPX220 (i think that's the model) for cingular, the XV6700, Palm Treo 650 and the Motorola Q it seems that I will always own a blackberry.

I was skeptical at first b/c my friend who is on my level with electronics says that blackberry's stink - whatever.

I went to the verizon store, liked it right away, paid full retail for it and never regretted a second of it.

Awesome PDA / Phone Combo!!!

Nice clear bright screen
Very easy to use, even with one hand
Loud, clear speaker
Excellent reception - Much better than the Q
Ringers can be very loud
LOVING IT with Outlook 2007
Battery life is excellent
Provided clip offers good screen protection
Bluetooth works better than on any other phone i have owned

Some people would consider no camera / full multimedia capabilities to be a con but I don't need it so it's actually a plus (less stuff to get in the way of business!)

I don't see any negative things about this phone which I have never said about a PDA / Phone combo.

Bottom line: in my opinion, best business/organizational tool + phone that money can buy. No stupid software problems, glitches or slowdowns like some other companies. Smooth sailing and making your life easier and more organized is what Blackberry is about.

Very Solid Blackberry for Verizon


May 20, 2008 by cwcanty

This was my first ever BB, and I soon realized why they call them "crackberries". This device doesn't have some of the multimedia capabilities that other models now have, but for its time, it was a great update and one of the first BB's to feature EVDO data speeds.

I actually still have one of these sitting in my closet as a backup and once you use, you will see why people hang onto them.

--Great push email. Very fast and easy to use/setup.

--Functions as a phone pretty well (although it has its cons...see below). Earpiece volume is solid and callers seem to be able to hear you pretty well.

--Reception is good, not as good as some of the newer BB's, but still better than most options out there.

--Ringer volume is ok, maybe a 3/5. Vibrate was very strong though.

--A very nice holster is included, which is a big plus

--I think the BB calendar is pretty effective for the most part and syncs well with outlook if that is a feature you require.

--Click wheel can get really annoying! The trackball is a much better solution, and BB made a great decision by making the switch

--The 8703e can be sort of awkward to use as a phone due to its design (short and wide)

--BB browser is not that great, but its serviceable when you need some sports scores or you have to google a cell number

This is a solid blackberry and probably the last blackberry that will ever have the click wheel. I highly recommend the device, and these days you can prolly find one online for less than a $100. A relative steal for this sturdy and reliable smartphone

The BEST there is!


Nov 2, 2006 by tbabynyc

The blackberry 8703e is the best phone out there hands down from Verizon Wireless. Its sturdy, awesome call quality (speaker or non) and excellent reception.

I own many verizon phones in the past. This is the best and I must say this rocks them all. Forget those Treo's and Motorola Q's. This phone is the only way to go.

One more thing, the Verizon Version is the best out there. Don't go to Sprint.

Everyone wants great reception with great equipment, and call clarity. Go with the best provider out there.

Verizon all the way!

I'm one happy princess.

A Must Have


Feb 17, 2007 by kgthadon8705

I just bought this phone a week ago, and I masted everything within 2 days. I love the phone, good reception (with Sprint), large screen, which was a plus for me. Software is a little bland, and you really have to buy the good stuff, but that takes nothing away from the phone. i found i paid too much for it, $450, so im taking to back to get it cheaper, (free) but it's a great phone. I recommended it!

- Easy to use
- Large screen
- Good reception/ speakerphone
- decent battery life
- great messenger/emails
- great GPS (with sprint)
- pretty good internet
- very fast processor
- turns on and off in 2-3 seconds

- i had to buy AIM for $45
- themes in the phone are kind of lame
- no music player
- no real tones
- no camera

Greatest phone ever made!


Oct 16, 2006 by krazyman

This blackberry,tops it all.
Until 5 months 1 several months ago i never had the need for an e-mail capable phone, but since then I've been through several and this one kills the rest
I've had been through 3 serrate motorola q's and 3 treo 700's,p and w,they dont come close.

1-bluetooth works and connects effortlessly
2-clarity of calls,crystal clear+good speaker
3-email-pushes instantly and automaticaly,unlike lengthy delays with 700p
4-large easy typing qwerty keyboard,pleaure compared to 700p's cramped, crowded buttons
5-phone feels good in hand,unlike cheap flimsy feel of the q
6-THIS PHONE DOES NOT FREEZE-it just works,unlike my treo and q which both froze endlessly
7-internet browser is quick and supports large pages
8-screen is bright and clear
9-phone is fairly light and not too bulky.looks good in provided holster
10-email set up took literally 2 minutes for my blackberry account and gmail

no touch screen,but not too badly missed

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