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Motorola, Verizon Announce Droid RAZR MAXX

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This forum is closed.


Sep 17, 2013, 8:28 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:


Question. Can the bootloader be unlocked?

Sep 18, 2012, 7:07 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

speaker phone

where do i find the speaker phone control to turn on etc?

Sep 8, 2012, 4:28 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Jelly Bean - looks like we should bet getting it!

Link = https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/c i/documents/detail/2/motorola-jelly-bean-reba te_en-US

........That's why we're upgrading Motorola smartphones first offered for sale in 2011¹ and later to Jelly Bean.

........Buy a select new Motorola smartphone, trade in your old phone, and we'll give you $100 back.²

1 Applies to United States sales of Android Motorola smartphones first offered in 2011 or later.

2 Official program details will be found at this site at a future date. $100 provided in the form of a Gift Card, carrier credit or other cash equivalent at Motorola's sole discretion.

Aug 29, 2012, 9:50 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Cellcom soon to be carrying the device

A regional carrier Cellcom will be carrying the device soon under the name "Motorola RAZR™ MAXX 4G LTE". Same spec but slight carrier re-branding within the OS.

Jul 25, 2012, 7:46 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

wifi direct

Does this phone have wifi direct? If so how do I turn it in? I can't find a straight answer with google

Jul 24, 2012, 11:57 AM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

ICS update is coming NOW!

I bought my Droid RAXR MAXX yesterday and the clerk said Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) should hit it in the next day or two. I ran the software upgrade check and it was ready immediately. A good friend with the same phone just got the OTA (over the air) update today.

If you want the latest and greatest Android software, run the check and get it. BTW it took about 20 minutes to download over WiFi on a pretty fast network. Now that Vzw has "upgraded" me away from unlimited data, I'm not using the 3G or LTE network to get large updates like this.

May 10, 2012, 12:43 AM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Camera feedback & iPhone 5

So far everyone loves the maxx and I'm on the fence...i love all the positives except one....taking good photos and video is important in comparison to what is now available on mobile phones now, and I've heard some reviews state pics are muted in color and not very sharp on the maxx.

How is the camera if you own the maxx?

Also, if camera isn't very good, should I wait for the iPhone 5?
Dont know about anybody else but i dont have any issues with my camera.But then i dont know exactly what your looking for in a camera. I just know my pics come out clear so thats all i care about.
So I had the Razr for about 6 months and have now switched to the Maxx for a few weeks. For a brief minute I considered looking into the Galaxy Nexus or the (sigh) iPhone for the same reason

The camera and video quality is superior on the iPhones -...
KoNtRoL MaNiAk

Mar 19, 2012, 9:28 AM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

short battery life?

ok, so i got a maxx a bit over a week ago, and did the 3 battery cycles that people posted about online to get the best battery life. i have never gotten more than 36 hours or so before it powers down because of low battery. this weekend, i used it a lot because i was off from work, but after 27 hours of heavy usage it was at 5%, and i'm just wondering if i got a defective one because i've read reviews of people using it for 2 FULL days (over 48 hours, not just 36 hours) and having 30% or 40% battery life left. i'm only asking because i only have another day or two left before i can return or exchange it, and am only allowed one return, and was going to call them today and maybe have them send me a new one. any help or advice would be greatl...
27 hours of heavy usage is phenomenal. The razr, after about 4 hours of heavy usage, would conk out.

What did you end up doing?

Mar 8, 2012, 2:49 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

razr maxx reset

i have had mine for a couple months now ! i have to reset it about once a week when I'm running the stock gingerbread OS. but now that it is rooted and has ics OS i haven't had to reset it! 😁
Where did you get the ics update from?

and what program did u use 2 root?

Apr 27, 2012, 3:16 AM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Can the Verizion Razr Maxx xt912 be flashed to work on boost??

If so what flash is needed and is it a full flash??

Mar 11, 2012, 3:13 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Is this phone worth full retail?

I have a droid x and my contract won't be over till December. Is this phone worth paying full retail?
I don't know what the retail price of this phone is, assuming give or around $600.00. To me who buys phones off contract, its about at the upper limit. If this is a device you really want. Then yes. From what I've seen and played with one, its pr...

Feb 29, 2012, 2:15 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Just ordered it!

I just ordered the MAXX (took advantage of the leap day sale) and got the sale discount $100 + they honored my NE2 of $30 = $169.99. Will receive (at the latest) 3/14.
I lucked out and Verizon received shipment on the day I ordered. Received my Maxx today! Its charging right now.

I will have my review sometime next week!

Feb 26, 2012, 2:19 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

razr maxx root

anyone got it rooted yet? i currently have razr rooted and getting free hotspot at 10 mps at home or anywhere my razr goes, im guessing the same root method should work for the maxx anyone already have it rooted with free hotspot?

Feb 7, 2012, 4:46 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Anyone get the 2.3.6 OTA update yet?

I've been reading since early this morning that this is being pushed out to phones now, but I have yet to see it on mine...anyone else get it yet (besides the leaked version)?
i got it on feb 22

Feb 20, 2012, 5:24 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Speaker phone full- or half-duplex?

Hard as heck to find the answer via Google. Anyone know?

Thank you!
Yikes I guess this is a real mystery.

Feb 5, 2012, 4:38 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Reset of phone because of built in battery?

Looking at getting the Maxx, but concerned about not being able to pull the battery. Has anyone had any problems so far?

Thank you.

I've had the RAZR and now the RAZR Maxx...I've had no problems doing a reset using the low volume button and power button together.

Considering Apple has been doing the non-removeable battery thing for what, like 4 years now, I don't understand why...

Feb 3, 2012, 4:11 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Radio Improvements?

Does anyone now have the maxx that had the razr? I have read on a few reviews (even from engadget) that the maxx not only has a better battery, but also that the radios were tweaked and as a result it gets better/more stable signal?

Anyone experience that?
I bought the Razr Maxx and returned it. I found the same problems as with the Bionic- unable to switch effectively between 4G and 3G and maintain a data signal.

The sales rep at the store said, "Just keep it on 3G." If I wanted a 3G only phone I ...

Jan 30, 2012, 4:36 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

times of charging

how much time takes this phone to charge? it has a nice battery but, if i have to wait 12 hours to fully charge it everytime, that could be a problem. 😕

Jan 29, 2012, 12:40 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Battery Life

I got this Thursday afternoon. 50% full out of the box. Immediately charged it... took about 3 hours to get to 100%. I spent approx 6 continuous hours on it that evening downloading apps and setting it up the way I like it. When I went to bed the battery was still 60% full. I checked when I woke up and it was 40%. I used it throughout the day with normal use. The battery was down to 5% around 9pm that night. Given this use I would expect most people to still have to charge it nightly but there should be no issues getting through the day unless you stream a lot.

Jan 15, 2012, 9:46 PM
over in the "Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX" discussion:

Whats the difference?

I would like to know what the difference between the Razr and the new Razr Maxx?
Hi-Na said:
I would like to know what the difference between the Razr and the new Razr Maxx?

Zero Calories like Pepsi Maxx?
Like it says in the the intro on the Info page here, the difference is a bigger battery. That's it. You get more battery life, but it's not as thin.
About 9 hours more talk time...For those who have people to talk too.
It also has an external slot for an SD card and Simm
I think the maxx may have a bigger battery.
The difference is the First android razr was being returned and complained about frequently dued to its battery life. The razr max has an extended battery life. The phone is not super thin anoymore it is about the thickness of the droid bionic or the ...
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