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Verizon Wireless to Skip Samsung's Galaxy S II

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This forum is closed.


Aug 25, 2011, 2:45 PM


The fact that everyone will ditch Verizon because of a Samsung phone (which will be out dated by another Verizon phone withing 2 monhts) is absurd. I hate everyone who thinks that it is a good idea. Get over yourself.

I have no problems or love with Verizon, but someone switching carriers just because the new phone isn't "new" enough is stupid. Here on the central coast of California, AT&T has the most towers and best coverage, period, and if someone wer...

Aug 27, 2011, 8:02 PM

one more reason verizon sucks!!!!!

sprint getting the iphone 4 and 5
with the best plans
79.99 unlimted
verizon 120 2gb data haha
verizon laid off 2000 technician starting agu 31 so if you have a problem with your phone need a replacement under warranty expect to wait 5 to 8 business days wtf?

sprint tech support on deck need a replacement pnh under warranty boom!!! you walk out the stored with your replacement
verizon phone selection
the worths from all carriers you going to tell me the BEST SELLING THE DEVICE IN EUROPE and every major carrier will have this phone but not the number carrier {for now} wont
hahahha yeah verizon SUCKS!!!!! 🤣
does sprint pay you to come to phone forums and spout off party line bullpoo?
Sprint has good plans but crappy coverage....

That being said if Sprint works for you, go ahead and use Sprint. There is no such thing as 'the best carrier', it depends on time and place.
And you think that won't change once an Apple product gets into Sprint's network? 🤣

History repeats itself. I ditched Sprint to get a VZW iPhone (didn't want AT&T) and have no regrets, because I know Sprint's low prices can't last once an iPh...

Aug 26, 2011, 1:00 PM

pass Galaxy S2 but get Nexus Prime? nice!

rumor is Nexus Prime is going to verizon!
nope, i dont have verizon, i'm with att.
Nexus Prime will comes with ice cream! and i just love ice cream! haha
I read those rumors and really didn't see the logic behind them, or reasons. It could happen, no doubt. I'm also sure the "Prime" will be available on others as well.

Aug 25, 2011, 3:47 PM


They will not carry the galaxy s2 because they will soon be offering the NEXUS PRIME. Why anyone would waste their money on a gs2 when they can wait for the nexus prime is beyond me.
Could you provide us with a link that states that in writing?
iDont Care

Aug 25, 2011, 2:19 PM

Who cares it's a SamSUCK!

I really don't know why everyone is going ape $hit over this phone. It's a SamSUCK!!!! You know? The company that builds phones out of cheap plasticky material, uses TouchPISS for it's UI and takes forever to come out with updates, remember????

Get the Bionic or just wait for the Vigor. Don't be fooled by the pretty screen. That's all there is to a SamSUCK device. Gurantee this phone has a $hit load of issues just waiting to found. Just wait.
And the Bionic is soooooo much better that's why is been delayed what? so many times before it FINALLY is going to be released!
Tell us how you really feel
Cool story, bro.
Build out of cheap plastic?

Are you freaking 10 years old? Nobody care if your phone made of gold! If you want to impress the ladies, get a Mercedes! Haha
Samsung's aren't that bad compared to any other hardware manufacturer. I've owned a Samsung Focus and haven't had any issues with mine. But, then again, it could be the OS I'm using. Considering most people buy cases for their phones anyway, being mad...
I have a Galaxy S II (unlocked) on AT&T and works fine and is a great phone. If you want a Bionic, fine. But its far from crap.

Aug 26, 2011, 6:02 AM

What's the difference?

Don't get me wrong, I hate Samsung almost as much as I hate AMOLED (I've used a Fascinate for nearly a year now- I will never buy another Samsung until they dump AMOLED and TouchWiz) but I don't see the point of the contention here. It seems to me like the difference between the Droid Charge and the S2 is the dual core processor.

If I were a decision maker at Verizon, I would say to myself, "I launched that phone six months ago..." and walk away from the deal.

Am I missing something here?

Why do people care?
I have to agree here. Other than the AMOLED screen there is nothing that really sets this phone apart from the rest of the superphones that will be out within the next two months.
CellStudent said:
Don't get me wrong, I hate Samsung almost as much as I hate AMOLED...

Just curious, what is your bone to pick with AMOLED? In the flat panel display industry, OLED is the technology that over the ...

Aug 27, 2011, 1:54 AM

This is now 6-month old tech. Why the delay?

It's lame that they pre-load it with so much CRAP. My Galaxy S 4G needs a reboot about once a day because there' so much bloatware crapping it up. I am very tempted to root it, I just haven't had time and it's my business phone so I don't want to brick it.

I wanted this Galaxy S II but even though it had just launched, it wasn't available in the US in February. Lame. Here we are six months later and it's just about to arrive. Now it's old tech. 6 months is a long delay in mobile hardware.
Its easy to root GS's, even if you don't wish to change and keep the stock rom, thats fine. The freeze or remove the bloatware, it does make a remarkable difference.

Aug 25, 2011, 1:33 PM

Not surprising...

...considering how clueless Verizon is as a whole.

They're always late to the table with high-end technology. I've been holding off on my two year upgrade since 2-28-2011 because every release from VZW has been laughable. The Bionic is no different. It's a pretty lackluster device now.

The HTC Vigor is the only offering to truly look forward to. If it doesn't drop ~October 5th as expected, or at least by the last week of Oct., I'm porting my number over to a different carrier.

My Inc. 1 has gotten a bit long in the tooth.
Same here!! I'll look at the Bionic but if it's outrageously priced then it's SO LONG VERIZON!!

Aug 25, 2011, 8:57 PM


I am not going to jump ship to another carrier but I am certainly disappointed in Verizon's decision on this. I have been looking at this phone over the last couple of months due to the overall great reviews. I wonder if Verizon decided to pass of the S II due to it being 3G. It appears they are going to cram the LTE network down your throat whether you have it our not. I am now kinda lost and wondering what to purchase as my Droid X is barely limping along.

Droid Bionic? - I have looked at the specs and I honestly don't really see what the fuss is all about. I agree with others that the specs looked great 6 months ago. Besides, I am not sure I am ready for 4G yet as I live in a rural location and heard it could be another year befo...
The X2 is a great 3G phone. I would recommend staying on 3G until 4G hit your area. No need to jump the gun. You don't join a band before you learn how to play, ya know?
You might look at the Droid 3. All the specs of the X2, but with a 4" screen and a 5 row qwerty keyboard. I think Verizon has been good about not forcing the 4G issue. After all, they only have 3 of them out, Charge, Thunderbolt, and Revolution. X2, D...

Aug 25, 2011, 1:21 PM


Glad I'm not a Verizon customer. Wonder what behind-the-scenes stuff happened to orchestrate this...
Yeah I was REALLY looking forward to getting this phone on Verizon after all I read about it. This is one HUGE disappointment oh well I'll look at the Bionic and may go with it if the price is right ohterwise I just may jump ship and go with Sprint!
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