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Video Tour: HTC Arrive

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This forum is closed.


May 14, 2011, 8:53 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Syncing with Outlook on XP Pro AND Windows 7 desktops

I currently use an HTC Mogul which syncs with my XP Professional laptop, BUT NOT WITH my desktop at home using Windows 7.
I need a Windows phone which will sync backwards (to XP) and forwards (to Windows 7). Is this phone it?
I am getting conflicting advice on this point. Can anyone tell me definitively that this phone will do what I need it to do?

Apr 19, 2011, 10:25 AM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:


What is the rubberized "port" on the back near the bottom?
its not a port and its not rubberized. It's a fancy looking screw holding together the body of the phone.

Apr 7, 2011, 3:38 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

how do you move pictures from evo to arrive?

anyone know how to move pictures off htc evo to the htc arrive ? thanks in advance for any help
You need to download your pictures to your pc first. Once you know where they are on your pc, you can connect your Arrive to your pc and then drag and drop them using Zune to your phone icon. They should transfer to your Arrive.

Apr 3, 2011, 8:19 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Good phone for me?

I've been due for an upgrade. Using a Palm Pre now.

I've been considering an Android phone but I really am not a "power" user. 4G is nice but we still don't have it here in Indy (supposedly there are 2 towers in town experimenting with it).

I mainly do texting, email, and mobile web. A few other apps like Pandora and The WeatherChannel.

I've never been a Microsoft fan, but this OS does look interesting to me. I like the idea of the Start Screen.
Thanks for the advice.
sorry but no pandora...

but the mobile web is FAST

pretty cool phone, and you can use netflix on it which is AWESOME

the only downfall ive seen about the phone that is VERY diappointing is that;
it looks like there are stereo speakers on the...
diesel ixi

Mar 31, 2011, 7:59 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:


I had a few questions about video on this phone. 1) Can I send video mms 2) Can I atatch videos to email 3)Can I upload videos to Facebook and 4) can I upload videos to YouTube.

Mar 28, 2011, 12:27 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

BIG let-down....

I thought this thing would be awesome if the top and bottom outer mesh designs were speakers

but instead there is just an "auto f-up, sit down and cover-up" back speaker

c'mon man!

Mar 20, 2011, 10:19 AM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

When will Android be available?

Looks like an interesting phone, but it would be much more interesting if it ran Android. Anyone know when Android will be available on this phone?
your best off getting a touch pro 2 with the android hacks on it.
el remix

Mar 18, 2011, 7:12 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

lack of 'goodies'

not sure why there is no front facing camera, the HTC evo does a great job of incorporating video chat. Hopefully video chat will be incorporated into the arrive. Also it seems to lack Pandora.. again, i hope this changes.
The front-facing camera is a matter of OS support. Windows Phone simply doesn't support that yet.

Mar 21, 2011, 7:56 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Comparison HTC Touch Pro 2 and HTC Arrive

Please reply to this post and add your comments comparing the two Sprint Windows Phones.

Many HTC Touch Pro 2 users are considering this upgrade and your comments are appreciated.
I do not own the HTC Arrive yet, but I had a chance to use one for a short time. Here are my comments on the new phone:

Size: The HTC Arrive is slightly narrower and thinner than the Touch Pro 2. On the other hand, it is slight longer. This slig...
I just read on Microsofts website that this phone does not support ActiveSync or any other software for directly synching Microsoft Outlook with the phone. Just like Android, this phone requires that you upload all your contacts to google or bing. T...

Mar 1, 2011, 11:48 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

internal memory

hmmp too bad this phone only has 16gb internal memory and it doesnt support SD cards... ☹️

xbox live and zune will surely eats its memory
25 Gigs avail on Skydrive. FREE. so, do the math of free storage.
You're an idiot

Mar 16, 2011, 11:30 AM

Compare to HTC Touch Pro 2

Anxiously awaiting your review.

Many Sprint customer using the Windows-based HTC Touch Pro 2 are considering upgrading to the HTC Arrive. Your review will only be complete if it includes specific comparisons of the two models.


Keep up the good work!!!
The auto popup keyboard is annoying as hell and will surely break like glass if dropped.

Screen is a bit too small, should've gone with 4" screen in my opinion and dropped the keyboard.

Horizontal keyboard doesn't fit well with WinPhone7.


Mar 1, 2011, 11:42 AM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:


3.6 inch screen? No 4g? No FFC? No 5-row keyboard? It seems like the phone will be obsolete by the time it comes out.
First, that's partly about Microsoft, not HTC. HTC can't do anything about the things the OS doesn't support, like video chat and 4G.

It may not be the best answer, but what Microsoft would tell you is that they're starting from behind, and doing t...
4"+ is too big. i want a phone that fits into my pocket, not a tablet.

4g is overrated. i have never once thought "oh man, this mobile site is loading soooo slow" on my 3g phone. plus the vast majority of wimax users all turn it off, it drains...

Mar 12, 2011, 11:17 AM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Copy and Paste is already present!

Turns out there is a feature missing from every WP7 on the market: copy and paste. Or, I should say, it's missing from every phone save one- the HTC Arrive. I was copying and pasting for days before I realized that this feature wasn't supposed to exist.

For the record, grabbing text is very intuitive and easy. Click on a word and it's highlighted in green. Drag the arrows left or right and you've copied more. An icon appears, looking like two pieces of stacked paper, which you click to copy. That's it.

Since the phone has no "menu" button to speak of, your ability to paste the copied text is reliant on the next app you open, like a note, message, or email. But sure enough, as soon as you're in a text field, that same icon appears, allo...

Mar 8, 2011, 1:47 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

I'm in love.

Picked up an Arrive today. Initial impressions: quality hardware, beautiful screen, nice detail finishes (mixed materials on the back look industrial, but really cool). I've integrated with my Exchange account, Facebook, and downloaded the Twitter app, and I've begun using it as a business tool.

Downsides? I'm not an XBOX user, and the level of Zune/XBOX integration seems primed for folks who are. More to come on that, but so far it's unnecessary.

I'm really liking the onscreen keyboard, but not too pleased with the limited ringer/notification selection (reminiscent of the initial release of webOS on the Palm Pre).

The interface is slick, the sound quality is great so far, and setting it up might have even been easier than my HTC Sh...
One minor complaint: why can't any manufacturer outside of RIM figure out where to put the damn Delete key on a physical keyboard? Haven't found a single one I like, save for the Blackberry.
How did you get one before March 20th? Do some stores have them in stock now?
Turns out there is a feature missing from every WP7 on the market: copy and paste. Or, I should say, it's missing from every phone save one- the HTC Arrive. I was copying and pasting for days before I realized that this feature wasn't supposed to exis...

Mar 11, 2011, 1:35 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Official Site


Mar 8, 2011, 1:10 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

This is a downgrade.

I would not jump on this device quite yet. Compared to what it is supposedly replacing in the Sprint line up (HTC Rhodium Touch Pro 2) outside of the OS would appear to be a hardware and feature downgrade.

In addition, this phone will require a plan upgrade if you're on an older Sprint plan or at the very least the $10 premium data add on if you already have an Everything Data or Simply Everything plan. Which is fine as long as you know what you have and what you may be giving up.

WinMo 7 is too new and lacks too many things. WinMo 6.5 was very stable and had evolved into a very workable OS especially with the HTC sense UI . It was foolish of MicroSoft to scrap WinMo 6.5 and shut out all of the developers that worked on it when creat...
You are a the biggest idiot I have ever heard on here. Why would anyone stay with a 6.5 phone when 7 in beta stages would beast any 6.5 device. Sounds like your stuck with your touch pro 2 for another year and being a hater. Noting you say about 6.5 w...

Feb 28, 2011, 4:24 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

Hey HTC!

Can I get this with Android 2.2 on it? Please!
The merge is a step in the right direction, but that 5 row qwerty with tilt is soooo what we need on the next HTC android. Oh, and for Verizon would be nice.

Feb 27, 2011, 5:33 PM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

I'm actually excited...

to get my hands on one of these! I have never been a huge fan of windows, but I really like the way 7 works compared to 6.5 and below. I'll have to play with one for a while, but I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing this device.

Feb 24, 2011, 11:07 AM
over in the "HTC Arrive / 7 Pro (CDMA)" discussion:

World Phone?

I was hoping that they would make this a world phone (with GSM support).

Looks like they left that feature off.
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