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Sprint Could Fire Up Nationwide LTE by 2013

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This forum is closed.


Mar 2, 2011, 5:26 PM

What happened to Wi-Max being superior?

Naw, I'm just kidding.

LTE really seems like it is the way the industry is going. It'd be insane to not follow the trend on this one.

But i do expect Diamond to go nuts here, he's been an avid supporter of WiMax forever.
Wimax has more local and global coverage

It has 592 networks up and running world wide

Wimax is Unlimited (Sprint)

Wimax 2 is ready now and is faster then lte

Wimax has the ability to do triple play. Internet, cable, and phone simultaneous...
Sorry. Whatever Sprint decides to do he will back a hundred and ten percent. If Sprint laid off twenty percent of its employees, he would state that they were merely cutting lose dead weight and those employees should have been more productive.

Mar 2, 2011, 4:07 PM

Sprint WILL Fire Up Nationwide LTE by 2013

Sprint Will Fire Up Nationwide LTE by 2013

Today, 3:44 PM by Eric M. Zeman

Speaking to investors, Sprint's president of network operations, Steve Elfman, said that WHEN company decides to switch from WiMax to LTE, it WILL light up the network and have devices as soon as 2012 and have nationwide coverage by 2013. Elfman repeated that Sprint HAS evaluatED its 4G network position and it HAS MADE a decision THIS year about a INDEFINATE network technology switch. Elfman said that Sprint is still in negotiations with Clearwire about the future of their joint WiMax network. Sprint is still planning its Network Vision project, which aims to make massive improvements to its 3G network ove
It would make a lot more sense to put LTE in the 800 MHz band and run VoLTE, no?

It's not like they need more CDMA capacity (in the areas where they already have service).

Mar 3, 2011, 3:50 AM

iDEN already on the outs

😕 In Southern California, the iDEN network is already being phased out. They (Sprint) are dropping the iDEN transmitters off their existing iDEN/CDMA cell sites to make install WiMax AP's. Its not that I mind, I really want Wimax in San Diego...but the can at least be honest about it.
Next you'll want transparency in government. Seriously, politicians and business people can't help but be shady.

Mar 2, 2011, 5:31 PM

Just do it!

Just make the switch Sprint. WiMax sucks, unless your right under a WiMax tower. Plus having to turn a 4G radio on/off in your cell phone, which can take up to a minute kind of defeats the purpose.
I do like Sprint's comment on making even more improvements to their 3G network.
As for selling TMO their 2.5 Ghz spectrum I don't think TMO is interested. I think there going to concentrate on milking the quasi 4G lead for now.
I've never had my 4G switch whether close to or far away from take longer than about 30 seconds.

Just sayin'
I've never been right under a wimax tower and I get awesome speeds. Do you have the Evo or the Epic? The Epic takes about 10sec or less to connect to 4g you will see the pulse move 8 times and then it will say connected or disconnected and try again. ...
It seems like their going to take HSPA+ as far as technologically possible. 42mb/s soon. And a little bit ago there was an article about Tmo taking HSPA well beyond 42mb/s.

Mar 2, 2011, 7:12 PM

Only a matter of time...

It's not if but when. Sprint knows they have go to LTE. Anyone who has ever taken an econ or marketing class would see it by now. Being the only US carrier supporting it, the infrastructure costs will be much higher than LTE, and good luck convincing HTC or Moto or etc to build a WiMax device when everyone else is using LTE. You really think you'll ever see a WiMax iPhone? It's probably a matter of planning a smooth transition before their heads are really buried in the sand. Probably also why they've been so slow to roll out new phones, especially compared to VZ and ATT.

Sprint took a gamble on WiMax and lost. It doesn't make them idiots, or me a hater, it's just what happened. Some people picked HDDVD too, and we saw how that ended. Be...
zepfloyd said:---"Sprint took a gamble on WiMax and lost. It doesn't make them idiots, or me a hater, it's just what happened. Some people picked HDDVD too, and we saw how that ended. Better to admit it now and plan forward before you're really left b...
""and good luck convincing HTC or Moto or etc to build a WiMax device when everyone else is using LTE. You really think you'll ever see a WiMax iPhone?""

What?!? - Ask HTC if they liked selling 3 million EVO's! Anxious for CTIA to see what else is...
...and it WAS better than VHS. I'm just saying.

Mar 2, 2011, 10:31 PM

Personal Loss?

I would hope that more individuals than just myself, would also feel the loss of WiMAX. Forget about speeds and capacity. Set aside what carrier is better or worse. More importantly, don't think about what frequencies they are transmitted on. The most important aspect of WiMAX and LTE, are based on none of these things.

My Passion and quest for WiMAX's survival was and is irrelevant to the above. It is strictly on what most are not aware of, or they simply overlook. This would be the business model for which WiMAX stands for.

LTE and WiMAX are overseen by two different groups. Groups that have parallel directions for business , yet they are unlike in how it is offered to the end user. While both incentives remain in creating a g...
Your preachin to the choir brother you rock my man

Mar 2, 2011, 5:29 PM

Big changes coming to Sprint

Between running a Wimax network now and switching to Lte and revamping there 800mhz Spectrum for network vision. Sprint is making some really big moves. I hope they get this right and it can be done smoother then the nextel merger. They will need to do something fast because Verizon has a head start on Lte and att is going to start there lte rollout this year. Looks like there maybe at least 3 4g networks running lte in 2012. 😎
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