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Review: Sony Ericsson W600

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This forum is closed.


Jul 4, 2007, 9:03 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

phone doesnt start up properly

😕 The phone wont start up. When it gets to the "Sony Ericsson" splash screen during startup, it just freezes. There is no other way to get past this so I just remove the battery to turn it off. I have tried the Sony Ericsson update service but it doesn't work, the problem remains. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

May 24, 2007, 12:10 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

will it wwork with t mobile sim card?

i was looking on ebay and this phone looked niceee. but i see that it was only carried under cingular i used to have a samsung t629 but i broke the inside lens somehow so i was going to use a sim card will it work?

Mar 4, 2006, 8:53 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

Can i delete .sis file in my w550i

Hi all am using Sony W550i

In my file manager i have a folder name "other" which contains some files with extension .SIS can i delete this or it is important file? can any one help me in this?
The files are:

I dint create the folder named "other"
pls help
ceaswaran said:
Hi all am using Sony W550i

In my file manager i have a folder name "other" which contains some files with extension .SIS can i delete this or it is important file? can any one help me in this?
The files are:

Feb 1, 2007, 7:30 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:


To the bets of my knowledge no. I have file transfered quite a few times at work and have never been able to do that.

Dec 24, 2006, 7:32 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

Camera does not work!


My sister has this phone and whenever she presses the camera button on the side or tries to access it it the menu it does not work. The camera display will appear momentarily and then disapeer. Any ideas? Is it just broken?


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Oct 27, 2006, 7:50 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

w600i movin a lil slow

does anyone who own the w600i realise that it moves a lil slow compared to other phones.... is that natural or is it only my phone.... if its not natural, what do i do to resolve it.. thank you

Sep 16, 2006, 7:42 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

Memory leak?

My "phone status" for the Sony w600i says I have 164Mb free. When I connect, my Windows XP machine says it only has 100Mb free.

Is there a way to clear it? Why the discrepancy?


Sep 4, 2006, 2:40 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

white screen

hi friends, i have sony ericsson W550i. i had try to connect with my pc by selection of data transfer in phone option. But after that my phone is not functioning and no one function is appear to my display...it is not switch off properly in short when i try to do any thing in my phone just display light was on but no any more fuction folder are appear on screen...what i have to do ???? please help me.....
Ahh....the dreaded white screen. I had the same problem with mine and Cingular had me ship it back and replaced it with a Samsung D807. I think this phone has had a lot of problems, since it didn't seem to last too long and is no longer on Cingular...
cingular guy 0180

Sep 2, 2006, 1:38 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

This phone is the shiznit!

I hate almost every phone after 2 weeks but the SE w600i is a great phone with a genius interface and extraordinary features. Runs great with Opera Mini and the Walkman is excellent for the guy who doesn't want his whole music collection on a little remote that can be lost in 10 seconds. I've had it for months and I'm still finding new stuff every day. Had a Moto v600 before this and I thought it was an excellent phone too, so you may not have the same tastes that I do in phones...

Jul 23, 2006, 4:20 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

W600i Not working

My sister just bought the w600i.

Here are some issues:

1. delay when "answering calls"

2. does not play MP3, "CANNOT PLAY THIS SOUND" comes out, even with default mp3s.

3. when making out going calls, sometimes there is no sound, but the call is being made.

we have already updated, and have done many master resets. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
i work at a cingular dealer and all i can say is defective product. If you bought it from a retailer, there should be a 30 days no questions asked return policy and not to mention the 1 year manufacture warranty. so all in all, i dont think theres mu...
I just purchased this same model phone. I am having no problem with the music player. I DO get a delay in answering calls and I AM having the same problem with the audio during a call. After contacting SonyE and trying everything suggested-I sent the...

Jul 21, 2006, 12:31 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

Has this phone been discontinued?

Called Cingular Warranty Repair July 20th to order a replacement. (All missed calls continue to vibrate! Once you turn the phone off it will still vibrate for about 20 secs 😲 )

Warranty gave me the option of replacing my w600i with a Razr, SlVR or Nokia 6682. I want MY phone!! I don't want any of these phones.(Don't think they're comparable phones)

I was then told (several calls and 2 hours later) that Cingular has discontinued this phone and can not replace it. It is no longer is stock.

Has anyone else heard this?
Any suggestions on getting my phone would be greatly appreciated?
Yes, sadly they have discontinued that phone. It was probably discontinued because many people have had to get theirs replaced and it was costing Cingular too much money. It's a shame because it's a nice phone when everything works right.
you better take that nokia 6682! its leages above the w600. all though my w600 was replaced with the 807. its nice but not as good as the w600i
eric Lin

Jan 20, 2006, 1:25 AM

here's your chance to win a W600!!

good news for phonescoop members. we're giving away the W600 that we reviewed. it's still in great condition with no dents or scratches. plus it comes with goodies courtesy of sony ericsson.

what you get if you win:
1. unlocked W600 with neutral software. this means you'll have to set up your browsing, mms, and other goodness using sony ericsson's online configurator (which is easy)
2. headphone adapter cord with microphone, multi function button and 3.5 mm headphone jack
3. in-ear headphones for said adapter (nice ones, too)
4. charger
5. usb sync cable (for loading music)
6. a sony ericsson "get your walk on" t-shirt
7. a walkman themed game of twister, including a full size twister mat.

how to win:
simply post in this ...
Wonderful review, however I am a little confused, sorry noob here. You mentioned at the end of your review that "if you need 850 MHz then hold out for the W810i" but I thought that looking at the specs for the w600 it is quad band doesn't that includ...
I'll agree with the review on the battery life, very good so far.

The camera is a good 1.3M for a camera phone, though the Nokia 6682 pictures come out a bit sharper.

And for the music portion... forget the ROKR and get the W600.
This is one of the very few phones out right now that I would consider purchasing as a replacement for my T637. I see some conflicting information about what you say about signal from what I have read on other forums sites saying the signal was as go...
I hope I win... and that you can ship to Argentina!!
i have enormous brand loyalty to Sony, and now I have become a big fan of phonescoop as well! What could be better than winning a fabulous sony phone from you lovely people?


Throw my name in the hat! 🙂
i hope i win 🙂
I'm a HUGE SE Fan!
I'm a previous owner of the T237
and now own the T68i.

I've been looking to upgrade my phone
and Phone-Scoop has been a great resource
to help narrow down the selection.

I have to add that the site/user reviews have
I heard that a lot of people are having problems with this phone. If they move their hand a little bit and the phone starts to slide close the call hangs up. Any comments?

Oh and "i hope i win."
i hope i win
Yes, please enter my name! I hope to win this awesome phone! Woooohoooo! 😁
I've been reseaching this phone for a few months waiting to have the extra cash. Winning it would be awesome!
i already own a w600i cingy branded but i hope i win this one also. 😎
I hope i win i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win!
I've been thinking about getting the W600. Is the rf really that bad? I've used a t610 (still in use with my second line) and a K700 (bought directly from SE). I like the SE interface which is why I stay with them.

And, YES, I do hope I win!
I saw all of the messages about how it was "your chance" to win a W600, and I knew that you were speaking directly to me. So the giveaway is really "my chance" to win a W600. I promise to put it to good use and especially to make heavy use of the 90...
I love this phone... I want to win!
i hope i win
Boy I'm Excited about this deal!
I need a new phone.
Me Me Me Me Me (or if not me then my friend Lisa!) - Cheers all!
hope i win!
I need one. I work for Verizon, but their phones are horrible. I just signed up for Cingular so this would be the perfect phone to walk into work with!! 🙂
I always love all news music fones I would consider purchasing as a replacement for my N6230.
Oh yea, and I hope I win
I hope to win
I really hope I win!
Ooh OOoooh! Daisuki dayo!
I want it!
i hope i win! 😁
holla at ya boy
So, it doesn't hurt to enter?

Gee, "i hope i win"!
I would love an unbranded W600! I hope I win. 😁
I want to win!!!!
I'd like that phone. Please...pick me. 😁
great review thanks i hope i win this phone 😉
I would love to win this phone I have the 710a and i love it....... 😁
I hope I win!!!!! 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎
I wish we could all win, anyways I hope I will be luck enough to win.
I could really use a new phone 😁
I hope I win.
😲 ..... 😁 Yeah Baby!!!
🙄 No, I really hope I win.
I sincerely do hope I win, but I have an actual question about the phone which I will post under the main heading of the review forum. How much voice recording can you do with the W600? Will it replace a pocket recorder and take up to an hour of audio...
😳 i hope i win.
I hope I win this cool little toy : )
😁 "I hope I win"

I promise not to Whine!! I have service already with a compatible carrier.

I have not gotten a new phone in the past year without checking it on Phonesccop.com first! That's the honest truth!!
I hope I win 🙂 I truely hope I win, so I can dump verizon, and get Cingular. There emplyee plan seems nicer then Verizons. Anyway, I hope I win, and if I don't, well, I hope the phone breaks on you 😛 lol j/k
Pick me! Pick me!
I am in for it too.!!! it will be gift for my sweetheart.
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t.
I guess if I win I won't have to replace my phone with Monster energy drink coursing through its wiring. Apparently when you pour half a can of Monster onto your Moto V551 not only will it not have sou...
nice phone, only wish it had flash memoryfor expansion and ease of adding stuff.

thanks for the chance to win one 🙂
I hope I win this great phone.
I will take it. 😎

thanks guys
i hope i win
I need to win. 🙂
i neeeds to win!! 😉
I would very much like to have one
I hope I win 😁
I hope I win. Nuff said. 🙂
Let the winner be ME! PLEASE!
Hope I win, pretty nice phone 😁
I hope I win
great phone, hope i win!
I curious about the reception problems. I've read a couple of reviews on the SE W600i and both mentioned reception problems. Both reviewers were also using the phone on T-Mobile wireless service. So I am wondering if the reception problem has more ...
oohhhhhh.... I want this phone. I better win 😁
Me. Hopefully.

*crossing fingers*
I hope to WIN!!!! 😁
I tried it out, and I luv the phone!

Hope I win!

Good luck
i hope i win
Oh, why not? 😁 I'm not even with Cingular or T-Mobile (currently with VZW), but for a free phone, you bet I'd switch! 😁 I sure hope the phone comes my way!!
Please let me win!
Enter me I could use a good phone. Here's to lady luck.
Had to do it hope i win this
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I am sexy, therefore the phone is mine 😎
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I magically command my name into Rich's hand. 😈
That phone is sexay! 😉 It would look quite nice in my pocket!
Thanks for the review, I'd love to win! 😁
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Hey Cool A w600i that phone is so awesome. I want one.
I'll throw my hat in...
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Kickin' butt phone! I want one. 😁
I want a free W600!!!!!!!!!
This would be a perfect timing. My wife's Nokia Just died and I was just starting to look for this phone for her as a ift for our 5th wedding anniversary. I have never won anything before, so it would be great on at least those two accounts. Thanks ...
i am teh we1n3r 😛

i hope
i signed up to win... but i know better....

ah, well, can't win if you don't play, right?!
Phones rock.
Good luck to me.
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Gotta win.
Sure would be nice to win something this nice. Thanks for the opportunity!!
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that's awesome! what's the phone like? it sounds cool!
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WWhoopieeeeeeee, a new phone for meeeeeee! 🤣
Here's hoping! 🙂 🤣 😎
Of course I hope I win -- looks like a great phone to replace my Motorola V600.

By the way, the video review was very nice! Hope to see more of them in the future.


I also would like to win!
I want one!!! 😉
i'm gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you haven't posted in this discussion, do it now or you'll miss your chance.
i hope i win...This phone looks great !!!

Jun 29, 2006, 5:04 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

hey editors!!!!! this phone does have stero speakers!!!!

on the spec sheet the editors said that this phone, with happens to be mine ,does not have stero speakers and it does on on the back on on the right side 😁 😎
umm yea judging by the speakers all over the phone, im pretty sure it has streo. BTW I own this phone and music sounds amazing on it !
The phone, which happens to be mine, has speakers on the back and on the side, but the side speaker doesn't really play at the same volume as the back one, so maybe it doesn't really have stereo.

Aug 13, 2006, 11:49 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

floAt's Mobile Agent 2

have any of yall tried this for ur phone??
.... "yall"

May 9, 2006, 6:21 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

please read this, i need help,...

ok well heres the thing. i lost my w600, but i have insurance. THe prob. with that is they want 50 dollars to replace the phone, even though thats a great deal for a w600, my dad wont pay the 50 dollars, so is there any way to get insurance through cingular to replace the phone w/o the 50 dolalrs?? i have had other phones replaced through the insurance and they never before asked for 50 dollars,..so any suggestions?? thanks.
You don't have $50??? Sell something.
$50 for Insurance, yet free warranty exchange. You probably did warranty exchanges before, but this is different...it is insurance. Open a lemonade stand or something.

Jun 20, 2006, 1:45 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

Need A Phone

I am looking for a Sony Ericsson W600i. I currently have a Treo 650, but I have no use for all the features. Anyone know where I can trade a Treo 650 or buy a Ericsson 600??
u can buy the w600 from any cingular store without signing a contract for 300$ plus a 100$ rebate 😁 😁
Ebay would be the way to go since the W600 is OEL (End of Life) It is being disconinued, hopefully because the W810 may be coming to America!!

I would just do ebay if you can't find any CIngular Store with the W600.
If you don't want to do ebay and just want to deal locally, you can post your Treo in the classifieds. One site I like is Craigslist. You get more exposure, plus it also stresses on local transactions only...someone might have what you're looking fo...

May 27, 2006, 9:26 AM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:


Is there any way to trasnfer small video clips or small movies from the computer to the w600i? Thank you!
well since i can transfer pictures and sounds from the pc to my phone, im guessin u can either transfer it by bluetooth, infrared or the usbcable... i most times use the usbcable to transfer all stuff

Jul 25, 2006, 12:32 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

The lock key

Just got the phone on Friday. So many things to figure out on the phone 😳 . Anyhow, can anyone tell me about the lock key on the side of the phone. I feel it doesn't stay put. Should it be on a spring, which I think it is or should it be a like a true key that once you move it, it stays put. For example, I hit the lock keys put in my purse and when I got home, noticed that my phone decieded to call the house 😲 Any advice?
ya, mine does that too sometimes. i'll flick the switch and it locks, but when i look at it 15-30 min later, the cingular store will be on the screen or the walkmen feature. i have no idea wat it is.

Jul 22, 2006, 12:26 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

is there something wrong with my speakers?

i have had this phone for 3 days now and i have put mp3's on it. i have wanted to listen to the speakers because i have heard sooooo many good things about them. when i turned on a song to listen to the speakers, they were damn loud! but they sounded like they were going to blow out or something. im wondering if this is normal for this phone. my question is; Does everyone else's speakers sound like they're going to blow?
Use the the equalizer!

Jul 24, 2006, 9:08 PM
over in the "Sony Ericsson W600i / W550i" discussion:

please read, and answer if you can help!!

Hi, I was wondering is there a code you can dial into your phone to see what your IMEI number is?

My phone was tolen and i think I know who jas it, but my friend who say the phone said that the person who has it painted over the IMEI number on the back of the phone, I need the IMEI number to see if it matches the IMEI number on the box. I called cingualr a few months ago with another phone, and i couldnt find the IMEI number, so the rep. had me put in some code and it brought the IMEI number up. if anyone knows the code, please let me know ! thanks, vinny.
ok never mind i got it, the code to get your IMEI number is *#06#
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