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Google No Longer Researching Nexus One 3G Problems

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This forum is closed.


Apr 22, 2010, 3:35 PM

As someone that actually owns a Nexus One

I can say that the 3G "problem" has been debunked as nothing unique to the Nexus One. I have perfect 3G signal with mine, never had any sort of issues, even on the original shipping ROM (although, the original shipping ROM did have some issues with it not switching back to 3G from edge).

The supposed "issue" of it having weak 3G has been debunked in several forms. First and foremost, it has better 3G reception side by side compared to a G1, MyTouch3G, and TouchPro2. Secondly, the "drop" in signal experience by covering the radio is seen in other devices, including the iPhone and MyTouch3G, and the drop is minimal to say the least.

This "issue" is nothing more than a red hearing blown way out of proportion. T-Mobile needs to improve...
The AT&T version works better because the issue that was found was a complication with different technologies. Not a "bad" nor "small" 3G footprint. 🙄
Just curious

Apr 22, 2010, 6:22 PM

Haha thats prob why they remain 4th place they are nice at least

Had them for years spotty coverage & when I moved kept droppin calls they are nice they let me out of contract. With Sprint now couldnt be happier with pricing and coverage!
landmarkcm said:
Had them for years spotty coverage & when I moved kept droppin calls they are nice they let me out of contract. With Sprint now couldnt be happier with pricing and coverage!

So, you moved from a cra...

Apr 22, 2010, 8:34 AM

No Help... nothing.

We aren't going to do a recall on these *defective* phones.

We are not going to fix it with an over-the-air software update.

We aren't even going to answer your E-mails, and good luck calling us.

We are Google.
Our logo is not a fruit.
Don't be evil.
Don't blame Google. Blame T-Mobile. Same phones on other carriers work just fine, thank you...
LOL @ the people in this thread who are CONVINCED that it's Google's fault.

Do any of you hold a degree in kind of engineering field? Or a technological science degree? Do any of you work in a field that manufactures phones? Or work in any kind of...
...because the Nexus One I used in the South Florida metro area grabbed a 3G signal just fine.

Apr 22, 2010, 6:22 PM

google gave u on you guys! HAHAH

google should stay in just doing internet business...

dont know why they would go into cell phones when they dont even make it?!? HTC does!!

stay in doing software google, you are awesome at it!

Let Apple do the hardware... they have been doing it A long while!!
Funny thing is, the iPhone has worse 3G than the Nexus One on AT&T... it also loses more signal when you cover up its radio, is slower, and so forth.
"google gave u on you guys! HAHAH"

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Wait, what?
and google is the software...lol

Apr 22, 2010, 3:21 PM

Google are not responsible for carriers lack of signal

It is not Googles responsibility to fix a carriers weak signal. Verizon and Sprint do not have these issues, which tells you what?! CDMA is far superior. At&t tried to blame their laggy network on the iphone.
CDMA is superior?


Not just in your house or backyard.

They both have advantages and disadvantages but to say one is better than the other obviously conveys your lack of intelligence because 1. You are biased 2. You...
If you only knew that this device would drop calls & not get data coverage next to other T-mo device that did have service. BTW CDMA is only better for Data, not voice! Proven fact.

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Apr 22, 2010, 12:53 PM

They didn't say "it's T-Mobiles fault" they said "we're not fixing this"

Google (and HTC if we are going to be fair) has publicly admitted the problem and openly acknowledged the fact that they are no longer going to be making an attempt at fixing it.

They didn't push the blame off on someone else. They didn't feed us the standard "we are continuing to fervently work on this issue" line.

No, they simply admitted they sold people a bad product (at least on one level) and are refusing to fix it.

Can you imagine if everything worked perfectly on the Motorola Droid except for the flash on the camera? Motorola would be claiming "the droid does take photos in the dark" when in fact it doesn't. Oops, lets fix the problem or replace the phone right?

Google is not fixing the problem OR replacing the faulty ...
is it really needed?

And you talk about anti-apple trolls.

The droid is also sold through retailers as well. this has costs (as people will quickly tell you) but one of the benefits is that carriers are very good about making clauses in the agr...

Apr 22, 2010, 2:43 PM

Let's Commence with the T-Mobile Bashing

Although other HTC phones with T-Mobile don't have this problem... 🙄

Apr 22, 2010, 12:41 PM

Fixed on new releases?

Let's face it. T-Mobile's 3G coverage sucks, especially in comparison to the other three big American carriers. That certainly doesn't help. However, seeing as the phone is still relatively new, we can assume the fact that they are no longer seeking a solution for the problem means that there is definitely something wrong with the hardware of this device that just can't be fixed at this point.

So the real question is, when this phone comes to the other carriers this year, will it be an updated version with top-tier functioning 3G? Or will Google continue to further the disaster that may very well be their last endeavor into the smartphone design universe?
More than likely it's an issue with the chipset used, which will be completely different on CDMA towers
SneakyRebelNinja said:
Let's face it. T-Mobile's 3G coverage sucks, especially in comparison to the other three big American carriers.

Actually, I have great coverage where I live. Verizon's got great coverage, AT&T...

Apr 22, 2010, 8:44 AM

"we hear your complaints and we are ignoring them."

You know what, I already posted a thread, but I have something else to say.

Google, with all of its happy, dancing in fields of daisy's mentality doesn't care. They are stretched so freaking thin I can't imagine them being able to handle problems with one of their legacy phones (the Nexus One)

The public message should have read;

"we hear your complaints and we are ignoring them... we have moved on to bigger and better things, newer versions of our devices and phones and quite frankly, Nexus One, you are old news"

Google, along with your complete lack of privacy safeguards, your customer service is going to be your downfall.

Good luck with the Incredible, and the Evo and all of the other phones you make in the next six mont...
I don't believe it is a Google software issue. I think the 3G reception issue is a T-Mobile issue because let's face it, T-Mobile's network is quite small compared to other carriers and it is not fully 3G.

I have pre-ordered (made a downpayment) my...
From January:
"Were sorry to hear your having trouble with our product, rest assured we are working on a fix. Be sure to check out our Moto Droid!"

Still no moto blur update....still no fix or soultions. All their attention is on the Droid.
That would mean the issue is most likely network related, or at worst hardware related, so no amount of software development will fix the issue. Why promise to continue development on a device you can't fix?

The people I know with the ATT banded N...

Apr 22, 2010, 10:19 AM


Everyone's making valid points... this phone hasn't even been out on the market for half a year and because it's got a problem that with some good research it could be fixed, they gave up on it? That's just immature and entirely unprofessional. They should respond for their mistakes, and we should fight for our rights! Grab the stakes and torches, we're going to GOOGLE INC!!!! 👿 👿 😈
If anyone knows of any movements/petitions etc. please provide a link. I would fully support all of the users that got hosed. This is going to set a precedent from one of the most powerful companies around that a company does not need to stand by and ...

Apr 22, 2010, 10:20 AM


Has anybody heard of any issues with the 3G on the ATT variant N1? Just curious.
I don't think so. I think it is just whatever software/harware combination they are using for T-Mobiles spectrum.

I could be wrong.
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