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Review: LG VX-8100

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This forum is closed.


Jul 8, 2011, 5:11 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

How do you use the voice custom on this phone?

Can you voice record and use as a ring tone on this phone like other LG models? Can you send the vids in textes? How long can each vid be? 15min?
Yes, you can use as ringtones if memory serves me correctly. You can send videos and the max is 15 minutes.

Sep 12, 2006, 1:47 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Will This Work??

I just picked up the LG VX8100 mostly because I wanted a way to listen to music easily at work. The problem is I did not buy it from a store.

I found a usb adapter for the mini sd card and I was wondering if I could just use this to 'drag and drop' my itunes mps3's onto the mini sd. Will the phone recognize and play music this way? Or do I need the data cable and software?
as long as the mp3's go into the MY_MP3s folder on the card and the mp3's titles are not over 43 characters (47 including ".mp3") in length, and the songs are not DRM encoded (Digital Rights Management) πŸ‘€
If they have long file names, simpl...
Make sure you enable the mp3 player, otherwise it will only play WMA's

Oct 10, 2005, 9:03 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

How do you convert video from phone to mov or mpg?

I am having trouble converting videos I have
taken with the phone into something I can send to other people. When emailing, Verizon converts them to .mov. I have tried Quicktime Pro but it converts them into a small .mov file which only works if you also have the 3g2 file in the same directory. If you send just the very small .mov file they do not work. You have to send both files.

Also I have tried to convert them to mpg from the mov with no luck. Any ideas? Someone must have done this.


May 31, 2008, 11:36 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Verizon Red Flip Shot Ringtones problems

Is there REALLY no way to move ringtones from the sounds folder to te ringtones folder? I am getting discouraged by everything I read. Vrizon does not offer good ringtones and the ones I downloaded from phonezoo are great but go straight into my sounds folder. I did save them as ringtones, BTW, but to no avail. I even re-sent them to myself and re-saved as ringtones, and no go. Any ideas?

Jan 4, 2006, 8:19 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:


i was contemplating getting an 8100 to replace my 8000
what i usually did with my 8000 is use fun for mobile to upload mp3 snips to my phone which would come through as picture messages on my phone and i could save those as my ringtones.
yet on this website they dont have the 8100 as a model that is compatible with performing this task,
yet, the new samsung a950 and the new razr v3c are compatible and can be utilized. what is it about the 8100 that makes it unable to work with the task?
verizon makes it not work becasue they are a bunch of evil kids burning ants with a magnifying glass. just grab a data cable it is pretty easy and save your pix messaging charges.

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Jan 17, 2006, 12:32 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Voice Dialing ? Good / Bad ??


I gave up my 950 Sams to switch to this.

It seems that the 8100 is a bit smaller and has some nicer features.

The problem I am having is the Samsung 950 voice dialing is awesome, every person out of my 500 names dials perfectly with no learning even on speakerphone.

Does the 8100 voice dialing suck ? I tried a bunch of names tonight and it missed most of them ?

Any suggestions ? I want this to be as awesome or better than the Sams because this is the phone I am sure I want to keep.

Also, Any Battery test comparison's ? I was getting about 4 hours out of my sams..

I have no problems with the voice dialing. Barely ever misses a name. If it does get it wrong it will offer the next like sounding one, which is usually right on. The only thing I think is better with the Samsung voice dialing is you don't have to ...
One thing that I have found that can cause issues is spelling. If my friend's name is Lis and it's pronounced Liz, the voice recognition program doesn't think I'm saying the right word. So changing her name in my phone book to Lizzy distinguishes it...
I have absolutely no problem with the voice dial. Rarely misses. I had the a950 for about a week. Voice dial and digit dial was horrible. Got nothing right and when it did, went to text instead of dialing. 2 brand new phones. Went back to the 8100.

Jul 10, 2007, 9:36 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

What happened to U.S. Cellular version?

IS U.S. Cellular not getting this phone or what?

Jun 1, 2006, 5:48 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Bluetooth Headset Testing w/ 8100 - Found one I think

I realize this is a thread that's gone on in various places for a while but I thought some newbies (and oldies) alike might like another datapoint.

After trying essentially 'every' BT headset that VZW offered (and as such I got the 2-wk trial with) I think I've got one I might actually keep... the Plantronics 320.

I've tried the early Motos (850 and it's predecessor), the Jabra 250 w/ and w/o vibrate, etc. They haven't gotten in the H700 Moto yet but H500 was so-so. And up until now, my fave's been my good 'ol $15 AT&T *corded* headset with little boom. Works great.

The biggest issue for me was the caller hearing their own voice echo back to them a half-second later. Yes, you could drop the volume down but then the thing was ess...
You should try the logitech. most people that I know with them ride bikes and they say it cuts out all the wind.

Sep 11, 2005, 1:13 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Question about ringtones

Using bitpim I have successfully put mp3's as ringtones on my phone, however after the update none of them worked. I used the mini sd card tutorial to load them on. I have done it a dozen times since the update but each time it registers the name of the mp3's but the phone wont play them.

can anyone enlighten me?
😒 me toooooooo..... and i don't know how to fix it!

Jun 20, 2007, 2:32 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Ringtones and Bitpim trouble...

okay, it is my understanding that there are two ways to upload ringtones to your LG 8100: through ur MiniSD card or just through BitPim (which requires the deleting of certain dat files, right?). As of now i've only tried the first method, as I am wary of deleting anything when i can't replace what i've deleted, and I am having some difficulty. >.< my mp3 ringtones (all which are under 2mb in size) appear in BitPim and on my phone but will not play! to "test" BitPim I initially loaded 6 MIDI files (all that i had at the time) through my MiniSD card and they showed up and played perfeclty, however, when i went to add my mp3 files, first all the "ringers" wouldn't show up at all, but now they are showing up but will not play! :cr ...

Nov 3, 2006, 2:02 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

memory card

i wanna put pictures onto my memory card but it doesnt work and a lot of room is still left does anyone know how to fix this or anything i tried formating it but it dint work
What do you mean it doesn't work? (try to be specific) and
how are you trying to add them?
(card reader, usb cable?) πŸ™‚
idk how to
Now that I wasted my money and time on a SD card & reader, only to find out that mp3 has been changed to WMA, what do do? All I'm trying to do is take a mp3 song and make it a ringtone. Please help. Thanx.

May 26, 2007, 7:07 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:


I know this has been covered before but I have never tried it. To transfer a mp3 song from my mac to the phone and set it as a ringtone, do I need an SD card? know you email it to yourself, but do you still need the card?
Need some help guys. After I get It in my email, what do I do with it? Doesn't give me an option to save. I'm lost. Help please.

May 31, 2007, 7:21 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Starting to fail!

My friend has had this phone for about a year, and she says that now whenever she tries to use the camera, she gets the message "Starting to fail."
I told her I'd try to find out what's going on. Has anyone seen this?
Thanks in advance.


Nov 14, 2006, 8:01 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

secret menu???

wat are some things useful or cool that you can do in the secret menu? J/W
How do you get to the secret menu?! m yfrined has that phone and that would be cool to tell him about that.
ok whats this about a secret menu? and does anyone know how to get the lg vx8100 to play mp3's? I did it on my wifes phone when we first got it but i forgot!

Jul 28, 2005, 7:54 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Parrot Car Kit - Anyone Have It?

Looking to get Bluetooth Car Kit installed so the phone goes through the radio speakers...so far from what I've read on the internet the Parrot CK3100 seems to get the most favorable reviews. Anyone have any experience with this - especially with the 8100..thanks! πŸ™‚
I called a custom stereo shop here in my town to ask about hands-free bluetooth car kits. They don't sell them, but they will instal any kit if I buy it and bring it in. They HIGHLY recommend Parrot. He said they have worked with all of them, and t...
If I read the user manual right, you have yo use 'phone tags' and it stores ONLY up to 100. That means digit dial is not supported. I tried the Jabra but got a lot of static.

Jul 15, 2005, 6:18 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

How to leave External LCD Permanently On!! Read if you want to know how!

Note sure if it's been posted or not, but there is a way to leave the external screen on ALL THE TIME WITHOUT BACKLIGHTING. THis is cool since you can look to see the time without pressing a button. Doesn't use much battery I don't think since the backlight is still OFF. Well of course battery is consumed more much not sure how much. It's quite handy!

1. Press OK
2. Press 0 to go to service menu
3. Enter 000000 for service code
4. Choose 2. Field Test
5. Go down to POWER SAVE MODE
6. Choose OFF

THere , the LCD in front will always be on πŸ™‚

Hope it helps those who likes it on! πŸ™‚
Thanks! I was wondering how to do that. πŸ™‚
I've tried this before with my phones and the phone battery still last me well over a day. Most of power isn't consumsed by the screen but rather by the backlight itself. So since backlight is off it shouldn't comsumed that much battery to make phon...
..so I'm assuming any Reset of the phone will reset the Power Saver Mode to On.
Professor Murder

Nov 21, 2006, 10:11 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

Front buttons supposed to work, right?

I just had to get a refurb replacement for my vx8100. I'd modded my old one out with ringtones and the such. I've activated the mp3 player in the 'secret' menu, but I've got another problem.

The front buttons don't seem to respond to any commands. If I get a text message, I could press the play button on the front without flipping it open and I could read my text messages on the front screen without flipping the phone open. It doesn't respond when I do that. It also doesn't engage the mp3 player when I hold it down.

It's been a while since I first got this phone. There's nothing I have to do to actually activate the front buttons, right?

Or is this phone just DOA when I got it?

PLEASE HELP!!! and thanks!
i cant even get the mp3 player to comeup with the menu 0 and 6 zeros ( #11 just is not there!)

Jan 8, 2007, 12:57 AM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

version 7

i got my phone flashed with version 7 today and after i got home i noticed that i no longer have a folder titled MY MP3. i had songs on my card but now the phone doesnt reconize any of them. i reformatted the card and nothing. how do i get my phone to reconize mp3s and play them now. any help would be grateful.thank you
Hit the menu button then press "0". Then type "000000", scroll down to 11 and then enable mp3.

Don't mess with anything else or you may really mess up the phone. Hope this helps.

Jun 13, 2006, 2:39 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:

bitpim and bluetooth

i have checked all over this forum and over at Howard forums and i can't find the answer. much appreciated if someone can explain to me how to connect the 8100 (Telus version) to bitpim (version 0.9.02) using a bluetooth dongle. i paired the phone and my pc, but i can't get it to connect via serial port service with my driver, only as a dial-up networking service. i changed the bitpim settings to lg 8100 and to detect the com port automatically and tried them all manually as well, but it does not detect my phone. PLEASE HELP!
change a setting to com5 it found my phone when i did this

Jul 19, 2005, 9:20 PM
over in the "LG VX-8100" discussion:


I need educated. I have had no problems in the past with my VX7000 and 8000 with using BitPim with these phones. Now I have a new 8100 and I cannot get BitPim to recognize it. I have tried several different "settings" in BitPim. I am seeing posts that people are using BitPim with this phone. I have previously ased for a Driver, however that persons email address does not allow contact. I am not sure I have the proper driver. Verizon does not offer a Office Data Kit for the 8100 and they tell me they will not due to its VCAST capabilites - they want you to purchase thier data air time.
Please help. I love the phone, but I want to sync my Calendar info from PC to Phone. I am currently paying for idatebook, however, I would prefer sync...
😁 I had to change something. Wouldnt recognize my phone. Changed to com5 and it found my vx 8100.
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