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Apple Announces iPad

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This forum is closed.


Jan 28, 2010, 11:17 AM


I know I am going to get bashed for this...but why wouldn't you just buy a netbook for half the price?

Yes it does some cool things and they will sell them....but I honestly believe if you buy one it is only because it is an apple and you want to look cool.

I think they would have been better off making it smaller, less powerful, and went after kindle. This just seems like a computer and cost more then many decent computers out there... hell they could have just used the ipod touch and supersized it and sold the thing for around $300 and I think it would have worked better.

sorry I just don't get it...and yes I watched the videos.
Well, this probably won't replace the people who use Netbooks as anemic laptops (who I think is a lot of people) , but what if you buy a netbook for its stated purpose (aka mostly surfing the web, listening to music, maybe light office editing, etc) t...

Jan 29, 2010, 9:33 PM

Why no web chat???????

Seems like a great feature for the Apple to include... For that matter, why aren't we seeing phones with video calling abilities??? I'm new here. Can someone please explain this to me? Thx
That's a good question! I'm not sure if it's a cost issue or what.
Scott Herman

Jan 27, 2010, 2:13 PM

iPad well that's just wonderful!!

ipad sounds like a girls tampon! Noone gives a crap about this thing, I want my Verizon IPHONE!!!
Yea wtf is this for? Just a big version of the iphone minus the actual phone part?
Girls tampon, ha! That's fk'n funny! ! !
Sorry there is no VZN, SPRINT OR T-MOBILE Iphone I heard for 2 more years... the Agreement with AT&T is for 5 years. I don't understand where all these blogs are getting this that the Iphone is going to be released this year to other carriers.

Jan 28, 2010, 2:12 AM

Overhyped, overpriced,

can't do much more than an ipod touch can and a closed proprietary design = GARBAGE!!!

Moving on...
Did you watch the demos? No? Ok go watch them.

Jan 28, 2010, 11:44 PM

Not only AT&T.....

I heard from a reliable source that Sprint later on this year will have too the ipad.
If I get it it I am going to get the Overdrive for the wifi and get a 32 or 64 model

Jan 27, 2010, 2:36 PM

Apple isn't abandoning AT&T afterall?

It seems like the negative press from AT&T hasn't hurt Apple's relationship with the company. Although they could still announce and iPhone for Verizon, I think it's cool Apple is still giving love to AT&T.

I think it's also awesome that there's no contract and the iPad is priced so low.

I liked the name iSlate a lot more...
I think that is why we started to hear so much talk about "slates" last year.

Somebody probably jumped the gun and tied up the Slate concept.....and Apple is worried about getting sued...
Apple acknowledged AT&T's network issues back during their conference call and said they reviewed AT&T's plan to address the issues.

Like it or not, AT&T's the only game in town willing to play ball with outside-of-the-box pricing models. T-Mobile...
JeffdaBeat said:
It seems like the negative press from AT&T hasn't hurt Apple's relationship with the company. Although they could still announce and iPhone for Verizon, I think it's cool Apple is still giving love to AT&T.
Good for them. I just left them due to their troubled network and I don't want those data hog phones coming to my network.

It will be interesting to see if and when the new iPad will add more troubles to AT&T's overloaded network.
I like Islate better also...Can't believe this from APPLE and no camera. I am waiting for 2nd generation on this one for sure. Also, many blogs are saying the Iphone is coming to all ofther major networks later this year, VZN, SPRINT and T-MOBILE ...

Jan 28, 2010, 11:19 PM


I was so excited about the ITablet... I have a MacBook, Was planning on buying one, but no camera, Why Not? I can't believe this coming from Apple and what's up with the name....I will wait for the 2nd generation for sure

Jan 27, 2010, 2:11 PM


Doesnt say anything about verizon service
You guys need to lighten up 😁

Jan 27, 2010, 4:03 PM


i don't feel so "fresh",

that's why i use the new ipad, it's thin,holds alot,and absorbs much more

now i feel great!

cut to: a mother and daughter playing tennis,or horse riding with an ipad in each hand, carefree ....

think it could fly as a commercial for the ipad? 😈
...no. Funny, but somehow I can see Jobs pulling out a silenced nine millimeter and unloading on you if you made that ad proposal.

Jan 27, 2010, 5:30 PM

WiFi only with Mifi

If I do get one, I will get one and use a MiFi from Sprint. Their data is alot faster and I wont have to worry about the "hype" of "new adds" on ATT's "fast" 3G network!
Isn't CLEAR's network only good up to 6mbps? By the time this launches AT&T will have 7.2mbps on their 3G network...

But quite honestly a MiFi isn't a bad way to go with one if you don't mind signing a contract.
if it were me refusing to use att I would spend the 600 or what ever on a laptop and get a sprint aircard instead of buying the tablet apple has launched

Jan 27, 2010, 3:07 PM

subsidy, what subsity

if they can sell devices like this at these prices unlocked and without contract how can anyone believe the little phones cost 4 or 5 hundred
What are you talking about. 32 gig iphone costs 699 with no subsidy and 32 gig ipad costs 729 with no subsidy.

Do you honestly think that this device costs more then 130 bucks to make more then the iphone? Absolutely no way.

Sign a 2 year co...
In most cases with electronics it is cheaper to make something bigger than to make it smaller.

Also this is not a phone, rather it is a web surfing devise. It does not have a camera, it does not have GPS, it has a tiny amount of memory for a dev...

Jan 27, 2010, 7:44 PM


I think the people in this board meeting were high. Sitting around thinking you know what would be cool. A giant Itouch Ipod. What would we call it. Ipad. Genius. Next up the icar, i bed, i toilet, all made by Apple. For douches by douches.

/End Rant
Sorry, but the iToilet was invented already, shortly after the first iMac was launched, in 2002.

http://www.electric-chicken.co.uk/itoilet.html »

Because it has the Apple logo on it then the nerds will want it, no matter how stupid this is. I've mentioned this before, the only reason the hype of the iPhone became as big as it is and still is, is because of Apple junkies. Yes I think the iPhon...
They even thought of a name for you!!


Jan 28, 2010, 2:23 PM

Is better than a REAL computer?

Can that Maxipad thingy run multiple programs?

Can it run Quark or Indesign?
Can it run Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Or even Adobe FLASH?

Can it burn DVDs, CDs or even use a Terrabyte drive?

Hell...can it even run any OS X programs at all?

Can it run Firefox? Chrome?

How about Mac the Ripper?

Does it have HDMI output?

My Macbook Pro can and it doesn't even have the lame "i" in front of the name.

Move along....nothing to see here.
Actually, it doesn't need to be 'cuz it's not supposed to be. As someone else very astutly pointed out here it's a "Content Consumer", meaning it's really taking dead aim at Amazon/Kindle; it's a glorified book reader!!
Apples lining up of all the p...
im willing to bet there is a large price difference between your mac book pro and the ipad

I do agree with you that i thing is stupid and why is it everywhere

Jan 27, 2010, 8:53 PM

I'd rather have...

the Supersonic; you know it's going to Vz sooner or later now that Sprint is getting it. Much more functional and it will run Android.
"Much more functional and it will run Android."

That's a contradiction...

Jan 28, 2010, 1:41 PM

Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet

http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/frantic_ ... »

CUPERTINO, CA—Claiming that he completely forgot about the much-hyped electronic device until the last minute, a frantic Steve Jobs reportedly stayed up all night Tuesday in a desperate effort to design Apple's new tablet computer. "Come on, Steve, just think—think, dammit—you're running out of time," the exhausted CEO said as he glued nine separate iPhones to the back of a plastic cafeteria tray. "Okay, yeah, this will work. This will definitely work. Just need to write 'tablet' on this little strip of masking tape here and I'm golden. Oh, come on, you piece of ****! Just stick already!" Middle-of-the-night sources reported that Jobs then began work...
I love The Onion.

Jan 27, 2010, 8:49 PM

Am I wrong...

for thinking that this should have had Snow Leopard and a microSD slot? I am missing the point but I simply just don't get it here. Was is this thing supposed to be? An Amazon Kindle killer? An oversized iPod Touch? You have to use applications from iTunes catalog right? You cant use normal applications like MS Word or Excel or anything?? No flash either? I'm so lost here. ☹️
A few things...

1) What good is a MicroSD slot?

2) There's an adapter for regular SD cards and camera hookups. I think a full SD card slot would've been ideal for photographers on the go but the adapter is better than nothing.

3) The framewo...

Jan 27, 2010, 2:28 PM

Micro sim cards???. . .

I've never heard of micro-sim cards! Never seen any headlines of such a technology on either Phone Scoop or Engadget.
Sup Jay

Yeah I read about it but I can't remember where. It looked exactly like the gold tip on a pen. Same size and shape (cone shaped).

When I read about them, it was integrated and not changeable, but is programmable. Meaning, as I understoo...

Jan 27, 2010, 4:54 PM

Re iPad

I should mention first that I'm a platform agnostic, meaning I like Macs, PCs, Linux and other stuff, but I hate being marketed by anybody - Microsoft OR Apple.

OK - enough hype about the iPad. Sure it's new and shiny... but it fails for me on at least two counts:
1.) It's like a big iTouch - no memory card slot for any type of removable external storage (SDHC, MicroSD etc.). Come on, what would it have cost to add an SD card slot?
2.) No removable battery.

Further, even the maximum 64GB of storage is rediculous for this kind of device. With all it's capabilities users will likely try to use this as a computing platform thats a sub-set of the Mac platform - the way Netbooks are a sub-set of PCs. When they do, that 16, 32 or 64GB mem...
I'm willing to guess the number of iPhone / iPod / iTouch owners complaining about removable batteries is next to zilch

Also there's a camera attachment and SD card slot attachment too. But what are you expecting, an internal HDD?

Jan 27, 2010, 4:43 PM

my opinion is

not many people will be rushing to buy this thing outside of the apple clans

ATT'S network will be put under further strain

this should also show how the phones price points are severly inflated. I could buy this device and never pay a penny in monthly charges and I bet apple still makes a killing

how can anyone say a phone costs as much as a decent flat panel tv
For one, it's called economies of scale. TV's are all essentially the same technology. The same one will work anywhere in the country and all cable/satellite operators use the same cables to connect their service to your TV. With a decent antenna, ...

Jan 27, 2010, 4:28 PM

$30 unl internet

Hmmmm... I thought that the decision to have all carries have a standardized 5gb internet cap was to STOP all the people who are "bandwith hogs" so the network can run smoother.... An now AT&T is going to run it on there "fast" network for $30 and u have unlimited internet.... Contradicting...

My personal opinion, its a nice looking piece of equipment, but even when HP launched there touch screen computer, I WAS NOT IMPRESSED. I'm a business man and have no time to worry if my computer can download an APP!!!

LMAO, i wonder how many Software Updates are going to come out for the phone, slowly releasing little pieces of applications so that the ipad can run as a complete system.. lol
- Software Update 1.1 (Calculator)
- Software Updat...
Adding more insult to injury, I love all these commercials launched by Verizon to hit AT&T's network. I can't wait to see what they will do to compete against this.. lol. 🤣
For being a self proclaimed business man you have lousy writing skills.

Most "business men" I know are drug dealers... so before you critique the iPad tell us why it wont suit your needs.
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