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Verizon Wireless Revamps Voice, Text and Data Plans

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Jan 15, 2010, 10:16 AM

Sprint plans still blows verizon out of the water...

Now come on Sprint, get some better phones goddamnit!
It doesn't matter whether Sprint is better than Verizon...it's that people have pride in Verizon and not with Sprint. That pride leads them to pay more money for the same service.
Sprint and Verizon are not even in the same boat, the reason Sprints plans are so much cheaper is because they need them to be. Have you seen their Churn rate, it's sucks on a whole different level. I wanna say they are they worse out of all the carri...
Sprint has cheaper prices, they have some truly awesome phones, and their coverage (at least for voice) is pretty large (and 3g is good where available) and yet they are still losing customers.. why?

I dont agree with all these changes with VZW, b...

Jan 15, 2010, 11:25 AM

Prepaid Questions!!!

I would like to do a prepaid plan with VZW, but their prepaid phones suck. And, until now, their prices for prepaid really sucked!Can you use any VZW phone if you obtain it some other way than buying straight from VZW? I like the new Chocolate touch. Also, is prepaid coverage the same as postpaid, as far as the maps, and roaming?
The coverage is not the same. If you're roaming on prepaid, there are roaming fees. I believe you can use any Verizon non-smartphone on prepaid though.
if you are wanting prepaid and a little nicer phone you can check out overstock.com
go to their auctions and you can find some good deals on non contract phones.
Chocolate touch you prolly can't get prepaid (atm) at least you couldn't get touchscreen phones on prepaid before.. who knows now.
If you want prepaid go with Page Plus. Unlimited Talk and Text $39.99 and you are getting Verizon coverage.

Jan 15, 2010, 9:44 AM


The actual cost to these cell phone providers to provide voice and data services are very low. They are charging 2000 to 3000% of actual cost. Now I believe in companies making profits, but not obscene money. VZW could offer a unlimited voice, texting, data plan for $50 a month and still make a healthy profit.

Texting is the biggest money maker for them and also the biggest scam out there. It cost VZW under a penny to send a text, actually it costs them nothing really because it's a product of what's already there. You would have to understand how texting works in order to understand how much VZW and others are ripping you off.
Actually, it costs them nothing to send text messages. It goes over the paging chanels that's already there, so there's no infrastructre cost. It's just pure profit.
Explain, then, why Sprint's fine print says if you exceed 800 minutes of roaming we have the right to cancel your service. If their doing 3000% profits, you should be able to do the simply everything plan all on roaming with 5000 minutes of usage with...
How about instead of $50, they charge $49.99 a month. No, wait... how about $47 a month? Heck, if they can afford that and still be profitable, how about $45? Or $40? How low do you go exactly, and where did you get your business degree? Oh, and ...

Jan 17, 2010, 3:36 PM

Do I have this straight?

Do I have this right in my very simple terms here...I have the Samsung Alias, I have the most basic plan that I believe is $50/month and I pay $10 for 500 texts with vzw to vzw free. That's all I need. I never go over voice or texting limits. I am eligible for an upgrade next week and I'd like to get the alias 2 or env3. Am I going to have to pay another $10/month for a data plan that I don't want and will never use? Please help me understand my options, I'd like to have as much information as possible before heading to the store. THANKS!
Yes, if you want to get the alias2 or EnV3 it will be an additional $10 a month for 25mb of data and it is mandatory.

At present, it seems that the Samsung Intensity is basically the only full qwerty phone that doesn't require data
Yes. If you keep the phone you have and make no changes...everything is status quo. I would recommend leaving things as they are and waiting it out. Once your contract is up in four months port out to another carrier. If Verizon is the only carrie...

Jan 15, 2010, 11:40 PM


The big two are screwing the consumers and they're not even using vasoline!

The new required plans and such suck! We're all well versed wireless users, but a good amount of consumers still buy phones just cause they look "pretty" or "cool"... those customers are in for a rude awakening when they find out they'll have to pay extra for the "eye candy" handsets.

So how do they slip in the bad news??? Add some great news! "HEY! $70 UNLIMITED PLANS! YEA!"

I'll sure miss the good ol' days!
what good ol days? you mean when you paid 1.20 a minute to call, on top of your 20 access fee?

The "good ol days" for cellphones arn't here yet
norcalattrep said:
The big two are screwing the consumers and they're not even using vasoline!

i prefer using water based lubricants like KY vs petroleum based. easier clean up and less "greasy" feeling.

Jan 15, 2010, 9:34 AM

Going Unlimited!!!

Now we are talking......whooo...hoooo.
There's no mention of unlimited Data.

The new pricing appears to be $10 less than the current price of the 1350 minute plan and $10 more than the 900 minute plan. Will the pricing of the 450 and 900 minute plans be affected. I'm guessing they're ...

Jan 15, 2010, 10:04 AM

Sprint Plans?

I'm confused why Verizon doesn't make cheaper plans. How long ago did Sprint come out with Everything Data Share Plans wih Any Mobile, Any Time for $130?
Quite simply, they don't have to. To be honest, they didn't really have to do this one. Sprint lowered their prices and even did this new mobile to to any mobile plan because they need something to bring customers back to Sprint. Verizon isn't losing ...

Jan 15, 2010, 8:52 AM

Still expensive... and the complete opposite as to what T-Mobile is doing.

T-Mobile sees the light. With them... if you choose not to get subsidized phones and skip the contract you pay LESS because they don't have to cover the cost of the phone.

With Verizon, they are going to charge you MORE for not signing a contract. What the hell?
They aren't referring to the same thing. VZW prepaid means their normal prepaid option. (like virgin mobile style) If you were to buy a handset they use on their contract plans, and go month-to-month, it would be the same price as the contracted plans...
Actually.. unless I am missing something,those prepaid ammounts are the final costs, so they are actually CHEAPER than contract plans because of taxes and surcharges

Jan 15, 2010, 1:29 PM

Page Plus Unlimited talk & text for $40...

Why would anyone get Verizon if they don't want data? Consumers can purchase Page Plus unlimited for $40 (no taxes or fees) and have the SAME network? Why would Verizon even offer unlimited plans without data?
I know so stupid right. People dont know what there missing

Jan 15, 2010, 6:24 PM

What a joke! God already

Ok Im gonna keep this as brief as possible. Both Verizon and Att have got to be nuts these prices are still ridiculous 70 for unlimited TALK and thats it. Come on already Im not saying the name beacause im not advertising but im using a prepaid provider hmm mmm cough cough under a certain network with a great phone and have unlimited talk text and like 200pics for 40 bucks. When are the contract carriers really gonna wake up. I mean when I heard an announcement was comming I really expected something better then this and they wanna charge data on the nokia twist and other phones so stupid!!!

Jan 15, 2010, 12:22 PM

Here is why Sprint should be reconsidered...

There are many bashing Sprint but consider these facts:

1) Sprint's plans are still the best in value
2) CDMA proven for best call quality
3) Customer service now tied with VZW
4) Much improved device selection
5) First and currently only 4G.

And Lastly: Whether Sprint has a bad reputation or not, Sprint is aware of their past bad reputation and is motivated for new subscribers. In my experience as a consumer, I find this the most attractive and best reason for willing to try a company. This has led to my best experiences. Companies that want, work and yes,NEED to win you, generally accomplish someones expectations. I relunctantly gave them a second chance and they have done cartwheels, handstands, acrobatics to make sure I am happ...
You have a point, Sprint now isn't the same nasty assed company with a good network it was several years ago. Recently a co-worker went to them and she is very happy with what her family has. Do I think Sprint is as good as VZW all over, no. Do I t...
Slammer said:
There are many bashing Sprint but consider these facts:

1) Sprint's plans are still the best in value
2) CDMA proven for best call quality
3) Customer service now tied with VZW
4) Much improved device selection
I'm in if I can sign up with no contract and pay full retail for my phone.
I really don't think that Sprint is better then Verizon. I know that they have a better pricing plan as far as the talk time, data, and text message together goes. But what about the drop calls that there customers get. My son has Sprint and everytime...

Jan 15, 2010, 10:34 AM

missing pieces

The last thing I read from VZW CEO that can't support unlimited data forever, as in unlimited data on today's devices is unsustainable....this didn't cover that statement so I'm still waiting to see the fall out.

Also, the unlimited talk/text sounds like a good idea. But why is att doing the prepaid for 60 and verizon is 75?

I am also waiting to see the att response. Should be equal and anti-competitive as usual.
The CEO said it wouldn't be sustainable in the future.. you try using over even 5gb a month on a rogue.. you'll hate the phone before you get to 2 I promise

Jan 15, 2010, 10:17 AM

So How much is talk/text/and data?

They didnt say how much it would be for a individual talk/message/Data plan?
Unlimited Talk and Text is $89.99 plus add $29.99 for Unlimited Data.
add 30
From what I'm understanding, the current prices for the 450, and 900 min plans currently labeled "Basic" and "Select" stay the same.

So a 450 min w/unlimited txt is 59.99+unlimited data for $29.99. so $89.98.

The 900 with unlimited txt and dat...

Jan 15, 2010, 10:46 AM

Lg VX-8360

Are you kidding me?

LG VX8360 has a ton of features, and apparently, lots of people do use them.

Features of note:

Music Player
Video Player
Dashboard Interface
VCAST Videos
Decent Graphics Card
Megapixel Camera
Bluetooth Stereo

The L...

Jan 15, 2010, 10:50 AM

Nice! I'll actually be paying less now!

Since I don't need unlimited data, I will drop to one of the lower packages and pay less monthly. Woot! Go Verizon!
you will need data when you switch phones

Jan 15, 2010, 8:59 AM

Get the story straight

Why is it when you call Verizon they tell you that you can't do the pay per megabyte plan that it does not exsist, But on here they say sure only pay for what you use this is so stupid whats wrong with them?
That only applies to basic phones.
ruler_goddess said:
Why is it when you call Verizon they tell you that you can't do the pay per megabyte plan that it does not exist, But on here they say sure only pay for what you use this is so stupid whats wrong with them?
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