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NTIA, Obama Call for More Spectrum

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This forum is closed.


Jan 4, 2010, 4:46 PM


get your food stamps, health insurance and broadband service all in one place!! Curtesy of my effing tax dollars!

this is preposterous.

Its cool physics by Obama can create new spectrum. Yes, we can!

The 1-OHz (Obama hertz frequency)
I would elect him god..

Jan 4, 2010, 10:02 PM

Just tell the truth...

Just tell the truth neo-cons. Come out please. Come out of your secret racist-closet and say what you want to say.

Just admit to yourself that you can't stand having a n*gg*r in the White House.

Us liberals all know thats what you want to say but are too chicken-sh*t to say it. You may complain about taxes but we all know that is only a ruse. We all know it is a ruse because conservatives as a whole make significantly less than educated liberals.

Liberals know the world over that you are jealous of our success. You wish you made a fraction of what us liberals make. It is the rich liberals that pay your taxes, that pay for the wars you support but won't fight in.

Come on. Don't be scared. You know you just want to screa...
Lot of truth to what you say.

I keep wondering why they say the govt can't be trusted to run healthcare but have no problem trusting the govt to run all the wars they want to start and have started.

Grab a Bible, a gun, and wrap yourself up in...
Any time he gets criticized the n*gg*r thing comes out as the only defense line. I guess there is nothing else to say. I'm sure you wish he was a gay too, so you could say more.
...the guy is no more black than he is white. Seriously. I don't get all of this but hopefully Phonescoop will omit his name from future postings. This political posturing is worse than the normal "my carrier can beat up your carrier" posts.
Thats all you libs have is the race card. Just goes to show your loosing the war of opinion and dont have an argument. So when all else fails RACE CARD!

I am Black and i thought it was great at first America electing its first Black president. But...
Ballsy post man... ballsy post. I have to say as far as civil rights goes, any republilcan that thinks the republicans have a better record on civil rights over the last 75 years is delusional. And I think we all know that if Lincoln ran today if he...
What are you talking about? Obama is not a n**ger he is an arab wanna be n**ger. Tiger woods has more black in him then obama does. And people are just pissed off cause we are paying for some welfare piece of sh*t lazy a** mother f**ker that wants to ...

Jan 4, 2010, 7:16 PM

Why so angry!???

I dont understand it at all. Could someone explain it to me? I'm dead serious. Were people this angry when we built the hoover damn. Someone help me.
Most of the complaining is coming from the knuckledragging wing of the Republican party that thinks Bush could do no wrong and Palin is the great white hope.

Jan 4, 2010, 4:53 PM

Yes, God forbid...

...we get wireless Internet services to compete with what's offered by the current duopoly.

It's a crime, I tell you! And Obama's the devil!

the goventment has already gone into business for themselves by taxing the hell out of me for their ridiculous pork projects and phony stimulous bill that didnt work. forgive me for not wanting more of my hard earned money to go towards another scam!!...

Jan 4, 2010, 7:02 PM

New Wireless Companies

Maybe this will open up the door for creation of new wireless carriers. Of course, a provision would have to exist to stop someone like VZW or AT&T from purchasing spectrum and sitting on it as they did with the AWS spectrum. I could see someone like Scott Ford getting back into the game if he can secure a national footprint. The Feds have made LOTS of money in the past from these auctions. I'm sure that is where this is coming from.
Maybe. But we still allow our senators and representatives to serve in Washington and decriminalize lobbies. Funny how you can offer a politician X amount of money for something and be a lobbyist but offer a judge the same thing and it's called briber...

Jan 4, 2010, 9:05 PM

working for the gov!

I should've gotten a public job!!
Government job is the way to do it now!
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