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Motorola Droid Specs Leaked, High-End Features Abound

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This forum is closed.


Oct 23, 2009, 5:56 PM

550MHz processor

Does anyone know how this stacks up against other phones. Say the Storm, Tour, iphone, Imagio etc.

I'm sure with enough searching I could find it but don't feel like wasting my life over a phone
Don't know specifics, but it does make it the fastest android on market now, it's also faster than a lot of WINMO phones/blackberries. It's not the fastests (that goes to the euro phone running a snapdragon processor) but it's fast.
As said above will have a 800mhz plus the OLED and its a SAMSUNG not a MOTO! lol - thats the most important part

Oct 26, 2009, 2:56 PM

Android is going to fail

Android is nothing more than a stopgap measure to keep manufacturers without their own OS (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc) from failing- it's prolonging their death.

The problem is the same problem you see with Windows and Windows Mobile- you end up with a bunch of manufacturers making "the same" product.

There's no "ideal" or "ultimate" product- every one is going to lack something to keep it from being the "perfect" Android phone (for example, the G1 lacks a headphone jack, the MyTouch has an awful onscreen keyboard, the lag of both of them, etc.)

Any attempt to deviate too much (for example, MOTOBLUR) is going to lead to an inconsistent (as in poor) user experience. It's the same thing you see with Windows Mobile, when HTC introduce...
Outside of the rant of the Droid, Hero, MyTouch, Moment & others, the Android OS its the little brother of the Symbian OS. Because since you can add unsigned apps without hacking like in the iphone Mac OS makes it a good choice.

What I have to say ...
flip mode

Oct 23, 2009, 3:09 PM

Screw the iphone...

That is the most retarded phone ever made...I'm so sick of people idolizing it like it's the something important. It's just an over glorified touch screen phone. People have forgotten about palm who came out with touch screen way long ago before apple decided to BITE ON THEM. No removable battery/3 models later they finally come out with mms/ browser crashes etc etc. I have more than enough money to buy an iphone 3GS but you couldn't pay me to have it. I hate the design of the phone and it's UI and apple sucks to be quite frank. I would rather have Android or windows mobile any day. I expect many people to fire back at my comment so go ahead and get it out of your system fanboys 🙂
Not so much a fire back but you have to give Apple credit in achieving their goal. I think the goal is to make a popular phone that everybody wants and that is exactly what they did. You may hate the things that you talked about but there is PLENTY of...
you took time out of your life to type a paragraph against it. Why? Why does it bother you that there are those who desire the iphone despite your opinion of it? I am not saying that the iphone is better than any other phone. I just believe Verizo...
You are my hero 😁
1) Name a phone with a better browser. You can't, because there aren't any.

2) Name a phone with a better application framework. You can't, because there aren't any.

3) Name a smartphone (Android, BB Storm, WinMo Palm Pre) with a more responsive...

Oct 23, 2009, 1:40 PM

NO comparison to the iphone

I have used android, blackberry, windows mobiles.

Doesnt matter, nothing compares to the overall package of the iphone. As well as the warranty.

Verizon also said the storm was the blackberry killer.

My prediction is, the droid will be popular.

but NOBODY , NOBODY is going to choose the droid over iphone.

Verizon is just mad cause they will never get the iphone now that they have bashed it.
If they really want it...they can get it. In business money talks and every thing else walks. Lowell can get this done. Hopefully, once they roll out LTE and this phone and the Storm2 fail he will realize getting the iphone should be a priority.
The droid has a physical keyboard, this means that both my assistant and myself will choose it over the iphone (even if they were on the same network)

I have an ipod touch. I COULD NOT use it as my phone/primary PDA.
There is an old expression in entertainment:

The reason people hang out at a certain place, is because everyone hangs out there.

Same with the iphone. Android is proving very quickly that it outdates the iphone yet people want the iphone because...
Why put the iphone up on a pedestal? It may have been the best phone in 2007, but has been surpassed by many new phones - especially in the European market - since then.

Hell, I left my iphone and upgraded to a Hero. A great choice for me. It's al...
... is the only true contender IMO... 😁
you are correct android is much better and will truly dominate the smartphone market. Most industry annalists say android will take about 25% of the market and are putting Apple at around 8-10%. Android is slick and if you have played with 2.0 its eve...
I swear, you Iphone people, need to get out of Apple's Butt. It's all sorts of brown markings on your face from you kissing their behind.

Stop compairing every touch phone that comes out to the Iphone, Jesus it gets old.

If I wanted a Iphone, ...
IPhone just got sms texting, just added blue tooth music. Yeah a real advanced phone. At&t service stinks here. We just shifted all of the company over to Verizon because you couldn't go a block here with out a dropped call. It's not like we are out i...
Wrong. I will choose the droid over the iphone. But only if, after it is released, after I see if there are problems, issues, and it does what I want, I am satisfied that it is worth the purchase. For some of the real world, buying a phone because it'...
you know i hear you will be able to send a picture message right out of the box with this one...just like my lg 6000 6 years ago.

But yeah your right the iPhone is awesome.
I hear they will be releasing a new one next year.... exact same phone bu...
Ode to a bitter Blackberry owner...

Why are so many of you so bitter at the iPhone? Are you just trying to convince yourself that you don't want it more than your Blackberry? First of all, don't complain that it doesn't have a physical keyboard a...

Oct 25, 2009, 8:31 PM


I know that every ignorant customer is going to chat in with me about "can I return my phone for this one"... Blah blah blah... I find it so annoying that some people will do this in thought they think that Verizon is going to cut them a break because something "new" came out... When in December when newer phones come out they will then request to get the next new thing... It won't end... If you want it so bad just pay retail price for it... I did...
You never know, they may, especially if it means going from a cheaper phone media plan to a more expensive pda plan? And as well it may not be for the same subsidized price. VZW are fairly loyal, having an in-term upgrade path with s...

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Oct 23, 2009, 3:20 PM



i don't suppose that verizon will cut anybody a break on price for this a little...say if they just got their new every two in November last year? and bought into the crappy blackberry storm hype and bought that. now HATE it.

not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything....ahem. 🤭
I think if you call and say you lost your phone they will almost always give you one year pricing. Just an idea. Room mate works at verizon call center and said this works about 99% of the time
One year pricing is usually available in cases where phone was lost/stolen or damaged IF one does not have insurance and is not eligible for any other upgrades. I say usually because this is a save offer and there is no entitlement to it. If they re...
There is no special break for storm1 owneres, there is a firmware update coming (5.0) that will make your phone have basically the same software as the storm2. I've seen 5.0 in action, it's freaking fast.
Everyone needs to stop this crying of the " I bought a phone and now I'm stuck with it" Do a one year contract problem solved or better yet just buy the phone out right and never worry about a contract. It's funny you never see a person cry when the b...
download 5.0 software... it is night and day

Oct 23, 2009, 8:30 AM


I'm getting rid of my **** Blackberry Storm for this.

Looks like a nice device. Nice to see Verizon move in the right direction.
Great features, but I'm surprised they went with such a boring design. Admittedly, there's not much you can do with a full screen touch phone, but black and rectangular doesn't draw much attention.
Like having a camera with an actual flash, and I'm impressed that it has image stabilization that's a nice feature. And as recently as the MyTouch HTC STILL refuses to put a damn 3.5 jack in ALL their smartphones. Thus far there is no Android device t...
Except it is BUTT ugly.

Oct 23, 2009, 7:57 PM

Okay.Reply to all

🙂 Hello. I have a personal opinion . No one at Verizon really said the Storm would have been the Iphone killer. I tALKED TO A LOT OR their reps before it was released. And what they said it i supposed to be their verison of it ie the overall features of the phone. Not that is was the iphone. But I hear the storm 2 is going to be an upgrade of the first storm. Everything will be updated well when it comes out. What I do not understand though is why some say this phone is supposed to be the iphone killer ie the droid. I heard it has great features on it and a lot of good things about it so far. So hopefully it will be nice. the advertisement just said things the phone cannot do on it I did not see that it was directed at a certain phone. It j...
Then you must get the combo Helen Keller/Tommy award because I do remember their commericals, and many others here as well.
Ok, you're kidding, right? The add specifically uses the lower case letter "i". What phone besides the iPhone doesn't have a removable battery?

Oct 23, 2009, 10:26 AM


Meh, coming from a Motorola device, I expect a POS. Motorola don't make good phones anymore and their quality is garbage.
Silver Q, V710, V265, Razr, I could go on and on but surely the world knows Moto is a flop.
Here's a thought

Maybe Motorola is making all their phones for 6 week contracts? Because I have yet to see one that lasts that long.

Oct 23, 2009, 8:57 AM

Whats the Cost?

How much is this phone going to cost? I speculate $800 or more.
I highly doubt it. I don't see $300 (2 year contract price) for this thing.

Oct 23, 2009, 5:40 PM

This Phone Is Off The Chain!

I have had a G1 and loved the Android operating system. Verizon already said they will not cripple the GPS in this. With Verizon having the best network, android 2.0 (ECLAIR) and dual flash. Best of both worlds nice phone excellent network. I just hate the Verizon pricing.
Motorola is what worries me about this phone.

Oct 23, 2009, 8:47 AM

Why point out that there is no support for GSM?

Why point out that there is no support for GSM if this is a VZW Phone? I've never seen an article that points out that AT&T or T-mobile phones do not have support for CDMA or EVDO. Is there some expectation that VZW will begin supporting GSM?
VZW does usually offer one or two "world phones" that can run on both GSM or CDMA. A la Blackberry Storm.
Because Verizon has made it a point to include GSM radios in its high-end smartphones over the past year. The Droid is a high-end device.
You're not serious are you? The Storm and Tour both support CDMA 850/CDMA1900/GSM 850/ GSM 900/GSM 1800/ GSM 1900/WCDMA 2100. This thing is supposed to go head-to-head with the Iphone but won't work in Europe? They better pull those 'mock the iphon...
They point it out because people travel.. and they need to take their phone with them, and have it work in the places they go.. so GSM is a huge sell point for a lot of international travelers...
Because CDMA is a dying OLD system and they are wondering if it will support the world standard GSM for world travelers. I would also wonder if it will support G4 which is scheduled to be rolled out by the big V before those who buy this thing's contr...

Oct 23, 2009, 4:10 PM

Well Seems Nice Enough

This Droid phone does seem nice enough, maybe slightly underpowered, but nice to know it has Android 2.0. I was sort of wishing it would have a more robust cpu then what they are using. I think right now, the Moment from Sprint seems to be a better phone, outside of it now using 2.0.

Oct 23, 2009, 10:34 AM

Buyers beware!!!

Buying a product without proper reviews is always a shot in the dark chance. I am skeptical of this device due to this fact. Why the secret? I feel Verizon is trying to sell this by hype and will probably do very well. However, Motorola has been a great product with base features but adding OS systems has historically proven to be high fail ratios for them. I fear major disappointment. I am not dismissing the features of this device but question what Motorola may do for Android like they did for Windows. For this I would caution lining up at the doors. This could be a very costly mistake for subscribers without proper reviews. I hope to be wrong for Verizon's sake.
Dude, it's a Motorola. THAT is synonymous with buyer beware. *You ain't said nothin'* LOL
I think the ad campaign is to build up interest, get people registered.

I wouldn't doubt that most quality review sites will have final products in their hands by the 28th/29th and more than a few days to post a full review before customers can buy...

Oct 23, 2009, 9:06 AM

This Cannot Be Right

BGR has specs up and just CDMA 800/1900? That better be a mistake. Here's a thought Verizon. If you're going to hype a device... Be sure it can overcome objections. This means Wi-Fi and GSM 850/GSM 900/GSM 1800/GSM 1900/WCDMA 2100. Some guy is talking about trashing his Storm for this Droid (usually going from Rim to Moto is not advisable but in the case of the Storm I understand). Shouldn't he have the peace of mind of knowing this thing will work in Japan, France and Argentina just as that POS does?
VZW doesnt want to cannibalize their own Storm 2 sales either.
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