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iPhone to Get MMS, Cut & Paste, Stereo Bluetooth and More

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This forum is closed.


Mar 17, 2009, 5:03 PM

Anyone else notice? (new iPhone feature)

The next iPhone to be released this July was rumoured to have an HD screen. Apple basically confirmed that today in Q&A today. From Engadget.com

>Q: Flash? What are you doing?
A: We have no announcements on that topic today. But there are a lot of video streams we can handle. h.264 works great. We're adding HDTV streaming for audio and video. We think there's a lot of great video solutions for a single clip.

So, they're working on streaming HD?? That gave it away, huh?
Even with the Iphone 3.0 software update, there is still no voice dialing. Most of the current phones have this feature. I would definately buy the iphone if it had that feature.
You might be right, but it could also mean that since they will support account login-in with YouTube, so they might make it possible to stream those HD videos that are already on YouTube.Or even sync HD movies purchased from iTunes.

Mar 17, 2009, 3:13 PM


Hundreds of other phones have had "MMS, Cut & Paste, Stereo Bluetooth" for quite some time. Nothing ground breaking here.
As Peter Griffin would say

"Shut up Meg"
It is for a phone without that capability.

It's not "groudbreaking" but it is news, one that a lot of iphone users will be happy about (and those of us from other networks can get a laugh about)
Better news flash: It's still a better phone than whatever you own.

I mean, think about it this way. You ever get a phone that gets feature updates regularly like the iPhone? Probably no, because when a different company sells you a phone, that's ...
lol at the Garbage1
Actually, Not many phones have Stereo Bluetooth. Thought that doesnt take away from your point and I agree with you; Nothing ground breaking here...except...Stereo Bluetooth isnt as spread across phones as you think. I had a hard time finding a nice p...

Mar 18, 2009, 2:17 PM

My Opinion... If you agree raise your hands up! haha

I really like apple products, from there ipods to the macbooks, and now the iphone. I think apple is a really good company that has solid products. AT&T is a good company in my opinion, i only been with them for a year and a half and they have treated me well. And my coverage is good. I used to be with verizon, but I need GSM cause I travel and switch phones a lot.

I read the forums on here about apple and it seems theres a lot of hate going on for apple. I can respect your opinion. But to compare it to a product thats not out or say there behind is lacking knowledge of the product. I think the iphone is a really revolutionary phone.
Yes, there is lack of stuff but thats with every phone not just iphone. All these other companies want ...
yes the iphone is a good phone. no question. But two points of fact. Apple chose at&t because verizon turned them down. Cdma's national footprint is as large as gsm's.

As far as the hate for apple. I believe in large part it is because they ex...
iDragon405 said:
GSM is nationwide across the country from europe to asia.

GSM nationwide thats why its in over 80 countries.

Anyone else see the horrible mistake here?
I would have to agree. The iPhone is a revolutionary device. The geek in me really wants one bad! on the other hand, the practicle side of me wants to kick the crap out of myself for even thinking such a thing. Short of the flash factor, the iPhon...

Mar 17, 2009, 6:00 PM


This is not a bashing or hating post.

Stevie J and his people are absolutely geniuses.

They managed to put out a phone with lackluster functions compare to others and still make money. Now they just keep "updating" the OS.

Way to go Apple!!
Its no different then what Video Game Consoles are doing. Release a unfinished game, make money, patch it.

Its actually a great way to do things if people dont fight it.

Apple/Xbox (for example) releases a phone or game (iPhone, Gears of War 2) ...
You guys are missing the point.

Apple came out with a phone that doesn't do MMS, copy/paste whereas other smartphones did during the same release period of the first iphone.

All I am saying is... people paid for Mercedes and got a lets say less...

Mar 17, 2009, 9:58 PM

LOLOLOLOL "regular"phones have had these features for years

Where's the voice dialing?

the tethering?

seems APPLE/AT&T can't catch up with my 3 year old flip phone...LMAO APPLE!!!!
😁 😁 😲 😲 😲 😲 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀
How old are you?
I don't really think AT&T has much to do with the design specifications or capabilities of the iphone.
I have had the iphone 3G since July (former Windows Mobile user) and the lack of voice dialing through my bluetooth is very annoying. I haven't had a phone in the past five years that hasn't have voice dialing.

Mar 17, 2009, 3:35 PM

I still like the Pre better

This is a huge step forward for iPhone in becoming an actual, modern day cell phone and not just a MID w/ cell capabilities. I am excited for the Palm Pre and hope that they bring it to Verizon for my upgrade w/in a yr or 2.
Only problem with Pre is that its on Sprint
How you gonna like the Pre better when it's not even out yet, and nobody was able to really test it since it's still in beta.And at launch, you won't be able to expand the usability of the phone because their App Store version won't be ready.
Your headline is a retarded statement: You cannot possibly like a phone you've never played with/owned more than a phone that's been on the market for awhile. That's just a physical impossibility.

You like the videos of the phone, and you like the...
My biggest problem w/ this site is that everyone gets so damned upset when someone doesn't like a device as much as they do. I am not a VZW fanboy, I get a discount through work w/ them and actually switched to them about a year ago. I have had grea...

Mar 17, 2009, 1:43 PM

No MMS for 1st gen iphone

Dude its super AMISH not gay. Cause Im gay. But besides that WTF?!

I spent more money on my first Gen iPhone than anyone did on their 3G iPhone and I STILL DONT GET NO MO FO MMS?!!!

Steve Jobs better be giving this update to all of us instead ...
I know I am writing them as we speak to express my displeasure. I know it's probably because they think EDGE is too slow to upload 2MP camera images but they should let the users decide if they want the functionality.

Mar 18, 2009, 7:05 AM

Apple for the long haul

Apple could have waited several more years to introduce the iphone until they had all the features everyone wants. I mean, everything. But, what seems to be so hard for some to realize is that the 1st generation iphone was an introduction into something greater. As each new software update is released (minus the fixes), we learn to appreciate our iphones even more. I wanted stereo bluetooth and other options then but I also have something that others don't seem to have. A little patience. When I bought my 1st generation iphone (a couple of weeks after they dropped the price) I realized that this was much more than a phone. It was a starting platform for something greater down the road. I keep seeing these posts that ... my phone can ...

Mar 17, 2009, 8:43 PM

Still no Video capture

I can't believe there is still no video capture on here. I can't understand that for the life of me. It seems like a basic function of every phone out there.

Mar 17, 2009, 6:44 PM

What about,,,,,,,,,?

What about voice dialing through my bluetooth headset? This is a California company and it is required by law to use a headset.
While driving....

Mar 17, 2009, 1:35 PM


whats an iphone
It says in your profile that you want the perfect phone, the Nokia N95-3 is pretty damn close to perfect. I've been using the N95 for 18 months now and I love this handset!
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