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Review: Samsung Behold

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This forum is closed.


Jan 24, 2009, 5:38 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Unlock a Samsung Behold for AT&T?

how could I do this?
If you've had T-Mobile for more than 90 days (sometimes they make exceptions if you haven't had them 90 days-tell them you signed up under the impression that you'll be able to get a code immediatley), call them and tell them you're travelling oversea...
If you want to unlock your Samsung Behold T919 mobile phone from the net work lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from
http://www.unlock-zone.com/samsung-t919-behold/rs5wp9/ » at reasonable price and unlock it using the unlocking instructio...

Dec 12, 2008, 9:03 AM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Problem downloading Operamini

I was hoping somebody could tell me how to get operamini on my phone. I went to the website to download it and it says it can't recognize my phone and it wasn't support. I tried all the international versions and the older versions as well but it wouldn't take. When I tried the operamini 3 it said something about a security problem and I had to give it access but I have given access to all my applications.

I have verizon would this have anything to do with it? Thanks for any help anybody can give me.
I meant to say the phone is on Tmobile. I asking this question for a friend and I thought they had verizon, my mistake.
I use the code * # 9072641 * #, and change the band from low to high or so and turn off the phone and now I try to turn on and start charging will not start and stop and cut on and off.
connect the charger and I get a failure is failure to boot been ...

Nov 12, 2008, 4:33 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Telenav help!!!

Is it just me, or does anyone elses telenav get stuck on 96% and does not give a response to anything??

I cannot get it to work.. Anyone has any suggestions??

I do live in Orlando FL, where there is 3G service.. Don't know if that helps get better answers.
Do you subscribe to the "total internet" package? I don't think Telenav will work with basic T-Zones.

I just subscribed about 30 minutes ago but it could be awhile before my "total internet" kicks in.
go and return the phone,and get the nokia e71 from best buy for 2 years agr. for $200. you'l pay $6 for t zones and have a full internet.get nokia maps or garmin maps and use the phone while navigating. google maps you need too for the best POI

Aug 30, 2009, 5:41 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:


Does this phone have a touch qwerty?

Nov 29, 2008, 8:59 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:


how the hell do you sync it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure that you can with this phone since it is not a true "smart phone" I was able to sync multimedia files (i.e. videos, music) via WMPlayer but, that was all.

Dec 4, 2008, 11:11 AM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

opera mini....

so i downloaded opera mini on my behold and it works great!!! very fast and finally a full web broswer!!! only problem is there are control arrows on the bottom of the screen(or in my case to the right since i have it in landscape view), does anyone know how to remove these?
Which version did you install? I have tried three different installs with NO sucess. Opera says that it currently has no software for T-Mobile T919

Dec 16, 2008, 7:25 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Screen saver

i'm just wondering if you can change the screen saver. i've been playing with the phone and can change the wall paper but not the screen saver.
Check the posts. As far as I know the software can not be changed. It is embedded in the phone and without serious hacking, cannot be changed or removed.

Dec 22, 2008, 11:43 AM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

How too?

How do you change the Screen savers/delete them?

How do you delete words from predictive text?
You can't delete them, and without some hacking, you can't even change them. The software is embedded in the phone.

Jan 28, 2009, 2:41 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Supported video/audio formats?

Hey everyone, can anyone tell me what formats the Behold supports for video and audio playback? I currently have an older Samsung and it's extremely limited in that area.

Thanks in advance for the help!
3gp for video. wav. mp3. mp4. not sure too lazy to check but it might do midi files or it might not. definitely not qcp.

Aug 17, 2009, 12:28 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

email synch..

is there anyway to synch your email to this phone???

Jun 22, 2009, 4:05 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

deleting numbers from texts

When I receive texts, i sometimes want to delete the numbers that they come from. I can delete the message themselves, but the numbers that the texts come from stay in the phone. How do I delete the numbers?
you might be talking about the recent recipients. u gotta do a master reset to erase those numbers. save all data 1st i do advise.

and wt heck? u got a gf#2 or somethin?? chances are she won't go to the lengths of writing out a text, and then, ...
you might be talking about the recent recipients. u gotta do a master reset to erase those numbers. save all data 1st i do advise.

and wt heck? u got a gf#2 or somethin?? chances are she won't go to the lengths of writing out a text, and then, ...

Jan 17, 2009, 6:48 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

phone rings. screen doesn't light up

sometimes when i am getting a call on my behold i hear the ringtone like i am getting a call, but the screen doesn't light up. now this doesn't happen all the time so i am wondering if this is a defective model or if there is something that i am not doing correctly???
Mine does that too. Usually picking it up turns it on.

Dec 9, 2008, 5:48 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

USB Connection to Computer

I am having a problem connecting my Behold to my laptop. I have a Sony Vaio and it is also running Vista.
I want to be able to connect my Behold to my laptop so I won't have to take out my backcover, battery, and pop SD card out, put that into a Micro Chip and insert into laptop in order to transfer files.
It would be so much of a less hassel if i could just connect it to the laptop.
Thank you,
Head to the Samsung site and download the software. Make sure that you get the "modem driver" as well...

http://www.samsung.com/us/support/download/supportDo ... »...
The easiest way that this can be done is to go your phone and select Menu, Settings, Phone Settings, USB Settings, Mass Storage, then Save. Once you connect the USB cable, you can go to "Computer" or "My Computer". You should see a Removeable drive. Y...

Nov 12, 2008, 9:44 AM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:


just wondering bcuz phone has a crappy response to finger touch
I don't know what is wrong with your phone or the phone you messed with, but I have sero issues with the touchscreen. You could use a stylus, but there is no slot for it.
You can get a stylus for it I saw 2 for 10.99 and it comes with a strap. 🙂

Jan 28, 2009, 4:39 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

got the phone and $9.99 web2go plan..internet NOT working

prior to getting this phone i read everyone's reviews and threads about it. i had the 9.99 web2go plan on my old samsung so i thought it'd carry over to the behold, but so far the internet does not work. Instant messaging works and email works (sometimes), but i don't think those are based off the internet.

do i need to do something different to be able to use the 9.99 internet...or did tmobile get smart and finally block web2go for the behold.

please help
Yes, you need the smartphone web which is 24.99 for internet +400 text or 35 for unl txt and internet.
Are you saying email worked without having the data plan? All I want is email....have no need to pay $25/month just for email! On my current phone, I have the old T-zones, which they told me wouldn't work.

Nov 10, 2008, 7:14 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

no tethering supported...

if you plan to use this phone as modem for your laptop, forget it
even you look at the info, you notice that bt DUN is missing
I heard from a couple people they have gotten their Behold to tether. maybe you could explain the bt DUN a bit more and how that relates to tethering.

Dec 27, 2008, 3:37 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Blocking a Number

Hey everyone. I am a proud owner of a G1 which has a feature in the phonebook section which allows me to pick any given number and direct all its calls to my voicemail (someone I dont feel like talking to for example).

I am at work right now and I have a customer asking me if they can do something like that for the Behold.

Is there a way to block just 1 number from calling you on the Behold? If so, How?

Thanks everyone. Customer thanks you too.
There is no way to block a number with most phones. I'd suggest using the family allowances and block it that way. $2 a month tho

Dec 6, 2008, 2:20 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

HELP - New Smartphone User!

Can anyone tell me if the Samsung Behold automatically connects to personal email accounts or will I have to log in each time I want to access one? I'm searching for a phone mainly to access email (as I no longer can from work) and to be able to text on Qwerty keyboard. I currently have a Razor and it's painful to text scrolling through the letters. A friend that owns the iphone told me when she powers on it automatically connects to her yahoo email. does the behold offer the same feature? I'm thinking of either the behold or blackberry curve. Any comments or advice are greatly appreciated.
First off this is a multimedia phone not a smartphone, If you are looking for you email to get pushed to you automatically i suggest the Blackberry, this device will seek or you have to manually seek.

Jan 10, 2009, 2:52 AM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

Front Facing Camera

I just recently purchased a Samsung Behold on Letstalk.com and the description told me that this phone has a secondary front-facing camera. I just want to know is that true and if so how to I use it?
It does not have a front facing camera. There is a face detection sensor on the front of the phone that has been confused as a camera in pictures. Thats really shadey of lettalk to post that.

Nov 14, 2008, 7:04 PM
over in the "Samsung Behold T919" discussion:

How much for the data on the behold

i have been getting different answers from people at tmobile. One person says i can have the tmobile 5.99 web on the behold and can use the full web no problem.
But then i get another answer from someone else telling me the full internet package of 19.99 is the one i have to get.
can someone who actually knows the answer help me out.
Here is what we were told:

10.00 for 5MB plus a bunch of text messages, I think 400.
10.00 for 10MB of Internet only, with x dollars per extra MB with a $15.00 cap. No text msgs.
20.00 for unlimited Internet, maybe it was $25.

Hope that gets...
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