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Review: Palm Treo 800w

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This forum is closed.


Oct 29, 2009, 12:52 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Any Problems Syncing Treo 850w to Dell E6400?

Hey all...

I am able to connect this Treo 850w to just about any workstation except for a Dell E6400 laptop. Sprint and Palm both say they have not heard of any issues yet so I figured I'd ask here.

When I connect the Palm device to any USB port on the E6400 laptop you can see the new drive show up under Explorer, but then it quickly goes away again. Then it comes back... then it goes away... over and over again and you really cannot do anything with it.

I have tried logging in as different users to the laptop and tried safe mode, both produced no change. Again, the Palm connects to other workstations and laptops without an issue, and I can connect any other phone/USB device to this laptop without a problem so I'm starting to ...

Sep 18, 2008, 1:42 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Help needed...multiple 800w issues

Hello everyone…

Has anyone who has the Treo 800W had any issues with the phone? I have been through 5 within 3 weeks and am beginning to think that another phone may be the way to go for me…

I have had issues with my contacts being deleted and the screen going blank ever few hours and not responding to anything but a soft reset…Has anyone else experienced these issues or something similar?

The people at the Sprint store have been great and swapped it out when I go back but I feel terrible that they keep having to do that…

Any advice?

I appreciate it…

this is not an issue we have seen in my store. its strange that you've had such a problem with so many replacements. do you have any software programs installed that did not come with it?
I have had the same problem! I am not happy with 800w at all! Im on my second phone after 5 trips and complaints in 3 months! The amazing thing is that the service guy doesn't even try to figure it out any more!

Feb 11, 2009, 1:15 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Data Card and freezing woes

I have two persistent problems and am wondering if anyone has similar experience or suggestions.

1) My 8GB HD Data Card frequently becomes "unreadable" beyond one or two directory levels. I go to use the file browser to look for and all directories on the data card appear to be empty or contain only subdirectories, no files. A soft reset fixes the problem.

2) Often times my phone just locks up -- stops responding to anything. Again, only a soft reset fixes this.

Both problems are happening at least once per day.

Anybody have any comments ?


Maybe it is your memory card because I have not experienced any issues with this phone as of yet.

Jan 18, 2009, 9:43 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

New User Question

Please forgive me for my ignorance - I am not currently a user of these types of phones. However, I am getting an 800W this week specifically because I need to have access to my business e-mails as soon as they arrive. My question is - I just watched the quick info video on the 800W and they specifically said that you can "read Outlook e-mails as they arrive". Does that mean that I cannot read (or get alerted to) OTHER e-mails (such as AOL) as they arrive?
Don't know if you have figured it out by now since this is a late reply.....but you can set it to look for new mail every few minutes. This will suck you battery though!

Apr 29, 2009, 9:30 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:


I am on my 6th Treo 800w (3 in the last 5 days)and Sprint cant do anything but give me a refurb which is understandable. So I call Palm and they tell me it will take 10 days if I send it in for repair OR they can send me a warranty replacement for 29.99 (why would I do that if Sprint keeps doing it for free)? THEY THEN told me that it was Sprints network as to why the phone doesnt work AND I should of researched the phone before purchasing a phone that I do not know how to use. I found that VERY insulting! When is enough enough? Am i going to keep getting a crappy phone replaced over and over and Palm not do anythign about it? I know why Palm sucks. They make phones that are crap and dont do anythign about the ones that dont work. I was real...

Mar 19, 2009, 4:55 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:


I think MAYBE one of Sprints biggest FAILURES!! GO PALMTREOPRO!!!

Dec 26, 2008, 10:51 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Custom Ringtones? Mp3 ringtones? help please!


This isn'tlike the normal wm phones where you can just copy and drag files to the rings directory. Does anyone know how to customize ringers? In settings it's already set as the desired file but it still defaults to the treo ringtone. Please get back to me with this!


Jul 22, 2008, 1:26 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Charging Issues?

Anyone else experiencing charging problems with their 800w? I thought my car charger was defective or the wrong one (bought from Sprint store, but it wasn't the one that was suppose to be for 800w, just the one they had that they said worked with it). Basically it will charge while it's on, when the screen goes dark (sleep mode, whatever) then it stops charging. Within a minute or two the screen will come on again, but just a white screen, it will charge then a minute or two later the screen is off again and the unit is not charging.

Again, I thought this might be the car charger until I noticed it doing this when plugged in at my desk.

I charge it overnight in a drawer in my nightstand and I'm assuming since it does this in the car a...
I am currently only using the charger that came with it or the USB cable, but I am not experiencing any of the problems you are.
Mine died; and after that, it wouldn't charge at all. Let's hope that my replacement works.

Nov 8, 2008, 2:52 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:


knowhere can we find a way to view youtube on this device. We have went ot XDA_Developers, ppc geeks and more. Is there software to view youtube for a 800w windows mobile phone. It should play it now with 6.1 but it does not.. Please help.
X_MOSES_X said:
Do you know where can we find a way to view youtube on this device? We have gone to XDA_Developers, PPC geeks and others..... Is there software to view youtube for a 800Wwwindows mobile phone? It should play it now

Sep 6, 2008, 7:09 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Treo 800w better than BB Curve?

Hi folks, I currently have a BB Curve on VZW. Is the Treo 800w a better phone for those who have owned or used both models?
Blackberry is in a class by itself. Palm is unfortunately on the decline and is rapidly being left behind in the smartphone category. I have a palm 700 and 800 series isn't enough of an improvement.

I like Palm, but there are better phones out ther...
Treo is a much better option for someone looking for both media and Data capable phones. BB has more of a business only feel while Palm has both. Dont get me wrong curve is a nice phone but if I had a choice palm hands down. Here's why better apps, To...
I've had the at&t 8310 Curve, and I currently have the Treo 800w. The Treo has double the memory, wi-fi, and can do do tons more than the Curve can.

Sep 16, 2008, 6:12 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

great treo sites?

i just got my 800 and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for sites with great treo 800 updates, apps, homebrews, hacks, etc

so far i love this phone. i had a 650 and i finally decided to give in and buy the 800w.
no regrets here. and the battery life isnt that bad, u just need to end tasks so they dont run in the background
treocentral.com, freewarepocketpc.com, ultimatelaunch.de, and then google "smms" that's where I was those forums have all kinds of ways to make this phone totally frickin awesome!
also these:

Jul 16, 2008, 11:58 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Skype Mobile on the Treo 800w??

Does Skype for mobile phones work on the Treo 800w? If so, can I use Skype mobile when using either the EVDO or WiFi internet connections? Does it care which conncetion is in use?
Yes skype mobile works on the 800w. You can use it with EVDO or WiFi. It allows you to select WiFi alone or EVDO and WiFi. So it doesn't matter what connection you use.

Jul 22, 2008, 2:59 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Did anyone return their Instinct for the TREO 800w?

And why?

Just curios because I was promised a lot more from the Instinct at the store only to later find out that Sprint had no intention of providing what I wanted. I at least wanted the ability to read email attachments. I didn't need the ability to edit them but at least read my Word, Excel, or even PDFs while I was mobile. That was my breaking point.
I ended up giving the instinct to my wife when I got the treo. I'm a long time windows mobile user and she has never had anything more the a razr so she is very very happy with the instinct. And I couldn't be happier with the treo. 😁

Jul 23, 2008, 8:21 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Treo 800 cases

are there any form fitting cases for this phone i have basically been everywhere on the web and cannot find one, has anybody found one yet?
a great place for any phone new or old is:


(it does have the Treo800)

I used to sell cell phones and it was a place I always sent customer. It's cheap and shipping is free over a $30.00 purchase, anything less is a stra...
ditto on that lead the cfs is The Deal

Jul 28, 2008, 12:02 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

VZW Version When?

So the 800w will hit VZW on?
Just to make sure I understand this - since it's a CDMA phone, if you buy one it will work with Verizon, correct? Just they don't have them for sale directly at the Verizon stores?
I have it on decent, yet changeable, authority that Verizon will NOT be carrying the Treo 800w because it has failed Verizon's testing department over and over and over again. This is a regular issue for Palm devices, not just the 800w. For instance...
Question for anyone/everyone who might have some info on this phone. I got the 700w and due for an upgrade Oct 6th. I'm crossing my fingers that VZW is gonna pick up this phone for a better Blackberry, I'd rather have the 800w. Does anyone know FOR SU...

Aug 11, 2008, 9:18 PM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Treo 850w?

I've seen pictures on the internet about a possible update of the treo 800w, I know it just came out - but google treo 850w and see what it brings up - it seems like its from overseas but who knows.

Does anyone have any speculation about this? I don't want to invest in the 800 if the 850 is coming out in a few months.

The Treo 800w is the CDMA version (Sprint and later on Verizon (I hope). The 850W is the GSM verzion (Cingular/AT&T Wireless and probably not Tmobile; since Tmobile has no idea what a useful PDA is).

They are almost the same, a little difference i...

Aug 16, 2008, 10:31 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Palm Treo 800w vs Iphone

I am unable to decide weather to get treo 800 or iphone.
My contract is over with cingular either I can switch or go to another carrier .

I am going to get instinct but that doesn't supports push exchange email.

Does treo800 has built in gps also ?
As much as I like at&t, I'm gonna have to say: Treo 800w wins. It does WAY more than the iPhone, hands down!
Have you seen the negative press on the iphone, go read engadgetmobile.com and look at all of the issues they are having. There has already been 3 software updates in less than a month. Thats just ridiculous.

The iphone was rushed to market and a...

Aug 20, 2008, 7:57 PM

Can Phonescoop ever review anything without constant comparisons to the Iphone?

It is incredibly annoying 🤨 😕
i agree 👿

Aug 19, 2008, 8:40 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

New Treo Pro!!!!!

Does anyone know if Sprint will have this amazing phone?!! If you haven't seen it,check out this link: http://www.phonemag.com/palm-treo-pro-live-ph otos-more-spec-details-084221.php
I like the 800w, but I like the look of the Pro better. I have been looking at various qwerty phones, and I have decided to get the Treo 800W when the extended battery becomes available. The feature I like best is the speed of the phone. It might be n...

Aug 16, 2008, 9:47 AM
over in the "Palm Treo 800w" discussion:

Will the 800p work with a Mac?

I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the 800p with the Mac for synching purposes and file transfers. Or is it pretty much user unfriendly.
The missingsync or missinglink what ever its called should work with this device. Never been a fan of using WM devices with my Mac's.
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