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Review: Motorola W755

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This forum is closed.


Jun 19, 2008, 2:09 AM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Motorola W755 Talking caller ID

I just purchased the Motorola W755 in the Black. It states in the manual that is has the talking caller ID. If you have this phone, it's on page 36. Also page 41. They state that you can set the phone to say who is calling before it starts ringing, if you have the person in your contact list. It's called caller ID Alert.
I have done everything the book says, but when I call my cell from my home, it just rings. It doesn't say "call from Home" like it's supposed to.
Any ideas?
I haven't been able to figure it out either. I thought it was just me.... ☹️

Nov 5, 2009, 11:01 AM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

sound on when in vibrate mode

This is my 2nd w755 and I will never buy moto again! How is it that when you have the phone on vibrate mode and u get a call, it starts playing a ringtone and then locks up? I have had to pull the battery out every time to get it back to "normal". I have already done the software update that verizon recommended and its still not working right. Also, I can have my boyfriend call me (we are on the same account) and my phone never rings on my end, and rings 6 or 7 times on his end. What good is a phone if its not functional? Never motorola again!

Dec 31, 2008, 7:53 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Need comments on Motorola W755 sound muffled-Verizon

Need comments on Motorola W755 sound Verizon

Got phone and it works okay. However while other people can hear me fine, their voice sounds muffled. The muffled sound occurs regardless of using just the phone, phone with wired headset via USB dongle, or phone with bluetooth..

Anyone else experience this?

Anyone recommend another phone with Verizon with decent battery life (or I can add an extended battery), good sound, easy to push buttons???
I could always change carriers and I could always wait 6 months until I find something I really like. Probably have to pay to get a different phone as this is only 3 months old.

Thank you
Never experienced muffling with mine. Did you take it back to be replaced and the same thing happened? Honestly, I would try that first - maybe it's your phone.

Jul 20, 2009, 7:21 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Done with this POS phone

I only got this phone because my old trusty LG VX8300, at the time held together by superglue and duct tape, finally died last fall. This phone never impressed me. There was always a gummy lag with all of the functions, the battery was embarrassing -- worse than some of my phones years ago -- and it just flat out stunk.

I even blew my wallet out on the Verizon rip-off price for extended battery.

Then, I broke the main screen on this 755. So for the past month, the only way I've been able to access my contacts is through the voice dial feature -- meaning a lot of shouted "NO!" and "BACK!" to the computerized female voice.

I pleaded with Verizon that I'd been a loyal customer for a decade, could I please get a discount on the new VX83...

Jun 10, 2009, 1:36 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:


I amm looking at getting a prepaid service from Verizon. The two phones they have available that I'm interested in are the Moto w755 and the LG vx5500. Would anyone have any experience with both these phone as far as reception? I live in the mtns of western NC and would like to purchase the one which has better reception. I was told buy a sales person that the w755 has dual internal antennas. He said the 5500 was new and he didn't know about it. The 5500 at $50 would cost me less than half what the 755 is at $120.Thanks.

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Jun 8, 2009, 6:35 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

How to sell an extended battery?

Anyone need the extended batter for really cheap? I got it about two months ago (because the original with this phone is absolutely terrible) -- paid the obscene $50 charge for it, too -- and yesterday accidentally ran over the phone with my car. Everything intact but the screen.

I'll part with it for $15.

I hated this phone since I got it. Sluggish and terrible.

Sep 4, 2008, 6:48 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Memory chips

has any one try a 8gig memory chip in thier phone
The phone will accept an 8GB microSD card and it will format the card successfully. After formatting the card, the phone thinks it has just under 4GB (actually 4GB - 128MB) free.

Take the same card and read it from a computer and it shows the ful...

Dec 27, 2008, 11:35 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:


2 Questions:

1. Is there any way to change the outter display coloring? Or is Black the only option?

2. I prefer the blue keypad backlight as opposed to the very very dim white backlighting. Any way to have it be blue at all times?

Good evening.
No it's only blue when you're in your camera or your music
You can use the wallpaper setting to give the outer screen any color you like. Just make a picture of the right size in whatever color you want, transfer it to the phone, then set is as the background pic for the screen.

As for the backlight col...

Sep 20, 2008, 9:17 AM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

W755 Offload Pictures to PC Help Help

I am trying to offload my pictures to my PC and I Cannot find a Driver for the W755 for my PC
I have the connection cable but when Windows tries to Find a driver on the Internet it cannot be found. Any suggestions ?
I've emailed them fine, but I too have the cable and the Moto tools program and can't seem to get it to work for this app. The program will sync my contacts and calendar, but that's it. When I downloaded the software it took me to a site that gave the...

Oct 18, 2008, 11:46 AM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Caller ID; ringtones; software update?

I am considering this phone, but there do not seem to be any recent user comments in this forum regarding the known glitches:

1. Did Moto or Verizon ever come out with a software patch to fix the talking Caller ID issue?
2. You can text small music files to your phone, but can you set them as a caller-specific ringtone?
3. Have there been any other software updates?

Any and all replies appreciated!
To my knowledge, no, no, and no. But I have the phone, it's held up well, it's durable, and I like it. But I just make calls and send texts and occasionally snap a pic, so...
Well, I picked one up yesterday and now I can answer my own questions!

1. Yes, talking Caller ID works.
2. Yes, I sent several

Feb 17, 2009, 1:42 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Wall Charger

Has anyone here tried one of those wall chargers that you just put the battery in?
No. Why would you want to with the versatility of the mini usb? I interchange my mp3, GPS and my W755 with my wall, car and usb charger.

Sep 9, 2008, 6:02 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Does this phone support I Tunes??

Does this phone support I Tunes?? If not, what verizon phones do? Thanks!
I'm not aware of any phones (Verizon or other) that are capable of running iTunes. You need a PC (Mac or Wintel) for that.

Feb 13, 2009, 7:51 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Bluetooth won't pair

I've had the phone now for about 2 months and today it stopped communicating with my head set Moto H12. The head set pairs with and works my dtr's i-phone.
Has anyone had this happen with there W755?
I guess Monday after VD I'll take it to the Verizon store and see what they say.

Feb 12, 2009, 4:06 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Texting smilies

Hello! I am thinking of upgrading from an LG phone to this... on my LG phone, I just hit the "1" button twice to text a smiley face 🙂

How do I quickly do that on this phone??

Signed, LovingSmileys

Nov 15, 2008, 3:23 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Two questions about this phone

I've currently got a Samsung U740 that has a 1.3mp, but I really thing the quality of photos are terrible. I was wondering what all of you thought of the picture quality on the moto?

Also those of you with bluetooth.. how well does it work on this phone? I bought a Blueant Z9 bluetooth headset..and a Plantronics from Verizon for my Samsung, and neither of them worked well at all with the phone. I wasn't sure if this is a "Verizon crippling the bluetooth" or just the Samsung's bluetooth didn't work well.

Don't use bluetooth so can't answer that but camera is just OK. On par with a typical 1.3 mp but I've seen better 1.3s. Not the greatest if a camera is important to you - LGs usually have better cameras.
I'm not much on pictures, but it they look fine to me when sent to my laptop.
The bluetooth works much better than my preveious Chocolate.
You want to take pictures, bring a real camera. This camera will take the accident pictures but it, like any cell phone, isn't quality enough for pix of baby or any other keepers.

Feb 2, 2009, 1:35 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Trouble With Bluetooth

I love the phone.I have been having problems with the voice recognition on the bluetooth not the phone.I have the Plantronics Explorer 222.The sound quality is good.I would say 50% of the time when I tell the bluetooth to call a particular name it gets it wrong.Not even close and it calls the wrong person and I can't seem to disconnect in time. This is the second one I have tried.I tried adjusting the voice recognition on the phone.It's a shame because I like the clarity.
Any suggestions?

Jan 24, 2009, 11:58 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:


This has been the worst phone to get ring tones on. It's my wifes phone and I know like my phone (world Phone) I and get any MP3 or WMA and make it a ringtone. why is it so hard to do that on this phone. Has someone figured it out yet. Please help! Thanks

Jun 22, 2008, 2:31 AM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

hack it

does any one know how to hack into this phone,,,I had a lg 8300 and all i had to do was dail ##program8300. I have tried ##programW755 and ##program755 and it doesn't work.
Wow, I never knew you could do that. Let me know if you figure out how.

Also, the talking phone part that is under the sounds then voice readout. Does yours work if you set it to announce who is calling before it rings?
Mine won't do it and it is ...
wsshosh said:
does any one know how to hack into this phone,,,I had a lg 8300 and all i had to do was dail ##program8300. I have tried ##programW755 and ##program755 and it doesn't work.

You need to push: #073887*(p...

Dec 27, 2008, 11:31 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Cap / Cover to Charger Port

Has anyone pulled out / chopped off the cap / cover to the charger port? For whatever reasont he Razr never had such. Does anyone advise against doing so? My best, JD.
Why would you do that? It keeps dust, dirt, etc out of the phone, and also in the unfortunate event that the phone takes a swim somewhere, makes it less likely that extensive damage will be done inside until you can dry it out...
I do it because it removes one step from the process. This is the second phone that I've done it to and no problems yet. Much nicer to work with.

Dec 27, 2008, 11:28 PM
over in the "Motorola W755" discussion:

Toggling between Ringer and Vibrate

2 Questions:

1. Is there any way to toggle between an audible ring tone and vibrate only with the phone closed w/o having to use the nonsense 'false' keys on the top portion of the phone - similar to the way that you were able to do so w/ a Razr?

2. Why when I toggle between an audible ring tone and vibrate only - whether using the outter buttons when the phone is closed or using the pound button when the phone is open - does it put the ring tone back to MEDIUM HIGH and not HIGH, as I had it when first switching to vibrate only? Any way to fix this?

Much thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.

Best, JD.
When the phone is closed, you can only hit the function key on the left and then hit the sound key in the front left corner and it will only go from vibe to medium high, and back.
When the phone is open, instead of using the pound key, just toggle th...
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