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Verizon's 'Share Everything' Plans Arrive June 28

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This forum is closed.


Jun 12, 2012, 11:34 AM

Hmmm. Comparsion Shopping..

All four "major" carriers have the same phone line ups for argument sake. Little things like some carriers have a phone built to theory specs and Tmo is lacking the iPhone but other than that, its a pretty level playing field on device offerings.

So, what is the game changer here, DATA

The availibility and the bottom line cost.

I am sure VZW is poised to position this as, "you really don't need as much data as you think you might if you utilize you home WiFi netowrk and publicly available hot spots".

I am not one to try to "power a households needs off my smartphone" but I use things like navigation, streaming internet radio, and streaming video on top of reading news and pulling emails while completely out of reach of my hom...
That was very well thought out and put together. I have to agree completely. I am out in the sticks and have to wait (crossing my fingers the whole time) for the Network Vision project to complete and see if I can get Sprint service where I live. I...
For the most part I agree with you, but there are a few areas that I don't.

1. The majority (not all) consumers do not need nearly as much data as they think. Many people want unlimited just because it is unlimited and they don't ever go over 2GB. ...

Jun 21, 2012, 7:16 AM


...enough customers actually pay full retail for handsets just to keep Unlimited Data, how long will it be before Verizon nixes that option altogether?

Jun 12, 2012, 9:18 PM

These plans are not for everyone

These plans are not for everyone. Some people could benefit greatly from VZW's Share Everything plans.

Example 1:

2 Smartphones - Currently on a 700 min share plan, unlimited texting, both with unlimited data (use less than 4GB total), 4G tablet with 2GB plan, use about 1.5GB)


New plan: 2 Smartphones, 6GB data, 4G tablet


Savings: $20/month

Example 2:

1 Feature phone - 900 minute talk and text plan, no data


New plan: $30

Savings: $50/month

Example 3:

2 Smartphones, 2 feature phones, 1 MBB, 1 4G tablet: 2000 minutes, unlimited text, 2GB data on smartphones (one uses almost 2GB, the other only half a gig, none on feature phones, 5GB ...
I'm sure that somehow some way Verizon and others will justify this insane pricing strategy. I've been waiting for months and months for this family share thing to come out, and I find out the details today and this is nothing but a sham. I have a f...
Your bias is unreasonable. I said they don't care and that was me being nice about it. Verizon. Does. NOT. Give. A. *&^%. About. It's. Customers. They are ALL about the bottom line. As they should be. Don't piss on me and tell me it's rai...
I disagree with you on two points:

1st, Example 2,
If you read Verizon online Share everything brochure you cannot enroll in the $30 unlimited talk and text without also adding at least the $50 data package. And I would imagine it would take a few...
bottom line, this will cause customers to become frustrated with picking a rate plan that suits them. 4g is very addicting and that is what draws customers in and vzw WAS the first to get it in my area but having to limit yourself is still not someth...
I have two phones, one smartphone and one basic phone on a Nationwide 2000 Family Share Plan:

$70 (1400 Shared Minutes)
Smartphone - $9.99 Access + $30 Unlimited Data + $10 Text
Basic Phone - $9.99 Access
Basic Phone - $9.99 Access

* I averag...
The people who will not benefit from these plans are the ones that use their smartphone to run their laptop, desktop, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, and their Roku....at the same time. Guess what: regardless of what you think, that is NOT what cellular data was ...

Jun 12, 2012, 3:56 PM

AT&T please DON'T follow!

I have been with VZW for 16 years and now I can't wait to switch. I still can't get over $50 for 1GB! Wow!
Wait...you're switching to AT&T???


Isn't that like breaking up with Doctor Doom to date Darth Vader?
Verizon is not forcing you off of your existing plan. They WILL nab your Unlimited data plan if you choose to stay with your existing plan and want a discount however.

Jun 13, 2012, 12:56 PM

I wonder if they will use employee discounts?

Or what parts of the plan it will apply to....
The discount will apply to the plan's access fee, but not to the $30-40 line access fees. This is the same way they discount current plans.

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Jun 12, 2012, 9:10 AM

Unlimited Data

http://solutions.vzwshop.com/shareeverything/?intcmp ... »

I have an unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it?

You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.


So, I'm wondering what happens if I use my discount to do an alternate upgrade? I keep my device on my line...
That's what I did to keep my unlimited data plan. I upgraded one of my other lines and transferred the device to my unlimited line. Hopefully this loop hole still works when ever these new plans kick in....
I'm by no means a Verizon expert, I just feel like it'll be easier for Verizon to clamp down on practices like that based on the fact that CDMA phones don't use a SIM card. With AT&T or T-Mobile, it's as easy as swapping SIM cards between phones. Veri...
" If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."

I went into a coughing fit when I read that. Better start saving my pennies...

Jun 12, 2012, 6:45 PM

I am going to save money.........

For the most part these new plans will actually make most cell phone bills go down.

In my case I am paying the following now:

89.99 Unlimited Talk and Text
30.00 Data (4GB)
6.99 Insurance

What I will pay with the new plan

40.00 Unlimited Talk and Text
60.00 Data (4GB Including mobile hotspot)
6.99 Insurance

Now in my book this is a 19.99 savings but I can step up and get more if I like. Talking with my friends and co-workers these new plans will save them money. Plus I am not paying any additional if I use my phone as a mobile hotspot. Most are paying way to much attention to the data pricing when it is actually saving them money.
But if you do not need unlimited voice and text then it's very expensive.

The plan I was considering:
Basic phone (I work outside)
450 minutes $40 (only used 20 to 50 minutes a month)
no text or data on phone
5GB mobile hotspot $50
Total: $90

Jun 13, 2012, 6:41 PM

A few things that nobody has said

First off I have been in to talk to my verizon rep it was very eye opening.

1. These plans are for new customers you do not have to move from your curent plan unless you want to.

2. If you want to keep your unlimited data you can it just becomes a month to month and you buy your phone full retail.

3. A current customer can upgrade or add a new line in their current pricing level with out going to family share data.

4. It stands to reason that if you want the company to subsidize the price of your phone you need to play by the current rules of the company.

5. You are no longer paying for hotspot it is included in the data plan.

Jun 12, 2012, 9:49 PM

$30 or $40?

The only thing I do not understand about this pricing is why a feature phone using talk, text and ZERO data gets billed $30 and a smartphone with the SAME LEVEL OF USAGE gets billed $40 a month...

What gives?
Hmmm, when I first read this I was thinking duh. But on second thought I can kind of understand your reasoning. In all reality though it's the same thing they all do to defray the costs of smartphones and the heavy data burden they cause.
Clearly there is a minimum ARPU expectation. One will not be allowed to be a Verizon customer for pennies. Perhaps down the line Verizon will reconsider and raise the cost for smartphones to $50 or $60. That would make more sense, I suppose.
The Phoenix

Jun 12, 2012, 7:58 AM

"shared data (up to 10 devices) starts at $50 per month for 1GB"

WHAT!!!! 😳

Maybe I am readign this wrong, I'll check back in a few hours.
You're not reading it wrong.

Pics/vids to send and receive as well as streaming has just gotten a lot more expensive for a family.

John B.

WTF?! I really hope Verizon doesn't manage to pull a fast one over anyone's eyes with these bullshit prices. I was really hoping that VZW would capable of offering a valuable plan. This is not it. This is a joke.
The CFO of verizon did assure investors that customers would spend more money! The people that thought these family data plans would be truly beneficial to the consumer are idiots. They tack on a line access fee per device ranging from $10-$40, they l...

Jun 12, 2012, 8:28 AM

The savings....

if any, look like they are on the voice and messaging as those are unlimited. However, they really jacked up the prices on data, so it is a wash in the end. I am hoping they will still offer a la carte family plans and not force customers into this.
I don't like these plans most cell geeks will not, but it's not a wash depending on your situation. You can save money!
Where did you get the idea that the purpose was to save YOU money. Verizon is doing this to be more attractive to shareholders. They don't care about their customers and never have.

Jun 12, 2012, 9:45 AM

theres some potential

I've got 4 lines 2 smartphones and 2 feature phones and a tablet my bill is around 280 a month , so after reading this it looks like I could pay 80 for my smartphones 60 for the feature phones 10 for my tablet so that's 150 and I can add even the highest data plan and that would still only be 250 a month
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