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Sprint to Fight 'Ma Bell Duopoly'

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Mar 28, 2011, 2:23 PM   by Eric M. Zeman
updated Mar 28, 2011, 2:48 PM

On March 20, Sprint issued a statement voicing its disapproval of AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition of competitor T-Mobile. At the time, Sprint said it objected, and asked the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice to examine the proposal extensively for any potential anti-competitive situations it might introduce. Today, Sprint has taken a stronger stance against the deal and vowed to wage war against the acquisition. In the statement, Vonya McCann, senior vice president, Government Affairs, said, "Sprint urges the United States government to block this anti-competitive acquisition. This transaction will harm consumers and harm competition at a time when this country can least afford it. As the first national carrier to roll out 4G services and handsets and the carrier that brought simple unlimited pricing to the marketplace, Sprint stands ready to compete in a truly dynamic marketplace. So on behalf of our customers, our industry and our country, Sprint will fight this attempt by AT&T to undo the progress of the past 25 years and create a new Ma Bell duopoly." Sprint didn't specifically say how it will fight the acquisition, but the deal has to be approved by governmental regulators before it can move forward. Sprint could ask the CTIA, for example, to intervene on the behalf of U.S. wireless consumers. The CTIA has not yet issued a statement regarding the deal. AT&T is confident it can convince the government to approve the acquisition, but expects the process to take a year.


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This forum is closed.


Mar 29, 2011, 2:55 PM


Doesn't that imply TWO carriers?


🙄 🙄 🙄

How many smiley faces are there?


Learn how to count Sprint.

(oh, but they are really big competitors against my really big company! GOVERNMENT, help me compete!)
Troll-bait is a good name. Cuz like most trolls you have no idea how the marke works and are talking completely out of your a**.
I suppose you don't understand that VZW and AT&T will control 80% of the market if/when the merger goes through. That will essentially create a duopoly in itself, let alone when Sprint eventually goes out of business due to the lack of a competitive e...

Mar 28, 2011, 9:06 PM

loosing faith in Sprint by the minute...

I'm sorry but I am loosing faith in Sprint and their bozo CEO, Dan Hesse. As a former Sprint employee I hate to see Sprint falling apart but they seriously need to lose Hesse as CEO.

First, Sprint started the acquisition frenzy a few years ago with their purchase of Nextel, which was one of the worst mergers ever, and one that they have never recovered from. Next, Verizon buys Altel and we don't hear a peep from Sprint about unfair to competition. Then, they attempt to acquire T-Mobile and fail (which would have been a bigger blunder than the Nextel merger) but then they cry foul when AT&T buys T-Mobile which uses the same technology and actually makes sense!! Sprint is crying because they, yes THEY, screwed up but don't want others to be...
1st. I'm getting tired of these flame news about this merger, brings the worst out in all of us. And honestly I think 5 or so similar topic blogs is more then enough and lets move on to something else. Everyone knows about this merger, everyone know...
Whew! That's a relief! As long as YOU are confident that prices won't increase, I suppose I can just stop worrying about it.

"AT&T is a cash cow and have enough income from their landline business that they funnel back into their wireless busin...
Your opinion loses all credibility just for thinking Dan Hesse has been anything but good for Sprint. Even ppl who hate Sprint acknowledge the only reason for their turn around has been his policies and the ppl he's put in charge.
Cosmic Spiderman

Mar 28, 2011, 3:19 PM

Didn't Sprint...

offer to buy T-mo first? Now because they got outbid by deeper pockets, it's unfair, anti-competative, and unconstitutional? And, if they keep saying, "Duopoly" aren't they just saying that they are not competition? Duopoly means 2, but if I count right, Sprint, AT&T, and VZW makes 3. Are they just gonna give up if this goes through?
Well let's see... A combined Sprint T-Mobile would still be in third place. The combined AT&T/T-Mobile behemoth would be in first by 30 million. You can't see the difference there? Really? Hell, I am against Sprint buying T-Mobile either. If DT ...
They offered 20Bil. and it wasn't that they were outbid, DT decided to decline their offer before AT&T even stepped forward.

Sprint tried to be the old guy at a yardsale talking something down and then feigning disinterest only to find out someone...

Mar 28, 2011, 2:30 PM

This is good

AT&T doesn't need T-Mobile, it wants T-Mobile...a key indicator for me that this deal should not go through. If this does happen, and Verizon eventually buys Sprint, I will be forced to go back to a basic flip from from all the limits they have on data. I use a few gigs a month fairly easily.
Verizon can't buy Sprint unless Sprint sell's.
I'm not happy about the whole thing but i don't think Sprint can stop it. I'm convinced one way or another at&t will get this to go through. It sucks but, i just keep hoping this merger will some h...

Mar 28, 2011, 5:14 PM

Good to see Sprint standing up for what's best for consumers.

Great job, Sprint.
Personally, I think Sprint is just scared, and they have every right to be. Big Red will stay competitive, but sprint has their head so far up their arse it's not even funny. One of two things will happen if "the man" approves the merger:

1. Sprin...
kvlt said:
Great job, Sprint.

Of course it would have been quite OK if Sprint took over TMO? What crap.

Mar 28, 2011, 6:34 PM

Why Sprint Should Win This Fight.

When I say Sprint should win, it isn't because I believe they will win. It isn't because of personal preference for the carrier.

I say it simply because they need to win. They need to win not only because of their own salvation, but also for all of our interests. It is very important for everyone to understand what I have just said.

I would like to recommend that the Representatives/Subscribers of both AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile that are advocating the acquistion, to take a step back and catch their breaths for a moment. This is not a sporting event. I would like to guess that most reps fighting for thier carrier, are parishioners of the industry for less than ten years. Many of these associates are college students working their way ...
And honestly, if T-Mobile customers really cared about iProducts or AT&T's coverage, they would already have AT&T.

T-Mobile's phones/plans are more like Sprints. They have a range of low to high end phones at an affordable rate.

If this deal goe...
You wrote that release, didn't you? It sounds JUST LIKE you! Admit it. You gave them license to use one of your letters.

Mar 28, 2011, 2:39 PM

Sprint is scared! hahahaha

Lmao, even with the lower prices they can't attract more millions of customers and why would that be??. Invest more money to build out your nationwide network and then lower the prices. Maybe by then Sprint will not fear if there's monopoly.
http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-20031306-94.html »

As of 4Q last year, Sprint is gaining customers (for the first time since 2007).

They are still operating at a loss, and it's probably because they're putting money into things like network upgra...

Mar 28, 2011, 8:32 PM

I don't care why Sprint is doing this, it's still the right thing.

Let's all be honest for a second. Sprint is not "sticking up for the consumers". They're not fighting for America. In the end, this is only their fight because the AT&T/T-Mobile poses a threat to them.

Even so, I don't care. It's what's right for America, it's what's right for the consumers and promotes fair competition, and whatever the reason Sprint is doing this, I hope they get far.
Here! Here!

Mar 28, 2011, 4:14 PM


I like it! If I didn't know any better I would think one of our resident Sprint fans wrote the release. Does Sprint have its own interest more at heart than any concern for the American consumer? I would answer, "Yes." However that does not mean that Sprint is incorrect in its assertions. Regardless, I am happy that someone is on my side.

Mar 28, 2011, 2:27 PM


let it be.
I say let the battle begin and I hope they win! Or at least Att should have to give up like 40 percent of the deal in concessions as stated in another post.
I hope as much noise as possible is made about this. AT&T does not need T-Mobile. They are simply eliminating a consumer choice. They have all the spectrum they need already.
iDont Care

Mar 28, 2011, 3:12 PM

Sprint will die a slow and painful death

So instead of concentrating on improving their WiMAX network thanks to their garbage 2.5ghz spectrum and improving pricing plans to attract new customers they choose meddle in others affairs and fight a battle they have no chance in hell of winning. Where is the logic in this? Sprint never learns.

The article says Sprint was first to bring 4G but didn't mention it's the worst attempt at 4G.

Mar 28, 2011, 2:47 PM

Phonescoop right on the news first!

Once again it seems phonescoop is first with breaking news like this before the other sites. Go Phonescoop & Sprint!
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