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T-Mobile USA Calls WiMax 'Niche,' Prefers LTE

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Sep 30, 2010, 4:37 PM   by Eric M. Zeman

T-Mobile USA Chief Network Officer Neville Ray said to BusinessWeek in an interview that it is not going to rush into any decisions regarding 4G technology. "We'll look towards LTE at the right point in time for us. That ecosystem is going to be much richer than the competing one from WiMax, which is really a niche play," he said. The statement pours some cold water on recent reports indicating Clearwire is in talks with T-Mobile about an investment it Clearwire's WiMax network. Clearwire needs more funding, and is looking to outside firms for help. Clearwire confirmed that it is talking to T-Mobile USA. While it waits for LTE to mature, T-Mobile believes that the HSPA+ network upgrade it is in the middle of rolling out will help it stand its ground against the 4G speeds of its competitors. "We’re not waiting for the technology choice, we have the right technology to deliver that experience today," said Ray. Ray wouldn't say if or when T-Mobile might offer 4G services.



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This forum is closed.


Oct 2, 2010, 1:43 PM

HSPA+ and 4g

HSPA+ is acutally faster than 4G. It is better than 4G. We(TMO) are proud that its not asscoiated with the 4G because HSPA+ is better. Duh! Stupid press needs to keep the facts straight. HSPA+ blows AT&T and Sprint out of the water and Verizon is just a grain of salt.
T-mobile is obviously not proud that it is not associated* with 4g and does not agree with your statement because they have made several statements that say 4g like speeds! Hspa+ is inferior to WiMax and eventually will not be able to keep up with the...

Sep 30, 2010, 7:05 PM

Told you. WiMax is a dead protocol walking.

Once again, I called this eons ago- WiMax's shaky start back in the later half of the previous decade was going to handicap its adoption, and Sprint's unbelievably slow and mismanaged rollout (Wasn't XoHM announced in what... 2007?) kicked the crutches right from it.

WiMax's poor real-world performance compared to HSDPA+ and even HSDPA with HSUPA (both of which are consistently faster... this is why an iPhone 4 outperforms an HTC Evo while STILL getting better battery life) put it in the hospital. Comcast/Sprint denying funding pulled the feeding tube, and T-mobile's statement today is the funeral arrangements.

The writing's been on the wall for a very long time. Once again, you're welcome.
It would seem you would have to explain that it is dead to quite a few people world wide. It would appear that it is used in quite a few places. Take a peek for yourself
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deployed _WiMAX_networks

Looks like it...
Once again, you're wrong. But thanks for playing! 🤣
You are an idiot but Wimax has more support right now they LTE and way more networks up and running around the world then lte. In what way does the iphone 4 outperform the Evo? Evo went head to head with the iphone 4 on cnet and lost! Tmobile and att ...

Oct 1, 2010, 1:27 AM

Fact still remains that WIMAX is here NOW!!

Sure LTE may be dominating the the next generation of wireless data technology. But fact remains wimax is here right now. And I can't even remember how many times network analyst have said how easy it is for wimax to be converted to lte with a software upgrade. So if sprint and clear decide they can always upgrade their software and have a much larger LTE network then every other carrier given their massive head start. And this is something they are already preparing for if you read the article posted on this site. Meanwhile t-mobile will have no LTE network given their limited spectrum holdings. So yeah they have a good enough next gen network NOW , but let's see it hold up in 3 years when wimax and lte have fully matured. They will be last...
TDMA came before CDMA because it was available and cheap yet CDMA had better quality and expandability. First doesn't mean better. Ask Ameritech wireless and everyone else who used it how much of a headache it was to get everyone converted from TDMA...
Means expanding wimax OR LTE in that frequency range is going to be mad expensive outside of cities.
My T-Mobile HSPA+ works almost everywhere I go... and I travel a LOT.

I have yet to see a sprint phone (all two of them) work with Wi-Max.

On top of that, HSPA+ is demonstratively faster than Wi-Max.

I love how everyone is predicting the d...

Sep 30, 2010, 6:13 PM

Isn't T-Mobile..

itself niche?

Pot meet kettle.
Again, 33 million customers isn't what you'd consider "niche"

Not quite a powerhouse, but definatly a company you'd want to have on your side as an emerging technology developer.
No. They're the 4th largest provider running nationwide network and operating on a standard that is established internationally.

Sprint's "Nextel" network is niche. Sprint's WiMax network is niche.
good decision for t-mobile...

seriously, why will t-mo go with a technology that is different from their technology? clearwire / wimax is the one who needs fund so they're the one who needs to adjust. it's their fault that they chose wimax than lte...

Sep 30, 2010, 9:32 PM

Ummm.....Not So Fast Mr. Ray.

While you may prefer LTE, the fact remains that you do not have enough spectrum to build out a successful LTE 4G network. ATT will not help you and and Verizon most certainly will want you out of the wireless business. So who is there to offer assistance? Relying on HSPA + may buy you some time, but as the demand for higher speeds increases, HSPA+ will fail to deliver the speeds necessary to compete with LTE and WiMAX in their advanced progressions.

You need Spectrum and Sprint has plenty to give. You were pigheaded in purchasing spectrum, now you want to short change your subscribers in the long term.

So while you may see WiMAX as a "Niche" , 4G in the form of LTE OR WiMAX, is much more of a reality in faster speeds with advancement...
ummm im a little confused.
How do you know how much spectrum t-mobile has?
How do you even know how much spectrum you need to build out a lte network?
T-mobile doesnt need to build LTE yet...verizon does. Why? because their network has been u...
Exactly! Wimax is here now and wimax 2 is right around the corner which will deliver much faster speeds and Sprint is also going to upgrade there 3g cdma towers. Tmobile's footprint is small and soon that hspa network will get expensive and tmobile cu...

Sep 30, 2010, 4:43 PM

Small base

It probably helps that T-Mobile only has 1,000 customers using their data so they network isn't strained. If they get the same load as heavy-weights like Verizon and AT&T let's see if those speeds compete ;)
how do you know how much strain is on t-mobiles network...how many customer have smartphones on t-mobile? do ou have any facts or just bland comments.Verizon just offers a slower speed period and yah at&t network is strained because of the iphone but ...
I'm just going to assume you have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about.

please try again later.

Sep 30, 2010, 5:04 PM

WiMax 'Niche'

I agree,
WiMax is nothing but a hope or dream.
Nothings capable of reaching true 4g speeds right now. unless you live in japan somewhere where they get average 200mbps then its not 4g.
Trust me i invested in this "4g" gimmic thinking that imma be blazing fast....... Not to my suprise 90% of my Pa Market cant get 4g.
I seriously cant watch a 3 min clip on youtube without being connected to wifi........
4g my a$$

T-Mobile all The way
EVOlve91 said:
I agree,
WiMax is nothing but a hope or dream.
Nothings capable of reaching true 4g speeds right now. unless you live in japan somewhere where they get average 200mbps then its not 4g.
Trust me i invested in this
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