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Scientists Create Phone Jamming Device for Driving Teens

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Dec 12, 2008, 11:06 AM   by Eric M. Zeman

Researchers at the University of Utah have created a new system that is meant to prevent teenagers from using their cell phones while driving. The system works by providing each driver of a car with their own key device. When the key is extended from the device, it sends a signal to the teenage driver's phone, putting the phone in "driving mode" so it cannot be used to talk or send texts. The phone displays a stop sign while in driving mode. The product, called Key2SafeDriving, has been patented by the engineers, who hope to license the technology to handset makers and network operators. The device will cost about $50, and should be available by mid-2009.

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This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Dec 13, 2008, 1:14 AM

I watched the video on youtube

So in the video, the mom (A real 3itch) just puts this key thing on her son and husbands keys and they are like, "WTF 3itch?" and she is like, "Oh I don't trust you and I want complete control of your lives"
If you are rich enough to give your teenage kid a phone, and a car. You should be smart enough to talk to them. Talk to them about the use of the phone and the car. You can't rely on technology to raise your kids, TV, Internet, Cell phone. Grow up and be a parent and raise your own damn kid. Would that be too hard? Maybe if you were involved in your kids life you wouldn't need GPS tracking. Spoons did not make Rosie O'Donnell fat, this product is not a substitute for a parent. I hate this stupid thing, I hate the 3itch in it.
Some bitch did that to my phone and car keys, she's be getting the divorce letter from my attorney. Self Righteous poser.

Dec 15, 2008, 10:54 AM

that dumb scientist must think kids are dumb!

kids these days are good at high tech stuffs!
if the kid pullout the battery from jammer, can it still jam cellphone? haha
🤣 or that the kids wont drive down to ACO Hardware and have a copy of the key made

Dec 12, 2008, 2:21 PM

pros and cons

what if the teen is driving and needs directions. i understand text messaging, but what about calls? everytime the teen needs directions thier gonna have to pell over and turn the car off. and why is it only targeted towards teens, ive been rear ended by people in thier 40`s cause thier trying to text message. its a great safety tool, dont get me wrong. but there should be a little more detail to this. i think that the device should turns the call part on when the customer leaves a certain area.
what if...

the driver slams into a ravine or another car and the driver's car is totaled and the key is broke? (not likely, but a likely scenerio)

so much for the initial reason for having a phone for calling in case of an emergency.

get th...
The reason it is targeting teens is because they are the only ones who need to "accept" things like this in return for service.

I doubt many people would put this on their own phones unless they are required.
Why just teens. I seen plenty of idiots older than 16-20+ driving while talking and now texting on their phones. Perhaps they should have this illegal device in their car as well.

Dec 12, 2008, 3:05 PM

Time for Jail!

Interference or blocking of a mobile phone signal is against the law. Lets haul these chumps off to jail.
are you sure? i have talked to teachers that say some highschools do it so kids dont text in class...
So is unattentive driving.... Your choice on what cost people more money.

Dec 12, 2008, 3:57 PM


if you can't trust your kid enough and have to get this device to prohibit them from talking/texting in the car, maybe you shouldn't let them drive at all. tell the kids not to talk/text and if they respect you enough, they won't. no need for this device if you and your kids communicate well. just a thought.
You obviously don't have kids. Because Kids ALWAYS do what their parents say. 😎
As you said Caesar, "...IF' you and your kids communicate well." I would venture to say kids/parents, today, don't communicate as well as they should and those kids feel, "What Mon/Dad don't know, won't hurt em".
caesar6591 said:
if you can't trust your kid enough and have to get this device to prohibit them from talking/texting in the car, maybe you shouldn't let them drive at all. tell the kids not to talk/text and if they respect you eno
My beef with this is that there already exists a software tool that can silence the phone by monitoring the speed via GPS. Better because it doesn't have a physical lock, so kids don't need to bring the phone home to unlock.

If you're going to put...

Dec 12, 2008, 7:48 PM

this is so stupid!!

if you dont want your kids to talk on cellphone while driving.
then dont give them a cellphone!
give them a pager!
what the point of having a cellphone if u cant use it? just use the payphone since it' much cheaper too!

Dec 12, 2008, 2:20 PM

maybe I'm just stupid...

but how is this supposed to work?

if the teen driver has a copy of the key...

and if the parents have a key for it but remove it, the phone won't be able to work?

is that just not being able to work in the car only? and if so, how will the phone detect that the automobile is in motion or even on.

meaning the wouldn't be able to use their device until they get back home? and the key is inserted?
the kay will activate once the car is on, like a remote car starter. theres cars that turn off when you havent made your car payment. the device will go inside the car, so no matter what key is inserted. but what if the driver lets someone use thier c...
I watched the cheesy video. I get it now.
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