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Sprint Revamps Plan Pricing

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Jun 12, 2008, 3:32 PM   by Eric M. Zeman

Today Sprint introduced new pricing plans in an attempt to simplify things for customers. For single lines, $40 gets 450 anytime minutes per month, $50 adds unlimited messaging, and $70 gets unlimited everything else (except voice minutes). For lines with 900 minutes, the respective costs are $60, $70 and $90 per month. Unlimited everything is still $99. It also introduced family plans that bear a similar cost structure.




This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Jun 16, 2008, 9:33 AM

Great for Sprint and for Customers, bad for me

If you work as an indirect dealer a big part of your commission is based on how much data you sell. Sprint told us a while ago that selling data is crucial to our new commision structure. They pushed hard that we need to sell data in order to make money, then they come out with this crap that has the data bundled into each plan.


They tell me I need to sell data in order to make money and then take away my ability to sell it.

T Mobster

Jun 12, 2008, 5:31 PM

They're copying Metro PCS.....

Sprint ran out of good ideas so they're taking some from Metro. Go to their website and look. The only difference is that with Metro PCS you get unlimited voice for that $50 too.
🙄 You are comparing apples to oranges.....
what sprint is doing is whatever one of the "big boys" are cloning from CRICKET and METRO ... Boost - Virgin and now GO Phone are on that table and now "ya'll" are doing the same thing -- thats good marketing and thats where the future is! I hope that...
Um, thats NOT the only difference by far...
And Metro stole that from Cricket. And Cricket stole that from a smaller carrier. Who cares. Every carrier uses things from other carriers. The big difference between Metro and Sprint is coverage and dependability. Metro is pretty horrible in their se...

Jun 16, 2008, 1:42 AM

Sprint Sero Still Available

With all of these new plan changes Sprint still seems to be allowing the Sero plans. If anyone is interested in that, use "savings@sprintemi.com" as the email address. I'm not sure how much longer Sprint will be allowing people to get these plans but for now they are still being offered.



Jun 12, 2008, 4:03 PM

Not bad.

If only at&t could do something like that.......
chocolateman85006 said:
If only at&t could do something like that.......

AT&T doesn't have to. They're not hurting for custies like Sprint is.

Still, 'twill be sweet for me! 😁
personally they are getting smart, and trying to fix the damage they have allowed themselves to do! get your customer base back, respect YOUR customers -- even the "evil ones" -- use what you have done before, they keep wanting a free cookie then give...

Jun 15, 2008, 8:19 AM


What would be the monthly cost of a BB Curve with 450 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data (no tethering)?
you need to be on a "Everything" plan.
if all you need is 450 minutes then you will be looking @ 69.99. thats the Everything 450 which includes the Blackberry service, text, n/w @ 7, m2m, free roaming.
Hope this helps

Jun 13, 2008, 8:21 AM

Not good for me!

I'm looking to sign up for a new contract.

Current offering:
Family 700 plan - $69.99
Extra line - $9.99
Extra line - $9.99
Unlimited Family Text - $20
Internet and Email on 1 phone - $15
Total = $124.97

June 15:
It looks like the new $69.99 plan cannot add family text and internet/email on 1 line?

So, I would have to go with
Family 1500 - $129.99
Extra line - $19.99
Extra line - $19.99
Total = 169.97

I thought the family plan included 2 phones in the main plan, then you get charged 9.99 for each additional. That means the 3rd line would be the only one charged the 9.99/19.99. I also have never had to change my plan when I renewed my agreement wi...

I am a Sprint store rep and if you decide to sign up for a new plan this is how it would work:

Talk/Message Share 1500 - $99.99 (first 2 lines)
Extra line - $9.99
Extra line - $9.99
Internet and email on 1 phone - $15

Total = $134.97...

Jun 12, 2008, 5:20 PM

Atempting a come back..?

This seems like some kind of come back try. With all the cut backs and store closings, do you guys thing this is almost like a final straw? Oh course they have to make it long enough for the Instinct but still. Oh and if Sprint had to be bought out by some one, who would you prefer? Not Verizon. I think there needs to be verity among phones and Verizon already has one under there belt.
i would perfer them to be Sprint! History and character build a future! and i personally would love for them to be around a house hold name one day! but thats just me being a dreamer.... 🙄
Don't call it a COMEBACK! We been here for years! (LL cool J)

Jun 14, 2008, 10:39 AM

normalcy is over

a couple fun new tidbits about Sprints new share plans. The Sprint Power Pack 550 minute plan for $59.99/mo. is now gone. so to all those emergency use only, elderly couples who just need a phone that rings. are now either A. forced to pay too much for a plan that they don't need or B. go to T-Mobile or AT&T (though AT&T doesn't adverstise their old $59.99/550min. familytalk plan anymore. it still exists)... now the classic $69.99/700min Share plan has been dehumanized into a "talk only" plan. the joyous wonders of the $20 unl. Family Text package are defunct. so if more than 2 people need unlimited text on your NEW sprint 700min family plan.....welcome to the NEW 1500min Talk/Message share plan. again forcing customers into minute packages ...
"Emergency use", and "Elderly couples" still have the Sprint Basic 200 plan which - HEY! with 2 lines thats $60 bucks! Now, dont go B***hing about the low minute offerings, because you said it yourself "EMERGENCY USE", i'm not gonna lump the elderly ...

Jun 14, 2008, 9:15 AM

New Plans

The new plans are ok, just given 450/900 minutes is not good, what if you need just some more minutes, there is no in between. One thing that should have stayed is the free incoming plan. Leave it to Sprint to take that away, that plan has been around since day one with Nextel. I am a pure blood (IDEN that is). I have been with Nextel(now Sprint) since 1996 and will stay until they pry that IDEN from my hands.
39.99 300 free incoming
10.00 data pack
5.00 300 txt
5.00 m to m
5.00 nw 7pm
64.99 and Im good to go.....Nextel Done
There is something more than 900, it's called unlimited. 🙄
LONG after day one the free incomings came about.... I loved those myself even though every year Sprint made them tighter and tighter on the minute offerings...
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