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AT&T Announces New iPhone Plan Pricing

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Jun 9, 2008, 3:36 PM   by Eric M. Zeman

AT&T has altered the pricing of unlimited data plans for the 3G iPhone. Customers who purchase a new iPhone on July 11 will have to pay $30 per month for unlimited data, which is $10 more per month than what current iPhone owners pay. Over the course of a standard 2-year agreement, 3G iPhone owners will end up paying $40 more for the device and data services than the current generation iPhone. 3G iPhone business users will pay $45 per month. The 3G iPhone will, however, be able to access AT&T's higher-speed 3G network, which the current iPhone cannot.

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This forum is closed.


Jun 9, 2008, 3:50 PM


The rip-offs continue
There goes at&t again stealing from their customers. If only TMO had their 3G up and running, it would give at&t some real competition and maybe they will stop these unethical practices.
get a grip it's only ten bucks more for a 3G data, and next week gas will be 4.50! and milk 5 bucks a gallon. I say it's worth it
How is this stealing? Thats pretty much the standard price of data from verizon and sprint. I pay more for my BlackBerry plan with unlimited text messaging. This gives you access to 3G. How is this a ripoff if pricing is in line with what everyone els...
Well let's think about it. Apple reduces the price on the handset, which in turn creates more volume sales (more people can afford it now). AT&T raises their monthly data rate by $10 ($10..right?). So it's a win-win for both sides, more people buyi...
All this is is a bunch of ***** technology. 🤨
Case in point. Att is riping off anyone. Yes the first iphone was beyond stupid and apple was the one ripping everyone off, but this new iphone is in fact a batter deal. And VZW was offered the iphone but they didn't want it to apple mega gay rules th...

Jun 9, 2008, 8:39 PM

iPhone Hysteria: Beyond The Hype

Apple would
have you believe that they have created the greatest thing since slice bread, and now that they have finally gotten around to adding a 3G radio to it, that justifies you coughing up more money so Steve Jobs can buy another mansion or whatnot. Here's why it doesn't:

-NETWORK COMPATIBILITY: The iPhone is a GSM-only device and it will not work on a CDMA network. That's unfortunate, because CDMA is superior to GSM as an air interface. The spectral efficiency and enhanced security of CDMA compared to GSM is not something can disputed. Let's see, Walsh Encoding, D.S.S.S., soft handoffs, etc. vs. rehashed TDMA with only A5/1 and A5/2 encryption that was cracked years ago. I could go on, but to list all the advantages of CDMA over GS...
talk about hysteria. you're just another whiny hater. have all of your points not already been discussed to death?

i'm sorry. please continue.

wait... hold on, let me tune the radio to some white noise so you can blend in with the rest of the st...
Replace the word iPhone with Verizon in your book and the same applies
too long to read
Murdock, I'll be the first to congratulate you on actually doing your homework. You make too much sense for any AT&T or Apple slappy to counter your facts. You make a great point about the great red wireless Nazi (VZW), its air-wave dominance, and the...
Ok in response to the original troll post I will say this....I own an iPhone i like the device it does what I want it to do...I have worked for Verizon, Sprint, and ATT, I currently own my own company that has all three carriers, so I don't really car...
Sprint Speed

Jun 9, 2008, 6:36 PM

The Instinct Will Still Be Better

Also with everything plans your bill will always be the same everything is included in your plan Iphone is now a phone that anyone can have now that they lowered the prices who would want it the benefit was to have something different to stand out wow $199.99 for something that was over $400 dollars a year ago way to go AT&T wonder what the fan boys have to say about it I love this great kick in the neck
I have not seen it but i really do hope it's better than the iphone. Why did such a device that did not do much to begin with get so much hype?
funny stuff why doesn't sprint start with retaining customers first.

Jun 10, 2008, 12:12 PM

Understanding the new plan pricing

So...with the current iPhone, the base plan is $40.00 for 450 minutes with rollover, $15.00 for unlimited data, and $5.00 for 200 text messages, totaling $60.00

New pricing would increase data from 15.00 to 30.00, or is your article lumping together the data and text charges?

Plus, I have not heard of any corporate discounts on the new iPhone rate plans.

Can anyone confirm the above??
I don't expect corporate discounts on this iPhone since they didn't offer them on the first iPhone.

I don't know about the text messaging question but would like to.
ATT also just said SMS is no longer included with iphone data it will be separate.

http://www.phonedog.com/cell-phone-research/blog/iph ... »

Jun 10, 2008, 8:52 AM

When will there be more 3G coverage?

Looking at the 3G coverage map on AT&T's site, 3G is only available in certain areas. Does anyone know when that coverage area will expand?
Well AT&T is due to update their coverage maps again soon. They normally update them at the end of every month or so. They say they have 280 markets covered with 3G and by year end, they'll have 350 markets. And to me, that doesn't mean they'll even h...

Jun 9, 2008, 7:48 PM

Boo Hoo! So You Wasted Your Hard Earned Money On The iPhone.

This article is more funny then sad to me. For those who just had to buy a hype product, now you see why it is a good idea to wait? And for those who spent 200 dollars to get out of their contracts, another 500 dollars to buy the iPhone, then ended up wasting giant sums of money on AT&T, you must really be hating yourself right now. All that money wasted just to buy a phone that is now outdated by a newer, faster iPhone.
It's funny how many forums have people that are complaining about AT&T. They switched because they couldn't just wait and now are regretting it.

So boo hoo. You deserve to spend 40+ extra a month just to use the iPhone. You deserve to have horrible service. When the flock of sleep start running, you don't have to be one ...
Most of the people were in contract but were allowed to upgrade for $399. Now if they are in contract and bought the 2g model they can buy the new 3g for $199. If they didn't buy the 2g and are in contract they have to pay $399. So what's your point? ...
Anything that deals with technology has a new model come out all the time. You can say that about a lot of phones. You can say it about the computer you are using to post your ridicualous statements as well. Thats the nature of the business. Improv...

Jun 10, 2008, 7:48 AM

$10 more/month, only $40 more per year?

does that make sense to anyone else. it says that they pay $10 more a month, but on a 2yr contract they only pay $40 more? someone needs to go back to highschool lol
because the phone is $200 cheaper. do the math.

Jun 9, 2008, 9:43 PM

Iphone Family Plan?

So no more Iphone family plan. Dang it was only 119 before for two Iphones with Data. Now it is going to be around $140.

Whats the deal?

I was going to switch from VZ now I don't know. I don't care how much the phone is. The service is the killer.
I would imagine that there still would be family plans. I could not imagine why not. And I believe the lowest priced Family Plan was 109 for 700 minutes and now it'll be 129.
From the first data plans for iPhones to these current ones it does seem like a step backwards (well let's be honest it is for the consumer), I don't think att has anything official yet out on it from the mouth of ralph de la vega, but group data plan...

Jun 9, 2008, 9:46 PM

AT&T lowers their earnings on this deal.

Many people have stated that AT&T is “arrogant” and “nickel and dimes” people when it comes to this price point and deal, however, they are wrong. AT&T is subsiding this phone, which means that they will pay upfront costs plus the monthly revenue that the device generates to go to Apple. So of course, AT&T will have to increase certain price points on the device to make it worth their while. This deal is hurting AT&T even more than anyone else and who knows if this will sell very well. Frankly, if it sells even more than expected, AT&T will be hit even more. They will lose (AT&T that is) 10-12 cents per year for 2 years or more based on the current projections of let’s say 5-10 million sold in one or 2 years....
the 10-12 cents are diluted though and my guess is they are taking a play from Apples playbook by under promising and over delivering. If in 2010 the 40 cent jump is even close to their projection that would be a 20 cent total diluted three year turn....

Jun 9, 2008, 8:57 PM

Proofing articles

$40 more?

Note that it said "device and data services", which means calculating the cost of the phone (now cheaper) plus the cost of the service (now more expensive.)

$ 500 (16 GB iPhone, original)
+ $480 ($20 x 24 months data service)
Sprint Speed

Jun 9, 2008, 8:58 PM

HA HA HA HA I Phone HYPE NOW WHAT Can You say 2g I phone exstinct

😁 😁 😁 Instinct still wins this is so funny all you at&t fan boys I know you propably calling begging to get a deal on the better 3g gps I Phone Sorry Mr. Customer you have the old I phone no discounts are available to you we made you cancel with previous provider braking your contract $200 per phone also then buying the I phone full price which is now out dated and over priced I know you wanted to pull your eye balls out when at&t and apple dropped the ball this is great HA HA HA HA
the trolls were wrong the first time. you'll be wrong this time too.

revel in it!
dude you are seriously retarded

Jun 9, 2008, 4:56 PM


the new 3G iphone will melt your face

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXC7X3lU1xs »

Jun 9, 2008, 4:11 PM

In store activations

iPhone 3G will also be activated in stores instead of the ridiculous take it home and do it yourself policy.
Nice! I always thought that was a tad annoying.

Why do you think they changed that?
Just out of curiosity, where did you here this? It's not that I don't believe you, I'd just like to see it for myself. I'd so love this policy if it were absolutely true.

Jun 9, 2008, 5:23 PM

Cell phones and pricing

In the simplest of terms, a free market economy bases price on whatever the highest price is that someone is willing to pay. One persons price gouging is anothers being a capitalist.
You don't have to pay the prices AT and T charges you if you don't want to, no one put a gun to your head and threated you. If u think its too expensive fine, don't buy the service and stop yelling price gouging. That is the same mentality of people who when I mentioned I had a black car, would call me a racist.
racist! hehe
Sprint Speed

Jun 9, 2008, 6:40 PM


Your bill will also increase $10 that's $240.00 per year if you can't add that's a lot pay less for the phone so I can milk for the next 2yr that's a saving worth talking about you just paid back your savings 😢 😢 😢
Buy the phone unlocked or unlock it yourself, save the $240.00

Jun 9, 2008, 4:38 PM


messaging included? just courious....
so far no ☹️

Jun 9, 2008, 4:35 PM

Business Use?

What constitutes Business use?

How do they know if I use the email for personal use or business use?

It is $15 per month more for business use.
if you want exchange support/access, you need to pay the extra 15
putting your account under a business name using a Federal tax id number, it's all in the setup of your account if you place the phone under your own info (SSN) it is the lower data plan

Jun 9, 2008, 4:24 PM

Out of the topic pls help

Guys i need some help is there any BB device that is compatible or that can be hooked up in a Mac computer? I'm very sorry if this is way out of the topic i apologize ☹️
not out of the box you can get a piece of software called "missing sync" and that'll do it
serious? All blackberries are mac compatible.

Just download pocketmac from blackberry.com and your BB should work fine.

Jun 9, 2008, 5:32 PM

sorry csr's

i feel sorry for customer service people really i do... i can hear it already...

what do you mean I have to pay full price?

what do you mean I have to pay more on my plan?

why do the new customers get it but I don't?

so you change a number from 2g to 3g and I have to renew for 2 more years?

can I get a lower price because I only use it in one of 180 countries?

what if I don't want to get on the internet?

yeah... i feel your pain

viva los customer service!
one more thing "i've been with you for 5 f**king long years i want this for free blah blah blah......" 😳

Jun 9, 2008, 4:16 PM

No gophone on this 3g iphone guys

There is an article on engadget

There will be no prepaid on the 3g iphone. Which i guess is why the new 3g are so cheap

Alot of people are gonna be mad. They will have to keep there edge phones.
I've probably sold about 200 iPhones over the past year, and maybe 3 of them were for pick your plan.

I don't think it's a big deal, and I'm sure they will do something about it eventually.
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