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Motorola Announces New Successor To RAZR

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May 15, 2007, 10:16 AM   by (staff)

Motorola today announced the next successor to its RAZR platform. The RAZR2 is thinner than the original RAZR yet designed to be stronger, as well as sleeker by eliminating the antenna "chin" at the bottom. It features 2 brighter QVGA screens - 2.2" inside and a large 2" display outside. The external display can used to control many functions with the phone closed using the smart keys as well as external music controls that now offer vibration feedback. The RAZR2 features a 2 Megapixel camera, and Bluetooth. Updated. It will launch this summer as the V8 for GSM/EDGE networks, the V9 for HSDPA and V9m for EV-DO.



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This forum is closed.


May 18, 2007, 7:41 PM

I WAS gonna get this phone ....

Well i saw this phone and i was very happy with all the features and everything till i read that there was no memory card slot. đŸ˜ĸ ...... oh well , guess my perfect phone search continues ......
The V9 and V9m versions have microSD memory card slots, the V8 does not.

Here's a link to the V9 info. At the bottom it says "up to 2GB of memory with an optional microSD card"
http://www.motorola.com/motoinfo/product/details.jsp ... »...
The King of Kingz

May 15, 2007, 8:14 PM


☚ī¸ i cant believe that the V9m will have VZW UI i was going crazy for this phone but now im not so sure about it hell this is a deal breaker.
All Verizon feature phones have the Verizon UI.
Verizon sucks big time.
of course it will have the VZ UI... what else were you expecting?

May 21, 2007, 7:39 PM


I'm sorry to ask this question but is the new Razr 2 gonna be in the Verizon Wireless network ??? and if it does what UI means ??
Cuz I'm getting tired of the LG chocolate phone .

I would really appreciate some feedback .

thank you

Yes, The RAZR2 (V9m) will be out for Verizon Wireless, but not till a month or so after the RAZR2 (V9) is released for AT&T, and T-mobile (V😎. UI = User Interface = That horrific red pile of crap you see (now standard) on the screens of all Verizon W...

May 21, 2007, 9:07 PM

Why! wtf.. Krzr!

why do I wait a year and a half for the release of the krzr because it is the next big thing and motorola ditches that idea and decides to upgrade the razr (razr MAXX razr2) 6 monthes later instead? Is the krzr idea done and the razr2 the next phone to get? dont get me wrong this phone looks sick but are they just calling it the razr2 because they think it will be better for marketin purposes? I hope i didnt buy a phone that will be phased out the same year it was introduced.
I understand your confusion and bitterness. The bottom line is very simple. Motorola has released too many RAZRs and RAZR lookalikes (KRZR, SLVR, ...etc) all at once, and has failed to come up with something original. I feel even worse for the ones wh...

May 15, 2007, 6:21 PM

Wow looks so exciting yawn

Nothing new there. I'll wait for the Iphone
i give your yawn to the iphone, nothing new there! đŸ¤Ŗ EDGE internet phone? 😕 built in battery? 😕 that sounds kinda boring to me.
Sam K

May 18, 2007, 9:43 AM

Do these phones have iTAP?

None of the Motorola spec pages for the V8, V9 and V9m mention if these phones have iTAP. I'm a big fan of iTAP so I was wondering if this phone has it and if so, what version? I think the latest version is 6.3.
motorola phones have never had any other kind of predictive text entry technology but itap. these ones surely aren't any different.
iTAP is Motorola's name for T9.

May 16, 2007, 2:44 PM


I'm in need of a new phone with Verizon, and was strongly considering the Maxx. Everyone seems to be really big on this phone. As a phone only, what makes the v9 so much better? I don't care much about the camera, mp3, etc. Is this really that much better and worth waiting for? Any info is appreciated.
if you just want a phone why would you be interested in the MAXXve? your stating a double standard in saying you want a phone that doesnt need to have a camera mp3 ect. yet are looking at phones that offer those options- i would sugest to you a Audiov...
When you look at the detailed specs of each specific RAZR2 model, you'll see that most of the nice features only exist on the V9 GSM version, not the the V9m CDMA version.

225 Mhz processor
65K color screen
Bluetooth 1.2

May 15, 2007, 10:31 AM

Say What You Will, But Stats Don't Lie

Over 50 Million units sold 😲 . You can Razr bash all you like, but the fact of the matter is that the v3 is one of the most revolutionary cell phones of all time. Look at the market as it stands today, every cell phone manufacture is doing their best to have their Razr look-a-like with mixed results. It may seem as though the Razr hater crowd is larger than usual, consider this, When 3% of 50,000,000 is 1,500,000.
Yeah, stats don't lie but they can mislead.

Motorola has sold 50 million RAZRs and spawned copycats from every other manufacturer out there. But why were they able to do that? Because nothing like the RAZR had ever been seen before! Do they real...
http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2007/05/07/nokias-1100 ... »

I guess by your logic, the nokia 1100 is revolutionary as well. đŸ¤Ŗ đŸ¤Ŗ
Wow, as both a Verizon dealer and an investor in the stock market can I just say how badly you seem to be missing the mark with this line of reasoning?

Units "sold" don't mean diddly if they are giving them away. Flooding the market with a phone ha...
While I may not share the exact same point of view as the Eliminator, he does make a strong case. I dont want to hear from all the Nokia fanboys about my next comment so you should stop reading here. The Razr2/V8/V9....puke
.........will not get the same recognition as its predessor nor will it appeal to all existing V3 users. I myself purchased the Razr when it first launched and have had 8 or so replacements since. But like myself, many consumers purchased this phone b...
the problem with the razr is that its a hit or miss phone ... i've seen people go through quite a few of them before they finally buried and got something better ... on the flip side i've seen people beat the hell out of it and it still runs strong .....
25 million were waranty replacements đŸ¤Ŗ

May 15, 2007, 10:19 PM

looks like KRZR?

I have the KRZR. This looks like a cross btwn the KRZR and RAZR?
inurface said:
I have the KRZR. This looks like a cross btwn the KRZR and RAZR?
I totally agree with you but with a little bit of the HIDEOUSLY UGLY RAZR Maxx thrown in....lol 😛

May 17, 2007, 9:48 AM

U.S. Cellular?

I think this phone looks Awesome 🙂 . Does anyone know if it will be coming to U.S. Cellular? I know it's coming for 3 different networks. Which gets me to think it will.
The King of Kingz

May 15, 2007, 8:32 PM

1 Question

WIll the V9m have the 2gig memory or the microsd slot?
The V9m will have 60-70 MB of built-in memory available to the user, and the microSD card slot for up to 2GB additional memory.

May 16, 2007, 4:53 AM

What about the Moto Q8/9, ROKR Z6, and SLDR Z8?

Not to nitpick or anything, but Moto announced 4 (four) phones yesterday, so why are you only showcasing one of them?

Don't get me wrong, the new RAZR is cool and all, but I'm also interested in the other three models they announced, especially the Z8. It comes fully loaded with a full length copy of The Borne Identity, and it's supposedly this multimedia powerhouse they have been hyping for the last two weeks, so where is all the info guys?
They're not new phones. They were all announced months ago at other trade shows, and we covered them in depth at the time.

The Z8 is definitely not for the US, but we covered it at 3GSM:

https://www.phonescoop.com/articles/3gsm_2007/index. ... »...

May 15, 2007, 1:13 PM

V9 old "synergy"?!!?

Wait hold on...wai...
Yep, my desire to have this phone is gone.

what other phone uses synergy?

May 15, 2007, 10:27 AM

Please no....

Thinner with a 2MP camera, video calling, and a larger screen? Other than that, it sounds to me like the old RAZR. đŸ˜ĸ
Sorry, that wasn't very nice. I should give Motorola more credit than that.
The King of Kingz

May 15, 2007, 8:15 PM

what to do

Will run carrier branded interfaces and is expected at the end of summer.

Once again will have VZW UI if you agree in my pain and sorrow plz sign my page

sry the link is


May 15, 2007, 10:28 AM

Noise Cancellation Technology?

Anyone know anything about this little feature?
I would think it would work like the noise cancellation on a bluetooth headset, meaning it should filter out background noise on your end so the person you're talking to should be able to hear you better.

Now whether this is actually going to work ...
They way the demo sounded, it seemed more like automatic volume control... like it just gets louder when it hears lots of background noise.

That's just what the pre-recorded demo video sounded like, though. I didn't have time to ask more about it o...

May 15, 2007, 4:11 PM

Beatiful physical design...

...but also "Who cares?"

May 15, 2007, 12:54 PM

A reluctant admission but...

I'm sorry to say, being a long-time moto-hater as a dev for both J2ME and BREW, that this phone actually looks really slick in person. The vibration sucks and unless they do something about it you'll never feel it in your pocket, but the screens and shape of this phone are incredible. Guessing that it'll cost something like $500 when it comes out, based on what is going into it.
Personally, I think $500 is too much, maybe $400.

May 15, 2007, 10:55 AM


Is the Razr2 the Lazr or are they 2 different phones?

same phone
Wireless Buddy

May 15, 2007, 2:41 PM

Successor to RAZR?

Jeez, how many successors will the RAZR have? Let's count them:


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