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T-Mobile Switches Focus With New Tagline, Plans

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Oct 1, 2006, 5:57 PM   by (staff)

T-Mobile has dropped their "Get More" tagline and campaign, relaunching their website with a new "Stick Together" tagline and a web 2.0 look. Along with the new campaign, the carrier is launching a new set of calling plans called My Faves. The My Faves plans offer unlimited calls to five numbers, regardless of what carrier they are on. My Faves plans require subscribers to have compatible phones, as an application on the phone is used to choose and manage favorites as well as to contact them. A majority of T-Mobile's current and popular recent phones are compatible with the My Faves application.


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This forum is closed.


Oct 1, 2006, 9:58 PM


😁 Ok people...here is how this works. On the single line plans if you want the MyFaves...it will be $10 more....such as the 39.99 gets you 600 min with unlimited nights/weekends...well for 39.99 on my faves...will get you 300 minutes with the unlimited nights/weekends...so just start at the bottom and at $10 for the MyFaves. It will also work on the family plans BUT...no unlimited M2M...if you want that it will be an extra $9.99 for the account and will cover up to 5 lines. The 5 can be changed every month and will not do 800/900/ or international #'s. You HAVE to get a MyFaves phone for this to work...which to me kinda does screw the customer who has a good old phone. The Pearl is a myFaves but some good data phones are not. To me th...
So, in other words, it sounds like they didn't really do too good of a job in trying to compete with Alltel's My Circle plan -- www.alltelcircle.com

For a good laugh, on the AlltelCircle site, click on the T-Mobile guy (far right) in the website he...
The article says you have to use the application on the phone to change favorites as well as contact them. So you're dialing through the application instead of using the keypad? Is this a form of VOIP?
I thought you could only change 1 number per month????????
What phones have the MyFaves interface? Which phones will be getting it in the future that do not have it now? Will the V195 have it?
wrong you just need a myfaves phones to set it up after that you can ditch the phone and use a regular phone. this may be a glitch but it worked on my BB 8700
this all sounds nice and neat but the bottom line is... their service is horrid so what good is it?

Oct 4, 2006, 9:24 AM

I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My faves does work with all phones

if you guys want to get my faves and you have a 8700 or an MDA or non supported data device you are in luck. I work for said company and I was playing around with the Dash last week( horrible phone btw lag time rivals a retarded elderly grandma) and I added my faves to my employee plan. Now this is where it gets tricky. My normal phone is a 8700 so when i put my sim back in the non my faves supported phone i expected that feature to be rendered useless. I was wrong all the numbers I added were listed on my bill as my faves calls. The only glitch i saw was that trying to add additional numbers may get messed up. I tried it online and I got a message saying that they could not send a message to my phone confirming the addition to a numb...
Well, sounds pretty lame if you cant change people AND you need a device to start it. Not much of a glitch...

Oct 3, 2006, 11:37 AM

Nobody Want's to Copy Cingular's ROLLOVER

With all the new trends, carriers copying each others promotions, it's funny that no one has tried to copy Cingular's rollover. So many companies bank on the fact that 85% of there customers will go over their anytime minutes over the length of their contracts. That's why ROLLOVER is the best value in wireless. 🙂
Cingular has the lockdown and exclusive patent for "Rollover" that's why no other wireless company can use it.

It similar to when Verizon picked up "Push to Talk" Nextel's exclusive patent for 2 way was up Verizon signed a deal to use it.
The Rollover is great but I don't know about best value. You have to sign up for 2 years for something that expires after one year. (Unused Anytime Minutes expire after the 12th billing period.)And if you change your plan or add a line they expire as ...
Wireless Buddy

Oct 1, 2006, 6:20 PM

"Get More" was cooler...

Stick Together? Thats just dumb.
I totally agree. But if they wanted a new slogan, I think this one would work:

T-Mobile, We've Got You Covered."
Wireless Buddy said:
Stick Together? Thats just dumb.

Why? Because YOU say so? We'll all make up our own minds, thanks.

This is no dumber than any other cellular tagline we've heard over the years.

Oct 2, 2006, 12:23 PM

I don't get it

its just one sided right? meaning its unlimited only for the person with tmobile service right. for example if i have the may fav thing and im calling a verizon number the verizon user will still be using their reg mins, correct?
Yes... whats your point?? even with mobile to mobile... if the other person doesnt have that in their plan then it is only one-sided as well... why would u complain though?? you're not paying for the calls... how in the hell would it work for both sid...
True, but it works with landlines and Voip lines as well so if you call those types of numbers alot it wouldn't matter to the other user.

Oct 2, 2006, 5:58 PM

Looks like T-mobile is copying Alltel

Looks like T-mobile is getting a little worried by Alltel's MY CIRCLE campaign. I still think this is a great thing for T-Mobile to do, and Verizon definitely needs to do something like this, they offer the least amount of minutes out of any of the national and regional carriers.
Maybe not, T-Mobile's been working on this for close to 18 months now mainly because this plan requires certain phones with a new user interface on the main screen. Plus they released it to test markets about the same time as Alltel anyways. I just go...
Alltel rushed this out to market too quickly and, hence, had a lot of problems and bugs. T-Mobile came up with the idea first but took it's time to ensure the best experience possible is provided to the customer.
* Plans start @ $40
* Unlimited calling to myFaves on any network or number even while roaming
* You get 5 individual myFaves for each line on a family plan, for a maximum of 25 total numbers
* myFaves can be changed once a month and effec...

Oct 2, 2006, 1:19 PM

Staying ahead of the curve...

The new site looks great. And I think these new plans will draw a lot of new interest for Tmobile...just as they get the new spectrum needed to REALLY shake things up.

Tmobile's on the verge of becoming a MAJOR pain in the ass to CinguATT and Verizon. 'Bout time, too.
I agree

Oct 1, 2006, 6:34 PM

HOT HOT Damn!!!

unlimited calls to five numbers, regardless of what carrier that is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

This will open the window to all those who want to bail on their current carrier but are bound to them by using to many mobile to mobile minutes. I like the things tmobile is doing, this is truly unique and an absolutely fantastic idea...plus with their new spectrum T-Mobile is doing very well.

Any idea on time frame?

Just looked on the site looks like GAME ON. wow
even Land-line numbers 😳
before anyone tries to point out alltel and their my circle thing< i don't really even count them 😛 cuz well they don't even offer service in WA, plus even if they did tmobile has allot more going for them 😁
with this My Faves thing.. do they still have free mobile to mobile with other tmobile peeps? no right?
Umm...this isn't quite up the uniqe alley, yet. SunCom has been doing this for 10 customers for about 6 months, and Alltel has been doing it for 10 customers for maybe 4 months.
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