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Apple Delivers iPhone

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Jan 10, 2007, 5:58 PM

just curious!

Twisted Evil

..but how many of you are already in two year contracts when this ipohne comes out. is anyone breaking their contract to get this phone? or doing something sneakier??!!!
haha im breaking my tmobile contract when this comes around for sure...

Jan 10, 2007, 4:02 PM


Evil or Very Mad

my contract with verizon is up a month before this comes out. this phone is tempting but i have decided no for the following reasons.

1. no 3g?

2.if i lost it i would kill myself!not only would i lose my cell phone but my ipod and pda all in one!!!!


i understand the gsm preference for those who go out of the states but I'm staying with verizon. maybe they have there problems but with them i can actually make phone calls with out bending into yoga like positions to get reception. i'm sorry i love apple , love ipods but cingular...dea...
ya but the problem is fixed cingular doesnt have a lot of dropped calls..actually they have the fewest of any network now, and now they are back to being with AT&T, and if u did lose your phone, just make sure you have insurance on it, or i beleive ap...

Jan 10, 2007, 5:32 PM


please people relax, we have 6 months until this phone is out, look at it its not finished you can tell the back of thephone is not finished it will change im sure, i strongly beleive steve jobs displayed this phone in time for fixes before launch date, i wouldnt be surprised if he surfed this channel in the next 4 months to get ideas from people like me and you to make this phone better

about 3g, please people enough about this, 3g is a bad idea right now our network in the US sucks with 3g it hardly covers more than 10% of land, so its pointless, and the battery usage is going to be like 30min-1hour of talk time..screw that

and for the osx, jobs clearly points out its a full osx and apps are allowed to be downloaded to the phone so s...

Jan 10, 2007, 6:15 AM

This phone has a long way to go

I love Macs and Ipods and in my opinion apple is one of the most amazing companies in the world. that being said this phone is an overpriced shadow of what the iphone should have been.

this phone will run on cingulars sub par data service and does not allow you to download from i tunes directly to the phone, at lease if i read the information at apple correctly. even if you could however because of cingulars data service it would take several hours and waste a battery that you cant even replace yourself. uber inteligent.

now lets take a look at the UI on the phone. innovative and amazing yes? yes. if it works. im reminded of a simpsons episode (were sorry the fingers you have used to dial are too fat to obtain a special dialing wand pl...
well, to address a couple of your points..
1. this is rev1 device..the sync with itunes is merely a software update away - syncing via wifi would be fine - ala itv .. also its an ipod - you can plug it in like any normal ipod..and you can see how ha...

Jan 9, 2007, 3:22 PM

Fingerprints anyone!

The screen would drive me absolutely crazy if it gets full of fingerprints. Is there some special glass or plastic thats fingerprint resistant and they're hopefully using?
Jobs is a notorious perfectionist, so I'd guess they're using something that cuts down on the fingerprints problem. But I doubt anything eliminates it entirely- don't see how that'd be possible. Confused

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Jan 10, 2007, 3:14 PM

A message from my Cingular rep.

a few intersting items in there:

  • Cingular and Apple have an exclusive multi-year partnership to create revolutionary wireless products
  • iPhone will be available in the U.S. beginning in June 2007 in a 4-gigabyte model for $499 — and in an 8-gigabyte model for $599.
  • It will work in combination with Apple's iTunes running on either a PC or Mac
  • As per the agreement with Apple, there will be no corporate discount pricing available – in fact, there will be no discounts on these devices at all through any channel
    iPhone will be available in Cingular retail stores, at www.cingular.com, and will be offered through Cingular’s direct mail/direct response channels in June 2007; The iPhone will also be available in Apple st
  • ...
    thank you haha if we only knew if cingular will come out with a special cheaper data plan like the sidekick has with tmobile...

    Jan 10, 2007, 4:02 AM

    No Apple 3G + Nokia hypocrisy = two crass companies

    Nokia's VP of NSeries devices, Mr. Pohjakallio has the nerve to be surprised no 3G is offered on this phone(see engadetmobile story)? Hmmm, maybe some Nokia Big shot would do us the favor of releasing ANY S60 phone (or other Nokia smartphone/mediaphone)here in the states with a 3G (UMTS 850/1900) radio. After doing so, this might not be so much of the pot calling the kettle black. Until then, keep your trap shut, Finny.

    As a Mac owner, and Nokia owner (6682) I'd be first in line to buy a 3G phone from either company that offered a good web browser and good sync operations with my home computer. Until this day arrives, may both these companies be damned.

    p.s.-Mr Jobs-A small device that can download music wirelessly, and connect to the ...
    No, no,
    They give the general American public what they deserve. A sub-par product that COULD have been great but is still priced as if it were a technological breakthrough.

    Why bundle all the greatest ideas into ONE product if they can break up e...

    Jan 9, 2007, 4:53 PM

    Will the wifi work without subscribing to Cingular?

    I use Sprint, and we have a great plan, so I won't be switching carriers. BUT, since it has built in wifi, can't we use it on wireless networks and use ichat and such? I know it's alot, but I would pay 500 for it.Another option might be to just subscribe to their $20 unlimited data plan, with no min.
    there is no $20 data plan with out voice. the smartphone connect requires voice. the chepeast stand alone data plan is $44.99 pda connect.
    That's 500 with a 2 year agreement. Just a couple of cents to throw into the pile.
    The WIFI should work without a cingular plan, as the WIFI does not go over the Cingular data or voice network.

    Jan 9, 2007, 5:25 PM

    I would like to point out the obvious lack of 3g

    I could not conceder this device unless wifi was the major way of getting on the net. edge is old technology I bet the reason why apple choice to sell it this way is so that they can sell one device worldwide hopefully they will offer a evdo cdma device I can use on verizon until then I cant conceder it, and for all you cdma haters the technology evolution from gsm is cdma (wcdma) world wide so get over it
    Dont worry, this is the first release of the phone.
    You will see changes to it over the first months of its release. EDGE is fine for the bulk of what it needs to do.
    at 500$ for 4gb and 600$ for 8gb
    I dont think it will set world on fire, yet.
    We don't hate cdma [at least I don't] we like the freedom we get with our phones on gsm.

    Verizon strips out too many features from their phones and you can't buy and unlock cdma phone.

    I don't care what you call it. Allow me to use all features ...
    Obviously, there will be updated iPhones coming out in the future, letting Apple sell $500 device over and over again to early adopters. Adding HSDPA isn't probably a huge challenge for now, but hey, Apple should have something to annouce for Christma...
    I is so obvious why do you have to point it out? And somewhere in the press releases and analyses yesterday I saw that this is something that surely will be remedied soon.

    Jan 9, 2007, 2:31 PM


    4GB model will be 499 with 2 year contract
    8GB model will be 599 with 2 year contract
    How much will this new phone be without a two year contract for those people who already have cingular?
    Actuall, I'm pretty sure there will be no discounts for this phone, so it will be the 499.99 for 4 GB and 599.99 for 8GB - no break for a 2 year service agreement.

    Jan 10, 2007, 12:31 AM

    Do people really like the idea of no buttons?

    I think its a cool concept on paper, but in real use it may suck. My biggest gripe with phones like the razr is the flat keypad, because I can't feel the buttons. I have a xv6700 and I hate dialing from the touch screen. Even if Apple improved the touch screen, I can't see it being that much better.
    it has the multi-touch pad...if you watch the keynote it says its completely reliable and very safe at not mis-keying letters, it is very precise and doesnt make mistakes it practically knows what you want to type, its also predictive that may help..i...
    I'll miss that feedback definitely. No more walking talking and texting...or dialing and driving.

    Jan 10, 2007, 5:26 AM

    Comparison to other smartphones

    Just saw the keynote,Steve Jobs got me at the Scrooling ability.So speechless,no one saw that one coming.
    Besides the lack of 3G on it,this phone makes The Nokia Nseries look like crap.
    But than it's just a matter of time when other manufacturers start copying just like they did with the razr.

    Jan 9, 2007, 5:48 PM

    poor cdma

    guess the good guys can't always win Crying or Very sad
    Give it time. I'm sure either the iPhone or some knockoff thereof will come to CDMA eventually. No reason to go with a bad carrier, if GSM is not great in your area.

    Jan 9, 2007, 9:39 PM

    Verizon will respond with LG Sentinel.

    true true and anyway this phones will be realeased cdma also so relax geeks Laughing
    That's a pathetic response/comparison. Sorry, it just is.
    I'm sure there will be many copycat iPhones coming out in the future, since its form facter is kinda new. But I think it would have to be as usable and reliable as iPhone to compete. Just having the same form factor and list of technologies probably i...

    Jan 9, 2007, 11:49 PM

    Already on the front page on Cingulars website...lol

    .. I mean hello it's not coming out for 6 months! I guess this is the ONLY thing Cingular has going for them..

    Besides that, phone looks cool, i wonder what the battery life will be like and how it holds up to being dropped and the typical cell phone abuse.... also will wireless phone protection be available on this device... so many questions!? oh well more to come eh.
    well apple is apple..not cingular, apple claims to control everything and anything to do with the phone besides its network (calls/text/date/etc) all support will be handled in a apple store or sent in for repair like any of their other products, whic...

    Jan 10, 2007, 12:21 AM

    Playstation phone coming?

    yaaaa...thats a stupid idea

    Jan 9, 2007, 11:30 PM

    External Memory??

    so i understand it has either 4gb or 8gb itnernal memory like the nano, but what about any external memory is that an option like an SD card? what do they mean when they say it has 4gb and 8gb Flash memory included, that mean available sd ports or what??

    Jan 9, 2007, 4:30 PM

    Screw IPhone! Make this the iPod G6

    I think this thing is pretty goddamn cool but I've been waiting for a touchscreen PVP with Wifi and this is basically that. So i say instead of watching a vid on a 2.5 in. screen iPod why not get rid of the phone features on this thing and keep the wifi, touch screen, and vid playback and give it a respectable hard drive and we got something here.
    I know people would like to integrate their pocket buddies but hey this would be a sick PVP and is this coming from THE iPod Hater....
    itll come im sure just wait...probably be comin around summer just watch

    Jan 9, 2007, 5:47 PM


    will this device be stereo bluetooth?
    Yes, Stereo bluetooth.
    This phone does everything.
    Except feed, bathe and raise your kids.

    Jan 9, 2007, 6:08 PM


    I'm just hatin' on Cingular. But hot damn it that's b.s.!! Although I would more be about thinking about buying the phone than actually doing it, I would at least like the optiion. Oh, I have T-MObile. How many new cingualr customers do you think are coming over!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    haha i have tmobile too.....but let me tell you when im in line for that iPhone at cingular..ill make sure im on the other line with tmobile cancelling my service and porting my phone number....;) no chance in hell i would miss this phone just for som...
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