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printed November 27, 2015
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE)


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So far so good...


Dec 16, 2011 by m4ttyb

I've been very impressed so far in my first 24 hours of owning this phone. The screen is huge and Netflix streaming looks spectacular and plays without a glitch on the LTE network.

I will say that the battery life is questionable. After my first full charge it only lasted about 7 hours, granted this was following heavy use. The facial rcognition feature is great and cool to show off to other people, but im not sure how practical it is...Takes a few seconds to read your face and dim lighting gives you no chance.

I might sound negative but I'm overall very happy with this phone and would recommend it to others - yes over the iPhone.

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Great phone, horrible battery


Dec 16, 2012 by johnnj2003   updated May 4, 2013

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

I had my Verizon GNex for 2 month.
I had the standard battery and I had an extended battery
(Hyperion 3800mAh) and with the extended it just about lasted all day.

I like everything else about the phone, pure android was awesome, the screen was sharp.

But I cannot get over the horrible battery life.
Someone in quality control had their eyes closed when testing this phone.

I wanted to like the phone but due to the battery life I want to punch someone at Samsung in the face.

With the standard battery, it lasts about 4 hours. maybe 6 hours if you dont touch the phone.

PRO - pure android
- Sharp screen detail
- nice shape and design , feels great in hand
- just the right size.
- snappy OS response

CON - Unacceptable battery life
- Phone gets VERY hot,
battery must be pulled to
stop it from heating up
- you can see the vertical lines in
the OLED screen

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Nexus!!! Great!


Aug 17, 2012 by noiisyboi88

This phone is amazing. I love it. I was deciding on the galaxy s3...f dat haha. Props to the developers, Samsung and Google dev phone!! Ready for jellybean!

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Overall a good phone for a "big screen" fanatic but Im not impressed


May 23, 2012 by anni77777

The large screen is nice and bright, resolution is good. I see a lot of people complain about the 5MP camera, which in all reality doesnt really shoot worse images than an 8MP. Only if you blow them up larger than an 8x10 will you see a difference. Im sure thats part of the reason why Samsung didnt put an 8MP camera on here. The Verizon LTE internet is amazingly fast, considering I ported to an employee Verizon line from an Employee Sprint line! The difference is impeccable!! Although the network and data itself if very fast, I have had several issues with apps "forcing close" such as Pandora and even the camera. I switched from the Galaxy S II from Sprint and although the internet and network wasnt as good, the phone was a little better I.M.H.O

Pros: large screen
form fitting design
good sound
ICS woo woo woo all the rage (not really lol)

battery life
apps forcing close
not the best texting intergration
was expecting a 16MP camera lol but 5 is ok
camera editing in-phone features a little tricky to use

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Had for a month, here is my review


Jan 28, 2012 by gentner8

I am giving this phone a rating of 4 because it is still a 4g LTE phone with some issues.

Huge beautiful screen with high resolution. It ranks up there with the retina display.

The standard battery has impressed me. I use the phone often, but Im not a junkie that has to have it in my hand all the time. I get plenty of power out of it with time to spare. I usually upgrade to an extended battery. Dont feel the need to with this one.

ICS is sweet. I occasionally have a glitch from weatherbug, but its not a major concern. Ulike other phones, I love being able to uninstall the garbage verizon feels we need on the phone.

The ability to shut down running programs easily without and added task killer program.

RECEPTION: This will fall under both categories. Locally, I do not have 4G, so I have found it works great when I keep the phone in 3G mode. Just yesterday, I drove down a road that I have never been able to keep a call connected all the way through, and this phone did not skip a beat. Yes, the signal does not show to be as strong in bars or DB's, but real world it works just as good as anything I have ever used. ( I buy 3-4 phones a year FYI)
ICS did away with the ability to select all and delete all emails easily. I have to select them individually like the iphone.

4G to 3G hand-off this is still a problem, but I think all the 4G phones have issues. I guess it is the growing pains of the next level. It will still drop connection once in awhile, but no where near the frequency of the Bionic it replaced.

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Jan 21, 2012 by FknTwizted

First I give it a 4 because there is always room for improvement.

- 4.65" screen makes watching videos nicer and to boot the resolution is always been samsungs strong point.
- responsive and smooth
- googles starting to get the reason why people choose the iphone because the UI is pretty.. ics does that functional and pretty
- design just feels good in the hands.
- unlock-able boot-loader (for you rooters out there you know what i mean)

- Camera is solid and was hoping for a higher resolution but, not a deal killer yet on the Pro side it has zero lag when snapping multiple pictures in a row.
- Speaker could be a bit louder... i have a hard time hearing some video's audio and i had to make my ring-tones a couple decibels louder to actually hear it from my pocket

but overall this is a solid phone and I must say that I'm Not a huge fan of Samsung to the fact I shy away but since it was a nexus and googles finger is on this i went for it and haven't looked back!

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A review from someone who's had the phone more then 24 hrs.


Jan 1, 2012 by klinger1108

I got this phone on release date, dec 15, and have been pretty happy with the overall expirence. I've read a lot of reviews about this phone from people who have only played with it in the store or kept it less then 24 hrs. You shouldn't write a review until you've had it at least a week, that way you can get use to the OS, the battery has time to charge properly and you use all the features the phone has to offer. Here's my breakdown:
*screen is responsive and crisp
*UI is a nice improvment and very intuitive
*phone calls are loud and clear
*processor works fast, multi tasking is a breeze
*camera (while not perfect) has nice features and offers lots of options
*extended battery makes it easy to get 18 hrs without making your phone a brick.
*power and volume controls are easy to access
*FINALLY they got it right!! A charging port on the bottom of the phone, where they all should be.

*no sd card. while not a deal breaker, its much easy to plug one in and have all your pics, music, videos etc right away.
*no HDMI out port
*battery door is a joke
*signal seems weaker but I have yet to not connect to data or phone based only on bars.
*4g is difficult indoors, but I've expirenced that with the razr, rezound, bionic and charge.
*speaker phone is just ok
Overall I'm enjoying this phone and find it to me nearly perfect inspite of some small cons. VZW's 4g has been up and down lately, forcing me to use 3g a lot. Those who rate this phone low have obviously either not given it a chance or have never owned it.

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Nice phone


Dec 21, 2011 by cloud12077

*First Nexus device on Verizon
*First device with Android 4.0 ICS
*Dual Core
*Zero Shutter Lag
*Screen Size (4.65)

*No SD card slot (Google has explained that how 4.0 manages memory is why they excluded the SD card)
*Camera quality isn't the best even with the zero shutter lag
*Random phone restart (Happened to me once and others that I know of. It is not necessarily the phone, but might be a minor software glitch)
*Weight of phone (I am a person that prefers a little bit heavier phone in my pocket so that I know it is still there. This one is a little too light for my taste, but nothing a case didn't fix)

*Signal strength is fine, despite some people claiming there is an issue (might effect certain phones)
*Not all my favorite apps work on 4.0 yet, but that is not the phones fault and I know the developers will eventually update their app.
*100% touch screen. This is neither a pro or a con, but I figured I would add it.

Overall I think this is a really good phone. I really wish there was an SD card slot, since I like the ability to expand my memory. The phone is fast and I only live in a 3G area. I have not had the chance to experience 4G just yet.

If you are a person that likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, then this might be a phone for you.

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Want to love this phone, but


Jan 7, 2012 by crsa3000

I would rate this phone a 5 but I can't. I love the software. ICS and pure google updates are a huge awesome bonus. The screen, and the LTE (when available) make this phone awesome.

My problem is with the phone's signal strength. Yes I know that VZW is going to pump out an update, but I truly can say that I think that this device has a hardware problem, and don't see a software fix doing much.

I can deal with the fact that the LTE network is still being built in my community (Albuquerque) so the spotty coverage with that is understandable. I cannot deal with the fact that this phone has a problem with the audio during calls. My problem is that while I'm in a call, all of a sudden the person on the other end stops receiving clear audio from me. Sometimes they just get silence (like if I muted my phone) and others they hear a bunch of scrambled sounds.

The calls are made in the same places of my previous VZW phones (home/work/driving). I have never had these problems prior to this phone. I have had 3 VZW phones prior to this and have been a loyal customer since 2004.

I will say that VZW customer service has been very accommodating during the time I had this phone. I have complained a bunch of times and the actually have replaced my device 2 times since December 16th making this new one my 3rd. If this one experiences the same problem, they will replace it (I'm sure for a fee but I hope not).

I'd list all pros and cons for this device, but you can find that on the other reviews for this device on this forum so I won't . I agree with all the pros. This phone is truly Awesome, but if I can't make a call that is clear, then I can't keep going down this route. We must remember that as smart as a phone is, it must be a phone first. So far this one has not been one.

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Too Early For This Phone


Jan 7, 2012 by TheLick

They came out with this phone to early. Nothing seems to work right.
Phone acts like it is going into Mute mode and you cant be heard.
3 ext Batteries a day.
Cheap plastic pops on back.
Phone reboots its self off and on
Size is to big
Lousy camera
Screen looks flushed out.

Going back to the iphone 4s until they get it together.

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