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Review: Samsung Omnia II

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This forum is closed.


Dec 16, 2009, 3:58 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Still bummed about the data service requirement

I knew Verizon would have to do something to make sure we couldn't use the WiFi feature for free... so now it's an additional $360 per year if you want this phone... ($30/month over your call plan).

Are there any thin phones that don't require it aside from the LG Chocolate touch?
You aren't being charged for using the WiFi. They're insisting on a data plan for all "smart phones". It's a business. VZW is subsidizing some of the phone cost because most people don't want to pay $400, $500, or more for a phone. You get a disco...

Apr 4, 2010, 7:29 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Has anyone used Windows Connect home?

I know you are suppose to be able to play media files on your Omnia II and connect them to your home network to play on a TV via xbox 360. Does anyone know how???

I've tried reading about it online but could not find much information.


Jan 20, 2010, 5:30 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Omnia II enlarging webpage options?

Is there a way to incrementally enlarge a web page? I double tapped a small font text page to have it enlarge. It ended being a size so big that it was too big and would take too long to scroll around to see the whole page. I played with a Moto Droid on the same web page and a + or - icon comes up so you can increase the size to fit your needs.
I returned my O2, so can't verify this - but as I recall if you hold your finger on the screen for a long second you will get the same + - signs you are talking about. They show up as a faint yellow or white -- depending on the application you're in ...

Jan 7, 2010, 8:54 PM

Flash 9 on Omnia II?

I want to view videos on my Omnia II, such as on Myspace, and lsiten to music on Myspace sites, but get a grey box that says Flash 9 in red...how do I get flash 9 on the Omnia II? Or is that not possible? I need a Omnia II for Dummies guide!!

Dec 19, 2009, 11:19 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Views after 2 weeks

Not knowing I wouldn't be able to edit or submit a 2nd one, I submitted a review before I bought this phone. I've now had it 2 weeks. I might bump my 3.5 rating to 3.75, 4.0 at most. This is a pretty good phone. Much better call quality than the last 2 Palm devices I've had. BT seems to work well w/my 2 yr old Plantronics. Speaker phone is good.
Screen is good for viewing. Touch screen way behind Iphone level - I'm guessing this is mostly b/c of WinMo? Camera laggy. Have to play w/it a lot to find optimal range, zoom etc to get good pictures. Ambient light a big problem. Frustrated with the minimal number of apps or widgets available. MS apps are way overpriced for the most part.
Contact search is really bad. On-screen keyboa...
Took the Omnia back yesterday. I was about over the learning curve issues with WinMo, but had other problems that led to my decision. I needed to be able to sync w/my desktop Outlook contacts and calendar via USB. This required MS ActiveSync, which...

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Dec 15, 2009, 8:34 PM

Phone Scoop Review

Thanks for the detailed review. If you are a VZW customer using an older WinMo 6.1 phone, is this a phone that you would buy now or wait for the nextgen 2010 phones to come out?

It doesn't look to be that responsive, or it seems slow to go through the programs, is that a correct statement?

I figured that I have waited a year and a half for "the phone" from VZW, I thought this would be it but now I am very hesitant and wondering if I should wait a few months or look at a different brand?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
I have my old Omnia Modded to the hilt and absolutely love it! With my custom WinMo 6.5 Rom and Mobile Shell 3.5.2 I see no compelling reason to change as yet. I will wait to see what good Smartphones Verizon will have that will work with LTE when t...

Dec 16, 2009, 12:07 AM

Old Omnia

I'm a power user of the older Omnia. I have a better form of windows mobile 6.5 than this version. Other than the screen, is there really an advantage in upgrading? I know that the specs are better but I'm worried that there won't be the ROM's available for this version to make it worth it.

Dec 7, 2009, 11:59 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

It's weird only 1 review after a few days

I figured there would be a dozen 5.0 ratings after all the chatter from the Omnia 2 fanboys over the last few months. And the 1 review is not from a owner just a tire kicker.
I now have the phone. Picked it up Saturday afternoon. Haven't had time to do a full review yet. I'm not "sold" yet. I did install SPB Mobile Shell, and that made a big difference. TouchWiz sucks. The browser sucks - it's very slow and is a wast...

Dec 10, 2009, 6:13 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Your Omnia II has been shipped!

Woohoo! anticipation is making me wait. I also just installed the SPB Mobile Shell on my Omnia I and it's almost as if I have a new phone. Now if I could just add the OLED, 3.5 jack, 800mhz CPU, and the integrated stylus, to name a few, I'd be able to get at least another year out of this phone. It's not that I have any real complaints about it either. I guess that darn gotta have it bug has bitten me again. I'm still curious as to wether the Omnia II has the flashlight feature as the Omnia I does. Anyone know for sure?
Ive had the phone since 12/4 and I dont believe it has the flashlight feature anymore. I kinda miss having it.

The O2 does take better pictures using flash on the camera though. The flash on the original Omnia gave off way too much light and pictu...

Dec 2, 2009, 11:05 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Can't believe they finally released it

Has anyone seen it yet? Was it worth the wait?
Verizon waited to long I went with the Motorola Droid BEST phone I ever owed better than my Blackberry Windows Mobile is not for me.
I have it. The Swype technology is addicting. The camera is the best I have seen on a phone since the original Omnia. There is a little lag, but its not significant.

I also have the Droid, and i am keeping that phone as well, for the Google Voice ...
I thought the new Omnia was suppose to have a slide out keyboard??? Eh?
Do you still need the extra connector for the radio...I hate that on my Omnia. Also on the Omnia 1, when you are on the phone, you have to push a button to activate the phone controls while you are in a call.

I have also had issues with trying to u...

Dec 3, 2009, 7:17 AM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:


I tried the 1st one but the battery life was just not good enough.
Curious to see how this one will compare to the droid phones and how well they fixed the battery...
edeskins said:
I tried the 1st one but the battery life was just not good enough.
Curious to see how this one will compare to the droid phones and how well they fixed the battery...

Not as good as the Droid battery...

Dec 6, 2009, 2:44 AM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Boy is this one getting lost in the wash

If this thing had come out as late as 3 months ago this forum would be 10 pages long and there would be 50 reviews. Verizon didn't miss out on much since it turns out the Droid is a success, but Samsung lost out big time by this thing not coming out sooner when people were actually excited about it.
There are several reasons for this.

1) For every Windows Mobile phone someone buys, VZW has to pay Microsoft a fee per device. With Android, there is no fee to Google. Therefore, it is more profitable for Verizon to sell the Droid over the Omnia 2,...

Dec 3, 2009, 2:50 PM
over in the "Samsung Omnia II (CDMA)" discussion:

Now I'm really torn between the

HTC Eris and the Samsung Omnia II to replace my aging Palm 650. I like the looks of both phones and will be using it for work e-mails and personal e-mails.

Since I won't be able to use my Palm desktop software which I have used for almost 10 years, I'm now wondering which would provide the best replacement.
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