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AT&T Sues Verizon for 'Map for That' Ads

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Nov 3, 2009, 3:39 PM   by Eric M. Zeman   @phonescooper

AT&T has filed a lawsuit against Verizon Wireless for the "There's a Map for That" advertising campaign, which pokes fun of Apple and AT&T's "There's an App for That" campaign. The heart of the issue is the AT&T 3G coverage map that Verizon Wireless shows in the commercials. AT&T claims that the large holes in the ad suggest that there is no coverage in those regions at all, and misleads consumers to think so. The lawsuit complains, "By communicating that AT&T customers have no coverage in large parts of the country, Verizon is misleading the public about an essential component of the services AT&T offers." The map used by Verizon shows only AT&T's 3G network footprint, and leaves blank spaces where AT&T provides EDGE coverage.

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This forum is closed.


Nov 3, 2009, 6:05 PM

AT&T sues the other three carriers...

for breathing and being in business. I'm beginning to think AT&T is IPCS reborn. Very Happy
sure seems like it! Confused Wink

Nov 3, 2009, 4:53 PM

Quit Whining AT&T

Crying or Very sad
Its about time someone enlightened the world about ATT's terrible 3g coverage. I got the iPhone a year ago and have paid over 300 dollars in data alone but have yet to find a 3g signal, yet my friends on verizon get it everywhere for the same price. ATT needs to get off the teet, there are no copyright infringements in the ads, and they dont directly attack ATT. They didnt say anything about the edge coverage because its weak, no point in kicking ATT while its down. They are just educating people about the difference. They dont have a leg to stand on, the lawsuit is going to fall through the cracks.
AT&T's 3G Network isn't as large a Verizon's, but it's not nearly as large as what Verizon is depicting in their zone. When you bought your iPhone, you could've seen the 3G Coverage area yourself.

Apparently, you haven't visited any major city in t...

Nov 3, 2009, 6:08 PM

Instead of wasting money and suing Verizon

ATT doesn't care about coverage.

They got a hard time about not allowing GV: instead of allowing the service, they sue google.

People poke fun at their (pathetic) coverage, instead of improving it, they sue over WORDING.
sorry to burst your bubble but just in case you haven't gotten the memo.... AT&T isn't that smart Confused

Nov 5, 2009, 1:24 PM

Verizon/Sprint's 3G Coverage on par with AT&T's 2.5G EDGE

Just wanted you all to know that most of the the "3G" coverage that Verizon and Sprint tote around is on par with AT&T's 2.5G EDGE coverage. Also, keep in mind that even the newest revisions of EVDO aren't as fast as AT&T's 3G coverage, and have about the same overall coverage as we do.

Not to mention that on EDGE, I can send/receive SMS and email on my smartphone while I'm in a phone call... something that all of the CDMA carriers in my area cannot do.

Don't believe me? There's Google for that.
Your post is rife w/ ambiguity & misinformation. It is quite a poor post. Bad show, lilbp.

lilbp said:
Just wanted you all to know that most of the the "3G" coverage that Verizon and Sprint tote around is on par with AT&T's 2.
On EDGE u cannot do voice and data at the same time however on 3G you can.

Nov 3, 2009, 5:02 PM

I am not...

I am not partial to either one, I do have att I live in Alabama and they DO NOT have 3G in my area, but Verizon's map shows that they do, so I decided to give them a try, and when the phone arrived in the mail two days later, I had them activated and I did not have but about one bar of service and did not have any 3G service and my friends could not here me and could not here them very well either.This is not to put down Verizon or brag on att this is just the way it is for me. I sent them back and stayed with att.I wish it had not turned out like this cause I really wanted 3G at my house and att dont have it here either the only difference it att does not claim to have it here and Verizon does.
I can see that based on Verizon's Maps.

Nov 3, 2009, 8:23 PM

Even Sprint has More 3G Coverage than AT&T!

Yes, it's true. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. Btw, I am referring to EVDO Rev. A, not 1X. I haven't seen Tmobile's updated maps...but I'm sure they're not far behind AT&T.
In terms of 3G Coverage, in order from most to least is as follows:

1. Verizon
2. Sprint
3. AT&T
4. T-Mobile
I agree. AT&T should be whining when their 3G coverage is larger only to T-Mobile. I mean, T-Mobile! Shocked

AT&T is mad because Verizon took the #1 spot.

Just wait till the Storm 2 (which is already released), Motorola Droid, HTC Droid, and maybe...
Remember...Sprint and Verizon use their roaming agreements when they show you their 3G coverage maps. AT&T is really the only major GSM provider in the US. And since T-Mobile only recently turned on their 3G network, AT&T has had to build their 3G net...
C'mon- the only one that cares and debates it are the kids on phone scoop.
If the AT&T network really sucked that bad and data experience was crap, why did they post their best ever quarter for net adds and best ever for churn.
AT&T has the lowes...

Nov 4, 2009, 5:22 AM

Verizon's Next Commercial

If Verizon wanted to slam AT&T again (but without the lawyers) this is how their next commercial should go...

A man with a map of Verizon's coverage on one side of him and a map of AT&T's coverage on the others. His opening line should go...

"Hi Im a Verizon customer because I want the most out of the money I spend. I studied these maps between Verizon", (he points to the Verizon's network), "and their leading competitor." Points to at&t's network. "they looked the same till I did this" removes the voice aspect of the maps and now only shows the 3G coverage. "why would I spend $30 on data for 3G speeds with at&t, when I can't even use it wherever I go?"

The camera zooms in to just him and the Verizon 3G map
"I chose Verizon becau...
Good show, murmermer. You & I agree on next to nothing. But your proposed VZW commercial hits the nail on the head.

I have little love for either VZW or AT&T, as they unfairly dominate the domestic wireless landscape. However, fierce competition...

Nov 3, 2009, 7:43 PM

A few points to consider

First off, this is Verizon's first real "cheap shot" advertising campaign if you will. For years Verizon has touted the reliability and strength of it's network. There is no mystery, after Q3 results, Verizon took it on the chin from Iphone sales and AT&T pretty much running their business successfully. That's not to say Verizon didn't run their business successfully. Still one of the most profitable companies out there, they simply didn't outpace the competition like normally.

So, que the low blows to AT&T. Some things to consider though

- Verizon knew this was coming. A company this well managed does not launch an aggressive campaign without a solid defense. By the time we see changes if any to the ad campaign, their objective will...
this was a great post. i work for at&t customer service and you basically hit home on a lot of things pertaining to this debacle. however i would like to add one thing to your thread, at&t has about 2,000 more cell cites than verizon and growing. not...

Nov 4, 2009, 11:04 AM

Voice and Data at the same time

Lets see the VZW map for that. At least ATT would have some there. We will see.

This is competition at its finest. In the end no one is going to win. VZW is digging hard because they can't pull ppl in with "the cool phone".

Anyone who sells this stuff knows we are a million times ahead of regional coverage and some carriers are better in other areas, leaving no choice but for the most part ppl go with "cool" or who their friends have.
LTE = voice and data at the same time, or anywhere you have wifi.

Nov 3, 2009, 4:27 PM

The thing that gets me is

Verizon calls it 3g. I don't consider average speeds of 350k 3g.

Every company has a magic marker that "expands" their actual coverage.
AT&T should claim 3G anywhere where there's EDGE then Laughing Now, the maps wouldn't be that different, would them?

Nov 4, 2009, 11:31 AM


Only two pages? I was expecting so much more from you guys. AT&T and Verizon NEED you to defend them. Now get back in there and fight!

Nov 4, 2009, 5:05 AM

AT&T's EDGE Network Coverage is USELESS Anyway

As a former AT&T customer using an iPhone, I can definitely say for sure that AT&T's EDGE network Internet access is far SLOWER than the dial-up connection that I am using right now. Therefore, it is useless. I hope AT&T loses the suit.

Nov 3, 2009, 10:16 PM

AT&T Fanboys need to stop misleading about this lawsuit

The lawsuit has nothing to do with the coverage or even directly about the maps. The complaint is very narrowly defined as "misrepresenting the voice and data coverage offered by AT&T to confuse viewers into believing there is no service beyond 3G". AT&T even says in the complaint "We have no quarrel with Verizon advertising its larger 3G network". Additionally, there is nothing wrong with VZW's map or you would have had FCC complaints, other lawsuits, and consumer rights groups crying foul years ago. There are just a lot of haters out there that need to open their eyes and stop looking at things through a stained glass.
It's quite a stretch to imply that there is no coverage at all, as the whole ad is solely about 3G and not once mentions voice on either ends. In fact, the ad is quite specific about high speed and slow speed, not high speed and nothing at all.

Nov 3, 2009, 3:48 PM

I seen that coming

I seen that coming awhile back ago. Funny things, Verizon never mention anything other than 3G. I dont see this going any where. Good luck AT&T on this lawsuit. I still believe Verizon is going to come on top!!!
"Want to sue Verizon for misleading the heep? There's an App for that"
That's exactly what I am thinking. I am an Apple fan boy and I thought the commercial was hilarious. Verizon called out AT&T and you're right, they only called them out on the 3G coverage and only mentioned 3G. In stead of filing a lawsuit, maybe AT&T...

Nov 3, 2009, 11:48 PM


How many times is AT&T going to sue Verizon this year?

Nov 3, 2009, 11:34 PM

I was wondering when AT&T would start...

...bitching about this.

I guess they aren't up for any more negative publicity considering the iPhone fiasco.

Nov 3, 2009, 4:03 PM

Verizon's Maps are also wrong as well...

Verizon Wireless is also making misleading claims regarding their 3G Coverage.

I can tell you firsthand they do not have the "seamless coverage" they illustrate along the southeastern United States, especially along the coast.

The irony too is that in this market Verizon Wireless's 2G/Voice coverage is inferior to AT&T's as well.
Sure there are dead spots. Same out here in NE/SD. The maps are accurate inasmuch as the fine print says "maps contain areas of no service and are not a guarantee of service." But EVERY carrier's map has that disclaimer.
I'd be interested in knowing where that spot is. I consistently travel along the coast from places like Virginia Beach to Wilmington, NC, Charleston, Savannah, and down to Jacksonville and i've never had issues with vzw coverage. Either way, maps are ...

Nov 3, 2009, 4:45 PM


It's funny how Apple can slam Microsoft in every commercial they have but as soon as someone slams them they sue. I know it was AT&T that sued but you know apple probably had something to do with it.

btw the phonescoop forum layout is terrible. They gotta change this crap

1) Tends to avoid mentioning Microsoft by name. Usually refers to "Vista..." or "PC..." generic terms.

2) Apple likely had nothing to do with it.

3) Duhhhhh
4. Cor315 it's funny you have only been on the phonescoop site registered since Sep 2009 and are quick to judge the sites layout like you do. They must be doing something right I was on AT&T'S point of sale system and what would you know they have a l...

Nov 3, 2009, 3:56 PM


Those commercials make it very clear that they are referring to AT&T's 3G coverage and not their entire cell network coverage. I can't believe that AT&T is even considering spending the money on a lawsuit that they are going to lose.
I don't think they are worried about losing money on a lawsuit, they want those damaging commercials to stop.
Actually, Verizon Wireless makes it seem that the phones do not work in the 2G Coverage zones.
If AT&T doesn't like the commercials maybe they should...I don't know...IMPROVE their 3G service. It clearly states in the commercial that VZW is talking about 3G services and not services in general. Quit whining AT&T and do something about it. Ot...
it doesnt matter the commercial is a lie they dont have that much 3g coverage no one does and att maps does have more 3g coverage than that map on the commercial get an updated map and you will find out. all in all verizon and att are both over rated ...

Nov 3, 2009, 5:24 PM

What Goes Around.....

This is funny because Verizon (whom I love and have great service with)sued AT&T over their best coverage ads a few years ago citing that they did not have the best coverage in the US. Thus making AT&T take their commercials off the air and changing to "worldwide" which cost them millions...commercials aren't cheap. This lawsuit will probably yield the same results due to the implications....people...what you reap; Evil or Very Mad you hall sow....
Twisted Evil
I don't see where they are lying. Howard Stern has been on a tirade about his AT&T coverage in the middle of Manhattan (dropped calls)! He finally canceled AT&T and got Verizon. Now he is praising VW. With millions of people listening he probably got ...
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