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Dec 8, 2006 by princesshaiti

I had the phone since tuesday, and i love it to death. The sound is great, even with bluetooth. I just wish the mp3 held more songs w/o a micro card. But its a nice phone and im happy i got it. :-)

Great Phone


Nov 30, 2006 by shepherd

I have had this phone since the day it came out! I have very pleased with the performance of the phone. I came from a Treo phone and getting used to the T9 texting was not hard at all. 2-3 days and I was texting just as fast as I was with the qwerty keyboard. Reception is comparable to the Treo. This phone is easy and fun to use. The bluetooth music (A2DP) is awesome, it gives clear and loud music. The speakerphone is not an issue as I don't use it. I would like to see an update to allow you to listen to music while texting like the Chocolate. The leather case and the holster are both horrible. The holster over a short period of time will wear groves into the top of your phone. And the leather case was hard to text with and took away the thin factor of the phone. Overall I think this phone is going to be the one to pull me away from my Treo. I would give it a 5 but I believe there is always room for improvement.

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Beautiful phone


Nov 18, 2006 by cheapsweetdealz

Pros: signal
sleek design
battery life
quality of screens

Con: Just speaker (low volume)

The Good, the Bad, & the ugly


Nov 23, 2006 by pepsijunky

My background; I worked for Sprint twice a couple years ago, I have had a myriad of phones from Treo's and blades to various phones on Verizon. This is probably the best phone I've ever had on Verizon's network, but not even close to the best phone I've ever had. My rating is based on those things. If I was rating it based on it's relative quality to verizon phones I'd give it a 5.

The Good
-Such a good looking phone, much better than the krzr, razor, or any of LG's previous phones.

-Small compact design for obvious ease of use and travel.

-No crippling Verizon UI, the menu is fairly easy to navigate and I can basically customize a few things.

-Price after rebate is actually very reasonable.

-Battery life has been very good for medium/light use.

The Bad
-I had some issues with delayed text messages but that may have just been the network for a day or two.

-Seems really light and not at all durable, I held a razor and the 8600 in my hands today and it's obvious that the razor is built more solid.

The Ugly
-Reception is pretty average, I dropped 3 calls last weekend and I hadn't really dropped a call previously with the treo 700w. Also, When I am on calls, even with Verizon customers, The connection will cut out for a second, constantly. I don't like saying "what?" over and over.

-Buying it at such an early stage has brought up a lot of glitches already. Phone shuts off when checking texts on the front screen for one. My software version is T86VZV02 & PRL is 50687, if and when any updates come out please post and let me know. A couple improvements could go a long way.

Ultimately, I don't know if I can keep it, but on the other hand what else can I get? Sprint flat out makes better phones so I was spoiled before, I wish I could bring one over. I need to design my own phone, it would be solid. Great reception, solid build, indifferent about the camera, good looking, thin, cheap Internet, easy for texts. Doesn't seem too hard. :-)

LOVE the vx8600


Dec 1, 2006 by pjjamas

Got rid of my Razr 3vm for the new vx8600. Definitely made the right decision. Beautiful sleek phone that feels substantial but at the same time light and small. Voice quality is fab so if anyone with hearing problems are wondering about the sound quality - it is very clear and loud. The colors are just beautiful on both screens and I really like the flat keypad surface. I have not had any problems with pressing numbers since you can set the intensity of the touch to the keypad.

I have read where others have complained of smudges because of the shiny black color but I just give it a quick swipe with my blouse or sweater (!!) and it is good to go.

Longevity...1 year and starting to die...


Sep 28, 2007 by spookysoze

When i first got this phone I absolutely loved it for pretty much every reason. In fact, I still love it. However, 1 MONTH after the manufacturer's warranty is out, the damn front screen is starting to tweak out. It was never near any liquids or mistreated/abused in any way. It hasn't completely died but it's by far not normal- I'm waiting until the whole phone crashes but I suppose we'll see. If this is a common occurrence, it's completely not cool and more than likely a ploy for everyone to either buy a new phone or buy the rip off insurance. Argh.

I'm happy


Aug 20, 2007 by mnbadger

I just switched carriers, and had been looking at this one for quite awhile. Alltel just came into my area so it was buh-bye Verizon. I looked at the Hue, which has gooten good reviews, and I was impressed with the call quality. But I'm just not a big fan of Samsung. Then I tried the 8600 and even though the Hue did seem to have a TAD better speaker quality, the feel and the finish of the 8600 was just much better for me. It's very thin, the build quality looks very good and the keypad is easy to work for my big hands. That I think was the diff for me in the feel of the Hue, just not quite right, but that was me. The ringers are loud, the call volume is great, loud to soft is very adjustable. The reception with Alltel and this phone has been great so far, and the menu and screens are very user friendly. No real issues to report. I got it in the silver, which is more like a titanium gray, and the good news is that you don't see the fingerprints or smudges like on the blue one, or the black of the Verizon version. I'm happy, and would heartily recommend this phone if you mainly want great reception and call quality. I don't text, so that was a no-issue, and the mp3 and camera are just nice to have's, certainly not a must, but a good looking phone with good reception and call quality was the main requirement, and I seem to have gotten it with this phone.

not so happy


Aug 3, 2007 by theadosia

I love the way the phone looks but I have some issues. There is a time delay on the camera so that it always pauses and I miss most of the pictures I try to take. Lots of pics of the rear end of a pet. Alwo, when the pid does actually take it comes out sepia unless it is taken in bright light. I know there is a sepia setting and a night setting. Mine is set to take normal pics. The dome out very badly though. Also the voice commands are difficult to use. I traded up from the last LG that I loved. Wish I had kept it now. I have to say that my husband who does not use the non phone features loves his though. I pretty much hate mine.

I have to agree...


Dec 2, 2006 by rabbivj

I have to agree with most of the reviews of this phone. It is an excellent form factor, and the RF is pretty good and the bluetooth is excellent. The MP3 player is very clear through A2DP as well. The only minor gripe i have and that is with probably everyone is the speakerphone is too low. I get around this by using my BT headset. All in all I'm glad I bought this phone.

Not Great...But Not Bad


Nov 17, 2006 by qtgirl_78

First, Let me preface this with: I am VERY picky about my phones. I don't do a whole lot with them, but the things I do do, I insist must be done VERY well. I'm in a long distance relationship so texting, picture mail(and good quality pictures), and good reception are the biggest things to me. Now, the rest is all details. I like having cool looking phones and I like having the newest thing on the market. I tried out the chocolate, and loved the way it looked and felt in my hand, but I HATED the key pad. it was not going to be conducive to typing for texts, so I didn't even bother getting it. Waited months for the flip version to come out...and here is my review:

-Texting (even though key pad is flat, it actually works very well)
-ringtone volume level (very loud)
-UI isn't as bad as other Verizon phones
-you can read texts and see missed calls on the front without opening the phone
-gorgeous inner and outer screens
-very loud ear piece

-Speaker phone sucks
-camera sucks
-phone is HUGE when open
-at first glance, it looks like every other phone out there (ie: RAZR, KRZR, Blade, Katana...)

Bottom line...as cool as the phone looks, I think I'll be returning it. the camera sucking is the main reason. pretty sure I'll be trading it in for the 8300.

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