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Not Bad


Sep 7, 2006 by pino227

Not a bad phone at all. Very good look. Good Service.


-Crisp Screen
-Slim Size
-Better battery life than the Razr
-Good interface as with all Sanyo phones


-No video
-No 2way
-Speakerphone decent
-Song Ringers don't sound as good on my old Sanyo MM-7400.

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The Katana


Jul 9, 2006 by theman125manriquez

Pros: Blue tooth, speaker phone, camera, lightweight, battery life and slim design. It comes in many colors with a shocking white color for a new look to challenge the black Motorola razr. Made by sanyo a strong phone company at that.

Cons: No "ready link" walkie talkie, that is a must for this phone to be complete, but it lacks it in the end. Thats about it.

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Great first phone for a tween or teen


Oct 20, 2010 by Mungojerrie

We got this phone for our tween. We chose it because of the price and the fact that it is sturdy and almost unbreakable. She loves the camera and she doesn't need a QUERTY keyboard at this point, so the keypad is enough for now. We got it in pink.

We bought it through kajeet.com - I think it was $49.99, but there's a promo code right now for 15% off (FAMILY15).

Pros: sturdy, inexpensive for what you get, good sound quality, lightweight

Cons: no QUERTY keyboard, only 3 colors

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Love it!


Aug 26, 2009 by ssarahssmith

The most amazing thing I like about this phone is the capability of recording a message that tells you who is calling. When I get a call I don't even have to look at the phone, I can just hear "call from so and so" and know whether I want to answer it or not. I cannot find another phone through Sprint that does this so if anybody knows which ones will do this please let me know. Until then I will keep this phone that I dearly love.

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Good for the time


Dec 5, 2008 by Dee7733

I have had this phone for just over two years. I have dropped it numerous times and it still works although the battery falls out on collision. I have never dropped a call and have only been out of service a few times. However now from all the wear and tear the charger does not fit quite in and falls out a lot.To receive a picture you have to use the web browser which is a additional charge. IF you download ring tones the quality is bad & low although the default ringers are plenty loud. All in all it is a good phone but times are a changing and it does not have the features all the new phones have. I will be upgrading this month!

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hate it


Nov 30, 2008 by istorm12

OK. i hate this phone
do not buy it

good camera
IT DOESNT BREAK (bad for me)

no camcorder
keypad is very flat and is hard to use
speaker phone is awful (listening and speaking)
deletes contacts randomly
sends texts to the wrong people
if flipped open and closed to much, it will start to make a noise and will be much harder to open and close

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beats the razor


Nov 6, 2008 by btimberlake

I had this Katana for almost two years. A year and ten months to be exact. I bought a Samsung instinct as an upgrade.

I liked the Katana since the first time I saw it. I like the nice dark blue color which is the one I chose. I thought it was cool how you had three different colors to choose from. My dad was with me for the upgrade mainly cause he was my ride there and he's the account holder. He seemed to have a slight intrest in the Razor and suggested that I get that because Motorolla is reknown for making good phones.
In the long run Im glad I chose the Katana because its got some features the Razor didnt. I think the menu is easier to understand than the razors and in text messaging settings menu you can create a signature.

I loved this phone. The t9 was great and I miss texting with it since I now have the instinct. I would go with another from the katana series.

-great t9, plus you can add words
-easy to use
-various ways to customize your phone (wall paper, signature for texts, logo on the screen saver, etc.
-can customize ringtones for contacts
-cool ringers
-liked how when i would acidentally hit the end key trying to push a letter it would pop up a warning box
-could snooze without being touched
-VERY WELL BUILT! dropped it a lot and never cracked the screen. only once when i dropped it i broke something inside so the screen went black
-very thin/cool design
-no camcorder
-didnt seem to have enough memory if you downloaded a lot of stuff
-to make room to store stuff like ringers when it got to be to full it would start taking away the # of characters avab for a text

I liked this phone but I also like to be up-to-date with techonology whenever possible. I upgraded from this to the instinct. I wish this phone had had a camcorder. Had a total of three different katanas. I only ranked it 4.5 because it didnt have a camcorder.
Overall its a great phone. Served me well

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It was okay.


Nov 1, 2008 by cowy

My carrier is Qwest, and I got this phone around the time Razrs were really big. I heard about it from a friend who said it was better than a Razr. With Qwest's switch to Verizon, though, I need to get a new one.

I loved the camera. The quality and size were great.
Keypad is nice and sleek, and not like the annoying buttons the Razr has.
Texting was good. (I'm fifteen--texting is a big deal for me.)

You can't send the pics you have in, "Saved to Phone"
Internet connection drops constantly.
Ringtones suck
Vibration is loud and annoying. In school, I have to have it on silent or it will be heard.
It's hard to flip open.
For me, at least, the screen scratches easily.

That's all. :)

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I looooooove this phone!


Sep 30, 2008 by iluvdakatana

I got this phone august of 2007. I never had any problems at all. It was easy to use and had alot of cool features. This phone grows attached to you. I would keep but unfortunately I am switching to Verizon next month and have a limited time with my beloved katana.

Good speaker & ear piece
easy keypad
great alarm system
cool ringtones
phone charm hole
clear screen
great camera
slim and easy to fit in tight places
sparkles in the sun
decent reception
hardly any dropped calls
clear if there is a missed call/text
easy to clean out
decent battery life at times
charges quickly

My stupid problems:
not too great purchased ringtone sound
no video recorder
small sub screen
Not the most beautiful appearance
blue-tooth to connect to the computer

I would definitely recommend this phone! Its my best friend that will truly be missed!

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Kept having issues with it over time


Aug 5, 2008 by Jewelynn24

I actually LOVED this phone. However twice with the same model it would start registering that I had a headset plugged in when I did not and it would not let me speak into the speaker for this reason. So, I took it in twice to be serviced and both times I was told the same thing that it had water damage. The technician told me that she had seen it often with certain models of phones that even humidity in the air can cause the corrosion. So, I got rid of the Katana. Be aware that this issue may arise if you chose to go with this phone.

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