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Sanyo Katana / SCP-6600


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Sep 10, 2006 by Jason12345

This is a great phone it rivals the razr for sure.This phone for $99 is the best deal on the market.This phone has bluetooth,camera,speaker-phone,and a beautiful display.People are saying it doesn't have many features.Well first of all a digital camera will work better then any cell phone so buy a digital camera.Who uses a camcorder on a phone usless thats why it does not have one.MP3 player buy a ipod quality is far better then any cell phone.This phone has the best sounding speaker ever crystal clear.Speaker-phone is good for a slim phone.Flawless phone way to go SANYO!!!

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Pretty decent


Jul 23, 2006 by willyum20

I got the Katana a few days ago to replace my MM-7400. I love the look of the phone. It's like the RAZR only a heck of a lot nicer looking. Also I took it to the club last night and had it in my back pocket. I danced all night long and had to keep checking my pocket to make sure it was still there. Compared to my bulky 7400 this was a HUGE Plus

*Beautiful display
*Decent Battery life
*Good Signal Strength
*Lots of Memory
*Bluetooth in a Sanyo!!
*Volume is really great

*Ring tones from my 7400 sound like crap on this speaker
*Hardly any games work on it
*It doesn't have the media player built in so unfortunately no more Sirius Satellite Radio on my Cell :-(
*Speakerphone mic is not very good

Other than these few down sides to it, I love the phone overall!!

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Really sharp katana


Jul 16, 2006 by DragonOkc

I just got this katana phone yesterday. I have did my research and been checking out the phone myself before it was released. Now that I got it, it is really nice and clean looking. The phone even though thin is strong and sturdy. It has really good signal compared to other internal antennas. Calls come in nice and clear. I have never experience any dropped calls or missed. I always had a full bar and when i am in a dead zone i can still make calls. The sound quaility is really good and loud and the call quality is excellent!! Its small and thin and really convient to carry around. Also, this phone has really good battery life, I was talking on the phone for almost 2 hours and the phone still had half a charge.

Call Quality
Sound Quality
Really Sturdy/strong
VGA cam, but still clear pics
Really good signal reception
Good battery life

No megapixel cam
No MP3

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Very good. A little more work will make it great!


Oct 24, 2006 by johngalt

A very good phone overall. Excellent voice quality and excellent reception. The speaker and earpiece can be set very loud if you want. It holds a signal in places where other phones drop the call. Phenomenal display. Other reviewers have listed pros and cons which are accurate so I won't repeat them here, I'll just list my gripes about what is otherwise an excellent phone:

The user interface is where it falls short. It's clunky and not intutive to use. For example, you ought to be able to program the navigation key to functions you select, not Sanyo's dedicated ones. You access functions through the left soft key, labeled "favorites". You can assign shortcuts to selections under that menu; a compromise. The right soft key is always "contacts". Why not let me assign the soft keys to whatever I like? I'd prefer to have one button to go directly to my calendar or alarms, for instance. You might prefer something else. So why not let me assign those functions to the navigation key? When you turn power save on or off, you have to see a page of text describing what it means. Same with airplane mode. Sanyo uses an Info key for other functions, why not these? Call history is a numbered list. Why not have tabs along the top of the window for incoming, outgoing, and missed, so that you can use the left-right keys to go from one to another? The pop up windows are ugly and the beep-beep-beep error tone is annoying. I'd like to be able to turn it off but there's no way to do that.

Button layout: One button to turn the speaker on is a great idea, but it could be off to the side somewhere. And why do they dedicate one button to turn on the camera, something I rarely use, when I have to go through at least two steps to see my calendar?

Such a beautiful display begs to have a more well thought-out and consistent OS, like the Motorola C290 that I reviewed (and hated - see Fatal Error).

It's a phone, not an iPod. We'll just have to wait for a perfect mating of style and substance.

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Not Bad!


Jul 10, 2006 by Jonny4

So far there is only one thing i don't like about the phone and that is the placement of where the charger hooks in it is on left side of phone at the bottom when it is plugged and you have to use the phone it is always in the way. I love this phone other than that the camera isn't bad for just pictures for picture id the vision is wicked fast compared to my old vm-4500, i love the phone book back-up feature that sprint is offering this phone fits perfect for me i only use the Internet on the phone to check movie listings or glance at my e-mails. i don't use the camera because i have a 5mp digital camera thats is about the same size as the phone this functions as a phone which i love. battery life has been good i haven't seen the battery slip below full yet, i do charge it every night but i do use it alot during the day. the only other thing is i wish i could have gotten blue they said it wasn't available.

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Jul 10, 2006 by TinyJ316

just got this phone today, and i must say that comming into the purchase i was concerned (online order)

+ looks like a very expensive phone
+ inexpensive
+ bluetooth
+ camera
+ good size and feel
+ good sound quality
+ amazing screen

- camera isn't vga
- no powervision (its not available in my area anyway, so its not that big of a deal)

overall, this phone is amazing

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Great Phone


Jun 18, 2007 by misscape

Phone has great reception, and clear, loud ear piece.
Great battery life
Very sleek in appearance
Good size for a pocket.
Sturdy - Dropped a number of times and still works great
attached plugs are great, no worries of loosing one. (as long as you are gentle with them)
Nice big screen for viewing.

Ringer not the loudest
Camera not the greatest
No mp3

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The Katana


Nov 18, 2006 by kiwietnies

I'm just coming off of a LX-350 and a k1m KRZR so here's a little tidbit...

-The screens inside and out are beautiful!
Camera is only a VGA.
-Interface is excellent! Fast smooth and pretty, just like it should by.
-Keypad takes getting used to but feels so much nicer to have soft pressing keys after the hard to push KRZR ones.
-Texting is super fast and easy with shortcuts and a favorites menu for you most commonly used contacts/programs/functions.
-The size of the phone is great.
-The speaker is super clear and the microphone picks up well enough that you don't have to always be yelling into it or push the thing 1" in front of your face.
-The phone DOES NOT feel cheap to hold! It has enough weight to it to feel the materials and the hinge is always either closed tightly or opened tightly without wiggling at the "mostly open" or "mostly closed" points.

-The rear loudspeaker is really quite.. I was they made it louder.
-It doesn't play MP3 ringtones so we're stuck with .qcp and .mid files... Poop.
-Nonstandard headset jack.
-A little bit expensive for what you get... But the phone operates very well.

Hope this was helpful... I love the phone so far and play on using it for a while...

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Katana: a Near Perfect Phone


Nov 9, 2006 by fridayxiii

I've had the Katana for almost two weeks now & love the phone. I got it w/out realizing that Sprint was carrying the RAZR V3M, but have no reservations about my choice. I was looking for the ultraslim form factor & really like Sanyo's interpretation.

The phone feels amazingly solid for being so thin; no inkling of flimsiness at all. The internal & external displays are brilliant, and contrary to other reviews have not had a problem seeing the screen in any light.

For having an internal antenna the reception is great. I work in a bunker-like building, in which my previous LG5350 had zero reception, and my Sanyo 2100 (upgraded for the Katana) had one bar, but I could not talk. The Katana gets one bar, but I can still hold a conversation. I live in south central VA (Roanoke/Lynchburg area), and do not have solid contiguous Sprint coverage, yet I've dropped maybe 1 or 2 calls so far. For the area, this phone gets & holds exceptional reception.

The camera doesn't take great pics, but you can tweak the default settings & get something usable. I didn't get this phone for the camera - that was a bonus - and those looking for a great camera will get a thicker, bulkier phone.

I'm also happy w/the Katana in that I have an ultraslim, but do not have a RAZR. I like the uniqueness of the Katana.

The only con to this phone is the placement of the speaker (on the back), and the subsequent volume of the ringers. I make my own MP3-to-QCP voice ringers, and I cannot hear them well - they're nearly silent. The factory-included ringers are hard to hear in the car w/the stereo at above-average volume. But then, if my Sanyo is louder than my Alpine, there's a problem! The ringer volume is the only drawback, and one that - known in advance - would not change my decision.

All in all the Katana is a great phone: slim factor, solid performance, legendary Sanyo reliability.

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Nice Phone


Nov 3, 2006 by tmobile

This phone is great! Just look at it. It has all the bells and whistles.

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