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Motorola v60i (TDMA) / v60ti


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Down The Tubes


Jul 22, 2003 by Mr T

This is the most expensive ATT TDMA phone and for what? For the antenna's that break off and Motorola won't give their parts to anybody so you have to mail it back. For the untraceable Security code that Motorola will make you mail it back to get reset. For the flip, that half the models if you open all the way will cut out. Invalid Battery and Invalid Charger Warnings. This phone is VERY Fragile, too expensive, and Motorola is one of the worst manufacturer's to deal with. Since the only good thing about this is it's a flip phone and I dislike flip phones. I give this model a BIG ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very disappointed in this phone


May 27, 2003 by Patrick Kriengsiri

Overall I'm **EXTREMELY** disappointed in this phone. I owned the V60t (predecessor to this one) for over two years and had to replace it because it finally died (not the fault of the phone, but i'm not going to go into how it happened). At any rate when I went to get it replaced, Cingular no longer sold the 60t, but rather the 60ti.

At first I thought this phone was great. Basically had all the stuff that the 60t SHOULD have had in the first place (from gimmicky stuff like downloadable ringtones to essentials like displaying where someone is calling from as well as the name, ie cell, work etc etc). The honeymoon was short though as I soon found out that all that new stuff came at the sacrifice of essentials like PERFORMANCE!!! The sound quality is horrid. It sounds like you're in a tin can. You can't go anywhere with it. It has problems switching towers - as soon as you hang up signal will usually go from 0 or 1 bar to 5. Drops calls constantly.

I'm already on my third phone and I still have the problem. I don't know how many times i've had the "software updated" (honestly how dumb do these Cingular people think I am? I mean there's not going to be 4 different software updates in one week!). It's still as bad a phone as when I started.

But alas, everyone I talk to says that Cingular is supposed to roll out GSM in the ATL by August, so i'm just going to save my money and get a Nokia 6800 when it comes out.


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Just don't buy it...


Apr 14, 2003 by Adnnachiel

Save yourself the money, put some money on your credit cards instead. Between the antenna breaking off, can't get the battery out, the flip getting loose, dropping calls, backlight not working, invalid battery warning, not charging, call failed, and no service....Just save yourself the high blood pressure and buy a Panasonic.

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The best phone for AT&T TDMA v60i


Apr 11, 2003 by ssaifull

I switched from Verizon to AT&T 7 months ago due to the better service in my area and was disappointed (and still am) of the lack of quality phones for AT&T. I had the v60c for Verizon when it first came out and I knew I had to get another v60. The first v60i I got had a lot of the same problems that people have listed: calls ending early, not being able to answer calls sometimes and all types of problems. I sent it back (within 30 days) and got another brand new one. No dropped calls, no calls ending early, great phone. Crystal clear voice quality, voice memo feature, text messaging, FM radio kit, man this phone has a lot of good features. I like the changeable covers as well, all the colors/styles are sophisticated and not juvenile. Though all those new phones w/color screens, and polyphonic ringers can do more, this phone will still do the job for most people. Another thing I like: the phone is made out of aluminum and very sturdy and still lightweight. All in all, this is the best phone for AT&T TDMA service.

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shoot me first


Feb 8, 2003 by benjamin lee

If someone offered me free service and a free V60 not only would I turn them down, But I would also slap them in the face for offering this phone. I work for the technical support department of a provider that uses this phone. This phone is nothing but trouble In fact, I cannot think of one redeeming quality for the V60. First, the menu is so complicated that the phone is basically unuseable. trying to explain how to use the phone and navigate through the menus to a customer is vertually impossible.

To make matters worse, Motorola allows the customer to change the order of the menu functions! So we cannot even tell the customer where to go in the menus! To Program the 1 touch dialing for voicemail you must access two separate menu options, whereas on other phones it is almost done automatically.

Functionality asside, the phone dropps more calls than any other phone then I have seen in my 3 year tenure. When calls do go through they often break up so badly that customer's cannot hear. It is almost a running joke that if a customer gets this phone we will be changing it out several times.

Though it may seem insignifigant, the battery is rediculously difficult to remove, If you think it trite, I challenge you do do it without direction. The frustration that ensues will bring you to my side.

Manually programming this phone is similiar to getting you VCR to stop blinking 12:00 all of the time. Motorol in their infinite wisdom has decided to put a time delay on the programming so it has to be done in less than 5 seconds. Again, vertually impossible to describe and direct the customer to do so in the given amount of time.

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Feb 28, 2003 by Kasey Kanka

I think that the Motorola V60ti is a great phone.

It has interchangeable housing, ATT provides cool ring tones, the battery life can last for days without charging it, reminders on the phone is great. You can hear people talk clearly on the other end, and even with the leather casing on it, it's still easy to push the buttons.

The only reason I gave it a 4.5 is because when you stick it on your purse or on your pocket, the buttons located on the outside to change the style of your ring, are hit easily!!

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Finally a Cool TDMA Phone!!!


Dec 10, 2002 by G G

I recently upgraded to a V60i from a StarTac 7797 (which has been an excellent phone) and was pleased with the improved voice quality and performance. It blows away every Nokia I've ever used. IMO, this is one of the best TDMA phones out there. You can't go wrong, especially if you want a reliable phone combined with cool features!

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Jan 30, 2003 by Keith Dalton

The AT&T version of the V60 is the worst phone I have ever owned. I am already on my fifth one. I have had problems with the external caller ID dying, the phone being "unable to charge", the clock and phone book erasing itself. AT&Ts customer service is no help either only offering to send me refurbished products which arrive in much less than new quality. Say go with Verizon and get the Motorola T720

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this is wuz up!!!


Apr 15, 2003 by jenny rondon

i think this phone is hot. i personally own one, so ive had experience. u can change the covers, it has good recepton, its not too big nor to small. the only thing i dont like about it is that it is not colorscreen and u cant really download any ringers or screensavers , oither than that its wwwwuuuuuzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp!!!

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stop whinning about the v60i


May 27, 2003 by tony rojas

this phone is one of the best in the market hands down. i sale cell phones for a living and this is a great phone. i get a signal in mexico for crying out loud and a good one too. good clarity, average battery life, and no i don't give a d--- about having a colorscreen phone!!!! the #'s on this phone are perfect size not too big or too small, i get customers complaining about this on other phones. yeh the antenna breaks, take care of your phone and it won't happen, what do you think this is??? its a phone d--- it. ex: i got a cust. saying "well i dropped my phone and my antenna broke". hahaha, you are kidding me right??????i thought to my self. this phone has voice activation and voice recording for quick messages. all these people saying the menu is complicated???, well you must be pretty slow to think the menu is complicated, if you buy it from me it won't be!!!!! i will explain it, tell your sales person to explain the main points about the menu. if your thinking about buying this phone, buy it. i have had it for a little bit over a year and no problems specially with AT&T service. get a colorscreeen phone and you would have more problems because they freeze from time to time like a computer!!! and they are more sensitive, meaning.... if you drop them, good luck!!!! i gave my rating of 4.5 because there is always something better, if not out, it will be coming out!!!

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