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Nov 12, 2006 by CHRIS301

the sidekick 3 is a hot phone. i bought mine a few weeks ago from tmobile and i dont have any problems with it.the battery is good if you dont put your on yoru sidekick 24/7 of course your battery is going to die. since im not on my sidekick3 all day the battery works fine by the end of the day i might loose 1 bar.

fast page upload
mp3 player
1.3 camera which works pretty
keyguard feature
and qwerty keyboard
good batery

Annoying sound when you flip the screen
no video
and everything you select on the phone is a select sound which drives me crazy.

but besides all that the sk3 is a good i dont have problems with it like everybody else. since i gave Tmobile some time to work out the kinks in them i have zero problems. .

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Jul 6, 2006 by knowtorious

sidekick 3 is a great phone over all..i love it..

*Much more sleeker then the sk2
*Better camera
*Mini sd for storage
*Blue tooth
*Airport option
*Mp3 player
*track ball makes getting around phone MUCH MORE FASTER
*Removable battery(actually last longer also)
*Faster web loading

*No video recording
*Not all apps from sk2 are available for sk3(at least not yet)
*No alarm
*No customized ringtones

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Awesome Until...


May 25, 2009 by natterz95

OK so here's the deal: I've had this phone for 6 months and I loved it until I've recently had a sudden issue. I was texting someone and it just randomly restarted on me 4 times and then it just went dead. I went home, plugged it in and then it was working fine. Three days later it did the same thing but it continued more frequently. So I went to get the battery replaced, and then it was working perfectly fine, not to mention the battery life was better than before, just yesterday, it started up again. I'm hoping to be getting it fixed soon.
But anyway here's my opinion:
~ AIM is awesome. i tested out the delays that there are and there are none!
~ the screen is clear and huge compared to other phones I've had
~ Free download of AOL mail
~ Web Browser is great except for when it randomly blocks sites such as google when I've been on it before.
~ the QWERTY keyboard is spaced out nicely.
~ the tmail account can be very useful.
~ 2gb mini SD card can hold like 1400 photos and a bunch of songs

~ the battery life is pretty bad, so i charge it every night
~ the camera is terrible in the dark
~ the trackball has to be cleaned frequently or else it doesn't work.

thats all i have for now, and hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed :D

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Oct 21, 2008 by zoeey7

i have just got a sidekick 3 off ebay
it is not chargeing
it is fully dead and it has been
on charge for at least an hour now
and the light to say its chargeing
hasnt even came on
is this normal?
people have told me it takes sometime
to warm up?

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No Problems


Sep 25, 2008 by danceboy2010

ok.i just got my 1st sidekick ever.the lx and 2008 just came out and i had the option of getting either one.i didn't get the lx nor did i get the 2008 because i've always wanted the sk3.when i tell ppl this they look @ me as if i'm retarted or something but i have good reason why i chose the sk3 over the lx and 2008.the sk3 can do everything the lx can except send pictures.they both have a 1.3 megapixel camera and they both have bluetooth.the only difference is that the lx is thinner.here's the problem i had with that.thinner phones tend to break more easily than phones with a little thickness to them.with the sk3 you can drop it a million times and it'll still work.with the lx,drop it once and you're sure to have a problem with it.
now on to the sk 2008.the sk 2008 is a great phone and i once considered getting it over the sk3 but i didn't because of the fact that the sk 2008 looks childish.exchangeable face plates?that's so kiddish.yes it has a 2.0 megapixel camera but when ppl see you with it they take you as a joke.when ppl see me with my sk3 they take me seriously because the sk3 looks like a actual buisness phone.
so far,i love my sk3!it's always with me no matter where i go.oh!one last reason.i'm waiting for the upgrade to the lx and 2008 which i asume will be WAAAYYY better than the those two put together so for all y'all who went out to buy the "new thing be very disappointed when the upgrade comes out.

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Sidekick 3 - too many things wrong with it


Jul 15, 2008 by Fleur

Ok i have had my Hiptop 3 for about a year now and im always super careful with it. The phone wasn't registering the trackball. i was moving it and moving it and nothing. All the jump menu and other buttons we're doing other things. every time i flipped the phone it would go to the key guard and the flash on the camera stayed on permanently.
I took it back to the shop and 3 weeks later got it back working fine, now the flash on the camera is permanently on again. :(
The battery life lasts a day if your lucky and when it powers itself down you lose all your text messages.

I enjoy the phone otherwise. i like that i am always connected to the internet and messaging but for those cons, i would have preferred a different phone for sure.

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not quite sure yet


Jul 6, 2008 by stephanie.whatev

i have just ordered a sharp hiptop 3, it's expected to come in on thursday 6th july.

i have seen it and played around with it a bit.
it is fine!

the camera isn't going to be the best
but that wont matter because i have a digital camera.
i also hear the mp3 player is no good?
i own one anyway so that wont matter.

dropping this phone will be very hard.
i mean if you have slippery hands and it falls out of them
or if you have a hole in your bag.
this is phone is physically t big to fit in your pocket so i dont think you will be dropping it.

the only con of this phone would have to be the size
it may be too big
im not sure yet because i havent lived with it yet.
and maybe the fact that it flips open; it is very delicate.

joe jonas has had a sidekick and he always dropped it
it never broke; so who knows?

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This Phone Is TIGHT!


Jun 10, 2008 by zackg90

I've had about twelve phones and the SK3 is the best by far. It's even better than my Nokia 5300 XpressMusic. I perviously owned a SK3 and got it stolen (oh well) but even with this set back i found myself going on ebay to find another sidekick.

-Great Music Player
-Multitasking is limitless
-New plastic keys
-mini SD memory card slot
- ease of use

-Crappy Camera
-kinda bulky but im not gonna complain too much about that
. . .that's about it

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Doesn't have what I really need.....


May 31, 2008 by purue258

I wanted to get this phone because it was the most famous for T-Mobile at the time but it has just been a big disappointment.

+Very loud ringer and has many volume options
+Nice design
+Great for texting, e-mail & IM
+Download Catalog
+Cool Ringtones & very customizable (themes, etc.)

-Too big & bulky
-Too delicate: If you drop it more than once you'd better have insurance>I had to get mine replaced
-Camera sucks and phone only holds 10 pictures
-No MMS- has to be sent by e-mail & if person you want to send it to doesn't have e-mail, oh well, you can't send it
-No calculator
-No alarm clock: only by repeated calender alert (but can be purchased through download catalog)
-Calender is hard to work with... only jumps to dates and you can't see the days of the week
-If you don't pay the extra $20 for the sidekick plan, the phone is almost useless (no download catalog, IM, e-mail or web browsing)
-Very slow web browser and does not display what you'll probably need on website
-Almost always have to open swivel to dial while on a call since the trackball most likely will click on something else. Especially if your hands are not petite

Good for youngsters that just want to have fun. Bad for people that have real needs in a phone.

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Mar 13, 2008 by canazn

overall da sidekick 3 is a nice kickass phone but dude comeone its alittle bad i mean look at the cons first

Cons :
-not good resolution of the screen
-terrible thats there mms
-camera alittle faulty some times awesome pictures or times piece's of u know.
-also u loss connection way to much
-the overall shape is a monster
-there are no programs or applications preloaded into the phone like alarm, or calculator, everything needs to be bought

-awesome keyboard that is spaced out enough without touching other keys
-keyboard is also indented more than other phones like the sidekick slide
-it has an okay browser but its slow
-nice optional myspace application
-customizable themes and keyguards
-the color of the overall phone is nice
-im's and email as well as texting is easy
-self catalog only for sidekicks
-grip able back texture

overall the phone i thought would have been better than what i expected like i got this phone in September like the same day the sidekick lx came out but if i waited a month on the same day i could have bought the lx but i guess its all good. Although i may choose to upgrade real soon to a Sidekick Lx ;)

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