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Pantech 820 : No Bluetooth Voice Command


Mar 24, 2007 by PotatoPanMan

I have been using the new Verizon PN-820 for 1 week now. It is really great. Most everything works as expected. This is the ONLY Verizon Smartphone (Windows Mobile OS) withOUT a tiny keyboard. It syncs with Outlook: smooth as pig grease.
BUT, it will not accept voice commands or voice calls thru the bluetooth headset. I called Verizon and Motorola. I also went to the Verizon store and spent 1 hour with a tech. Their conclusion: the feature just does not work! This is sad since this is a key phone for Verizon...their only phone with these key features.

There is a vague hope that Pantech will issue a software upgrade that will fix this problem with the bluetooth voice dialing and commands.

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Great phone but...


Feb 26, 2007 by iamawineguy

I finally retired my faithful Samsung i600. Excellent upgrade, smaller, lighter and has Bluetooth, but am still trying to figure out how to use the voice commands via Bluetooth.

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Adequate but Disappointing. No Voice Dial via Bluetooth


Mar 29, 2007 by jmmailin

Don't need in-phone camera, care less about reading email/surfing net on tiny screen, & idea of PAYING to watch VIDEO on tiny screen almost offensive, but thought might enjoy freedom of wireless headset & ability to download audiobooks & use phone as mp3 player to listen, + PDA features including ability to synch Outlook with the Outlook on my computer.
PRO: Phone looks fine; Seems sturdy: took number of HARD FALLS before got the padded case. Outer LCD shows time, battery level, signal strength & is readable. Interior LCD bright,legible, customizable background. Calendar/alarm functions EZ to get to; EZ to set. After installing included synch software & the included required version of Outlook & a few tribulations adjusting firewall, the synch (copying Outlook contacts, calendar, etc., from computer to phone) worked fine.
PROS: Sturdier than given credit for. Good keypad: keys of sufficient size to be individually distinguishable, good volume control both phone & speaker. CONS: #1. Voice Activated Dialing, the single feature I use most, DOES NOT APPEAR TO WORK THROUGH A BLUETOOTH HEADSET. Have tried with an LG,a Motorola and a Plantronics. Spent time in Verizon store AND on phone w/Verizon to no avail. Pantech appears to have no US customer support except perhaps via email via their website. Voice Commands work adequately but not impressivly, thru phone itself. #2. Verizon cannot transfer contacts from old non-Windows Mobile phone to this phone. You can't synch with Verizon's "My Account". If you don't already have your contacts in Outlook, you must install THIS VERSION, manually enter on computer, then synch phone. #3 Cannot set phone to give "reminder beeps" for unheard voicemail or unread text messages. #4 Verizon padded case (sold separately) on sturdy metal belt clip but phone not detachable: must remove whole thing from belt to place call (Bluetooth works fine for receiving & ending call via headset). #5. U may incur data charges without knowing!

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Not Ready for Prime Time


May 23, 2007 by verizonpcnuser

This phone has potential, especially since I have lugged an i600 around for 2+ years. But the software is just not there.

Pros - Outlook sync - But took my tech guy 10 hours at $90/hour, goes down if administator not logged on server 100% of time.

Form Factor - OK

Cons - Many are repetitive from other reviews but valid

Front lit panel not really usable for even Caller ID, timing is so short, did not use to wear watch, now I have to.

Inside LCD - Defaults and customization very limited lighting not adjustable, can not use in bright sunlight.

Call History - Doesn't keep track correctly, latest calls will not even be there.

Freezes completely 1-2 times a week, even worse will look like it is working and I will get calls on why phone not on, Verizon has reset my switching twice already. No rhyme or reason all of sudden I will open phone and have 3 VM hours old and phone never rang.

Navigation between features poor continually hitting home to start over because lost in settings morass

Have Outlook sync working have been unsuccessful with POP (ie gmail sync)

Battery Average at best(that's being nice), I make quite a few calls but will definitely be dead for car ride home, so MUST have car charger.

Nuisance value - No ringer tone, music hard to hear

Have not tried Bluetooth, Voice Dialing or MP3 other reviews tell me to hard to deal with.

Bottom Line - Verizon was so desperate for a clamshell PDA they came to market to quickly, you have to wonder why it is still not in stores after 2-3 months. They have to be embarrassed or should be anyway

Recommendation - This phone has excellent potential but do not buy until new software released many even two versions. I am going to keep it but go back to the i600 until new software is available. Brain damage just to high right now.

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Not bad at all


Aug 23, 2008 by NYcelluser

I am a phone nut - had the blackberry (actually love it but found it too addicting)but this phone does everything I want it to do. I don't surf the web so web access isn't important to me. I really need a real time calander and all my contacts to sync with my laptop. The software was a piece of cake to install and I was synched in about 5 mins. I love the phone. A couple minor details:
phone ring volume could be better, but I use mostly vibrate so it works for me. not as intuitive as I would have hoped, but once you get it (two days) its a snap and you can understand the logic of it - think windows explorer. I read the it losses time everyon now and then, and it does about once a week - very easily correctable by going to start settings time and activate network time. Battery life good. camera kinda stinks, but I don't use that feature. If you are looking for a phone that can sync effortlessly with your outlook calander, email and contacts, i would get this phone.

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Nice Phone


Apr 10, 2007 by rinren

I just got the phone and it has been really nice intro to windows mobile. I had an issue with Vista though. I didn't realize you had to enable Windows Mobile devices and not just Sync center. Then the firewall interfered with the sync so I added the rule and now all is well.

The battery lasted all day for me with frequent use, bluetooth on and off through out the day.

I love the clam shell style fits nicely in my pocket, doesn't look like I am holding a laptop to my ear.

Volume is a little low but with the headset it is fine.

Ring volume on mine is fine and since I use vibrate then ring I haven't missed a call.

Settings are a little difficult to get use to but once you do it's very easy.

Camera is a little weird but once you wait the extra second it is nice. More features than my last camera phone. But since I have a Nikon D50 I really don't need the camera on the phone.

Didn't realize it did not come with Office Mobile but I really don't care.

Pantecusa.com has no info about the phone.

Typing is not easy without the keyboard but I really don't type on it since I am always at a computer and if I need to text anyone I just go to vtext.com

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Aug 28, 2008 by tito1980

This phone is the number one phone i ever had.


If it has all 5 bars, it's just like having Comcast/Cox/Verizon DSL high speed internet with power boost!

Internet on Handset:


1-Turning on/Start up a little slow.
2-If you download alot make sure that you have a mini SD memory card. If not it may slow you phone a little. Make sure you have a that if you are one of the people who download alot.

Overall, this is one the best phones out there that's a flip phone.

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Not a review


May 18, 2008 by jobin007007

I just got the phone as work phone from my company.

A lot of issues in the phone reported in different reviews can be fixed by just reading the manual that came with the phone. Spent jalf an hour reading the manual and a lot of issues can be fixed!!!

I will put in a more detailed review after i have had it for a couple of weeks.

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Pantech PN-820 Review - GOOD


Feb 4, 2008 by ss100x

I have been waiting for a clamshell that was Windows mobile and this fits the bill nicely.

I will say I bought the extra battery, just because...I am on the road a LOT.

Synchs in Vista Mobile Center flawlessly.
Shows up correctly by it's device name.

Took only a few seconds to pair my Treo bluetooth headphone.

Works with the Ford Sync option in my car. That is a lifesaver.

I was especially interested in the Calender because I am tired of carrying my Dell Axim everywhere. So I just lost 2 lbs...and the attendant cords etc.

Inside display is very clear, easy to understand and I always judge electronics on how much I can fathom WITHOUT reading the manual. This scored high. The menus are intuitive, but a few functions are buried a couple layers down.

Only thing I haven't figured out is the manual has NO keyboard map for typing periods, ALT characters, so I have no clue.

Appearance? Who cares...it's a phone...to me it's a tool, not a fashion statement. I have been using cells phones for over 17 years, and I'm long past the iPhone fashion ego boosting mentality. I need a tool the WORKS. other than that I could care less.

I guess the best feature is that I had to do 2 or 3 steps to synch up contacts on my old phone, now everything is automatic with ONE device, and I declutter my life considerably. DAS is GOOOOD!

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