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Not a good move


Jul 18, 2008 by Westie

In the past I have gotten LG phones thru Verizon and have been pleased with them. However, this phone was really disappointing. I even got a replacement one and had the same issues. My phone would stop working randomly however it would still show the exact time so I wouldn't know something was wrong with it. I've missed reminders and a lot of calls. Plus the phone has a really bad signal

-Easy to Text
-Good Speakerphone
-Easy to read
-Camera held a lot of pics

-Bad signal (of all my roommates I was the only one that couldn't use my cell in the house)
-It would shut off randomly causing me to miss calls and appointments
-Camera, although it held a lot of pics, wasn't the best camera. Not a big deal though.

For basic service we look to try and talk anywhere and to get calls anywhere. Since they phone has a bad signal and shuts off, I wouldn't recommend this phone.

LG 245


Jan 9, 2007 by hvac_eeh

Telus LG245. Equivalent to VX-5300.

Purchased talk away bundle including Motorola H3 headset to replace LG520.

Sound quality and reception are same or better than LG520. Bluetooth to PC or headset connections work.

Pros. Bluetooth, tri-mode, absence of front-panel buttons, great battery life. Phone book much improved over LG520. Picture ID on inside screen only.
Cons. Can not set vibrate with ring tones. Ring tones could be louder. This might be firmware v1.0 bug since tones seem louder with clamshell open. Front panel can be difficult to read outdoors with picture as background. Status/Caller fonts may be too small for some users.

Overall I am satisfied with this phone. Analog coverage was important in my choice.

Would love to know if ringtone+vibrate is possible with firmware change or hack. This is my biggest disappointment with this phone.
Vibrate is required when in noisy environment, otherwise you will not hear the ringer.

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Nice Little Phone


Sep 2, 2006 by zachw91

I helped my dad pick this phone out when he switched to Verizon from Cellular One.

Its a good little phone.

Everything about this phone is nice, especially the fact that it's tri-mode. The camera could be better, but its still really good. The only thing I really don't like about this phone is how the signal strength is represented.

Oh, and with this phone, you can get rid of the ugly red verizon bars, you can have red green or different blues.

Its pretty cool!

A lot of replacements. LG VX5300 Verizon Wireless phone


Apr 30, 2010 by narn3049

I'd give it a 5.0, of having the phone working because the phone was nice. But any person that texts a lot like me will not like it.

The first version of this phone that i had meaning the first model was the best of all of the replacement models. It worked well and was compact. Yes I abused and texted on it a lot. It got a little soaked from getting in sprinkler. It would either go from no screen function, to keypad working but not lighting. Shutting off etc. I got the replacement phone.

The replacement phone worked for about a week or two, before it got messed up. The screen had lines down it, front screen camera flash blinking. Verizon visit and I got another one.

The next one stopped calling, then the screen on the front went out. It was ok at first because I most text, and the texting was hard because the keypad was a bit cramped. My sister had the same phone and her hinge broke. The first phone was great, but honestly not that good if it were to keep breaking. I had another for a short time as a backup because my grandma had the same phone and upgraded. It worked for awhile, but got water damage as well. It is really a good phone when it works but since the problems were kinda serious it goes against the phones ratings.

LG5300 when will it expire


Apr 2, 2010 by George Washington

I've owned this phone since 2006 and it is still in excellent condition. It is durable and dependable. Reception/transmission very good. Flip still firm. Never had to replace the battery. My one complaint would be the speakerphone clarity and low resolution of the camera.

Not Bad at all.


May 29, 2009 by Jackson10

I didn't have this phone very long becuase the antenna broke off...without that you wont get an ounce of service.

The phone was a pretty good phone though..an upgrade from the 5200 which was a great phon from my understanding. I went back to the 6100 because I loved it so much when I had to before. But as far as phones go this one is pretty basic with a few nices extras..the camera isn't bad for a quick snap when you don't have your camera on you, the keys are nice and big which makes it easy to text on. The battery life will live long past some of the other phones out now a days. Not a bad little phone that will hold its own until your upgrade. Just don't break the antenna off.

POCKET Lg Ax-245


Mar 15, 2008 by motoguy75

Maybe the information is off, but we at POCKET sell the ax-245 and it is a 1.3 Mp camera. Anyways, this is another of our top selling phones and I have to say for the price it really is a good deal.

-Simple design structure
-Good sized screens
-Excellent reception
-Very good battery life
-Bluetooth pairs easily enough (plantronics headsets are what we sell, so thats all i've paired them with)

-stubby antenna is irritating in pocket
-POCKET doesn't support BREW
-Needs to be a little louder

Good solid phone


Dec 23, 2007 by jerpic

I'll be another person in the minority here, but I do recommend this phone. I signed my parents up on a Verizon family plan and these were the phones they got free after the purchase of my Motorola v325i.

No, it's not equipped with the latest features, but if you are looking for a solid, sturdy phone for your parents, who do mostly talking and taking photos, then this is perfect.


-Stub antenna is sturdy and will not snag
-Exterior finish is slick, but holds up well to pockets that also share car keys ;)
-Internal screen is bright
-Keys are crisp and feel nice
-Sound quality is very good
-Decent battery life
-Camera, although VGA, completely out performs the VGA camera in my v325i (but wouldn't anything?)
-Excellent reception, even in remote areas in Idaho where my Motorola struggles. (In side-by-side tests, the VX-5300 always wins)

-Every now and then when I've used this phone, my own voice sounds muffled to me, but sounds clear to the receiving party
-Address book requires you to make additional entries for your contacts with more than one phone number.

I Love This Phone


Sep 25, 2007 by rushvillerocket

I think this phone is great. The sound quality is the best. The battery life is second to none. If you want a great phone with no frills, this phone is for you.
Pros: sound, ringer, battery.
Cons: none

Freezes like Ice


Sep 6, 2007 by 1Luddite

I got my first VX5300 two weeks ago. One week ago I hit send to call a friend, and the phone freezes. The inside screen went dead and the front display simply stated "verizon wireless" - but upside down. Phone wouldn't come back on. I take it to the Verizon shop and a tech guy sort of jiggled the battery and it came back on. It worked fine one more week until last night. I open it up to set the alarm clock and it goes dark and freezes again. It would not turn back on. This morning I was able to turn it on, but I had a nearly dead battery (and last night I had 4 bars).
This afternoon I exchange it for another VX5300 since I'm within the 30 day new period. The phone works fine on the way home and when I get home I put the phone on charge to "top off the charge" as the salesman suggested. After the charge is complete I now notice the phone's clock is 24 minutes slow, and after I shut it off, I was unable to turn it back on......until I took the battery out and put it back in.
I would not recommend this phone. I have had two faulty VX5300s in two weeks so as you can imagine I'm not impressed with the reliability. I'm taking this phone back tomorrow. I'm going to try to get the LG my sister has. I don't know the model yet but it is approx. $20 more expensive than the 5300 but my sister has had it for close to two months without a single problem. Very disappointing phone.

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