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Nice Phone


Nov 6, 2006 by notabbasser

I've had the phone for a week and thoroughly enjoy its reception and clarity on the Alltel network in Idaho. The battery charge seems to last quite nicely, especially in analog mode on the fringes. I don't know why they went to a smaller charging socket but a $5 purchase for an adaptor took care of that.

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Dusty Display - hard to see in sunlight


Aug 4, 2008 by sting82ray

I really like this little phone. I chose the phone because of price but soon after I got it I realized what a great little phone it is. I rarely lose a call and the internal antenna seems quite strong. I often have one or more bars of signal strength when with others who have the same service provider.
Great speaker phone, loud ringer, light weight good features.

Cons: My #1 con with the phone is that over time dust has accumulated underneath the display and when in bright sunlight, the refraction of the sunlight off of the dust particles makes the display difficult to see. #2 - the phone is quite slender making it a wee bit difficult to hold on to for those of us who have large hands.

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Bad Phone


Jul 14, 2008 by Bessie smith

My Nokia phone stopped ringing about two months ago and the Metro PCS store has not given me a replacement.

I like the phone but it is not useful if it don't ring!!

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Great Phone


Oct 5, 2007 by madeira8

I bought this phone from metro pcs and i love it its small and the joystick works great way better than a flip phone. The sound quality is good. To make the most out of this phone download the nokia pc suite(http://www.nokiausa.com/A4494166)a program that alows you to store your phone info into your computer ,and buy a CA-53 cable so you can connect your phone to a pc this will allow you to put pics and ringtones into your phone simply drag and drop great way of putting your own special pics and music.
The bad thing is it does not have a camera and the Internet service is slow but thats metro not the phone a good thing is, alot of memory you can also store video and put it as a screen saver just convert the video to the format the phone supports in this case 3GP trust me its worth the work to see a video as your screen saver. Most def recommend this phone

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Good Basic Phone


Aug 20, 2007 by urbanite

I've had this phone since January of this year and it hasn't failed me yet.

-Super durable. I've chucked it at walls and long distances but it still works the same as when I got it.

-Good reception. I rarely have no service, and I live in the country in the middle of nowhere. People can't usually tell I'm using a cell phone.It does sometimes drop calls though for no reason.

-Has bluetooth and infrared if you use that

-Good price. Very good phone for the money.

-Very small and lightweight.

-Good volume

-As said above, it does drop calls sometimes for no reasons

-No camera

-Screen scratches easily

-Speakerphone quality isn't the greatest. It's sounds kinda scratchy and I don't use it very often b/c of that.

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Nokia rolls out a sophisticated, business-worthy phone


Jul 5, 2007 by thbarnes

Sometimes a business phone doesn't need to hold all of your calendars, because that's what your day planner or wall calendar is for. And sometimes it doesn't need instant email, stock reports, or Microsoft Word. You just want a phone that works well. If you know what I'm talking about, you should consider the Nokia 2865i.

I've owned my Nokia 2865i for four months, since March 2007, just before Alltel discontinued it, which is unfortunate. It is perfect for me, in terms of it's size and feature set. I don't require a lot of extras, like a camera (I have a digital camera that takes much better photographs) or an MP3 player (which is what my iPod is for). If you are on the go a lot (averaging 500 miles a week for instance), make a lot of short calls, and don't have time to wait for your phone to charge, this phone is for you. I'd say on average I charge it once a week for three to four hours and average 200 - 300 hours of talk time and 1 - 3 hours of browsing a week on that charge. Naturally, web browsing and bluetooth will use a lot more power, so your charging frequency may vary.


Easy to hold
Durable, solid, quality construction
Large easy-to-read screen even in sunlight
Incredible reception
One-touch voice dialing
Bluetooth capability
Long battery life
Loud and clear speakerphone
Customizable menus, buttons, and themes
Relatively easy WAP browsing


Does not support Google's Gmail application

Lack of EVDO / high-speed mobile broadband which combined with Bluetooth tethering would have made it an excellent alternative to expensive high-speed mobile broadband cards


If you are looking for a camera, video recorder, or MP3 player, this phone is not for you. However, if you want a solid, durable, usable phone for your busy life, this is a great pick.

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So Sad


Jun 27, 2007 by fransou19


I lost the cell phone today it was a good cell phone. It Hurts.

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metro pcs


Jun 10, 2007 by daywane

i love this phone it is great for talking for an hour the only problem i have is the phone keeps frezzes on me. PROs:good srceen
nice loudespeaker
nice ringtones
good games
nice bluetooth
CONs (none)

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Nokia 2865i: The Alter Ego of the 6235i


Jan 9, 2007 by imanokiaman

I normally don't like to write a review on a phone until I've had plenty of time to let it age and discover all of it's flaws, but I'm starting to change my tune.
I just got the Nokia 2865i yesterday after being completely fed up with my 6255i and I believe I found what I'm looking for. An affordable,solid,compact and reliable phone. The Nokia 2865i has the exact same size casing of the 6235i, which it replaced in Metro PCS's lineup, but has an attractive glossy, black front and weighs a bit less. Why they changed the jack for charging the battery is beyond me, but it's no good :-( Anyway, I don't have my girlfriend's 6235i in front of me at the moment, but the display looks to be significantly better as well. I must say that I dislike the new wannabe "apple ipod" battery meter. Nokia, if you want to be like apple or better yet, blackberry, display a percentage meter (such as 100%) for the battery. Pressing the keys can be a challenge at times when coming from dialing on a 6255i, which has the best keypad ever made, but the little joystick feels very nice.
The user interface is roughly the same, but Nokia has shown better layouts.
The loudspeaker is much louder than I expected and is much louder than the 6235i. Nokia made a fair trade with Metro PCS in my opinion. The price of the phone was dropped and BT was added in exchange for the lackluster camera. A phone with a camera will never concern me... that is until they get as nice as my canon cameras ;-) Games are even less important. I'm a console snob, but if you're wondering, this phone has the worst collection of games I've ever laughed at!
Ok, I've gotta get back to work so here's the Pros&Cons List:
PRICE & size
battery life
good reception
nice loudspeaker
it's not a razr
A NEW JACK FOR THE CHARGER. Now the supply of nokia chargers I've been collecting since 1998 are USELESS!
No camera...boo hoo ;-P
This phone sort of froze up on me yesterday, but it better not do it again...

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Fully-featured "phone" phone for a low price


Jan 8, 2007 by alanh

My old Nokia 6255i recently had a hinge failure, so I've been in the market for a new phone. I tried out a couple of the more expensive flip-phones (MotoRAZR and Samsung u520), but the ones I tried were inexplicably crippled in some way: e.g. non-headset Bluetooth profiles were unavailable, the SMS program was annoying to use, and/or it wouldn't let me use my own MP3s as a ringtone without third-party software or paying $ to the carrier.

After playing with ALL of the potential phones in the store, I decided to try out this one out. It's marketed as a "basic" phone, and it doesn't cost very much (without a contract, it's less than $150 from my provider). However, it a lot of features, including ones that many high-end CDMA phones lack, and none of which get in the way of it being a usable phone.

pro: IRDA and full Bluetooth support (including OBEX and File Transfer profiles). MP3/MIDI ringtones, FM radio, fast interface, WAP browser, Java, CDMA/1xRTT with analog fallback, customizable controls. Seems to have good reception and voice quality on Alltel in the Triangle area of NC.

con: No camera.

meh: Low-ish resolution screen, but only when compared to high-end phones. Limited storage and no memory card slot, but plenty for a few 30 second MP3 ringtones and MIDIs. Ringtones/images are only customizable by "group," but I haven't run into a limit on the number of groups. Charger connector different from most older Nokias, but adapter available for ~$10; only a con if you have older Nokia accessories. Back and edges surface texture/finish is slightly slippery to hold, but it doesn't attract fingerprints.

A camera and a memory card slot would pump up the "toy/fun factor" by a bit. If you need them or want an mp3 player/phone, you'll want to look elsewhere.

It's a great, well-appointed, fully-featured, unencumbered phone for a low price.

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