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decent, tough clamshell


Dec 30, 2009 by hepresearch

As a basic user at the time, this was a decent phone. I had it for 6 months while working for a third-party Sprint dealer, and I had few problems with coverage in the Lancaster, PA, area. However, in areas where the Sprint towers were owned by Shentel, such as York and Harrisburg, PA, coverage could get really spotty.

The SCP-3100 is a tough little phone. I put it through some serious abuse, such as dropping it alot and opening the clamshell too far. I used to demostrate this for customers by slamming the phone onto a desk while open, and then banging my fist on it to press it open further than normal. It survived every time, and it always worked afterward just fine. I don't recommend you try that at home, though...

- tough phone
- decent signal strength when in a coverage area
- good speakers and earpiece
- inexpensive for a camera phone at the time

- no Bluetooth
- browser not strong or fast, 1xRTT only
- not a feature-rich phone

Overall, this is a good, decent product by Sanyo.

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Pretty Good


Sep 29, 2008 by ssaww09

I've had my phone for almost 2 years now and the only problem I have had with it is the camera, its not the best quality and just a few weeks ago it stopped working. However, I think that the camera on my phone is really not a big deal. If you really need a camera, but one, don't depend on you camera phone's capability.
The rest of the phone is excellent. I can't even begin to count how many times I have dropped it, and there's only a few scratches, but still works like a charm.
Texting on this phone is so easy and quick, and the speaker phone is great. Reception is also awesome, I get service no matter where I am.
This phone may be a little large and slightly out of date, but if this phone is still available to buy anywhere I suggest it, especially for first time cell phone owners!

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Not bad not good


Jun 2, 2008 by avalanche294

Hard to break
Can download great games
Gets service almost everywhere (Qwest)
Very fast!!!!!!!!

Doesn't have good ringers
Not to good of a speaker phone
Can't hold to many pictures
Not to great of a camera

Texting- has an interesting version of t9 which I like! The buttons are big so texting can be faster. It takes a while to send text messages.

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Mar 22, 2007 by goldenkozmo

i work for sprint... sanyo is the way to go.. any sanyo. no doubt about it.

ok... i bought the phones with srpint 2 years ago... b.o.g.o. i NEVER expected them to last..... NOT AT ALL.
Quite to my supprise they lasted through ANYTHING. i was insaliing alarm systems; crawling aorund in nasty, rocky, dirty, wet, small, thight-spaced crawl spaces. the phone was used and abused jsut at work alone.
I am one of the people that ALWAYS DESTROY my phones.. almost every time i get out of the car, the phone is on my lap and goes flying across the parkinglot or driveway when i get out. i drop it ALLLLL THE TIME. When i get mad on the phone, i have a history of throwing it... i litterly can't even imagine how many times my phone was droped hard or thrown. it was sooo scratched that there was no lettering on it, gashes almost all the way through the casing....

last june on my 21st b-day, i had a houe party.. and got drunk and thrown in the pool, not knoing my phone was in my pocket.. i decidced to stay in the pool for 15 mins.. when i got out... t rang and vibrated in my pocket.. i answered it and had a normal convo. with it... i forgot about it that night from all the booze, the next afternoon, when i woke up (ha. what a hang over) it was on the table.. still on, still charged, still working 100% fine! i was soo shocked.

now i work for sprint, and i try to get everyone to buy sanyo phones. they are number 1!! i just upgraded to the katana which also is far beyond what i thought it would be.

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very good little phone


Feb 6, 2007 by racheybee

I got the sanyo 3100 as a spare line back in april and carried until october until giving it to someone else, and I have no complaints about it. It is a very nice little phone. It is not has high tech as some may want. It will appeal to a more basic user. It has all the basic features you would need, vision, camera, and ready link. It never had any bugs in it and functioned just like it was supposed to. I would recommend it to any one just wanting a nice basic phone with some nice features but not too high tech

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Surprisingly good


Dec 17, 2006 by ShadowScorpion

First of all, I must say I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from Sanyo, seeing as my last experience with them was a portable CD player that failed after *three weeks* of use. It was cheap (CAN$99), looked good, and the prepaid airtime rates are great (long live Solo Mobile), so I thought it was worth a try.

Now, a couple of weeks after initially getting it, I must say that this phone has been surprising me - in a good way, at least.

- Great RF -- Keeps signal where my old Bell phones would fail.
- Speaker phone is loud and crystal clear, but unfortunatly only half-duplex.
- Walkie-talkie function - as much as found it futile, I now dig it.
- Airplane mode -- Finally, a phone with which I can use all functions except the phone when I don't want (or feel) like it.
- Great battery life -- I charge it once a week, which is pretty good since I use it a lot during a week.

- Nothing major, but I have some dead pixels on the inner LCD.
- 1 MB of memory (Why, Sanyo, why?) means frequent picture uploading to clear some space on the phone.

Overall, I was positively surprised by this phone, and I definitively will buy another Sanyo in the future.

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Very Good Phone For The Money


Dec 13, 2006 by Courageous917

When the first sanyo camera phone was released almost 3 years ago I thought that was very good but too expensive. If you are looking for a phone not a PDA, mp3 player or video phone than this is the phone for you very simple to use and just as good quality as the other sanyo phones.

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Good, solid phone


May 20, 2006 by ozzie12590

I wanted to replace my 2-year-old Sanyo RL-7300 and decided on the Sanyo SCP-3100. I think the sound quality is very good, even better than the highly-rated Motorola E815 from Verizon, my cellphone for work.

- Clamshell design, smaller than RL-7300
- Similar interface to other Sanyo phones
- Good sound quality
- Different color choices
- Adapters and cables from other Sanyo phones work with the 3100.

- VGA camera not great if you're looking for a camera-phone

I think the SCP-3100 is a good, reasonably-priced good cellphone if you're not interested in bells-and-whistles found in higher-priced models.

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Everything I Needed


May 18, 2006 by jhenk17

I recently switched to Sprint after 4 so-so years with Verizon.

I just wanted a basic flip phone and had intended on getting the 2300 until I saw how small the outer display was. None of the other basic flip phones Sprint offered even had an outside display so I ended up with the 3100.

After two weeks, here's what I found:

* Outstanding battery life (I've only charged it once so far)
* Excellent reception (even where I got little to none with multiple phones on Verizon)

* Kind of nit-picking, but I was used to the one button switch to vibrate that my LG phone had. With this phone, you need to open it and press one of the side buttons multiple times to change modes. Now that I'm used to it, it's no problem.
* No indication on the outer display that the ringer is on or off.

I can't really say anything about the phone or web. Haven't used them, likely never will.

Overall I like the phone.

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Not really sure about this one


May 14, 2006 by kands2004

This is the fist phone I have had since I got my Sanyo 4500 about 5 years back. I never wanted to upgrade because I didn’t mind not having all the bells and whistles of a new phone. I enjoy the camera, as a fun toy, nothing that I need to have a camera on my phone for, but it's fine.
Standard flip phone with nice new functions for someone going from an archaic phone.
The earpiece on the phone has only one hole and if your ear is not in the exact spot, it's very difficult to hear.
Terrible service where I had no problems with my 4500. Dropped calls left and right, and I have not even had the phone two weeks.
Once you record the name for the voice ringer, you cannot rerecord. It will not even work if you delete the number and add it again.
Slow and difficult to connect to the internet.
When you go to open the phone when a call comes in or to make a call, it's difficult to avoid the buttons on the sides and causes the memo recorder to turn on or the camera to operate. It's just annoying.

I'm going to the Sprint store to return the phone today and get another one. Hope you find this info helpful! Wasn't much out there as far as reviews. Good luck!

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