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Awesome Phone,great for music talking and games!!!


Aug 6, 2006 by dany

This phone is a great gadget Lg has invented. My son has it and he absoulutely loves this phone. It has great music/ringtones and much much more. If you are looking for a good phone that does not drop calls,plays games,has ringtones,etc then this is the one!!!

This Phone is Amazing!


Jul 27, 2006 by Lisette

I have had the LG6100, 8100, the moto E815 but this 8300 is the best yet. Awesome sound quality, bright and clear screens perfect size and a great battery life. This phone is a keeper!

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Simply put... This is a great phone.


Jul 26, 2006 by alex.s.moore

I have been very pleased with this phone. I even will dare to say that it outdoes the 8100, which I was a very fervent fan of. Call quality and reception are unbelievable. The customizeable interface is cool, although some of the different styles run a bit slow... it's not terribly bad. That's the only thing I can find wrong with it! I highly recommend it.

Earpiece volume killed this phone


Jun 22, 2006 by DrinkTequila

Bought the vx8300 a few weeks ago and loved it from the start!! great color, lightweight, VERY stylish, small & sleek.

I noticed the earpiece volume was horrible, especially with background noise present. but I liked everything else so much that I dealt with it. Had to exchange it once due to my memory being full, though i had nothing on the phone. Thought the earpiece on the new phone might have been louder, but it still sucked. My boy and his girl both got this phone and they are having the same problem....as well as others whose threads i've read in the forum.

I can't put into words though how pleased i was with the camera. You don't notice the true quality until you send the pics to your computer. Also, put a bunch of songs on the micro disk and was jammin everyday on the bus and while working out...loved that. Still couldn't get over the earpiece though.

In conclusion, on the 14th trial day, as much as it hurt to give up my 8300, i exchanged it for the 9800 and have been happy ever since (and i get better responses from the girls when i whip out "The V") :o)

-flix setting to an hour
-etc, etc, etc

-earpiece volume (of course)

ummm, that's about the only con i can think of at the moment (time to leave work)....seems silly, but that was enough to determine that it wasn't the phone for me. maybe i had 2 bad phones....who knows? me and my "V" will be just fine.

to all of those who keep the vx8300...ENJOY




Jun 5, 2006 by jackwhite68

This phone is definately a keeper. Small, slim, light weight and functions perfectly as a phone!


It's size
great keypad
nice color
clear and crisp


I didn't get it sooner!

Not that impressed


Jun 15, 2006 by Stunna1011

I have had the 8300 for about 2 weeks and here is my review:

Pros -
MP3 player
Micro SD for memory
Customizable UI
Sound quality (when not on speaker phone)

Cons -
Volume when on speaker phone just does not measure up to the LG 8000 (my old phone)
Video quality is still pixelated....WACK
Camera is only OK
External screen is complete garbage compared to the 8000 and 8100
The battery door feels cheap like it's gonna come off

I am a big fan of LG phones but this one I am not impressed with at all. I wish the video quality matched that of the Samsung T809, now thats quality. It's a decent phone but if I'm gonna spend money I want something that I consider an upgrade and this is just not. I'm probably taking this back tomorrow and activating my 8000 again. Hopefully Verizon comes out with a better phone in the near future.

Not as pleased as the 8100. LG let me down


Jan 8, 2007 by Smokin_Joe

I had to file a claim to replace my damaged VX8100. Since the VX8100 is no longer made, they shipped me a brand new VX8300.

Pros: nice screen, inside & out, camera phone, 500 number capacity, MicroSD expandable memory, slimmer, flash animations. nice color on the screens.

Cons: long list
1) The front screen is useless when compared to the VX8100--I can't check txt msgs. I can't hang up the phone when I'm on a headset. I can't scroll through the numbers I want to call (ie: work, home, cell, etc). This phone front screen is truly not as functional as the VX8100 I had.
2) Voice recognition is not as friendly. I spent the time to "train" my voice to the functions and it still doesn't understand.
3) I have to change my data cables now, my memory to a MICRO SD card (vs the MINISD I had) and my chargers. They are all different.
4) The top two "message" and "contacts" buttons (above the center "OK" button) are thrown up in the corners where it is difficult to use b/c your thumb hits the speakers. ON the 8100 they were below the speakers.
5) You would figure that w/ the upgrade from the 8100, you would also get a 2.0 MP camera. It's still the 1.3MP camera.
6) The camera button has been moved to the side of the phone. On the 8100, I had two buttons to access the camera. Now I am limited to one button on the side.
7) The have moved the Headset jack to the top of the phone. It causes the cable of my headset to touch the antennae.
8) There is a small "buzz) sound that starts about 2 mins into a call. No one seems to know why this occurs.
9) It's sometime difficult to remove the MICROSD card from the slot.

It has several of the features of the VX8100 but it's lacking in the "usability" arena. Because of the size, I find it difficult to hold and open sometimes due to the smaller size.

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This Phone Can't be Beat! (Or Drowned, or Chewed, or Run Over...)


Sep 24, 2015 by tiesan01   updated Sep 24, 2015

This VX-8300 was my boyfriend's high school phone.
The boyfriend is now husband, and this phone has lasted with nary a scratch on it from 2007-2015 (after some time spent in a drawer). I use it now as my secondary phone line, since my smartphone is huge and awkward to talk on.

I used to make fun of boyfriend for using a stupid old flip phone (with an antenna on it!!!) when he could have a shiny new LG Octane. Eventually he went to a smartphone, and the Vx-8300 sat in the drawer. Now that I have resurrected this old beast, here are some annoyances and helpful tips!

1) VCast music doesn't work anymore as a service. The phone only worked with Verizon's stupidly overpriced and spotty VCast service (was marketed as a music phone) and has external buttons on the front screen to control MP3 files. If not playing music files, the buttons are basically useless. I wish that they had additional functions, like checking text addresses or caller ID's.

2) Nubby external antenna gives the phone KILLER reception, but it is always getting stuck in the corner of my pocket. I wear skinny jeans, so fishing it out of my front pocket is sometimes awkward.

3) No easy was to add words via the phone's T9 system. No, I don't want to add a new "quick text," you piece of ducking shut. A way around this is to add the new word as an entry into your phone book. Add a fake number with it, then erase it. The phone will remember the new word even if the contact is no longer in the contacts list.

4) Battery only lasts 4 days! (Lol, kidding. 4 days is great nowadays). However, the phone uses that old LG pin charger that always seems to get stuck inside the phone. Why couldn't they have used barrel chargers like Nokia?

5) Text message memory fills up quickly. I feel like 200 texts max really isn't very many.

6) Verizon crippled this phone's bluetooth capabilities, so you are stuck with the crappy stock ringtones.

Overall, amazingly durable phone! Works totally great.

whats not to like?


Dec 12, 2011 by rainmanva2011

i got this phone when it first came out.. i think it was back in 2006.

i used it for 3 long years. i have dropped..lauched and done everything imagineable to this phone and it keeps going and going.

this is a great phone. nice features and very loud speakers for mp3's.
love it! great phone! too bad they don't make them this durable anymore.

One of my favorite phones


Jan 16, 2011 by LGVX8300

This is a very versatile and reliable cell phone. I've owned it for over 2 years now and it will be hard to give up. It's literally been through hell and back as many times as i've dropped it and it hasn't skipped a beat. It's no i-phone but if your not into all the extra frills, i highly recommend it.

Check it out here: www.lgvx8300.org

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