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HTC 3125 / Smartflip / 8500 (Star Trek)


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This phone just couldn't last...


Jan 31, 2008 by DUbblecoMB

I owned this phone for only five months before I had to have it replaced. FIVE MONTHS. My other phone, a nokia 6102, has lasted me three years and it still hasn't lost a step.

When I purchased this phone it was awesome, and it came with everything I needed. I was the coolest guy on the block, taking those Razr-loving losers to town! To finish it off, I hooked my dear, sweet, baby of a phone up with a 2 gig memory card, to make it all come full circle. This phone was so full of features I just couldn't describe my disbelief when it all started falling apart. About three months into my relationship with this phone, I started getting weird glitches. I thought it was common since I was using a windows phone, but it just got ridiculous! My phone would freeze, give me error messages that would pile up to a point where I couldn't access my phone, it wouldn't send my text messages at all unless I kept the phone open and watched it say "message sent". Not only that, but the phone battery made a drastic change and only lasted about a day at a time before the battery was dead. It deleted my music, corrupted my memory card, and to finish it off the back of the phone peeled off so my battery kept falling out. As the problem progressed I eventually had to replace my phone for the same model, which also fell apart. I ended up downgrading to my old phone. End of rant, here's my list.

Sleek, good look for a phone
Packed full of awesome features
Comes with full internet capabilities
Good sound quality
Syncs well with computer, easy to access

Low battery life
Poor construction
Micro SD slot kept jamming

RIP 3125, I loved you!



Apr 15, 2007 by bebe6473

Ok I'v had this phone for the past 5 months and my experience with the 3125 have been very bad!!!!!

Well when I got the phone I liked it because of all features such as media player, video recorder,and the fact that it acted just like a PDA smartphone but in a slim flip phone.

Everything was all fine and dandy until about a month and a half after I got the phone it literally froze on me. Even when I took the battery out it still did not work so I had to get a replacement.

Well after the phone was working fine until I started realizing that I kept losing and dropping calls very freguent or for a long period of time it would tell me that it would be searching for at least 10 to 15mins and this happened everyday and almost every call that I either recieved or made. Than they sent me a third phone.

The third replacement did not work either. Immediately when I got the phone I tried it out and the same day it drop about 10 calls within 15mins and finally I got fed up and customer service made me go through so much just to get a different model and they had the nerve to try and make me take a fourth replacement.

The funny thing about the phone is that I went to a cingular stroe and even the sales represenative told me that this phone was not good at all poor service


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3125 Thoughts


Mar 19, 2007 by slow386

Have only had the phone a few days after my MPx220 died . . .

1/4 VGA inner display and 128x128 external.
WM-5 fixes scrolling through long contact lists with large capital letters.
E-Mail is reasonably fast - even in low/no signal areas.
Voice quality is good
Battery life seems good so far (despite other comments)
Syncing with Outlook is super.
Sync/charge cable is a nice touch

No voice dial - Need MS Voice Commander (if it even works on this model)
Ear piece volume could be higher.
No attachment for leash.
Can't can't menu icons for a list.

Cingular 3125


Feb 16, 2007 by shribbi

STAY AWAY, STAY FAR AWAY!!!! I have been the unhappy owner of three 3125s. My first stopped working after 30 days and was replaced by Cingular. The second stopped working after 40 days and was again replaced. The third did not work out of the box! Cingular tried unsuccessfully to force me to accept a 4th one. If you are interested in a great phone that will last for 30 days, this is the one to buy. If you need it for longer, you are in for a nightmare, and don't count on Cingular's "customer service." You will be sorry.

kinda dissapointing


Feb 15, 2007 by toyotaman68

Ive had this phone for about 3 months and I'm kinda disappointed overall. its an OK device as a phone but cingular needs to step up in the service area and i laugh nonstop at the fewest dropped calls tv commercials cause i though nextels service was bad. i do like the fact that you can multi task on the phone while on a call.

slim flip ergonomics
clear screens and impressive camera
windows mobile applications
mp3 avail without memory card
user friendly hands free included

fragile LCD design(cracked 3 weeks after purchase)
start up menu confusing
speaker phone hard to find and too quiet
no insurance avail from cingular(safeware.com)
limited service areas(indoors)
no avail downloadable music from cingular

3125, not too bad for the price...


Oct 6, 2006 by Parrot

I bought mine the day it came out on the website, 150.00 no rebate. Then I sent in the 2 rebates so hopefully it'll be free when it's all said and done. This phone is great, everything you could want, minus 3G... But honestly 3G is cool on the Sierra Wireless cards, but I wasn't impressed with the CU500 at all, I returned it...

PROS: Mobile 5, Windows Media Player, 1.3mp Camera, Bluetooth

CONS: Not 3G, micro SD



Oct 5, 2006 by AngryOldMan

OK. My first phone review...ever. I got this phone because I'm sick of Cingular dragging its feet and/or not providing quality PDA/Smartphone's in a timely manner. (Meaning: we should get them first or at least at the same time as the Europeans), and because the Pearl, like the RAZR is very over-rated. I really like this phone.
I DO NOT have a problem with the proprietary jack because, hey, it came with a cable!!!! And adapters AND a (cheesy) headset. Have not messed with the bluetooth yet. Still have the headset on order from another source.


Cheap smartphone
Very cool camera
"Frakin'" cool external screen
OUTSTANDING media player (booming sound with stereo headset)
Windows Mobile 5
Reception and voice: OUTSTANDING! (Portland-PDX area, Oregon.)
Bigger battery included
Pre-installed software that helps with what I do. (WM5 Outlook is my new best friend!)
Quad-phone. 'Nuff said.

Yeah, the storage card. A bit of a pain to get to.
Cingular themselves: Where do I begin?
1) No bundles for this phone. You NEED TO STOP DOING THAT!!!! NEVER release a phone without ALL the proper accessories to go with it. Who's the moron that's in charge of that?!?!? A customer does not like to "wait for a month after" (quoted from FOUR Cingular store personnel, that's one per store) to get a damn form fitting case!!!
2) should have pushed HTC to incorporate 3G with this one. I can deal with EDGE, but something tells me you are not going to support this phone for long.
3) Nothing in MediaNet beyond the ringtones/graphics department. Mostly games is what I was looking for. Where's the games?!?!? Not a biggie, but it would have been nice.

Cingular should really push this phone, better. It's frakin' cool!

You can go to Handango or Smartphone.net to get some really killer software. One that I can't live without is "Gentimer". Multiple alarms and world times.

Oh, yeah, my alarm is DethClok's "Duncan Hills" jingle.


It worked..


Jul 23, 2007 by KeepNTouch

I have had the phone for 8 months and I am not retiring the phone. The ring volume is the biggest concern, which lead to the other problems. You can only use certain phone cases for this phone to hear it, but the phone needs a extra protection in a Neoprene sandwich case. The only problem is in case that covers the speakers, you will miss calls because in a typical mid noise environment (office, home, driving in the car) you won't hear the ringer. This is not the case with other phones I have used. The phone has to be pretty close to your body to feel the vibration. I had to edit the volume to the second highest AND Vibrate to hear it in normal noise environments. If you are out at the park with the kids 'forget about it'.

So this means a case that does not offer as much protection. So when it dropped a few times the sound quality was affected.

It's FLIP became FLOPPY and flops open easily wearing the screen (and battery) down when you think it's fully closed. In this case you will open the phone to a BLACK screen. Which I interpret as a failing LCD screen.

So since the phone has NO insurance (Cingular), it's now time to investigate other phone options. I like the PDA component of the phone and the ease of use. Now that my appetite has been
been wet, I'm moving UP to a Treo.

Music Player
Upcoming Events on Main Screen
Not Heavy
Screen Resolution

Ring Volume
Flip Becomes Floppy
Doesn't Close ALL the way depending on case used



Oct 25, 2006 by KennyJ19

I work in a Corp. Cingular Store and they gave me the 3125 as my COU and i LOVE the phone, the signal with the phone is grate and i really love it and works good, the only thing is that they don't have any good case for it.

this phone is horrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiibbbbbbbllllleeeeeee


Aug 27, 2007 by kewlkid2245

ok so
i broke my bar phone somehow so this was my replacement. i was very excited to receive this phone but after a month or so of having this i was very very sad. :(

this phone is the worst invention cingular has ever had. it freezes on me every morning, drops calls, wont let me answer calls, deletes my text messages, wont charge, charger thingy broke inside the phone and now it comes out when i charge it. if i was you i would never touch this phone with a 1 foot pole. this phone should be burned. also, the camera sucks, it always lags. also there is this light that will not stop blinking on the front of it. it gets annoying because you think someone is calling or something, but there nottttt.

pros: nothing, never get this phone

cons:everything, and the battery does not last that long after like a month

thank you and goodnight

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