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HTC 3125 / Smartflip / 8500 (Star Trek)


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Love this phone!


Sep 30, 2006 by luckyknine

My wife and I have the Cingular 2125 and the 8125. However, I wanted a smaller form and she wanted a flip phone; that's just our thing. So we bought 2 Cingular 3125s'.

As far as the phone however, it is great. The reception is as good or better than either other phone we've had and that includes Nokia 6620, Motorola MPX220, Audiovox SMT5600, 2125 and 8125. Very clear, holds calls well even at 1 bar.

We've not had any freeze-ups, the screen is very nice, seems plenty fast and responsive, and looks great. I don't have a complaint on the speakerphone either.

Internet connection via MediaNet works great; yes I realize most phone screen sizes are not good for internet use at least for extended times.

The camera is acceptable for a 1+ megapixel camera, probably because I didn't expect great pictures.....it's a phone and I have good camera equipment.

The best thing so far is battery life; the Cingular has a 1100 mA battery and it last much better than any of the other phones I've had. A 2 hour call only used about 20-25% charge at most and I've gone 5 days with regular use (mixture of calls, IE, playing around, etc.) and still had about 15% battery left.

Others usage will vary!!

Overall, I'm very happy with the 3125. Best phone purchase I've made in several years. For me, no negatives worth mentioning; all positive responses.

RAZR + Windows


Oct 31, 2006 by surfguy

I've been a PDA guy for YEARS - I owned the original palm pilot and the sharp zaurus before that- and went to the Ipaq, and so on...

I am a big fan of the smartphones because I use outlook exclusively and the connectivity is 100% impressive. Such a great feeling to have all my info at my fingertips and all backed up!

I've owned 2 other smartphones, the audiovox 5600 and the cingular 2125 which were IMHO basically the same phone (the 2125 has some improvements) The 3125 is a different phone completely.

I HATE the feel and look of the blackberry and the treo - I favor something that looks and feels like a PHONE and works as a PDA / phone the 3125 accomplishes that perfectly.

It's thin and attractive - much like the moto razr - It has caught the eyes of many people who have seen it. It's pure black and it feels quality more so than my GF's razr.

The screen is great - it works flawlessly w/ my moto bluetooth headset - the buttons are nicely sized as is the screen.

My only beefs are -

1) why is there no case - clip for this phone? Although it folds and fits nicely in my pocket.
2) the blue and green flashes on the phone are bright - so much so that I have top put the phone in my nightstand at night otherwise it's a bit distracting kind of like a flashing night light.

If you're looking for a top of the line smartphone w/ cool design + mp3 player this will fit the bill.

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WOW - what a PHONE!


Oct 4, 2006 by stllex88

This review is for the Cingular 3125.
I rarely give the max on any rating system. But that changed here. It's based on the fact that this is a great phone first and foremost. Other features are a nice bonus and I can live with a few idiosyncrasies. It's amazing how tough it is for mfr's to make a great PHONE!. But HTC has succeeded here.

Earpiece and mic sound quality is superb. Earpiece volume is more than adequate.
RF is great.
It's easy to use out of the box as just a phone.
Battery life is simply outstanding.
Clamshell makes for a large keypad compared to non-Qwerty smartphones.
Display is bright, crisp, and very clear.
WM5/Smartphone platform gives the flexibility to easily add apps to and customize your phone.
Option of Stereo Bluetooth
At least for now, not everyone has one.

Proprietary connector
Speakerphone is so-so, have to keep phone open to use it

Smartphone with challenges!


Feb 16, 2007 by twhite_21x

I upgraded from a Nokia 6682 to the Cingular 3125 as I was looking for a smaller smartphone. This phone does have many pros but there are few cons as well.

Very durable
Easy access on the outside for MP3's
Good size screen when open
When open the size of the phone is comfortable
Program history at top of screen
run multiple programs
text messaging is very easy with size of buttons

Blinking lights on outside
camera is so so
battery life is horrible
antenna is very weak
windows mobile has very serious lag times
not very customizable
speaker phone is not very loud
outside side buttons in bad spot
outside screen very hard to see in bright light

I know I have a long list on each but I want to be as honest as possible. This is a good phone but there are many challenges. Read all reviews before purchasing this phone.

I feel like Captain Kirk


Sep 25, 2006 by xcalibyur42

Stupid tagline, but as I was holding it open and talking on the speakerphone, it's the only thing most people can assume.

I have the Cingular 3125. I am impressed. I've used the 2125, I-mate sp5, sp5m, and also the Audiovox smartphones.

Size - RAZR with WM5, love it.
Calls are very clear, works better with my headset than my SP5
Media buttons, I don't use them much, but I like having them
Cingular's extended battery and OS fixes make this much better than the other versions floating around

Connector - Why is it that HTC went this direction? all other models use mini-usb, and that was handy. Although, I won't fault the phone seriously, I wish it were different.
No where to plug in stereo headphones, of plug into a sterio. Not an Ipod killer.

Overall, this is a FANTASTIC phone, but I miss some feature of the larger phones.

Wifi would be a nice addition for version 2, but I decided not to comment becuase I didn't use it on my sp5, but for the very few times I used it, I'd like it.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with this phone

Thin and Smart? Hmmmm...


Sep 24, 2006 by dataconnect

I have used the Cingular 3125 for about two weeks, upgrading from a RAZR.

I previously had the Cingular 8125, which I really liked...except for the fact it was so bulky.

The 3125 is like a combination of the 8125 and the RAZR..thin and smart.

So far I have found only one con. Sometimes the Windows Mobile 5 software is sluggish in responding to a command.

Great signal strength, even in a known dead-spot in my area. The speaker is loud and crisp, even for people like me who have some hearing loss. Overall my experience has been pro, pro, pro!

Thanks, Cingular, for a great product!

Merger of 2125 and RAZR!


Sep 16, 2006 by ninja2205

The merger of the 2125 and the RAZR. This phone is perfect for people like me. People who wants a thin compact phone that can play music and take good pics. And a phone that has WM5 for emails and outlook. Its the best of both worlds.

PROS: Thin, compact, great camera, nice screen, made of metal.

CONS: No case included. The 2125 and 8125 include a case. Why wouldn't the 3125? Other than that PERFECT.

Just What I Was Looking For!


Sep 18, 2006 by kokomo5

This is a very good phone that does exactly what it is supposed to do: combine Outlook on your PC with a really slim phone that's easy to carry. It also gives you media player and tons of other stuff to play with.


I like the feel of it.
The keys are large and easy to use.
Reception is great.
The display is fantastic.
Better than average camera.
It is very loud. I had to turn down the ear piece volume.
It has a very strong vibrator.

Cons: Hmmm...I am sure there are some, but I have not encountered any. As I said I really like this spartphone...It allows me to carry my Outlook stuff and easily sync it with my PC. I have had three previous PDAs (Palms and an Ipaq), but they were always just to large for me to carry on my belt comfortably. I just could not bring myself to get one with a phone in it. And I really don't need a thumb keyboard.

The 3125 is like carrying a Razr (yes, I had one) but with lots more features and it syncs with my PC. I am very happy I no longer have to lug the PDA around.

Best Smartphone Flip...EVER...


Oct 25, 2006 by Spartan 104

Wow, what a great phone. Better than I thought it would be. First off, got this phone for my mom and I recently got to use it for a few days and it really makes for a great device. Call quality and RF performance is great (definitely the best I've experienced out of all the smartphones & PPC phones I've used so far). I'm also digging the form factor (matte black look, very thin, and it's a flip!). Easily the best smartphone flip available as of right now (definitely what the MPx220 should've been).

-Great RF performance and call quality (especially for a smartphone)
-It's a smartphone (so many things you can do with this platform)
-Nice main display and outer display
-Excellent build quality (really feels solid in your hands...no squeaks/creeks/solid hinge)
-Decent battery life
-Very stylish (black, clamshell form factor, and thin)
-Great price (upgrade from Cingular, $150 no rebate needed)

-Not a fan of the proprietary connector
-MicroSD slot located under battery
-Wish it had WiFi (something had to be sacrificed when making a phone this thin)
-Range with bluetooth headset isn't as good as my other phones

Great phone - couple of issues


Sep 22, 2006 by miershpedankl

I think this is a great phone and I've had other Smartphones and PocketPC's. (K-Jam, Cingular 2125, Blackberry) What I don't get is why the heck every phone manufacturer has to make different power/headphone jacks, its retarded. Although there are 12-pin -> miniUSB converters available at mobileplanet.com, I have not found a 12-pin -> 3.5mm headphone jack converter yet -- annoying if you want to listen via anything other than the crazy headphone/mic thing that they give you. I guess you could listen with a bluetooth stereo headset, but I don't have or want a pair!

Otherwise, this is a great phone that comes with great Windows components for viewing attachments and listening to music -- probably web browsing too, but we don't use it for that.

- Many
- microsd
- sound is good
- slim & sexy
- Windows Mobile
- etc.

- 12-pin thing is inconvenient
- only 1 alarm (i think)
- no wifi (easy to include - probably a Cingular flaw)
- microsd card behind battery (why?)


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