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Jun 7, 2006 by eschaa00

Finally, the phone I've been seeking.

I'm a long time Nokia fan; liking their quality and their PC Suite software for sync'ing with MS Outlook.

For the past 18 (or so) months I've been using Motorola phones (first a RAZR then a V635) having great call quality ... I moved away from Nokia because the flip phone really seemed to cut down on ambient noise (like when talking in the car), but the Motorola Phone Tools software just plain sucks ... and I kept saying to those who'd listen that I just want my Nokia phone in the RAZR style.

I now have the 6131! While it's not as thin as the RAZR, it is every bit as distinctive as the RAZR was when it was new. The inside screen is beyond words, best screen ever on a cell phone.


1. All Nokia's strengths (including my return to using their PC Suite software)
2. Call quality on par with higher-end Moto flip phones


1. Only my first day, but battery life is less than my V635
2. Signal strength / reception is also not quite that of the Motos (which does contradict another review here)

This one is a keeper!! I've missed the Nokia phone software and can now can show my enthusiasm while using a stylish flip phone.

And it would have received a 5.0 rating if my 2 Con observations weren't the case. Call quality is still priority one, and this phone sounds good. I'll go buy a spare battery (just in case) ... and hopefully my signal concern will not come back to bight me ;) ...

2nd Nokia I've Owned and I love it...Nokia the best!!!


Dec 9, 2006 by farico24

Hi, this is my 2nd Nokia and i have to say it's the best phone i've owned, I've been used a 6230 and I love it too, but now i have the hot 6131!!! and I have to say that it's amazing and really beautiful...Next pros and cons

-Screen (the very best screen I've seen) (16 million of colors amazing...and the front display looks better than other phones(260000 colors)
-Music player(mp3,acc,Wma) it has a great sound quality and it plays the most important formats of music.
-Auto flip button (rox)
-microSD hot swappable up to 2 gb
-good camera (I still want a flash and a 2.0 mp camera, but its ok...)
-good design (really beautiful and elegant)
-S40 3rd edition (the best) it's much more faster than s60 and its better :P
-landscape mode to play videos and pictures
-Bluetooth and EDGE...irDa too :p
-Fm radio (and visual radio, i havent tried it)

Now the cons:
-Battery life really sux(i read it in all reviews and its true, its sad for this nokia phone, nokia could do a better work in this area)
-No flash in camera
-You cant unlock the keypad without opening the phone.

I think they are the only cons of this phone.

I recommend this phone a lot...buy it!
It's amazing ;)

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Nokia 6126


Apr 21, 2007 by soreub

I am on a 30 day test period with this phone. I've jumped ship from 6 years Verizon to Cingular. I wanted the rollover minutes. After struggling with which phone might work with my car, I got the Nokia. Nokia seems to have amazing phones. Unfortunately they are not available. Nokia's technical phone help was amazing. Other phones I considered are the Motorola Krazer, Blackberry Pearl(I don't email or message, but love the way the phone feels), Cingular Sync

great buttons
great feel to the outer surface
connects to my car
cannot transfer my phonebook single or multiple
volume good
Camera adequate
-battery life not good
-cannot label or categorize your contacts with mobile, home, office etc on the sim card. (major drawback) How do you design a phone that doesn't allow you to label your phone numbers?
-one wallpaper(Cingular only)
-functions not intuitive (I used to have LG. They are very easy to navigate, but very tired of them. No imagination. All the same. Visually very generic

Nokia 6126-Cingular Version Review PART 1


Apr 9, 2007 by NokiaGoth

The Nokia 6126, Cingulars newest Nokia Phone, finally came out and with a standing ovation. Though not a 3G phone it still kicks the butts of other similar phones out there. A simple clamshell phone with internal antenna, and easy to use flip open button, the Nokia 6126 is proof that Imagination is still out there. Though not perfect with a talk time of a mere 3 hours and an annnoying side button to turn the device on or off. this phone is still a must buy for any Nokia fan out there. so heres what to expect. My pros and cons, reviewd from the eye of a fellow Nokia Nut...


Easy open button-" You'll feel like your on star trek when you open this phone to talk, impressing anyone who sees it."

Micro SD Card Slot- "lets face it we always need more memory for those special pics or songs we love to have"

1.3 Meg Camera-"a step up from the basic vga cameras, making it easy to always be able to catch the fun moments in life"

Great Reception-"i had bars in places that seemed impossible, what more can i say"

Colorful Display-"wow the colors"

Easy Personalization-"hot damn, from changing the profile names to playing mp3's as ring tones its so easy anyone can do it, no muss no fuss, after all when you have a cellphone you should make it yours"

Loud-" 1 small speaker is all ya see yet you'd swear it was surround sound, you'll never miss a call or a beat with this phone"

And Finally The Voice-"voice dialing, voice commands, and the like have never been so easy, the phone auto set up my address book, and other short cuts whihc can be changed. it was a relief not having to program each one"


Nokia Hits a Grand Slam


Mar 3, 2007 by Chatterboxwireless

The Nokia 6126 is the phone that I just knew Nokia was capable of producing. I gave this phone a perfect rating for the reasons I have listed below.

1. Very Strong Reception
(Cellular One Western PA)
2. Attractive Sleek Design
3. Auto Open
4. 16 Million Color Screen looks as good as my laptop computer
5. Outer Screen is more clear than most phones main screens
6. Sound is clean loud and undisturbed
7. Expandable memory (up to 2GB) is very useful, I like the fact that you dont have to remove the battery to insert the memory card.
8. Bluetooth V 2.0 stays connected much better than older versions
9.Edge High speed data transfer is blazing fast.
10. Speaker Phone is Loud and clear.
11. Key pad is great for people with big fingers

Now for the Few Cons

1. Battery life is not Great but lets face it with the clairity of the screens it holds its own against most phones (buy a car charger)
2. Charging and Sync Ports on top

Overall I gave this phone a 5 the few cons that I could see did not merit a reduction in rating. This phone should appeal to all people it has features to offer for all levels of users.



Feb 28, 2007 by YOUBIGEASY

I just got this phone the other day,and so far its perfect except the pictures being green in unwell lite areas...Its coo,The battery life is ok.It rings really loud.It also vibrates good 2.Battery usually lasts all day if charged fully.I also like this phone because ur able 2 play the mp3 player well ur texting,on the internet,or doing wateva on the phone.and the phone is easy 2 get a grip on,so it wont slip out of ne1s hand.

vibrates really good.
ringer is really loud.
speakerphone is excellent.
push open button on the right side of the phone.
Really nice display on both displays.

Camera does take green pics...
The battery life can be a bit longer..
I really dont like the fact that the charger port is on the top of the phone..

I think im gona look into getting the 5300 since it just came out 2day...


Sweet Deal


Jan 30, 2007 by BkOps

Sweet Deal the price is right for a very good phone. Great voice quality/reception nice and loud speaker. Great screen wonderful bright colors very clear. Very sturdy built solid feel nice functions easy too use. Camera is average as is the music player but I didn't buy it for those features. I purchased it for it's communications abilities voice/voicemail and texting ability. Battery could be a little better but I have had lots worst so it's not a major thing. Overall excellent phone great value...

Does the Job


Jan 28, 2007 by TampaBay

This phone does what I need it too do, it has great clarity & excellent reception.
It has loud ringers, the volume is good and the speaker is loud. I use text messages on mine and it is easy to use and works perfectly. The phone is well built & sturdy which is a big plus, and does not feel cheap. As for the camera and music functions I have not used them, as there not of interest too me. I have used the Bluetooth on a couple of occasions with no problems. I talk on mine maybe 45-60 minutes a day and text message 15-25 times a day on the average and recharge it every 3 days. So overall I feel it's a great phone for what I use it for.

this phone=heaven


Nov 18, 2006 by t019t

this phone is best phone that i have had out of about 20 phones so it is obviously a good phone. i thought that my samsung t809 was my best phone but i was wrong. this phone has awsome reception, a pretty good camera, it loud, the battery life is better than my samsung t809 which is a giant plus. this phone is the phone that someone wants a camera in an mp3 player in a feature packed phone. some of the cons that i dont like are sometimes the auto hinge doesnt go all the way up, and the pop-port is on the top. i know that is it supposed to be easier for you it is just hard gettin used to. THIS PHONE IS AN AWSOME PHONE, I LOVE IT, BETTER THAN ANYONE OF MY OLD PHONE. IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN ANY OF MY FREIDNS PHONES.

Great phone,Lots of Features.


Jun 2, 2006 by SDiego

This phone is great. It works great with Cingular and the sound is clear. The display is the best I have ever seen on a phone. Works great via bluetooth and with my handsfree in my vehicle.

lit buttons
overall quality

Can't find anything yet.

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