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Takes some times.


Sep 24, 2006 by IVIatty

Well, I am coming from a v3i which I absolutely loved, but felt it was time for change. Coming from a v3i the obvious difference is the size alone. Although this phone is quite small/slim, it does not compare to the v3i.

Ok, now on to pro's.

-Inside and out the screen quality is just ridiculous (in a good way, of course).
-Menu selection. Coming from a Motorola this is a whole new world to me and its quite the experience.
-Menu speed. BLOWS away motorola.
-The phone feels like it is well built.
-Internet is fast.
-Keypad is great for texting. Although I do hate how you have to hit to space over. I like just hitting the directional one over.
-Loving push to open.
-Speaker phone is great.
-Music player is good.

Now on to the cons.

-Reception. I think the Nokia holds a signal better, but picking up a signal I feel my v3i was much better at.
-When the phone is closed there is no button to hit to make the outer LCD light up so you can see the time. Very weird if you ask me.
-Camera is just ok, but a camera is not important to me anyway.
-The shiny chrome plastic around the keypad feels cheap.

Anyway, that is all for now. I see that battery life is a problem, but I sit at a desk all day at work where I have a spare charger, so I am not worried and have yet to run into that problem.

Overall, I think it is a great phone thus far. It def. took me a few days to get used to, but now I am starting to prefer it over my v3i.

I love it!!!


Aug 12, 2006 by chhimmychhunga

Okay, i've owned many different types of brands and models, but in the end seemed to go with only Nokia phones.

I started with a Motorola t710, then a Sony Ericsson t637, then a Nokia 6620, a Nokia 6230i, and finally this Nokia 6131, and this is by FAR the best phone i've ever owned.

- Small and Slim
- Great feeling
- Brillant color screen, 16 mill colors!
- The external screen is as good as internal screens on other phones
- Speaker is loud! Love listening to music on it, haven't called with it on tho.
- Keypad is big and responsive. I really like it, i don't think it feels cheap.
- Navagational button is easy to use, unlike 6230i where i found the middle button to be hard to push. The 6131 had more room to push the middle button.
- The BEST PART of the phone is the one button push. It makes it easier and it just feels and looks cool. You can open the phone with or without it. and it springs open at a good pace! Awesome idea!
- Music player is louder than 6230i.
- s40 v3 is defineatly the best version yet!
- A really big attention getter!

- No protective glass on the internal screen. (but solved the problem with a screen protector from ebay)
- Battery life is pretty bad. (I got about 1 1/2 days worth, but i was using everything... Calls, bluethooth, games, music player, all for 30min to an hour each.
- Still have to remove the battery cover to swap the micro SD card. (but at least it not the battery).
- No flash on the camera
- Camera wasn't an upgrade from 6230i. same thing.
- Bit of a screen delay when you open the phone.

I love the phone, Definately the best Nokia i've EVER owned, best phone Period, but i haven't own n e of the newer ones. Like everthing there are flaws, but i can live with all of the flaws. The only thing that might be hard is the battery life, but i've been told that the more u charge it the longer the battery life last, I've only charged it once. Just brought it! Still can't stop playing with it. You'LL LOVE IT

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Nokia Hits a Grand Slam with First "FULL FEATURED FLIP"!!!


Jun 18, 2006 by Steven2420

Finally, Nokia has released a completely reliable, fully loaded flip. Even though not available in the US, this quad band is everything anyone could need. Believe me when I tell you that I have tried ALL kinds of phones, and there is NO PHONE with the RF capability of a Nokia. I gave up a perfectly good HP 6515 for the flip of my dreams!!


Screen is magnificent, 16 million colors is something you have to see to believe. It is like the Plasma of cell phones.
Great menu-easy to use
Great radio-crystal clear
Nice stereo headset
Bluetooth is easy and reliable-crystal clear
EDGE-also know as EGPRS is faster the ANY browser that I have ever used-truly turbo charged.
Solid construction-smooth and feels great in my hand
Push button flip is awesome


Battery is not typical of Nokia-(I charge all my phones constantly anyway, so not an issue)
I am NOT crazy about the sync cable pop port being on top, but I can live with it.

Overall, this phone does deserve a 5, and if you read the other reviews as well as mine, you will really want to at least try this Nokia!!

1st Nokia - I'm impressed


Aug 15, 2007 by dcgnco

Good phone, it has a nice look at feel to it. It's a pretty compact phone with a whole LOT of features cramped into it. Like everyone else I just wish the battery was beefier.

Pros: Many
1) Form factor when closed. Nice a sleek.
2) External Screen. Nice, big, and bright.
3) UI is amazing for a regular cell phone. Most customizable phone I have ever owned.
4) Internal and external speaker volume.
5) Active standby. Go To menu. Themes. slide show screen savers on main and external display. Video screen savers and caller ID.
6) Handles 1 gig mmc alot better then my moto v3xx.

Middle ground:
1) Camera. Can take some great pics in lighted areas and other times not so great.
2) Video playback doesn't always work very well. audio and video are often out of alignment - sync.
3) Buttons. While nice and big they tend to stick together when texting fast.
4) Menu system is a bit confusing.

1) Battery: While not THAT bad could be a little better. It drains fast when using things like web browsing, watching videos, playing games, or multitasking. With talk time and music play back the battery does an excellent job supplying power to the unit.
2) Keypad lock. an annoying feature that wouldn't be necessary if the camera button wasn't so easy to activate.
3) Alarm: TOO basic
4) While the phone is very customizable you are unable to have a short cut to things like....messaging and call log. Instead you can only choose from a few select things under these categories. this means you have to dig into the menu system to find what you need.
5) Messaging: It's bad. After composing a message and sending it, the message does not go away it just stays there until you close out of it or tell it to clear out. t9 implementation leaves little to desire.....after over a month I'm still hitting the wrong keys to scroll through words. There is no way to switch from letters to numbers without scrolling through the list assigned to that button.

Great Phone!


Jul 26, 2007 by Tampa1

I'm giving this phone a 5, 4.25 for what the phone does and .75 for effort.
Overall a nice little jem with very good functionality, but Nokia kind of dropped the ball on the battery. The phone gets decent talk time if you properly manage the energy consumption of the phone. The more feature settings you use the more the battery is drained, but if you set your phone up carefully and manage your settings you can get decent battery life. I charge my 6133 every 3 days I talk on it 40-50 minutes a day and send 8-10 text messages a day so it works out. We all have usage numbers and yes if your surfing the net, heavy texting, doing IM's and talking 60-90 minutes a day or more your going to be charging it daily as usage has it's price.

Pros: Execellent large screen that is clear and colorful.
Very loud ringer & speaker phone Very good call quality.
Bluetooth and excellent RF.
IM, text messaging and Mobile Web.
A well constructed phone that has great functionality.

Limbo: Camera can be good or bad.

Cons: Battery needs improvement.

Overall a sound phone for a mid-tier model that exceeds expectations of most...

Good not Great


May 19, 2007 by coldplay5467

First real Nokia I owned and impressed with some things not all.

-Internal Antenna
-Great reception
-Awesome speaker! (Best speaker phone I've ever had)
-Nice display (could've been a little better)
-Cool side button to open the flip phone easily and faster
-Sumwhat durable?
-Plays MP3
-FM Radio
-Extended memory
-Fast internet and reception with T-Mobile
-Really loud volume when it rings ++

-Can't apply MP3 as ringtones! Then whats the point on having MP3!?!
-FM Radio only works with headset plugged into phone or else it won't work.
-Phone looks/feels really cheap..after 2 months the border aluminum started to come off.
-Files/MP3 organizer a little difficult.
-Battery life doesn't last too long. Specially if you try many features, but it can last you almost the whole day if you only use it to talk.

I would really recommend this phone to anyone that uses the speaker a lot just like me.

The 6230 in a flip


May 14, 2007 by nokia_man

I need to first say I'm a BIG Nokia fan. Having said that I wanted to replace my 6230, which I loved. I wanted to stay with a Nokia, but I wanted a flip phone. I decided on the 6126, because I was tired of waiting for the N75(I know it is out now, but I bought the 6126 at the begining of March). I have an unlocked version and so far it has been exactly what I was looking for. I use it primarily as just a phone, which I sync to my calendar using the Nokia Suite. I highly reccomend getting a data cable. Don't use as a music player, although I do have some songs. My iPod handles that job.

Both displays are amazing
Love the push to open (Others have not, but I think it is cool)
Can either create groups or can just assign a ring tone to a specific contact.
Sound is great. No problem finding spot to hear, which was a 6102 issue.
Can store tons of stuff with a 2 GB card.
Phone has this black tack backing that makes handling easy.
No problem pairing to my blue tooth headset.

Camera is not the greatest
Battery is OK. I get 3 days on a single charge.

I would suggest purchasing a pair of display covers. I got mine on ebay for about $7. Protects both screens from scratches.

For those looking for a replacement for their 6230 and you want a flip, this is the phone for you. If you need longer battery life, buy an extra on ebay. You can get one for less than $10. Most of the so called issues that I have read are usually from users who do not read their manual or are just not familiar with a Nokia. Ex camera can be turned on easily because button is on the side. While this is true, there is a setting to have all keys lock after a user specified time.

OK Value Overall


Apr 21, 2007 by en4rcer

I have been "playing" around with my 6126 (Cingular/AT&T)for two weeks and here's the scoop:


1. Good signal strength (not great, but above what I consider average).

2. Large, bright inside color screen (the external display is average).

3. Can change/install memory card without removing the battery!

4. The automatic flip (OK, maybe not a pro, but it's cool).

5. Great EDGE data speeds (100k + usually).


1. Plastic phone body appears "cheap" (but holding up so far without any issues).

2. Battery life (about 2 days of regular use for me).

Overall, a great value ($54 with a $50 mail in rebate). Well worth $54 at least, but the rebate made it even better.

Most people that see this phone are immediately impressed by the "coolness factor" of the automatic flip. Then, they notice how bright and colorful the internal display is. Finally, just prior to you prying the phone out of their hands, they compliment on how the phone feels while they hold it. The phone's body is smooth and has some sort of non-slip coating on the back, making it feel quite at home holding it in your hand.

Bottom line:

If you use your phone as a mobile photo album & music player, and do a lot of web surfing on the EDGE network, this phone will serve you well.



Apr 4, 2007 by callie

I just got the Nokia 6126 phone today and, in the short time I have owned it, I have been thoroughly impressed. Here are the pros this phone that I have found so far.


-BIG internal and external color displays
-mp3 player
-digital camera
-video recording/playback
-easier way (I think) to copy your contacts from your phone to your SIM card and vice versa
-automatic keypad lock - unlocks when you flip the phone open
-mp3 ringtones
-digital camera button on the side
-click the right arrow key and it switches from digital camera to video recorder

I have not found any things that I would consider bad with this phone at all. I have owned several Nokia brand phones and they have all worked very well for me. I am hoping that this one will do the same.



Mar 22, 2007 by tszefr

Well I did not keep it long enough to run the battery down. This applies to Cingular 6126.

1. Outstanding screens
2. Voice recognition
3. Flip design
4. Memory card change without removing battery

1. Inadequate volume in earpiece.
2. Inadequate volume in wired headset.
3. Different power than traditional Nokia.
4. No IR in Cingular version.
5. No MicroSD card supplied. Not a huge deal.
6. Less than stellar RF performance.
7. CA-42 cable does not work.

I consider my RF test to be reasonable, a fringe spot with a little Cingular 850 signal. There, N3620 rulez. S/E W810i is close. This phone and many others get no bars most of the time.

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