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Great Phone, Recommended To Buy, Dont Listen to the Haters!


May 25, 2008 by phonescoopfan95

Hey you guys, I just recently bought this phone as an upgrade with a partial discount resulting $74.00. Definitly Worth Buying!
Straight to the Facts! This fone is sleek, smart, sexy and great for a mid-level cell-phone user. Great Cell Phone Coverage in Brooklyn, New York 11203 (Kings, NY) w/ T-mobile.
A Great Plus is the music feature, I had the 5300 before, and there is not one difference, but IFR is not included in the 6133.
+ Camera, bad in-doors
+ FM Radio Crystal Clear (Basement Apartment)
+ Music Bass & Clearity
+ Headphone Strap
+ Easy to Hold and feel
+ Downloadable Themes
+ Smart Apps for Download on T-Zones
+ Customizable to the Max
+ Great Phone Coverage, Not One Dropped Call Yet!
+ Internet Speed
- Power Button Location
- Camera Picture Quality in-doors
- Can't Rotate Pictures
Overall, this phone is great for anyone who wants use their phone alot, or just wants to have fun with T-mobile Service, 2 things you might want to consider is the Battery Length of talk time. Otherwise, you have chosen the right phone to be your mobile companion. I would recommend to buy this phone or any other Nokia phone that you think matches your needs. I use this phone to make videos. I cannot tell you my link considering phone-scoops do not include guidelines. =].
Well Thats all for now, I dont want this review to be long. Oh well's have fun reading more of my review's! My next review will be on the Motorola W490. Good Luck and Enjoy your new phone, or if your gonna buy it; I suggest strongly that you do.

Truly the best!


Apr 11, 2008 by Mistatrixsta

I've had the nokia 6126 for approx 10 months now and must say that this is the best phone I've ever owned. The display main display is large and crisp and the mini display is nice as well. The camera takes pretty good pictures, just make sure you have alot of light around you. One feature that can't be beat is the "active standby mode" which allows you to have icons on the main display similar to your desktop computer at home. Making navigation easy with just a touch of a button, literally. Yes, there is a button on side of the phone which releases the flip (really cool) The music player is WOW! I have a 2gb micro sd card and it works great. The sound quality is nice and loud especially if you tweak your eq settings in the music player. I think since having the phone I might have dropped 1 or 2 calls, but that was due to the good old San Antonio, Texas backwoods. Overall the best of the best.

Pros: Excellent sound quality. Lightning fast multi-tasking.

Cons: Dedicated camera button is accidently pressed quite a bit putting the phone in the case or pocket.

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Great phone through T-Mobile


Apr 9, 2008 by ForkRB

Had a good experience with this phone. The software is good and responsive.

I text a lot. I found it really good for texting, with good key travel and a good-feeling keypress. The text interface is also efficient and useful. Once you hit send, you can almost immediately start doing other things as it sends the message in the background.

If you try to send a picture message, and the picture is over a certain size, it will try to send the message forever and then fail, but not tell you why. Not sure if this is a T-Mobile limitation of a Nokia error.

I find annoying the fact that if I lock the keypad, every time I open the phone, it unlocks itself. This makes it hard to check something on the phone quickly, without turning on key lock again. If you close the phone without locking the keypad, the camera button (located on the side of the phone) can easily be bumped and turn on the camera, take pictures, etc.

The button mechanism which automatically flips open the phone seems to be less rugged than desirable. For some reason, the phone will occasionally not close on the first try, and flip itself back open. It almost always will stay shut on the second try.

The pictures and resolution are pretty good, but I found video left much to be desired. Whatever CODEC it uses leaves apparent large blocks in video. The lens itself is in a place where I am used to putting my finger on a phone, which I assume means that over time it will accumulate a lot of finger grease and scratches. For now, I just have a habit of putting my finger in front of the lens when I'm trying to take a picture.

-picture quality
-volume, call reception, overall sound

-keypad lock/unlock and flip-button
-physical design

Nokia 6133


Feb 23, 2008 by KristenLH420

I love love LOVE this phone! I live in a small city in Northern Idaho, and I have GREAT reception (with T-Mobile)

GREAT MEMORY SPACE, and options on where to store pictures, music, etc..
EXCELLENT idea for the rubber finish on the outside to protect from scratches, (I've had mine for 8 months now and its not wearing off)
PUSH TO FLIP is the main reason on why I bought it!! =)

BATTERY LIFE- BUT HEY THATS WHAT THEY MAKE CAR CHARGERS FOR!! I send about 400+ txt a day, and my battery will last through each and every one of them! =)

I work for T-Mobile, and I see all types of new phones every day. The ONLY reason on why I would ever think of switching phones, is to get that sweet SideKick LX for texting and Myspace lol.

effin sweet


Feb 17, 2008 by money0808

this phone is AWESOME!!! I don't like how it didn't come with a usb cable or anything to put music and music videos on. that's kind of stupid. But I will find a way, =). The camera is soo good. I love taking pics and making videos with it. The 16 million color screen is absolutely amazing. Everything is bright and visible. I have noticed that the rubber is starting to peel off. but I don't really care. a case covers it. lol. But I have noticed that the IM clients sometimes delay the message from being sent. It really annoys me. Like a lot. I'm always on AIM or MSN and I don't like my messages taking 10 minutes to send. I also love the inbox capabilities. I now have over 1000 text messsages in my inbox!!!!!! OMG!!!! It's so amazing. this phone is awesome. It's easy to text on too. and the ability to have a set screen saver on the mini display is just sweet. For only paying 40$ for this phone, it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!

Great phone! But it needs a disclaimer...


Jan 12, 2008 by XxHollywood.x.LegendXx

First off I want to say that my Nokia 6133 is my favorite phone out of every phone I've had so far and believe me I've had quite a variety.
BUT! (oh yes, there is a but) it has one problem. Apparently, it just can't withstand someone flipping it open all the time, which seems strange since it's...a flip phone.

Then again I'm 16 years old, I'm answering my phone and calling people all the time, they beg me to use the house phone but I really don't understand why when I have a pretty little phone sitting right next to me.
Now I've had this phone for a little over 8 months and it literally just fell apart out of nowhere on Saturday (Jan. 5, 2008). I went to call someone and when I opened it it said "sim card not registered" and became a swivel phone.

So WARNING! Spring action open may not withstand your teenage daughter or son (maybe even you, you social butterfly you).

Other than that though I must say...

BEST PHONE EVER MADE! when it comes to most functions, I mean it has:

- a pretty good little camera + video
- mp3 player
- RADIO!!! (came in handy when I went through my painting stage let me tell ya)
- nice keypad, not to slippery (for texting and what not)
- The organizer is not to shabby, sure it's no palm pilot but that is not what you're getting it for...duh
- It has internet capability (again not Microsoft mobile but jeeze kids, it's a phone) along with 4 different instant messengers (aim, yahoo, etc.)
- really loud ring, and handset (no one wants to strain to listen to people whisper when they are actually yelling)
- Bluetooth = perfection
- It's easy on the eyes
- and so much more I'm forgetting

So if you're not one of those people that literally talks 250 hours in eight months, it might be a good choice.


Phones Frickin Awesome!!!


Nov 26, 2007 by buti-ful

Ok the phone speaks for itself. I cant say anything good about this phone that somebody else hasn't. One thing tho. Camera sucks, make sure night mode is on when you take the pictures, no matter the amount of light around. The result is actually pretty good. The screen is HUGE! I luv it. CON: the battery sucks, make sure you recharge it every night. It's because of the camera and battery that i took .5 off of the rating.

Overall: I recommend this phone to everyone, I got it free (At&t Cingular)



Nov 9, 2007 by andy2373

Well after about a year or so of using other phones and other carriers I've come back to my good old trusty GSM Nokia 6133.
Even at that it's amazing how the quality can vary between modles from the same phone manufacture. I've recently used the Nokia 6555 and it can't compare to the 6133.
You don't have to remove the battery to get to the SD slot.
Button flip is great when you're hands are full.
Dual color screens.
Excellent battery life.
Great reception.
Fairly durable.
Good volume out of earpiece & speaker.
Great form factor, not to small, not to big.
Rubbery coating for ease of holding.
Very cutomlizable, ringtones, wallpapers, etc.
Not easily unlock by your average joe.
Keypad can be slick

Good phone, not great, but I'd still recommend.


Sep 21, 2007 by jb8von

I have owned the Nokia 6126 (Cingular/AT&T) since late April 2007. I have only owned Nokia phones, and like previous phones, Nokia continues to be a fantastic manufacturer. This is my first flip phone.

* decent pics when in lighted environments (especially sunlight)
* excellent call quality
* great sound quality when using music player (along with Nokia factory brand headphones)
* large, bright, beautiful, colorful screen

* when writing text messages and using T9 predictive text, it is difficult to enter numbers
* poor battery life
* no external music controls

Great Phone


Aug 2, 2007 by cellguy23

I got this phone a couple of months back. Overall it's one of the best cells I've ever used. It's extremely well constructed and feature packed for the price a payed for it.

Screen is amazing
East to Use
Flip Button is cool
Great Reception

Battery Life is horrible
The paint chips easily

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