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Best Phone ever!


Sep 7, 2006 by benhvin

I've had this phone for 3 wks now, and I love it! I keep finding new features that I can use. Music is awesome! I use it for my exercise regime & I can vary the playlists or listen to the radio. Camera takes great pictures, but I haven't taken too many pictures yet, however I did load my favorite pictures from my computer to the phone so I can view them as a slide show with music, or use them for screen saver. Also, was able to load a JAVA Bible into the applications (all 66 books!). I simply love this phone!

Great phone!


Aug 5, 2006 by p51d007

This was an upgrade for me, do to destroying my
S710a. Bought a W600i, had it a couple weeks, took it back and got the W810i. This one wins hands down! Screen is extremely bright and clear. Sony's UI beats them all. Came with 512 meg memory, which is perfect for me (non MP3 user). I use mine mainly for the camera feature, and the 2.0 megapixel auto focus camera is brillant! Macro mode is very good, clear sharp images from a camera. Great for catching snapshot photos witout having to lug around my DSC H-1 camera & bag. The UI response is MUCH improved over my S710a, looks like Sony listened to the users of the 710 and fixed the UI lag. Hot swap memory card is a nice feature too. A nice "battery saving" feature is located just to the right of the ear piece. A light sensor which dims the display, and turns off the keypad light when there is enough light
that you can see the keyboard.
Small, compact, this thing should have been code named "TNT" because dynamite comes in a
small package!

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Jun 8, 2006 by dsmmsd18

I just picked one of these up from Topgiant.com and I must say it is amazing. I had the Sony Ericsson K750i and I loved it but it was only TRI-BAND not QUAD-BAND. I also love the additional music/mp3 player with walkman features. It is MUCH better than iTunes, Some pros and cons

Quad band
Nice design and finish
Mp3 Player
2.0 Megapixel camera w/autofocus!
Included accessories
Crisp display
long battery life
very customizable


This phone is honestly a great phone for its size I could not imagine how it has so many features. The digital camera is like a REAL digital camera!

Worthwhile upgrade from the K750/W800.


Jun 2, 2006 by nok6100

I recently received the W810i as a upgrade for the W800i I have had for the past few months. You may see my other review on the W800i entitled "W800i. A rich experience." under the review section for the K750/W800.
Since the W810i shares platforms with the K750/W800 I won't go into great detail except the improvements I have noticed compared to the W800.
This seems to be a worthwhile upgrade for those of you (like myself) that would like quad band (850/900/1800/1900), and EDGE data speeds.
The 850 MHz band will come in handy for Cingular customers in certain areas of the US and EDGE (enhanced GPRS), for higher data transfer when using the phone to browse web sites, check email, and the like. EDGE is about 3 times faster than plain GPRS from my measurements.
The Netfront web browser in the W810 is MUCH improved over the browser that is in the W800. It can handle certain java scripts on web pages, and overall has a better user interface. On the down side, many web pages simply overwhelm the Netfront browser because of their size, so the Opera Mini browser will still be needed for some web pages.
The display on the W810 is much sharper than that of the W800, not because of higher resolution, but changes in the contrast and brightness, big improvement, much easier to read web pages, etc.
The D-Pad on the W810 replaced the joystick that the W800 had. The D-Pad is a big improvement. I make a lot fewer mistakes when navigating through menus and the like. (the joystick got on my nerves)
Overall the menus / user interface has been tweaked to make it a little more user friendly, I like it.
Call quality (audio quality) has been improved over the W800, a lot less background noise/hissing, however, the speakerphone has not improved from the W800, it's impossible to use it in a noisy environment, because of noises causing the loudspeaker to cut in and out, but I'm being REAL critical about this item, for average use it's fine.
Bottom line, it's a worthy upgrade! Go get it!

Best Phone Out There


Jun 1, 2006 by UCLAKoolman

This phone is small, packs a huge camera (2MP), large MP3 capabilities (I use a 2GB stick), plus it just looks and sounds great. No US carrier offers a phone that matches the sweetness of this thing. VERY happy I bought it.



Apr 7, 2006 by eramirez805

Pros- small and light phone, excellent battery life, 2.0 mega camera,expandable memory, tons of features and ease of use

cons- no wi-fi(competitor nokia n91 has wi-fi), no lens cover

NOT a walkman! (good camera phone)


Apr 26, 2007 by mdrmike

* good camera quality, zoom, macro, with flash!
* nice mp3 player interface - easy
* fm radio
* awesome battery life

* no A2DP bluetooth support! aka stereo bluetooth headphones
* proprietary headset that EASILY unplugs in your pocket when sitting down.
* non-intuitive interface... goofy keys and hard to press and limited custimization
* limited memory card support (2GB max) - even tho 8GB is avail and iPhone is availble soon.
* mp3 player has poor signal quality - which means theres a constant hiss for anyone that is used to decent quality audio.
* fm radio only works with proprietary headphones. (granted, makes technical sense due to frequency length of FM radio).
* poor contrast in sun - nearly impossible to read caller id, phone digits, txt'n.

*** completely misses the point of being a walkman with such poor headphone support, bad bluetooth support (only for phone calls), and poor signal quality.



Oct 15, 2006 by klee0032

I just got this phone Friday night and I can't put it down. It has everything that you would want in a phone.(MP3, Camera, oh and it's a phone) I recently gave up my S710a for this phone and I think it's the best out there. I needed an MP3 player and i got that and then some. Transfer of songs is easy. I downloaded every song on my Computer to my 2.0GB memory card in under 2 hours. Battery seems to be ok and I have been listening to my music since the day I got it and have not had to recharge it yet.

MP3 player
2.0 Megapexil camera

Small enough to fit in your hand

Bright colorful screen

Can upgrade to a 4.0GB memory stick

Low sound quality when on the phone. I think it's a Sony thing because out of the five Sony's i've had the same problem.(W300, S710, T616, W600, W810) Just turn it all the way up

Can't use Whole songs as ringtones

Alarm ringer is too low but I'm a hard sleeper

What more can I say I know I might be a little biased but it's ok. The phone is great and I wanted that new LG for verison the Chocolate. I'm So glad for waiting. Thanks Cingular for bringing this phone into my life. Now if they can only bring the W900 to America.

Absolutely Fantastic


Aug 2, 2006 by SmileYourOnCamera

When i first got the phone (aka this morning). opened up the box and put the phone on charge to maximise the battery life and to my surprise it only took 1 hour and not i have had it on playing music etc and it is still on 93%.So Far There is one glitch in the pixelation on the shortcut key but that was solved by restarting the phone. Camera excelent , walkman excellent everything is excellent. defiantly recommend this phone :D



Jul 14, 2006 by Malochico1

I have to start by saying that i gave this phone 5/5!. The only phone i have ever given this high of rating. I am a phone geek. I work for cell phones, and change my phones every other week. But this one is definetly a keeper!. I will simply list pro's and Cons to make it easier for you guys.
-Size is Perfect; almost size of ipod nano
-Battery is INCREDIBLE, even with mp3/camera and bluetooth.
-mp3 player is very defined and has options
-Crystal clear camera and bright flash light.
-Dedicated walkman key.
-Stereo speakers for mp3 = good quality
-Reception is great
-texting is easier then NOKIA's
-comes with 512mb card. upgrade upto 2GIGS!!
list goes onnn!!!

-Speakerphone while talking isnt the best
-camera has no cover. not a big deal

Overall this phone beats all expectations. I didnt think it was this small until i got it, and the features are amazing. The only thing that bothered me was speaker phone isnt loud enough while talking. But if you dont use that or use headsets then its near PERFECT!.

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