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I Like My Lil C3


Dec 29, 2006 by Mr Benjamin 32

This is my first phone and review at that, so I'll try my best.

The first thing I noticed when looking at this phone was the remarkable size compared to any other phone on the market (2.72" x 1.69" x 0.76" ). I see why Cingular calls it the worlds smallest camera flip phone.
This phone has an amazing screen, not so much the size, but with the bright, clear colors.
As another review mentioned, although the speaker is so far away from your mouth while talking, the caller can hear you just fine. I received this phone as a gift on Christmas day, and the buyer could not have made a better choice. I have made about 15 calls on it since, and have not had any reception issues or dropped calls. Of course this may just be my location in America (Boston Mass.) but I am convinced this phone works well all over the country.
Although the c300 has only a VGA camera, it seems to take pictures almost as well as any 1.3 mega pixel I've recently used on friend's phones. Hey, it's a phone remember.
You may not be the most stylish kid at school, or be playing iTunes all day, but it gets the job done at being what it was designed for, a phone.

Color Screen
VGA Camera
Amazing Size
Ability to take pictures with external display (good self-portraits)
User-Friendly Menus
Ability to change different colors of the outside flip.

Small Phone=Small Buttons=Hard Texting
For a strange reason my external screen's light only stays on for about 2 seconds before going blank..Cant find the option to fix this.

In my opinion, the cingular pan-tech c300 is great beginner phone for children, as well as business related jobs.

A decent little phone...


Dec 5, 2006 by mpaz

with a few minor setbacks, most of which are only problems for people who buy the phone and don't research at what they're buying.

A few years ago I owned a Nokia 3660 and for anyone who had one or has seen one, it's a HUGE phone. When I finally got rid of it, I got a Motorola V540 which was a huge mistake. After breaking that flip phone in half I wanted a phone that wasn't as huge as my Nokia or as stupid as the Motorola. So I saw the tiny Pantech and knew I had to have it.

*Lightweight and SMALL small small- it fits anywhere
*User friendly menu and tools
*Nice little screen
*Sound quality is pretty good
*Decent camera, and after having this phone for about 3 months, I just discovered that if you hold the top volume button down you can access the sub camera mode with the phone closed and the camera mode with it open
*Has a flashlight-that I've used once

*Not really a con, but some people find it easy to misplace this tiny phone, myself included. Especially in large purses. But that's what you ask for when you decide to buy a tiny phone
*Recently the phone has been freezing in the middle of a conversations and the only way to do anything about it is to take the battery out
*I can't find the speakerphone. And I've tried to many times.
*Signal drops easily, but I think that's a problem with Singular (in the Phoenix area)
*Also not a con for most, but I'm afraid of opening the phone too hard since past experiences tells me it breaks the phone in half.
*The ringtones that come with the phone are terrible. There's quite a few tones on the phone but the selections are stupid. And buying ringtones is more expensive than buying a whole song from iTunes by over a dollar.

For as many CONs as there are, most are not a major problem. This phone gets the job done. If you want something fancier with iTunes and bluetooth, this isn't for you. But if you want to make calls and not have to deal with huge phones, this phones for you.

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Reliable, easy to use phone with remarkable usuability


Sep 16, 2006 by afblue

I got this phone to replace an aged LG of my wife's. I replaced my C2000 with a Nokia 6102i, famed for it's "excellent signal". The little Pantech beats the Nokia as far as real functionality hands-down. This phone is very easy to use. The menu is very simple, easy to use and allows for quick access to anything the phones does-which is quite a lot.

This little phone does everything a phone these days is expected to do. It is a phone, after all. It always amazes me how people whine about cameras and web access lacking in phones. Want a camera-buy a camera. Want a laptop-buy a laptop. For me and for all those who actually want a phone to TALK on a phone, this is a good choice. Maybe I'm just old fashioned in my desire to want a phone that I'll actually use as a phone. Regardless, this little phone is impressive.

-It's small
-Very easy to use and access all the features
-Signal strength and ability to keep a call even is the boonies is excellent. It beat my "best signal around" Nokia like a drum
-Camera has external buttons and while it is folded up, you have the camera view on the external display which is great for self portraits
-Camera has an LED flash which doubles as a usuable flashlight

-Small phone=small buttons, small screen. Not a "Con" but rather a realization. Don't expect a small phone with a roomy screen. Text takes up most of the background image.
-Because of it's size, comfort while talking is a little tricky and takes some getting used to. It has to go up high on your ear lobe so it doesn't grind into your ear canal-even though the mic is so far from your mouth, the other end hears you just fine though
-The speakerphone isn't loud at all and distorts at "audible" volumes. Other end hears you VERY loud but your end is not good. Driving with speakerphone is a definite challenge; you need a hands-free device. Speakerphone won't cut it, not even in a quiet room

Great Little Phone!


Jul 13, 2006 by MargeInovera

Great little clamshell phone with most of the bells and whistles. Good incoming and outgoing sound quality and loud ringer setting. Great screen clarity and nicely-sized display information.

Pros: Good Sound, Good Clarity, Compact
Cons: SMALL!... difficult to NOT accidently hit the wrong button!

Overall: Luv it! I purchased it retail to replace my V3

Great Phone for... Talking


Sep 10, 2006 by coxmr1

Have had this phone about a week now and the sound quality is great! I use it in Houston, TX with Cingular. I prefer it to my wifes RAZR as far as sound goes.

However, I need PC Connectivity which it doesn't support at this time. I do not wish to have to purchase all of my ring tones etc. through the cingular mall or elsewhere when I have thousands on my computer. Also, it includes a feature-laden calender mode that would benefit from a PC connection also as far as setting up reminders of appointments, etc.

As far as it's small size goes it fits perfectly into the breast pocket of my work shirts and isn't that noticeable where weight is concerned. The external antenna looks out-of-place on this tiny phone and makes you hesitant to put in your pants pocket for fear of breaking it off. The aluminum case is beautiful and the screen clear. The only downside to it's size is that it becomes uncomfortable to hold during long conversations.

I'm switching to a Motorola L2 for PC Connectivity otherwise I would keep it.

Small Size
Great Sound Quality

Small Size
External Antenna
Unable to connect via USB to PC
Speakerphone is sub-par

In the Distance Tiny Voices


Jul 14, 2006 by GravityFails

My first cell phone weighed sixteen pounds. Not only were the airtime fees exorbitant (fifty cents per minute), but I nearly went broke paying for the utility cart that I had to rent in order to lug the thing around. The battery alone was heavy enough to bludgeon a caribou half to death.

Ten years later, things have changed just a little.

The Pantech C300 is tiny. It tickles the scale at a mere 72 grams, which, if you're keeping score at home, is practically nothing. I've got socks that weigh more than this phone.

The PROS are many:

+ Impressive battery life
+ Solid construction, no creaks
+ Good reception twenty miles from nowhere
+ Flashlight
+ Clear earpiece
+ Sharp TFT screens
+ Nice set of useful features
+ Elegant without feeling delicate or effeminate
+ If not for the antenna, it would fit inside an Altoids tin

The CONS, not so much:

- Minimal customization
- Sub-par camera
- Crappy speaker

There's not much to complain about here; if you're looking for a basic phone with some expanded features, it's hard to go wrong with Pantech's Cingular debut. It's not likely to win over any Razr or Slvr users, but it's well worth the $119 price tag for prepaid users.

Great Little Phone


Jun 29, 2006 by celnut

Great little phone - This phone is nice and small but may be a bit small for a guy. It reminds me a little of the 'zoolander phone'. I am using this phone on a contract plan & am very happy with it.


Excellent reception
Loud Ringer
Loud earpiece
Clear sound
Both displays r very clear w/good resolution
Small Size
Long battery life


Speakerphone isn't good
No Video

It could have been a nice little phone


Aug 19, 2006 by julesg

This little phone looked pretty good.
For the smallest flip phone with a camera it was pretty nice, I hated to get rid of it, but I had too due to it's shortcomings.
The ear piece was way too low and the reception was not as good as my old Nokia 6200. Both more important than size and features. My friend has the same Pantech and it has the same problem, so I don't think it was just mine. I tested the reception between the my C300 and my old Nokia 6200. The signal strength was the same, the difference was that on my old nokia the party at the other end could hear me and hear me clearly. With the C300 they could not hear me, and when I did have good reception the party at the other end said they hear white noise coming through on the connection.

Nice screens
Built in camera
Built in flashlight
Tiny phone with usable keypad

Ear piece too low
Uncomfortable ear piece
Reception not that great
You can't be heard in low reception
Background noise heard by callers

Good Phone


Aug 10, 2006 by mfhsrider

This is a Good Phone, users who are used to LG phones will find this phone very similar to them

Good Camera
Personalized Banner on Main screen
Large Memory
Many camera Settings
More recent calls Kept
sleek Desing

Battery Life
No Video
Cingular logo EVERYWHERE
Tinny sounding ringer
Easy to Drop/Lose

Overall This is a good Buy for the money

Great little phone, good reception, loud ringer ...


Jun 13, 2006 by SingularSerf

Great little phone, good reception, loud ringer, sound is great, callers say it sounds great, camera is good but VGA (just a phone with a camera). They sell out quickly.

Pro: Tiny Phone!
Con: Tiny Phone.

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