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Needs some work


Dec 17, 2005 by phoneguru82

Maybe it's because I'm this phone to my Nokia 6680. I've been using the T809 for 3 days and still trying to use the phone to it's capabilities. Signal strength is good, but sometimes calls aren't that clear. I love the clear, big display on the phone. I'm going try it for the full 14 days before I make my decision on keeping the phone.

Pros :
1. Big and clear display
2. Class 10 Edge (4 to 5 times faster than GPRS, I use the phone as my modem)
3. Finally a US released samsung bt phone
4. Speaker phone works well (louder and clearer than my 6680 and RAZR)
5. MP3 player

1. Phone has rebooted twice on it's own since I've used it
2. Having difficulty using the DUN profile on the BT with my pda (never had a problem with my 6680 or RAZR)
3. Pictures from the camera is not as clear as my 6680 (but pictures are brighter but not as detailed and grainy compared to 6680)
4. Lack of being able to put a pop or imap email client on phone (both 6680 and RAZR are able to this without having to browse through t zones)
5. Not being able to create custom mp3 ringtones (only supports drm mp3 ringtones, which only can downloaded via wap)

Hopefully things work out and I can overlook the cons and future firmware updates fixes the issue (if upgrading firmware is possible), work won't allow me to continue to use a non-tmobile branded device.

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Honestly Quite Satisfied


Jul 23, 2006 by willyum20

I bought this phone as my first T-Mobile phone. I'm very happy with it so far. It's been about a month since I purchased it and I've only had a few very minor problems so far. It seems that everything works quite well as far as the software goes.

*Great display, large and bright
*Much Better signal strength than my sprint phone
*Awesome Camera
*Memory Card slot and MP3 player are such an asset to me now that i have been able to utilize them.
*Speaker is crystal clear
*Slide mechanism is easy to use and feels very solid and stable
*everything loads instantly, there is almost no wait time at all
*Keypad is comfortable and keys a good size
*Video Quality is amazing

*Short Battery life
*sometimes have to make 2 or more attempts before calls actually go through, although this is not very often and seems to be only happening in one area where i use it
*computer software is a little confusing at first glance

All in all:
A few minor fixes and this phone could very well be one of the best ones on the market right now. Like i said there are a few problems but they are all fairly minor and everything else on this phone more than makes up for the problems

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Great Phone


Dec 15, 2005 by nastynoble15

I couldn't wait to get it! Now that I have it I think it's great. There seem to be a lot of little complaints here and there about what the phone won't do, I just love the things that it can do. I upgraded from the E715 and this phone blows that one out the water. I don't hop from phone to phone so I want something solid that will last. I like this phone it's small and lightweight but well built. The features are great, the volume of the ringtones and speakerphone are great. I recommend this phone so do your homework and happy shopping.

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No Flash


Jan 22, 2006 by Diego_Czarnecki

Well, I wanted to add one con to the previous posts. I am a huge Google user and I was ecstatic when I found out that Google was working on a version of maps for phones. You can get detailed directions and so fourth.(http://www.google.com/glm/) What I found out is that it doesn't work yet for this phone something to do with J2me or Java 2 Mobile Edition. I tried it on the phone and it didn't work after multiple attempts. I was on the phone with customer service and they said that they are "working on it." I think its a T-Mobile glitch so I am hoping that I can just upgrade the firmware when they fix it rather than buying a new phone. I don't know about you, but if I am going to spend 250 dollars on a phone and it can't do flash for website - that's a major issue. All other flaws of this phone I can deal with.

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Loving it


Dec 13, 2005 by kittykat2

Today I went to the tmobile store praying that they had this phone for me. They had four left!And they where only to be sold to new costumers! But T-mobile was nice as usual and I got it today and been playing with it almost all day!! Had to get use the menu from my motorola v330 but its getting easier and easier. Love the camera, Love the bluetooth, love the space-love love love!
Only problem is it smears easily. But with features like these i can deal with it. Oh yeah I made sure i got the insurance on it--after my husband razr started going crazy i was so happy we had got that insurance, it sure paid off!

This is by far the best cell phone I have owned and i've owned plenty! I hope it stays that way! I recommend it- My husband is jelous and I dont even look at his razr anymore lol

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Best Phone I've had


Jan 30, 2006 by dvine826

Okay I've had this phone for 4 days! This phone is one of the best phones Ive ever had! Here are some pros and cons...

1. Great sound quality when talking to someone and listening to mp3's!
2. Awesome LCD screen largest Ive seen yet.
3. Holds a good charger even when playing a game or listening to mp3's.
4. Awesome features, love the mp3 player, the slide feature, the flip camera, the big numbers when dialing, love the cancel button and the thin style of the phone.
1. I dont like the fact you have to go to "fun & Apps" to get to your calender.
2. The lack of flash for the camera is a little frustrating.
3. I dont like that you cant program the joystick buttons to what programs you want. Its automatically set for you.
4. It's NOT very user friendly, you have to search the phone for the features you want and even then it's difficult to find. ( I'm new to samsung so still getting use to where they stuck all there features.)

Well there you have it, in all the phone is great! Oh as some people have said about the phone, there getting dust or particles under the screen, I havent experienced any dust or anything for that fact under the screen, I put a screen protector on it and it's looking great!

Oh I'v used the LG slide from sprint and that phone was also awesome but no where near this phone that phone was to bulky, but I like there application softwear better, it's way EASY to use.

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Really a Great Phone......despite the Dust.


Jan 27, 2006 by nickyd

I am a T-mobile rep. I played with this phone for months before getting mine. I have to say that this is truly a great phone worth the money. I am however familiar with the dust under the screen problem. Seems like it is from lint or dust in your pocket. I have had 2 and they both did it. This problem does not affect the useability and can only be seen when the backlight is off. Other phones have had similair problems including the Razr. and for what ever reason only seems to affect the upper left corner.

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Awesome Phone


Dec 13, 2005 by Kgt

This phone is incredible! If you are a fan of the Razr but don't want to put up with the errors in the programing then this is the phone you should get. It has almost everything the Razr has and is almost the same size. The only huge difference is that this phone is a slide phone and not a clamshell type of phone. So, I completely recommend this phone.

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Alright, I Guess?


Aug 28, 2007 by sosweet

This phone was alright, but there were a few things I didn't like about it. First, the text message memory only held about 30 messages so I felt like i was deleting all of my messages at least 5 times a day probably more. Then, i didn't like the fact that every time i closed the phone, the lock was activated and i have to press the left side button, then OK. to be able to use the buttons on the front without opening the phone. I tried for so long to get that feature deactivated, but couldn't figure it out. Next, the battery life was terrible, could not hold a charge to save my life!! I had it for a while, but after about 6-7 months i was ready for a change!

Great vivid colorful screen
Great picture frames
Good Reception

Poor battery life

Keyguard that won't seem to deactivate

Video records smaller than actual screen size

Small text message memory

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Great Phone that I'm buying it again!


May 15, 2007 by esmediaz2

This phone has been by far the best phone I've ever owned. I looked at the reviews before I bought my first one about 1 year ago. And I saw the negative reviews but I took a chance on it and the phone is awesome. I'm even buying another one because I accidently broke my first one :-(

I was going to buy another make and model but I couldn't find anything that compared to my samsung t809. It takes the best pictures, I just love it.

Another plus is that I am hard of hearing and this phone is so loud that you have to always be turning the volume down when you speak with someone.

It's a great phone. I can't wait to get my new one

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