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LG CU320


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LG CU320


Mar 20, 2006 by goober8

Best phone I have ever had.
I recommend it to everyone.



Jul 9, 2008 by duvonneb

this fone is very hot!
its take perfect pictures... looks perfect... MP3 player... Cingular Video... great battery
great fone to show off!!
and good signal

LG's Accomplishments


Nov 17, 2006 by MoralR77


-Very durible
-Huge Memory
-Incredibly easy user interface
-Loud speakerphone
-Great MP3 player (you can minimize mp3 player to access other applications on your phone at the same time)
-Being a slider phone made many things more easier to do.
-Very inovative multitask capabilities


-Bluetooth is very quirky
-A little bulky

Best Phone out...that hasn't been advertsied


Aug 17, 2006 by Tonytc9

Loving the way the speaker on this phone can pump soo much sound. I have been reviewing other phones to compare and really can't beat this one (not even the T-Mobile Sidekick 3) Reception is perfect, 3G technology works well with this phone (cingular wireless has 3G) I use my own phone to play my music into a car stereo (threw a tape connection into my phone) Sliding the phone is well done. This LG Cu320 was my first phone that actually slides. I only had trouble when I call someody and putting them on speaker....in which they cannot hear me clearly enough...even when I'm close to kissing the microphone placement on my phone (either its them or me) The easy to use interface is so-so. I sometimes get confused of pressing the Left Key on the D-pad or pressing the Menu button to see which can be faster to locate what I want to view....forcing me to look stupid and getting fustrated of the fact thats its not a 1,2,3 process, it goes to the same place, but more like a 1,2,or maybe 2....oh damn lol...or maybe its just me. Camera phone qulaity is nice overall.....rarly use it. The Flash on this phone sucks. When lit, u still can't see a clear view. for my personal use, I play music too much plus call people too much. By the end of the day.....the battery doesn't die down and is ready to charge when I recharge (sleep people...sleep...I am not powered by a lithon battery). Long lasting phone calls kill the battery all together. Trans-Memory storage is always a good thing to have specifically to personalize your phone with extra MB space. Browseing the web is lovely (if you are tied with Cingular....which is the only way to get this phone....then its a breeze) IM capable with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ works well. Overall, if you jsut want a stylish phone to jsut make calls, this one works. If you want to look at the weather, find out about current top stories on ya local news station, or maybe lay some tunes while waiting via Cingular Video, then this phone is best suit for you.

I Love This Phone!!!


Jul 23, 2006 by jumaurod

Before getting this phone I made sure to do a little bit of research. LG has not always had the best reputation and I've always been a nokia person. I wanted the UMTS speed capability on the device and the ability to tether at that speed with a laptop. After getting the device I must say that I love it. I found it to be extremely user friendly, the whole issue with the battery life doesn't bother me too much because it was kinda the same thing with my nokia. I absolutely LOVE the screen on this phone. It's big and it's very clear. Cingular Video works really well on it. Although I do get the occasional buffering interruption but this is only because we're just upgrading to UMTS where I live so it's still picking up EDGE. The phone overall is packed with features and I really like the slider function. Although that can be annoying when you have a case on the phone. but if you organize your contacts well, you may not need to use the keypad much for calls. Although it's still essential for sms. Furthermore I also believe that the device has gotten some unfair reviews here perhaps by people who were just not informed.
1, the device IS capable of being synched to your laptop and with MS outlook. you just need the PC Sync software to do so along with your usb cable.
2, If you have a device that gives you dropped calls in most areas and other phones work fine. It's probably that specific phone that has issues. I just think it's unfair though to then say that ALL phones of this particular model have that problem. In my experience so far I've found no real issues with signal. I mean I'll drop a few calls but those are happening at the same places where I've always dropped them.
So in closing I will say that I recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a bundle of features with a device that will give you great speeds when available and at an affordable price. The pros of this phone greatly outweigh the cons.

LG needs an extended battery for the CU320!


Jun 9, 2006 by jimroberts2

This phone could be a home run, but if LG doesn't quickly provide an extended battery accessory for it, this phone will fail. The battery life is abnormally low.

LG needs an extended battery for the CU320!


Jun 9, 2006 by joesmith3

LG better come out with an extended battery for this phone or this item will fail. The battery life is amazingly low. With an extended battery, like those they offer with some of their Verizon phones, this phone could be a home run.

CU320 > ZX-10


Mar 22, 2006 by Djanifer9512

My overall impression of the initial Singulars 3G phones (I own the Samsung ZX-10 as well as the LG CU320 in Was/Bal), is that the CU320 is the better phone in more ways than one. After a weeks work of usage with each phone I'm going to compare how one ranks next to the other...

Battery Life - CU320 lasts about 2 days on normal usage w/ BT enabled and in use. The ZX-10 gives you about a day and there is no BT option. ADVANTAGE CU320.

Screen - Both devices have very very nice 262k color screens and are about the same size. PUSH

Speaker Phone - Neither phone sports an awesome speaker phone, but the LG is a little better than the Samsung. The other party can hear you little more clearly, and it's a little louder. ADVANTAGE CU320

Camera - Both devices sport a 1.3MP camera w/flash, however both are fairly underwhelming when it comes to overall picture quality. Compared to the s710a, w600i & 6682m the pictures don't look as nice but they are passable. PUSH

Headset Ports - The Samsung ZX-10 has the same annoying proprietory headset that the e316/e317 supported. This means that the usage of stereo headphones is completely out of the question. The LG, on the other hand, has a standard 2.5mm headset port and you CAN use the expansion slot to hold your MP3's and use the phone as your MP3 player (you might want to purchase the stereo headsets that are for the E1 Rokr if you can find them)! ADVANTAGE CU320.

Bluetooth - Since the ZX-10 DOES NOT support BT, it's kind of an unfair comparison, but I think its unfair to have a 3G phone w/o BT. The CU320 supports BT headsets as well as file swapping. ADVANTAGE CU320.

Overall, both phones are solid entries in the Cingular 3G. However the LG CU320 does go the extra step to add BT and the standard 2.5mm headset port for those of us who don't want to purchase a Rokr or Slvr but want an MP player phone. The signal strength for 3G for both was fair (WAS/BAL) and the Cingular Video in exceptional even w/o 3G coverage.

It's OK


Mar 17, 2006 by thismail

Overall it isn't too bad. I absolutely love the alarm clock. Allows you to have multiple alarms with optional reoccurences. Great for those of us with 2 jobs :-)

Decent camera
Great screen
Bluetooth easy to use and setup

Bad battery life
No sync software nor is there any on the way according to LG
Not very good reception
Transflash is NOT hot swap
No ability to download mp3s from a website

Overall, the phone is ok though. Easy to sync up with BT headset. Easy to use. Loud ringer. But I cannot stand that I can't sync it with my PC. So it is going back tomorrow.
PS. One would think it would have a full-blown web browser seeing that it is 3G....but it doesn't

LG CU320


Mar 15, 2006 by machog

I'm a big fan of LG, my Motorola V551 was a huge disappointment previous to this.

Pro's Very simple to use. Great quality camera, with a flash that works. 3G works well. Its tri band so I can use it Europe. Good phone size, good font sizes so I can see it. Alarms, tip calculator and world time are features I like.

Con's can't make an emailed photo my wall paper.

Too early to tell if battery life is any good.

So far I love it.

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