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Great Phone wit PTT


Jan 25, 2006 by bee1cee2

Intially when this phone was launched the PTT was difficult to set up because of network issues with Cingular. After Cingular and Samsung techs got together and fixed the problem this phone has worked like a charm. The voice on the PTT is clear and fast fast fast. Many more features then Nextel. The network so so much more realiable and far larger calling area. Samsung and Cingular hit a home run with this one.



Dec 10, 2005 by darrinpruitt

I am 1st time Samsung owner. I just got the D357 yesterday and so far it far exceeds the LG 7200 I had for 3 days before this one. It has clear sound both with speakerphone and the normal speaker. Menu is easily accessible to navigate. Its small compact size is an advantage to me just because I like the smaller phones. Displays are easy to read both in an out. PTT is accessible w/o ever opening the flip. Shows date and time on the outside screen for those that do not like to wear a watch. Signal so far exceeds the LG 7200 and the menus are far easier than the LG.

So far the only cons that I have noticed is since I am not a big IM’er I dislike the IM on the display and I cannot change it. The 4-way key is changeable but not the “soft keys”. Motorola V551 is more user friendly when it comes to customization and text messaging. Moto shows alternate words when T9’ing a text message where Sammy makes you press 0 to see alternates. Last, is the covers over the headset plug and charger plug. While a thoughtful idea to keep debris out of the holes I am sure these will be the first to break off. They are held on by a thin plastic tether.

So far so good. I know that many people are not fans of the PTT but if you use common sense regarding where you use it then it is not that bad. Don’t use it in a restaurant or other places where normally the air is quiet. But instead places where you would use the 2-way radios. One nice feature about PTT is that much like a text message it takes almost no signal to use it. Places where we could not make a call (because of lack of signal) we could use PTT. We have a saying, although I am a long time customer of Cingular and plan to stay…….Cingular is raising the bar so high we cannot reach it.

P.S. I also do not like that I cannot get accessories for it yet. I want a data cable!

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D357 call listening volume is too low!!!


Jan 2, 2006 by MemphisDude

From Memphis, TN.

I'm not 92 years old I'm 32. I didn't think I had bad hearing until I got this phone recently. It's been a week now and my only beef (and the one that will cause me to take this phone back to Cingular tomorrow) is that you can't hear what the caller is saying to you 50% of the time. It's not that there's static in the line or that occasionally cuts out, it's just that the volume is too low! It's very frustrating. I think I'm going to try the Moto V557 instead. Problem is that there aren't that many Bluetooth phones to choose from.

Pros: I like everything else about the phone.

Cons: listening volume too low (only raises to level 5 whereas my old Samsung VGA100 raised up to level 8).

I don't like IT!


Feb 20, 2006 by GrandmaT

I've tried to adjust to this phone. I've had it for a week, but I just don't like it. The buttons on the side are in awkward places, I keep pushing them at the wrong time. And the sound quality...well let me just say, there is no quality! My daughter and I got the same phone on the same day. She hates hers as much as I hate mine. You just can't hear the person talking to you. I've already called to see if I could exchange my phone. I've never done that before!

Great phone so far


Jan 25, 2006 by pubongxlakas

Well i got this phone Samsung d357 for christmas and it is pretty good so far i love the way it looks and all the features. for me, a camera isnt needed so it fits just perfect.
looks great
has great ring tones

The sound quality sucks but oh well
after a while the contrast changes
do anyone have that problem?

overall, its a good phone i recommend it personally its definately a keeper!

Not Pleased


Jan 5, 2006 by kosset

Cons: I've had this phone for a week & plan on returning it to Cingular. The volume is no volume at all. Even on the highest setting, which is a 5, you can barely hear the person you're talking to, and have to keep asking them to repeat what they said. The ring volume is no good, unless I have it in my hand, you can't hear it very well. Can't hear it at all if you have it inside of a purse.

Pros: Love the size, but that's about all that's positve about it. My Samsung X427 was much better than this one.

PTT Phone


Dec 15, 2005 by HaloHero

This Samsung phone is amazing. PTT is so much clearer compared to NEXTEL and the availability is incredible. The texting is somewhat unimpressive on a count of I used to use the V3 and it gives you alternate words at the bottom of the screen. The customization fell a little short. You can customize the directionals (which is why I did not choose the LG F7200) but not the soft keys...yet you can change the numbers as you dial to either black and white or color!!?? PTT can be accessed straight from the outside screen without ever opening the flip. Numbers are really big and the color on the main screen is amazing as well. Bluetooth is always a must for me and the phone can sync with a lot of devices. The phone itself is very light and compact, which is why I liked the V3. Very loud earpiece and speakerphone. Voice recognition is such a great feature as well. Open applications, call numbers in your phonebook without "training" the names like I had to with the V3 (pain), and lookup names as well. The phone itself is a great buy even if you don't want the PTT feature. It is user friendly and for the cost, is a great deal. TRY THE PTT THOUGH. IT'S AWESOME!!!!

P.S. Let's get some data cables though. Ha Ha

At last


Dec 15, 2005 by policechief

...a push-to-talk that works well as a cell phone too.
This phone is a keeper!
I would have liked metal faceplates, but you can't have it all. Kudos to Cingular and Samsung.

Very AVerage Phone


Feb 9, 2006 by plane

Thought I wanted PTT, decided after trail that m2m works almost as well, and it's free--just is just me.

I've been (and will use again the moto 551/557), with which I had been fairly well satisfied--Had and likes a samsung w/ vzw, and expected more bang with the sammy--IMO, it ain't there.

Now it's now a bad phone, it just ain't a great phone.


Reception seems good
speaker phone adequate/but difficult to navigate to, unless I'm missing something
I like the phone size, smaller than 551, is a cool looking phone. but to me it's like a great looking woman/man whose only feature is aesthetics. (It's like a blond joke) Nothing against blonds

as a basic phone I guess is okay--could be/should be. a lot, a whole lot better

I have read the negatives on both this sam and the moto
I may just be used to the moto, but menu navigation (as bad as it is claimed on the moto) is even more horrible with this phone. The moto, has some problems with the menu programming, but at least it offers some choices. It seems that someone just randomly reached into a box, drew out features, and just as randomly placed them into some of the available positions.

I like the address book to be listed/searchable by either number of name--while it is possible, not convenient.

Accessory selection/prices etc. Do an ebay search for moto--there are thousands available--I can't even find a battery for this phone

I understand the negative comments about the ptt phone selection very clearly now-- If I just had to have ptt, I would hang onto this unit--I may try ptt again with another future brand, but this sam goes back tomorrow.

NO - This isn't the Samsung I used to know


Dec 15, 2005 by adf111

I used to own a T-Mobile unlocked V206, which I updated the firmware to the much better European V205, under Cingular. I loved that V205 until it died on me. After a year with Siemens S55 I’ve gone through an upgrade process, trying (obviously) the RAZR – Bad! The Nokia 6230 – Great, but keeps freezing 3-5 times/day! And now have had the D357 for 5 days.

Samsung’s best is when pressing the Dial (Green) button, you get a list of all Dialed, Received & Missed calls. It saves the hustle of going through menus. D357 also features the Push-2-Talk, for which at least one partner is needed and it’s $16/month. It has a Speaker button, when pressed and verified on the menu keys, switches to a loud speakerphone. Cingualr’s online tutorial says the D357 does NOT have a speakerphone unless through Push-2-Talk, - Wrong! It has the largest on-screen Dial fonts

- Gone all Samsung’s so very special ringtones (and themes); now it’s about 10 dull melodies including Cingualr’s
- The sound quality, both regular and speakerphone are really bad; I asked people to repeat a sentence several times for me to understand.
The Left/Right menu buttons are non-programmable
- It’s a process to set the SMS on a T9 by default
- There’s a voice commands feature (“Dial 5,5,5,3…..”); D357 “hears” what it wants, NOT what the human said….
- GPRS is on at all times (charges ???)
- Reception is not near to the Nokia’s
- If mistakenly pressed the center of the navigation key, it instantly goes to Cingualr’s store, AND data charge!
- Adding data to a name (email, fax, etc.) is too long of a process
- Recorded sounds can NOT serve as ringtones
- Plugging the charger into the phone requires expertise and training the hole is covered and it’s pretty difficult to hold the cover and push the plug in while holding the plug’s 2 buttons…..

I will have to return this D357 today and get the SE W600 instead.

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