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Nothing but problems from the beginning


Mar 17, 2006 by COMsciences

Our first one lasted a couple weeks and we spent 10s of hours on the phone with HP to find out that it wasnt user error at all. They quickly replaced it and this one lasted about 30days before we started to get a 'network key' glitch again not user error. 3 months later we still have no fix for this and now our IPAQ6515a has stopped sending emails altogether. More 10s of hours on the phone w/ HP and god forbid you have to call Cingular. Today alone I spent 2 full hours on hold and disconnected 3x and still have no resolution except HP saying "gee it shouldn't do that!" and cingular's warranty department saying "Data resolution handles exchanges and Data resolution department saying "we have NOTHING to do with exchanges" then getting disconnected after being on hold again for 45 min. Ridiculous. Stick w/ a Blackberry.

Best phone out their 6515


Dec 10, 2005 by topgun

I think this the best phone/ pda out on the market I have had tried almost all of them out their now at lest in the US market. including the treo's and betting pretty much all the sprint phones. At first I had trouble with the web browser but got that working do to some forums. on that lead me to fix it. and thank to this program ( www.reensoft.com )along with a few download Microsoft.
And along with trying to get the picture to work on the today page I found a program form ( http://www.resco.net/pocketpc/default.asp ) that is named Resco Photo Viewer that really workers great with out have to do any editing my self it dos all the work for me.
This is the best phone/Pda on the market by far. The only draw back is the lack of WiFi. And some third part program don't work but I can live with that. I give HP and cingular an A++

Its exactly what I expected


Feb 17, 2006 by procrastination

Ok, so on the VERY day that I was eligible for an upgrade I ran out and bought this phone. (yesterday) I have been keeping my eye on all the great things this phone can do, and so far I am pretty impressed. The buttons are just a tad too small. The Moto Q seemed to fit better in my hand (I got to hold the dummy phone) and the buttons felt better on the Q. But the GPS on this thing won me over...

Here are some things that I am still tinkering with.

First things first I installed Magic Button (a must have) and that changed the performance of the phone right away.

I wish that Magic button responded to the "end" key too. I would like to be able to shut down programs without using the stylus.

Just as everyone else has said: this phone is not a one hander... I don't like that. The standard response is: "well its meant to be used with the stylus"

I wish there were a simplified "mode" that allowed for one handed use while driving. I simply cannot use the phone while driving safely. Texting is OUT OF THE QUESTION...

Overall I like it, there are some things I wish I could disable like the new text notification. I wish there was a quick silent button, and I wish that the touch screen could be disabled so I could leave the phone in my pocket.

I will give it a few more weeks to see how things go.

I wish i could give a better rating


Jan 10, 2006 by mss

Recently purchased a HP 6515. PDA functionality is great but phone feature is not really that great. I sometimes feel it is almost bad...

I moved from a Motorola 550 to this device. Wanted to go for a Treo, but thought this would be better since it had GPS and EDGE to it...

Usability is its major let down. Would like to have a side wheel to move up and down the screen. That would have been a killer functionality.

Also, you cant just make do with the keypad. YOu are forced to use a stylus which is not something i like. I like my short cut keys (keyboard) as it let's you work fast (don't use a mouse most of the time!)

Screen clarity

No side scroll wheel/button
Not so very good phone clarity (not bad either)
No Single handed functionality
Not an intuitive keyboard and forced to use a stylus

I would have thought HP would have learnt what users want most out of a device by looking at Blackberries and Treos that are in the mkt. Looks like it hasn't done it.

Over all, can buy it, but cant say it the best out there

Not at this price


Feb 23, 2006 by equinox_21

I was looking for a compact all in one that could perform all the daily functions and portability my laptop could without the weight and more. I like to listen to mp3's but didn't want to buy an Ipod, stereo headphones are not very loud neither is the speaker, sound quality is not the greatest. The camera is not very sharp, nor is video. Keypad is all thumbs, I didn't mind it too much but I wouldn't want to type an essay with it. Stylus was nice but it was a bit annoying to have to switch back and forth from keypad and stylus a third hand would come in handy. Screen quality is good but a little smaller than other models. The GPS is one of the main features I bought this device for. I work in transport and ms streets and trips has become a useful tool. Pocket streets is lacking in the functionality of the full version, size of the screen could be a factor as well but I was not impressed with the interface. On the communications and organizer side of this I would have to give the iPAQ strong ratings. Asides from the phone interface which is not incredibly impressive the pda aspect is excellent! Appointments, and contact lists are interactive and interconnected. Multi tasking is good too, the environment is stable and free from crashing(lock-ups). My general impression of these type of devices palm alike is if you've absolutely got to have one then the HP is a great choice in comparison with what is on the market, but If you want a device that is truly "ALL in ONE this isn't it yet nor is anything else that is being offered on the market in this category for the time being. I'll just wait for the next generation of these devices to come out. I would have probably kept the device for half the price.



Nov 7, 2005 by NpplStyle

This phone does everything i absolutly love it the only thing i would have added if to add somethings would be 226K Screen and UMTS this phone would be GOD LIKE but wait it is almost there i have had this phone for a 1 1/2 weeks and still haven't found everythin out about this phone I love this phone Highly recomend it

Not the best thing since sliced bread


Nov 2, 2005 by demodave

I purchased an unlocked 6515 about a month ago and have been trading on and off between it and my Treo 650 during that time.

As a phone the HP works well. Volume is adequate; holding it a a phone reminds me of trying to speak into a paperback book. I don't have the same problem with my face disconnecting the call or other screen tap issues like I do with the Treo (I have the Treo screen set to be deactivated during a call - I have not had to do that with the HP)

As a PDA the phone is great - once again the design seems to be built around the PDA functionality with telephony coming in a close second.

The GPS is awesome; however, I have noticed on the Cingular website that they are not touting GPS functionality - I wonder if their ROM has crippled it.

Anyway, here's a better summary of my opinion pro/con

Easier keyboard to type on (spacing is better)
Dual memory slots

Keys hard to see even with backlight
non-standard screen
batter life is average
no wifi
inadequate memory and slow processor

NOT Badd......


Nov 8, 2005 by patera

Finally received my phone... if you have used a smart phone b4 then you will like it .. it is pretty spacious on the keypad than the treo..i have used phones in my time and frankly this is a cool phone and worth every penny. the only cons are
movies don't go full screen.
you have to reset at least every 48 hrs.
batteries get low very easily.
camera is not to easy to use.

Not too bad


Nov 5, 2005 by jonkbriggs

General opinion is that this unit walkes the edge between being very good and unusable. for example the processor is the slower speed, the memory is lite and the plastice could have been better. this could have been a really great device with just a little push. this is a usable hold you over device until better equipment comes out later next year.


Does not lock up
Phone operates well - signal - clarity etc


Key board
A little thick


The fip cover - Someone aught to lose their job over that one



Nov 3, 2005 by hucworld

I was really looking forward to this phone for several months once I saw it break online. Then I had the chance to see it in person on the eve of its release. At first I was impressed but after buying a Treo and toying with it I went and bought this here toy. The phone is cool, it was good reception and RF. If you are a familiar with pda functionality and windows etc then you will like this device. The syncing program is and was kinda dificult but after about 3 hours of bumping around online...BINGO! Either way it would be a good investment!

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